tagRomanceNick n Paula Together at Last Ch. 02

Nick n Paula Together at Last Ch. 02


She awoke to see him watching her. He always enjoyed watching his women sleep and she had been no exception. As she slept, her mouth curled up in a small, sweet smile. He had hoped that she was dreaming of them together. She reached up and touched the side of his face. He leaned in to kiss her.

The rest seemed to have made her more aggressive. She moved her hand behind his head and pulled him close to her and kissed him; more forcefully than she had up to now. Her tongue parted his lips and explored his mouth. They both moaned; showing the passion that had been building in each other.

His hand reached up and found her shoulder. It moved easily down the smooth skin of her arm, squeezing her hand and finding the curve of her hip. A slight push and she rolled over onto her back. His hand moved to her belly, making small circles on her skin. As they kissed again, he could feel her breathing more rapidly and could feel her body quiver with excitement and anticipation.

He moved his hand downward and could again feel the hair that surrounded her pussy. His fingers moved down to where his tongue had been previously. Two fingers spread her lips gently while his middle finger traced a path up and down her slit. She was wet again. As he reached down further, his middle finger found her open and waiting and his finger slipped slowly inside her. He reached deeply as he kissed her and could feel her inhale; not a gasp of panic but one of passion. He could feel the ring of her cervix against his fingertip.

Her hand was roaming also. She again tickled his chest through his chest hair; he found later that he was her first lover with such abundant hair and it fascinated her. Her fingers made their way down his chest and across his belly until it found her goal; hard and excited by her once again. She ran the palm of her hand down the length of his cock, feeling his hair surrounding the base as she reached down to his scrotum. She squeezed gently, then wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and slowly moved toward the head. As her hand moved over the tip, she could feel the wetness she had caused leaking from his opening. He hand continued underneath his cock and soon began a slow stroking up and down while he moved his finger inside her. She moved forward and kissed him.

As their hands stimulated each other, he broke his kiss and moved his face to her chest. Her nipples would large, dark and very erect with excitement. His lips found them as they had in the beginning, wrapping lovingly around them as he sucked gently; pulling them slightly as a second finger joined the first inside her. Her free hand again reached for the back of his head, her fingers moving through his hair as she held him in place at her breast. He could feel her body preparing to orgasm once again but knew this was not the way she wanted to be released this time.

Their hands released each other in anticipation of the moment to come. She could feel his body move across hers. She opened her legs, making a space for his hips between hers. Her hands reached down behind her own knees, pulling her legs toward her chest. As he laid his hips on hers, she could feel his erection. His hips moved, causing his cock to slide through her pubic hair and rub on her hardening clit.

He moved his hips down further and she could feel the head of his cock at her opening. She was wet and ready for him and pulled her knees slightly more, opening herself to him. She looked up to see him looking at her, his eyes asking her if this was what she really wanted; giving her a final chance to stop if she needed to. Her body answered by raising her hips slightly, touching her pussy to the tip of his cock.

She felt him slowly lower himself toward her. The tip of his cock separated her lips and easily entered her. He was moving slowly and she could feel every inch of him slide into her. He could feel her tightness engulf him as he slipped inside of his new lover for the first time. As he reached into her as deeply as he could, he could feel the tip of his cock against the upper wall of her. He was fully inside her now but did not move. He leaned forward to kiss her softly as he saw the first tear in her eye.

She smiled softly at him and felt him begin to move slowly, withdrawing partially from inside her. Despite their longing to finally be together, he did not rush. She closed her eyes and let her body feel him there; she loved the feeling as she engulfed him totally. As he reached his deepest point inside her, she would squeeze her muscles around him. After all this time, she wanted to savor every inch and every motion. She wanted to hold him there.

Minutes later, the feeling in his belly told him the time was near. Her squeezing around him aroused him like no other woman had done before. His hands reached for her hips, raising them higher off the bed so he could enter her even more deeply. She moaned with passion as their hips met each other faster and faster.

Her legs wrapped around him tightly; her heels pressing his hips forward. She knew he was close and she was as well. As his thrusts got deeper, her body shuddered as her orgasm swept over her. He could feel her cumming and it only excited him further. He wanted to hold on , to stroke inside her as she came but the feeling of her wrapped around him was too much to endure. In a few more motions, he pushed himself fully inside her and stopped. She could feel his pulsing as he came over and over, filling her. Their moans filled the silence.

She released her legs as he relaxed between then and laid his head to her breast. He could hear her heartbeat once again and could feel the perspiration on her skin. She could feel his warm breath flowing over her as he exhaled deeply. As they both recovered he rolled off of her onto his back and she curled up beside him. He ran his fingers through her hair as she again drifted off to sleep.

She awoke to find him sleeping beside her. For a moment, she just laid there with him, listening to him breath slowly. Her hand reflexively reached for his chest, her fingers running through the forest of chest hair she had never experienced on a man before. She loved the soft feel of it; like the down on a baby duckling.

