tagLoving WivesNick Watches Di Ch. 02

Nick Watches Di Ch. 02


Chapter 2

This incident gave Nick the courage to put his plan of acting out their fantasies to the test. If it worked and their ardor (or his actually) was restored it would be worth the chance. If it didn’t work he knew he could recover with Di because, in spite of the dullness slipping into their sex lives, he knew she loved him and always would.
Nick knew that one of Di’s favorite fantasies was a threesome with one of his basketball buddies and best friend, Adrian. He was a handsome and imposing black man. The so-called “myth” about black men being well hung was no myth in Adrian’s case. Nick knew this having seen him shower at the gym on several occasions. In fact, Nick had instigated fantasies about Adrian in Di’s mind while he made love to her by describing Adrian’s thick eight and a half-inch penis. Di, being the daughter of a white, southern Baptist minister had had instilled in her, in her youth, the idea that whites and blacks don’t mix. Through education, moving to California, and being married to Nick, Di had overcome these early prejudices. Still, hidden away, there lurked the fascination of tasting the forbidden fruit. And her current tendency toward exhibitionism could probably be attributed to the early sexual repression she’d been subjected to.
Nick implemented his plan by approaching Adrian. He told him about his part in Di’s fantasies and asked him about helping to bring some excitement back into their love life. Adrian was flattered that he was one of Di’s favorite fantasies and he was excited to be asked to help her live it out. He was quick to agree because, after all, what are friends for. And besides, Di had “accidentally” flashed him a few times while sitting on the couch or getting in and out of the car. And not just white thigh above the stockings but that whole, sweet, shaved below, trimmed above, pussy. For instance, she’d always get horney when she and Nick went out to dinner with Adrian. She’d supposedly get hung up getting out of the car, and have to squirm around a bit to recover, giving Adrian some extended shots, while wetly gaping wide open.
On the day things were arranged for, Nick got up in the morning with Di. He told her that it had been some time since they had had sex. He said that he’d like her to try the old “flashing the boss a little pussy” routine to get them both in the mood. He told her to call him and describe the episode. Di readily agreed, and was immediately wide and wet at the prospect. It had been several weeks and her surreptitious nocturnal engagements with her dildoes and vibrators while Nick was asleep had not been providing the total satisfaction she needed.
Nick got Di ready for work himself to make sure she was dressed to best advantage that day. He started by spreading Di’s legs wide apart on the edge of the bathtub and shaving her bald around her labia, trimming the hair above into a neat bikini trim. This got them both very hot. While he was shaving her he had to watch as her vagina began to lubricate itself, the lubricant oozing out and aiding him as a natural shaving cream. They nearly had to make it right then and there but Nick, having bigger things in mind, restrained himself. And now, knowing how hot Di had gotten, he knew that the “accidental” flashings at work would add even more heat to her already hot, throbbing wetness and his voyeuristic imaginings.
Nick then dressed Di in a black garter belt and very smooth, black stockings. He added a very short and flouncy black skirt, and a white silk blouse with no bra. The skirt was so short that it almost showed the tops of her stockings while she was standing. When she sat down, gangbusters! To this he added five-inch spectator pumps. Who could say she wasn’t dressed in a businesslike manner in all this black and white?
Fortunately, the agency where Di worked encouraged it’s female employees to dress as provocatively as possible because of the affect it had on the clients, who were generally hard driving corporate executives that appreciated doing business in such a highly charged, sexual atmosphere. Contracts got signed with minimum negotiation and best terms. And the agency looked very favorably on it’s more accommodating female employees who would agree to an occasional lunch or dinner “date” with any of it’s clients.
Di had been shocked at this atmosphere when she first took her job but the excellent pay she received had compelled her to stay. Now she found it a very stimulating atmosphere, both sexually and creatively. So far Di had not succumbed to this so-called “dating” business, limiting herself to an occasional “flashing” of a client. But the idea of a “date” was becoming more and more attractive, what with Nick’s increasing indifference to her sexual needs. She loved him, but, oh how hot her pussy was becoming. Her job must have had a lot to do with it.
Di left the house anticipating a very sexy day at work and an evening of much needed sex with Nick. Little did she know what was really in store for her that night.
