tagRomanceNick n Paula Together at Last Ch. 01

Nick n Paula Together at Last Ch. 01


She stood there before him, shy and unsure. They had not know each other long but had become friends quickly. They had shared their hearts and their lives but, for the first time, were ready to share their bodies with each other. They anticipated this moment in their texts, emails, chats and a few video chats but could not quite come to grips with the fact that it was finally happening.

Their first kiss had been tentative and careful. Just lips touching, their arms around each other in the first exploring embrace. As they brushed their lips together, she had let out a low sigh; telling him that she was glad but nervous to be here.

As they stepped apart, he moved his hands to unbutton his shirt. She watched intently as he revealed his skin to her for the first time. She was fascinated by the amount of chest hair he had; none of her previous lovers had chest hair at all. She reached out to feel it, first curling her fingers through it then running the palm of her had across it. She looked into his eyes as she smiled at him; he smiled back letting her know that it felt good to him as she rubbed small circles on his chest.

His hand moved toward the buttons of her blouse but she stopped him by moving back slowly. She was unsure; this was the first step to what she knew would be a night of lovemaking. Was she ready to go this far? This was really her last chance to let him know if she wanted to stop. Her mind raced as she looked into his eyes. She could see that he understood her hesitation and he made no further move toward her.

As she looked into his eyes, a feeling of calm settled over her and she knew that she really did want to be with him. Her fingers reached for the first button, releasing it; revealing the first sign of her cleavage to him. The next button followed and he got a first glimpse of the bra that enclosed her breasts. The buttons that followed revealed her soft belly. After the last button, she dropped her hands to her sides; she was revealed yet concealed to his view.

She could see his eyes scanning her body; the smile on his face told her that it was okay that they were there together. He stepped forward and reached under her blouse at the shoulders; releasing it from her arms and helping it drop to the floor behind her. She stood there as he stepped closer and reached around her, finding the clasp behind her and releasing it. She felt her own hands cover the cups of her bra, not allowing it to fall to the floor. He planted a soft kiss on her neck and stepped away.

She felt so vulnerable, even though she wasn't naked. It would only take one slight motion for her to reveal her breasts fully to him. He stepped away and smiled at her, trying to comfort her fears and release her from her shyness. She could see the care in his eyes as he mouthed the words, "It's okay."

She stared into his eyes as she slowly lowered her hands and the bra that it contained, sharing this view of herself with someone for the first time in a long time. Her breasts felt the cold air; a contrast to the warmth building in her body. She looked to see him smiling as he again moved forward. His hands felt large as they covered her breasts, feeling her warmth shared with his palms. He could feel her nipples harden immediately under his touch. He moved his hand beneath her breasts, supporting her breasts with them as he leaned forward to kiss her neck.

His lips moved slowly downward, brushing along the upper surface of her soft skin. His hands moved to her sides as the tip of his tongue traced a line along her skin and collarbone then sliding down until it reached one of her hard nipples.

"Oh Paula," he whispered as his tongue traced a small circle around her nipple before his lips gently wrapped around it. His left hand moved to massage one breast while his right hand supported the other as he sucked gently on her. She could feel the tip of this tongue tickling the underside of her nipple. His lips would spread from time to time, taking in a larger surface around her; gently tugging at her.

Her body felt weak; her breathing quickened. She moved her hand until it was behind his head, pulling him more tightly against her. Her fingers intertwined in his hair, she moaned his name over and over. He lifted his head only long enough to move to her other breast; then resuming his sensual suckling. She could feel herself getting wet, although he had not touched her there. She could feel her body shudder as his tongue tickled her nipples and his lips kissed her breasts.

He stepped away from her and admired her body. She was a beautiful older woman, average height and averages build. He knew what was inside her long before he had gotten this first glimpse of her body. Now he could see the outer beauty that enclosed her inner beauty. He moved toward her and they wrapped their arms around each other; she could feel his chest hair tickling her nipples and the skin of her breasts. His hand raised her chin upward as his lips moved toward hers. Their kiss was soft and filled with passion. As they kissed their lips parted and their tongues made a first tentative exploration of each other. They breathed their essence into each other as they kissed.

He turned her and moved them so they were standing at the edge of the bed. With his lips still on hers, he leaned gently forward; laying her slowly on the bed. She moved her body up to rest her head on a pillow as he crawled up beside her. His head rested beside hers and they lay and looked into each others eyes. With one hand, he stroked the side of her face and brushed her hair out of her eyes. Occasionally, he would lean forward and softly kiss her lips.

Their bodies told them that they were anxious to explore each other further but their minds were lost in their talk about their lives, their dreams and their desires. As they questioned each other, their hands roamed their bare shoulders and bare chests. Her fingers would trace lines through his hairy chest; his hands would slide down from her shoulder to her arm and occasionally his fingers would trace small circles around her hard nipples.

As he leaned into her for a kiss, she displayed a new eagerness to return it; reaching her hand behind his head and pulling his face into her as her lips parted slightly. He could feel her tongue playing with the tip of his own. She held her breath as they kissed, then released his head as she exhaled deeply and rolled onto her back. She was a wonderful sight to behold, topless with her ample breasts and hard, dark nipples on display for him.

