tagErotic CouplingsNick, or Dean? Ch. 2

Nick, or Dean? Ch. 2


Charmaine managed to hold off Nick's advances for the next week, but she could not turn down Dean's invite to a wedding.

The following Friday, Dean drove hours to pick up Charmaine and bring her back to their hometown. Everything was innocent for awhile. He dropped her off at her sister's house. Her sister was away for the weekend, so she spent the first night alone.

The next day, they had fun at the reception. Charmaine was wearing a black skirt, black sandals, and a tight, black button up blouse. Her hair was up, she was gorgeous. Dean wanted her badly, staring at her sexy legs, her cleavage. She drank a lot, danced a lot. As she got more drunk, she danced closer to Dean.

By the end of the night, she was pissed, they were grinding against each other, and her panties were sopping wet. Charmaine was so horny. It was like there was a void in her vagina that needed to be filled.

They went to his car and sat down inside. Dean immediately leaned forward and kissed her. Charmaine kissed back, lips smacking loudly. She sent her tongue far into his mouth eagerly. Her hand fell on his lap right away, feeling a bulge through his dress pants. They were kissing passionately, urgently. His hand fell on her smooth, bare thigh. Her pussy was soaking wet, his cock was hard as a rock as they french kissed. Her small hand ran over his bulge lightly, squeezing gently. His hand slid slowly up her silky thigh. He could sense the heat emanating from her crotch even before he touched it.

Their tongues were exploring each others mouths as his fingers touched her sopping wet panties. He could clearly feel Charmaine's swollen pussy lips through the wet material, and when he caressed her, tingles shot up her spine. She kissed him harder as her small hand undid his zipper and button. She was breathing heavily into his mouth as he nudged her panties to the side. Dean touched the naked lips of her vagina lightly.

"Mmmmph" she moaned into his mouth, small hand reaching into his underwear. As she grabbed his huge cock, he slipped a finger into her twat. "Ohhhhhh..." she sighed, breaking the kiss. He kissed her neck, sliding his finger in and out of her soaking wet pussy as she stroked his pole. She felt a tremendous urge to straddle this man and slide her dripping pussy down his fat dick.

As his finger slid in and out of her hot, moist slit, Charmaine realized that she would not be able to resist him if he tried to fuck her. She couldn't have sex behind Danny's back, so she had to give him a blowjob so he wouldn't try to fuck her.

She pulled his fat, 9 inch penis out of his underwear. Just the sight of such a huge member had her heart pounding with need and desire. Dean leaned back, his fingers mercifully leaving her horny, needy cunt.

If one were looking through the car window, one would see Charmaine's head bending down towards his lap. She lapped at the base of his cock, holding it up into the air. He moaned as she sucked his balls into her mouth, small hand stroking his huge organ. She licked up his shaft, tongue caressing around his mushroom head. Charmaine slid his fat head into her mouth, trying to sink as much of his penis into her mouth as she could. She bobbed her head up and down his cock, slurping loudly, sucking hard.

Dean was watching the back of her head bob up and down, his hand was squeezing her tit over her shirt. He could feel a very hard nipple through her shirt. Her vagina was buzzing uncontrollably. If she didn't get him to cum in her mouth soon, she would give in to her desires and force his big rod into her hungry pussy. She sucked ravenously on his organ, sucking very loudly. One hand on her breast, the other on her bobbing head, Dean began to lose it.

"Oh Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" he cried. She prepared for what she knew would be a huge load, and she wanted to take it all. His penis spasmed and Charmaine felt a huge wad of Dean's cum spray off the back of her mouth. She swallowed the tasty jizz as another one shot off her throat. She drank that load down as two more followed, filling her mouth up with hot liquid.

He was moaning as he continued to ejaculate. Charmaine was forced to let some cum escape before she choked. The white goo dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin, down his cock, over her small hand, and still he came. She continued to drink it, letting the remainder leak freely down her chin. All this cumming was not calming her pussy down any. He finally stopped, and she pulled his semi hard dick out of her mouth with a slurp. She loved cum! She was so turned on! She licked the cum off his penis, and off her hand, and licked her lips.

She looked at him as he put his dick away, he could see his cum on her chin. She wiped it off with her hand and licked that, too. She wanted to get fucked by his big cock in the worst way, she knew her pussy was soaking wet. She was glad he got off, so he wouldn't try and fuck her. She was safe. She would just frig herself when he dropped her off.

"That was amazing!" Dean breathed as he started up the car. Charmaine smiled, still squirming in her seat, uncontrollable tingling between her thighs. He pulled out onto the road and her pussy tingled further when he casually placed a hand on her bare thigh. She subconciously parted her legs a little as he gently caressed her smooth leg.

He loved how her leg felt and he felt his penis respond again. He could hear her breathing grow more laboured as he slowly caressed higher up her inner thigh. By the end of the 10 minute drive, Dean's hand was a mere fraction of an inch away from her treasure.

Charmaine was breathing heavily as he pulled into her driveway, and he could feel extreme heat emanating from her twat. By then, he was hard as a rock again. He walked her to the door. Her vagina was on fire as they stood outside her sister's house.