First thing at work, Di had a meeting with a VP of advertising for one of her company’s clients. After initial greetings the VP retired to Di’s couch and she moved behind her desk. Her desk was actually a glass-topped table. Anyone in the room had a clear view of Di’s lower body and legs. As she went to sit down, her desk chair “accidentally” (with a slight nudge from Di) slid out from under her and she hit the floor on her hind end with her legs widely spread. The hem of her flared skirt flew up around her waist. Her client got a straight on shot of Di’s sweet pussy, beautifully framed between black nylon stockings and black and white high-heeled shoes.
Feigning a slight injury, Di sat there moment waiting foe the the man to come around and help her up, giving him an extende view of her exposed charms. Watching him stare wide eyed at her bare cunt as his pants began to bulge made Di’s juices start to flow.
“Oh, I’m so embarrassed”, Di said, “I never wear panties in this hot weather. I hope I didn’t shock you. Would you mind rubbing my fanny where I landed? It sort of hurts. That’s ok, you can raise my skirt. After all what do I have to from you now?”
The client gently rubbed and caressed Di’s exquisite fanny.
“Wow! This is the way to start the day,” she thought as she began to plan on how to expose herself to her next “victim”.
And that afternoon the VP signed on the dotted line while staring past the contract, through Di’s glass topped table at stockings, white thighs, and just a hint of puckered lips.
That day Nick had arranged for Adrian to be at his house when Di arrived from work. He had him sitting on the couch in semi-darkness where he could see the front entryway when Di entered the house. Nick knew that Di would be exceedingly hot when she got home because she’d made several flashings and had called Nick after each one to give him a progress report, even describing some of the hard-ons she had encouraged.
As for Adrian, he could hardly believe his good fortune. He’d thought of hitting on Di many times since she seemed interested enough in him to willingly expose herself to him whenever she had the chance. He was certainly smart enough to realize these incidents couldn’t all be accidents. Now, to have her husband set it up for him seemed incredible. If it turned out as good as he was sure it would, he might even offer Nick his wife in order to get more of Di.
When Di arrived home and entered the semi-darkened house she didn’t see Adrian on the couch. She flew into Nick’s arms where he was waiting in the entryway. He immediately started kissing her and swung her around so her back was to Adrian. As they continued to deep throat each other he slowly started to caress her ass. It felt so good under the silky material. He began raising her skirt as he rubbed her ass. He soon had her skirt well above her waist, exposing ass, garter belt, and stockings to Adrian. Adrian saw that perfect ass and those magnificent legs, with garters holding up silky black nylon stockings. All supported by five inch spiked heels. At that moment Adrian knew that there must be a God because he was in heaven. He thought his dick was going to try for nine inches.
Nick then turned Di around in his arms so her back was to him and she was facing Adrian.
“Oh, by the way, Honey, look who dropped by to loan me his tools” Nick said as he held Di in his arms, facing Adrian.
“My God, Nick, he must have seen my bare bum just now. I’m so embarrassed. Adrian, please forgive me.”
“No problem” Adrian replied, the bulge in his pants growing as generously as his forgiveness.
Though genuinely embarrassed, Di felt her wetness and her sexual desire increase upon seeing Adrian, who had played such an important part in her and Nick’s fantasies.
At this moment, catching Di by surprise, Nick put the small gag he’d obtained from an S/M catalog into her mouth so she couldn’t verbalize any protest.
“Well, Di, Adrian may as well see some more of this, too, since you’ve flashed him with it so many times”, Nick said, slowly raising her skirt in front with one hand while pinning her arms with his other arm.
“Just look at that sweet pussy, Adrian” Nick said while holding Di’s arms and forcing her legs apart so Adrian could get the best possible view. With no panties on, her whole shaved and manicured pussy was clearly visible
“And it tastes as good as it looks, too” Nick said.
All the while, Di was squirming in Nick’s arms either in passion or trying to get free; Nick couldn’t really tell.
Holding her against him with her skirt up, Nick loosened the buttons on Di’s blouse and fondled the large nipples on her rather small but very shapely tits.
“Look, Di. Adrian’s staring at your sweet little tits and wet pussy. Look at that big dick swelling up in his pants.”
With this Di let out a deep sigh either in disgust or in heat, Nick still couldn’t tell which. But at least she hadn’t demanded that they stop. But then, of course, how could she, what with the gag in her mouth?
“Don’t be bashful, Adrian. Let that big black snake loose so I can prove to Di that I wasn’t lying about its size.”