He awoke to her touch. He did not move, just lay there letting her hand explore him. He tilted her head slightly and looked at her face; preoccupied with the feeling of her fingers as they moved. He smiled. Her touch was so affectionate, so curious. She finally caught him staring at her and returned his smile.

As she leaned forward to kiss him, her hand's exploration moved down his chest and over his belly to his flaccid cock. Her fingers wrapped around it softly and she started to move slowly up and down it growing length. As she continued to kiss him, her hand made him harder and longer. When she felt him at his full erectness again, she moved her face away from his lips and kissed her way down his chest; stopping to kiss his nipples.

He felt her lips sliding down his chest and onto his belly. She was tender as her lips parted and her tongue circled his belly button, retracing the same path he had made on her earlier. He could see her look up at him; the smile in her eyes was obvious as she continued downward. Her hand raised his cock from his hips as she kissed its head. She had not taken a man in her mouth for so long but she knew what she wanted to do. Her tongue licked a small circle around the head, licking his leaking juices off the tip. She could hear him moan as her lips parted. He could feel her lips slid over the head of his cock as she slid her mouth over it. He expected her to stop but she continued down his shaft until it was fully engulfed by her. He could feel her cheeks tighten around him, then release their tension. He tried to speak, to tell her how wonderful it all felt, but could not form any words.

She knew that he was enjoying what she was doing by the groaning sounds he was making. She moved her mouth slowly up and down on his cock, stopping when her lips were around that most sensitive area around the head to squeeze him tightly with her mouth. With each tightening of her lips, she could taste him leaking more into her mouth.

He was disappointed when he felt her lips release him. He could feel her shift her body up the bed toward him. Her face drew close as she kissed his lips. He felt her pull her legs under her, then felt her slide one leg over his chest. She moved her hips up his chest until her pussy was directly in front of his face. She placed her hands on the wall and leaned forward. He knew what she wanted as she placed your moist lips on his mouth.

She felt his tongue licking her soft outer lips. His tongue was flat and it spread her lips open as she moved her hips along its length. She pressed her hips harder against him, finally finding her clit in contact with the roughness of his tongue. Her skin tingled as he used the tip of his tongue to lick the underside of her clit. He could taste her juices as their flow increased in response.

He felt her weight shift as she moved down his chest. He loved how she was leaning forward, causing her breasts to hang down above him. As she paused, he raised upward; reaching up with his lips and taking one of her dark, large, hard nipples into his mouth. He sucked it gently between his lips, nibbling lightly. She leaned forward briefly, accepting his kisses on her nipples, before straightening herself. She moved her body further down until she was sitting astride his hips; his cock pinned beneath her. He could feel her pubic hairs along its length as she slid her pussy along it. Her own moisture made this motion easy and stimulating. Her hips continued to move and her speed increased as her lips formed a channel for his hard cock. She could feel her body readying itself for another orgasm.

She knew what she wanted as she raised her hips and reached between them. Her hand firmly found his cock and held it upright. She moved her hips so her opening was above it and slowly lowered herself onto him. He expected her to move but, once he was totally inside her, she sat still and straight on him. His view was one of beauty, her body on display in front of him. She was beautiful sitting there, her hips tight against his. Her breasts were large, her nipples erect. He reached up to take them in his hands, massaging them as she moved her head back and closed her eyes.

He felt her hips rise as she started to move slowly up his cock. She released him completely, then immediately lowered herself wholly onto him again. Her motion was slow and deliberate. With every release, she would drop her weight and take him inside once again. He could see her lips forming small "o's" every time he entered her anew.

She could feel her pleasure building and her body begging for release. His hands reached for her hips, not guiding her motion but holding her as she continued to ride his cock. She could now feel his hips rising to meet her every downward motion. She looked into his eyes as her body tensed and her orgasm overwhelmed her. He could feel her muscles tighten around him and her juices flow over him. She could feel his hips rise to hold himself inside her as her orgasm caused his. She could feel his cum hitting the top of her pussy as he released his love inside of her.

They both felt weak as their orgasms subsided. They felt cool due the sweat on their skin. She did not remove herself from him. She laid her body forward onto his chest; her breasts flattening between them. His erection slowly faded, no longer filling her totally but still keeping him inside her. He wrapped his arms around her; not wanting her to move. Eventually, she slipped to his side still wrapped in his arms. They lay facing each other as they kissed gently.

She awoke to find him standing by the bed, smiling. He was smiling as he looked at her. The sheet was draped over her hips but had not made its way up to her shoulder, leaving her breasts exposed to the coolness of the room; and to his appreciating eyes. She felt suddenly bashful as he looked at her and pulled the sheet up to her cover herself. This made him smile ever wider. Her eyes wandered down his body. His chest hair still fascinated her, even though her fingers had already explored it. His belly was firm but not muscular. A slight glance lower told her he was excited once again.

He saw her shyness and sat down on the bed beside her. His hand reached to her face, brushing the hair away from her eyes so he could see their blueness. His hand moved to her cheek and brushed it softly.

"It's okay," he whispered as he leaned toward her. Her eyes closed as his lips touched hers and she moaned softly into his mouth.