He slid his body lower, leaning over hers to kiss a path through her cleavage. She could feel him use his tongue to trace a path between her breasts. He would stop occasionally and kiss a small patch of skin; first just below her cleavage then further down her belly. He surprised her by stopping at her belly button and tickling her there with his tongue. He girlish giggle broke the silence.

She felt his hand reaching for her waistband. His thumb and finger easily found the snap on her pants and, with one flick of his fingers, they were undone. She found that she had raised her hips to aide him, not remembering consciously doing so. She could feel the bed shift as he stood up; moving to the end between her feet. His hands were firm as they reached for her waistband, pulling her slacks slowly downward and taking her panties along with them.

He was surprised at his patience as he undressed her. He had wanted to be with her for so long, but understood her shyness and did not want to move too quickly and scare her off. As her slacks moved down her thighs, he leaned forward to kiss the exposed skin. His lips were soft as they followed her waistband down her thighs, over her knees and down her calves. He did not know when she had removed her shoes but was glad. Her slacks slid easily across her ankles and off as he tossed them aside as he stood at the edge of the bed.

She sat up on the bed, her breasts hanging loosely. Her hands reached up and her palms flattened against his chest hair. She smiled a smile of amusement and passion as her hands ran down his chest and found the button on his jeans. She looked up at him as her hands worked the button open; her fingers trembled nervously as she reached for the tang of his zipper. It was obvious to her even through the denim material what she would find underneath but it had been a long time since she had been with someone and she could feel the anticipation welling up insider her.

As she separated the two sides of the zipper, his enlarged cock became visible beneath his boxers. With the tightness of his jeans removed, it moved away from his skin and tented his underwear, much farther than she had anticipated. She wrapped her hands around it through his shorts and giggled, lightening the tension they were both feeling; a gentle couple of squeezes followed although he was hard enough that it wasn't very pliable in her hands.

She looked up to see him smiling at her; his smile urging her to complete her task. Her thumbs found the waistband of his boxers and pulled them outward far enough to slide them over his manhood. She whispered something he could not understand as she leaned forward and pulled his shorts to the floor. As she raised herself back up to face his hips, she could almost see his cock twitch with each beat of his heart. She sighed as she again wrapped her hand around him; her soft skin a contrast to his hardness. Her hands slowly began to stroke him up and down.

He covered her hand with his and gently pulled it off. She looked up at him again, wondering if she had hurt him or done something wrong. His smile showed her that was not the case as he leaned down to kiss her. She felt the weight of his body push her down on the bed once again but she did not feel his weight on her. She glanced up to see him kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed. She lowered her head to the bed.

She could hear his breathing, shallow and rapid, but could not feel him until his lips touched the sole of her foot. While she was ticklish, this touch did not make her wiggle away from him but sent goose bumps up her legs. She could feel the warmth of his breath on her foot as he kissed his way to her toes. She was again surprised as she felt the warmth of his lips around her big toe. What was he doing? No one had ever done that to her before and she was amazed at how erotic it felt. She looked down her leg at his face and saw him smiling back at her. She could feel his tongue tickling the underside of her toe. His mouth widened as he took first two, then three toes inside of his lips. She could feel him sucking on them. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the new feelings he was giving her.

He released her toes and began kissing the inside arch of her foot. His kisses formed a trail as they moved to her ankle, then the inside of her calf and the inside of her knee. Her hips rose off the bed, inviting him higher but he slowed his kisses as they reached her inner thigh. His head passed over the dark patch of hair between her thighs and his kisses resumed on her other thigh. She let out a groan that sounded to him like disappointment as she felt his hot breath pass over her pussy without the touch of his lips following.

He wanted to be patient but her moans told him she wanted more. He moved his kisses back up her thigh until he faced his goal. He could see the moistness on her pussy lips, even through the patch of dark hair that covered them. She could feel the tip of his tongue run along her slit, loosening and separating her outer lips from each other; giving him his first view of her opening. She felt his hands run up along each thigh until they came to rest on each side of her hips. He pulled her slightly down toward him, then he moved his hands between her legs and his fingers found her lips and held them open as he flattened his tongue and licked a wide swath from her opening to the top of her lips. When his tongue moved over her clit, she let out a small yelp and raised her hips toward his face.

He had found what he was looking for and took no time in placing his lips on each side of her clit, sucking it gently between them. She was making small noises, not really words. He felt her hands on the back of his head, not really pushing but still urging him to continue. He alternated gently sucking on her clit and using his tongue to trace tight circles around it.

They did not know each others bodies well yet and he was surprised when her hips rose quickly to his mouth. It was almost like his suction on her clit had pulled her off of the bed. Her hands tightened in his hair and he could feel her wetness on his chin as her orgasm approached. She moaned his name over and over as she came strongly, her hips rising and falling with each wave that passed through her body. He did his best to keep contact with her but eventually lost the battle as her hips fell abruptly to the bed. He could taste the sweetness of his juices on his tongue.

He could feel her fingers kneading at his hair as her breathing slowed. She could feel his lips release her and felt his body moving up hers as he kissed his way back up her belly, through her cleavage and up to her neck. His body laid on hers and she could feel his heart beating. She felt her hear beating in time with his as he leaned forward and kissed her softly. She tasted herself on his lips. He slipped beside her and she turned to face him. She closed her eyes, her last vision that of his smile as he drifted off to sleep.

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