Nick began rubbing Di’s cunt. He was positive that it had begun spasming. It was definitely oozing and her thighs were glistening.
Meanwhile Adrian unzipped his pants, reached in and slowly pulled out his almost nine incher. Di’s eyes were riveted on his fly. Nick was busy rubbing and probing Di and he could have sworn she’d climaxed, the way her sex was clutching and grasping his fingers. She was wet and hot, which was encouraging, but Nick didn’t know if it was from the current proceedings or from Di’s other all day activities.
“Come on over here” Nick said to Adrian “and feel how hot this pussy is. Pinch these big nipples.” Nick knew that talking like this while they were fantasizing had always gotten Di hot. He was sure it was working now as Di’s squirming redoubled. Adrian approached and began sucking Di’s tits and probing her shaved wetness with his fingers. She seemed to swoon.
“Let’s take her into the bedroom, Adrian, where we can both work her over” Nick said.
It almost seemed that Di was dragging them into the bedroom, her spiked heels clicking quickly down the hall.
Nick had screwed lamp hooks into the walls. From under the bed he retrieved small chains, handcuffs, Velcro bindings, masks and gags. Nick put a mask over Di’s eyes so she couldn’t see. The gag in her mouth kept her from protesting what was going on, if indeed she was protesting. He handcuffed her and hooked the handcuffs to the headboard. He then put Velcro bindings on her ankles and hooked chains to them and chained her legs to the walls, spreading her legs as wide as possible. Nick often did this to Di when they were alone, telling her when she was helpless that he was going to bring in a stranger to fuck her. She had always reacted with extreme sexual passion.
With that, Adrian could take no more. In a state of exceeding sexual excitement he buried his face between Di’s legs, sucking and licking and probing with his tongue. Her taste and smell was driving him mad. Di began thrashing and squirming, but whether in orgasm or in protest, Nick couldn’t tell. At this point he was afraid to take the gag off to find out. He knew there would be no stopping Adrian now.
Nick knew that Di, being rather tight until her first orgasm, might have trouble taking Adrian’s full length and girth. He hoped that Di had been squirming with orgasms. Orgasms made Di relax and expand to about twice her normal size. And she also got exceedingly wet.
Having satisfied his oral hungers, and hopefully excited more of Di’s sexual hungers, Adrian moved his cock between Di’s thighs. Taking his sizable manhood in hand he proceeded to rub the head of it all over Di’s swollen and shaven labia, especially stimulating her obviously engorged clitoris. Nick still didn’t know whether Di was hot from her activities of the day or from the actions now going on, but she was certainly squirming and thrashing around under Adrian’s big penis.
“God, man, maybe she isn’t into this. Should I stop now so we don’t get charged with rape?” asked Adrian.
They both thought they had the answer when they saw that Di was vigorously shaking her head.
Having well lubricated his cock by rubbing it in Di’s abundant juices, Adrian could stand no more. He began easing his large penis into Di’s glistening slit. Nick helped the situation by grabbing Di’s legs and holding them even further apart and lifting her ass to better assist Adrian’s penis. She had obviously had orgasms. That large penis slid effortlessly into Di’s hot swollen vagina with the aid of her generously flowing natural lubricants. Nick was stunned at how sexually stimulated he was becoming at the site of someone else’s cock sliding into that wonderful cunt he had come to look on as only his own. And feelings of jealousy only seemed to heighten his sexual tension.
She was now bucking and straining at her restraints. Nick was pretty sure that she was having a string of multiple orgasms but he left her gagged, as he wasn’t quite sure what her reaction might really be. He wanted Adrian gone before he turned her loose in case she was going to be abusive.
Meanwhile Adrian was thrusting into Di at a quickening pace. He was on his knees and Nick could see his whole member as it emerged, almost to the head, and then plunge deeply in again. As it came out he could see that his wife’s juices thickly covered it, indicating that she was at least enjoying herself. Nick felt a strange fascination and incredible arousal watching this large black cock fucking his wife.
Soon Adrian was gasping that he was about to come. Nick lifted his wife’s face and removed the mask so she would be able to see Adrian as he climaxed.
“Pull that big dick out of her and pump it, Adrian. I want to see you spurt cum all over her,” Nick said.