While only moments before she was in that place between sleep and wakefulness, she was now alert to her every sensation. She felt his kiss not just on her lips, but across her skin. Her whole body awakened more each moment as his lips continued to caress hers. She could feel her nipples hardening and her legs growing weak as his tongue parted her lips. She could feel the tip running across her lips and closed her lips around it, sucking it gently into her mouth.

His hand ran down her shoulder, taking the sheet with it as it ran down her side and across her hip. With every exposure of her skin, his hands explored her like it was the first time. His fingers ran back up her body, lightly tracing the landscape of her skin. He did not return to her shoulder but lowered his hand to her exposed breast. As he kissed her, his fingers traced light circles on her breast; starting around her nipple and slowly expanding outward. When he would reach the outer edge of her, he would place his whole palm over her breast and squeeze gently. She moaned into his mouth.

One hand reached behind his head and pulled him tightly to her as he squeezed her breast. She could feel the warmth spreading along her skin as she kissed him forcefully. She could feel him tense with surprise at her action but also feel his body shift closer to her. Her second hand followed her first as she rolled onto her back, pulling him with her.

He was surprised but pleased at her more aggressive manner; he could feel her shyness giving way to her desire for him. While he massaged her breast with his left hand, his right hand moved to her abdomen. She could feel each of his fingers tracing their own line as they moved, sometimes tickling but always sensual and gentle. He felt the smoothness of his skin give way to the light outcrop of hair that surrounded her lips. His fingers stopped and he ran them through her downy fluff as she ran her fingers through the hair on his head as she kissed him.

She could feel his fingers running through her hair and the wetness that was resulting inside her. She moved her legs to push the sheet off of her, allowing him to see her totally. As she moved, his head rose from her lips and kissed the side of her neck. He moved his body downward slightly allowing both his mouth and his fingers to reach down her body. He felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy with his fingers and the hardness of her nipple with his lips. As his fingers softly spread her outer lips once again, his mouth surrounded her still hardening nipple. His middle finger found her clit also hard.

He suckled at her breast as his finger rubbed the underside of her clit. Her groan broke the silence in the room as her hips raised off the bed. As her pussy slid up his hand, his finger moved inside her opening. She felt both the nibble on her breast and the penetration of his finger at the same time. He could feel her inhale deeply.

She was ready for him to take her but too shy to ask. He could sense her excitement with his mouth and his hand so he looked up and into her eyes. Her request was obvious as she managed a smile, and then closed her eyes. She could feel his body move over her and opened her thighs to accept him. She could not see but knew that he was kneeling between her legs. She moved her knees toward her chest.

He leaned forward and planted a row of soft kisses on her belly. As he kissed up her body, his hips moved closer to hers. He could feel her soft hair against the tip of his cock; he felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy against him. He lowered his hips slightly and found her opening. With a small shift of his hips, he entered her; her lips parting to accept him. He felt her heels on the small of his back as she held him close to her as her arms wrapped around his neck. His hips moved closer until she had accepted all of him into her.

Though this was their first time together, in the short bouts of lovemaking they had already experienced they had found each others' rhythm. Now they loved like they had been loving forever; moving as one as his hips and hers danced the lover's dance. She accepted his full length over and over and raised her hips to be sure he never totally left her body. He hesitated after each stroke; hold his hips against hers so she was sure to feel him. He could feel her squeeze around his cock with the walls of her pussy, encourage him to remain there.

She was the first to realize that she could not hold her passion any longer. She gripped him tightly with all of her; her arms on his neck, her legs around his waist and her pussy around his cock. What started as a slow tingle soon swept through her body like a tidal wave. Her body tightened as her hips rose with such force that it lifted his body with hers. As her heels planted on the bed, her belly filled with a thousand tingles—like a first sip of 7UP. Her pussy convulsed around him again and again as she exhaled in one long breath.

He could feel her orgasm around him, moving through her body like the wave moves through a crowd at a football game. He wanted to look into her face, to see her as she came but could not free himself from the orgasmic strength of her arms. His hips were held so tightly that he could not move inside her. He could feel her juices leaking onto his cock; flooding from her in a way that they had not during their earlier love making. It was too much for him to stand.

She felt the first pulse of his cock inside her as her orgasm was waning. His sound was guttural; not words but sounds of passion. His orgasm pulsed inside her again and again as he lowered his mouth and lightly bit her shoulder. She could feel him trying to push himself deeper but there was nowhere else he could go. With a final shudder, his body relaxed as he laid his weight atop her. It was the first time she had noticed the perspiration on them both.

He shifted the weight of his chest off of her and looked into her face. He supported his weight with one hand as he leaned over her and kissed her. She barely felt his lips as he kissed her with the gentleness she had never felt before. His body shifted as she curled on her side. He moved his body to curl behind her, draping his arm over her and pulling her close to him. As she pulled the sheets to cover them both, she heard him sigh. She knew that the next morning would mean parting but did not want to think of that right now. His warmth radiated through her skin as she fell asleep once again.

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