"Thanks for the great night." he said, leaning forward. They kissed, lips smacking. They kissed again, arms going around each other. Charmaine shot her tongue into his mouth as his hands gripped her ass over her skirt. Her pussy was so wet, and she rubbed herself against him as they french kissed passionately. She was conscious of his bulge pressing against her stomach, and she yearned for his cock in her aching pussy. She broke the kiss.

"Do you want to come in for a beer?" she heard herself ask.

"Sure." he said. They went inside, two very horny people.

What was she doing? In her own arousal, she went and got him hard again! Now she put herself in a difficult spot.

He sat on the couch and turned on the TV while she got him a beer, trying to calm herself down. She gave him his beer, sitting down beside him, vagina still buzzing unabated. Dean immediately put the beer on the coffee table and kissed her urgently. Their lips were smacking loudly as they made out on her sister's couch. His hand went back to caressing her smooth thigh. She had taken her sandals off, so her feet were bare, now he just wanted to take some more things off of her.

Charmaine hesitantly, nervously, placed her small hand on his lap, squeezing the large bulge that was there. A surge went through her pussy when she felt it, and it didn't help that Dean was caressing her upper, inner thigh. He kissed her deeper, thrusting his tongue far into her mouth.

He lay her down on the couch, she was breathing heavily into his mouth. His hand was now squeezing her breast over her shirt, feeling her hard nipple. He slid his hand down her belly to her bare thigh, and up her skirt. He could clearly feel her swollen pussy lips through her thin, wet panties.

"Mmmmph!" Charmaine moaned, kissing him harder. Her hand again went to his lap, this time undoing his button and fly, her arousal forcing her to feel his bare penis again. Dean was stroking her cunt over her panties, and she writhed against his hand, moaning softly as her hand went into his underwear. As she grabbed his cock, he nudged her panties to the side of her pussy. She was breathing so heavily, she needed to be touched.

He touched her. His finger slowly caressed from the bottom of her sensetive slit up to the top.

"Ohhhh God" she whispered, kissing him again. Her small hand was expertly stroking his fat, hard dick in his underwear. She needed this huge cock inside her, she needed it bad. They kissed loudly and she sighed as his fingers rubbed her clitoris. He sucked her tongue into his mouth as his finger slid slowly into her steamy hole.

"Ohhh fuck!" Charmaine moaned, needing more, forgetting to stroke him. He kissed her passionately, fingering her insatiable twat. Dean grabbed the sides of Charmaine's panties, and she found herself raising her ass, allowing him to pull the dainty, wet things down her legs. She pulled each foot out of them, and he kissed her, dropping them on the floor. He snuck his hand back down between her sexy thighs, he began to rub her entire hairy, wet pussy.

"Mmmmmph" she moaned, pussy on fire. She stroked his organ with even more urgency. He kissed her hard, squeezing a leg between hers. Tingles of excitement shot from her pussy up her spine as she thought of his thick, long penis sliding inside her. She let him squeeze his other leg in between hers, and she was now defenceless.

Their lips smacked loudly as Dean pushed his pants and underwear down, grabbing a condom out of his wallet. He broke the kiss. Charmaine was breathing heavily as she watched him slide a condom over his huge cock. Her pussy was tingling, her chest was heaving, she couldn't turn him down. Her beautiful legs remained wide open around him, feet flat on the couch, skirt hiked up to her bush.

She looked down between her legs at his humongous cock and desire surged throughout her body. He looked into her brown eyes and kissed her again. He broke the kiss and looked down between them. His hand gripped his massive pole and touched her swollen cunt lips with his head.

"Ohhh God" she sighed, writhing her crotch subtly into the air. Dean rubbed his fat head up and down her sopping wet lips. Charmaine needed satisfaction, needed him inside her now. He pushed forward. Her pink vaginal lips parted easily for his mighty penis, and he slowly sunk all 9 inches of himself into her.

"Ohhhh fuck!" she cried. He was in her to the hilt. He began to slide himself in and out of her slick tunnel slowly. "Ohhhh" she moaned, writhing against him, loving how big he is, how he felt inside her wet vagina. Their lips met, kissing urgently as he took her right there on the couch. Her feet were flailing around him, up her sexy legs, her skirt was hiked up. Their tongues rubbed against each other as he fucked her harder. The couch was squeeking loudly as Dean screwed Charmaine hard on it. She broke the kiss.

"Ohh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Oh God!" she was moaning loudly, on the edge as he pounded her harder. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh" she cried, cumming, straightening her legs out. He was forced to slow down as her outstretched legs made it difficult to thrust, but as her orgasm subsided, he was able to get into the rythm again. Their lips met, smacking repeatedly. She was moaning in extasy as they exchanged tongues. Dean found her pussy was so warm around his penis, and she found her vagina was barely able to take his big cock. 'squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek' went the couch as he fucked the shit out of her for the next few minutes.

He slid himself all the way inside Charmaine's hungry cunt. He moaned, large dick spasming, shooting huge loads of cum into his condom. Charmaine rubbed her hairy beaver against him, trying to drain all his cum into the condom. He slid his semi hard dick out of her sopping wet hole with an audible 'slurp'.

"Oh my God!" Charmaine gasped when she saw how full the top of his condom was, "How can you cum that much?!" He stood up, sliding the condom off. She stood up, pantyless, and straightened her skirt.

They made small talk for awhile before he left.

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