“Yeah, man, yeah!” said Adrian, and then his orgasm began. “Oh God, I’m coming!” he gasped. Nick noticed a look of wild lust in his wife’s eyes as she began bucking and thrusting as much as possible in her restraints. Adrian had started pumping cum into Di’s pussy as he pulled his glistening, slippery organ from her vagina, leaving it gaping open and oozing. With both hands he pumped on that big black prick. Meanwhile, Nick replaced Adrian’s dick in her now uncontrollably spasming vagina with his hand and fingers. Incredibly, he slipped his whole fist inside of her while frantically rubbing her clit with his other hand.
“Pump that cock, Adrian. Come all over her” Nick shouted.
“Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!” Adrian shouted as cum continued spurting from his penis.
The spurt was so powerful that it landed in Di’s face and splattered all over it, spreading over her mouth and lips. Adrian seemed to have an endless supply of cum as it kept spurting all over her breasts and belly and pussy with each stroke. Di’s eyes rolled up in her head and her moaning filled the room. The muscles in her vagina were clutching Nick’s fist so hard that he couldn’t remove it.
Finally Adrian was drained and exhausted.
“I’ll see you at the gym, Adrian. Get out of here now so I can have my turn” Nick said, turning to his wife and loosening her from her restraints and gag.
“Oh, you son-of-bitch” Di shouted at Nick, her voice breathless. “Adrian, you bastard, come back here”.
“Oh God, I’m sorry, baby. If this pissed you off, I’ll make it up to you and never do anything like it again” Nick pleaded.
Adrian sheepishly returned to the bedroom.
“Come over here, dammit!” cried Di.
When he came within reach, Di grabbed him and dragged him onto the bed. She then grabbed his slackening penis in her hot mouth and started vigorously
Once again Adrian was in shocked disbelief. His cock immediately began swelling again under Di’s jacking hand and sucking mouth.
Where it came from he didn’t know but soon Adrian was unleashing another large load. Di sucked and swallowed as if her very life depended on consuming every drop.
As Adrian’s load exploded into Di’s mouth she frantically fingered her pussy and clit and experienced another huge orgasm.
“Dammit, Adrian, you didn’t think I’d let that beautiful dick escape before I got to taste it did you? Now you may go”, said Di as she began to eye Nick.
“Are you really pissed, Di?” asked Nick apprehensively as Adrian quickly slipped out of the house, hardly believing his good fortune.
“Oh Christ, Nicky, this is the most erotic experience I’ve ever had. I can’t count all the orgasms I had. I didn’t know whether to be mad because you forced me to do this or to feel guilty because I enjoyed it so much.”
“If you enjoyed it Di, don’t feel guilty. And don’t be mad. I did it to make you feel good and I enjoyed it, too, so I’m as guilty as you. I just don’t want you going off by yourself for sex like you did the other night”.
“Damn, I wanted you to take that gag out of my mouth and replace it with your cock. I’ve always wanted to suck a cock while getting fucked.” And in a sexual frenzy Di began to suck Nick off. He couldn’t remember, even in his youth, having been this sexually aroused. And Di was reduced to a thing of pure, unadulterated sexual lust.
Soon she sensed that Nick was nearing orgasm and she took his penis from her mouth.
“Nick, don’t you come yet. I need your cock” and she spread her legs as wide as they’d go. Grasping Nick’s organ she guided it into her throbbing wetness.
As Nick plunged in and out of Di, Adrian’s cum acted as a slippery lubricant in her pussy and between their bodies. Soon Di had rolled over to be on top of Nick, her favorite position. She devilishly kissed Nick with Adrian’s cum all over her face and lips and made him lick and suck her cum covered tits while thrusting her hips back and forth and side to side, frantically rubbing her extremely sensitive, almost painful clitoris with her long, wet fingers.
“Just think, Nicky” gasped his wife “you’re tasting the cum of another man’s cock that has been in my pussy. And you love it. We both love it”.
“You’re right baby, I love it. If you love me you’ll fuck as many guys as you want, just for me”.
“Ok, baby, but you’ve started something you may not be able stop. All of a sudden this innocent little preachers daughter wants all the cock she can get. And you’re going to have to watch me fuck them. You just have to remember this, this pussy is, and always will be, yours. I’m just going to let other men fuck me because I love you so much. I know you won’t leave me because you couldn’t find another woman that would do that for you. Besides, you couldn’t stand the thought of another man fucking me and not being a part of it. God, you’re such a pervert. But I think I’m worse”.

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