tagLoving WivesNick Watches Di Ch. 05

Nick Watches Di Ch. 05


Nick had been requested to meet with a client that was thinking of buying some software from his company; software Nick had helped develop.

The sales staff had done their job but the client wanted to interview some of the technical staff to get a feel for the company's technical capabilities. Upon conclusion of the interview by the client company's technical staff, one of the vice presidents, invited Nick to lunch. He wanted to form his own opinion of the quality of people they were dealing with since the final decision to buy would be his.

At the end of the meal having concluded their business discussion, the two men were having a final drink. The conversation turned to personal matters.

"You know Nick, I'm in trouble" the VP said. "Saturday night is my monthly poker game with some of my executive friends. I'm the host and we always have this particular young lady hostess the party to serve drinks and the like, you know. Well, she's indisposed this week and I can't come up with a replacement. I'm really going to lose face with these guys if I don't deliver. And these are high powered guys you don't want to lose face with."

"Is it that hard to hire a waitress or cocktail hostess to serve drinks for an evening?" asked Nick.

"Well, Nick" the VP replied. "Confidentially, she performs other, ah, duties during the course of the evening, if you know what I mean. The five of us put up two hundred apiece for these, ah, special extras."

"Oh, I get it" Nick answered. "But surely, a call girl would be easy to find for that kind of money."

"You don't understand, son" said the VP "these aren't the kind of guys that would go to a call girl; too much ego. And besides, with all the VD and such, you know the risk. And they're all married. Our regular hostess is married herself. Works somewhere as a secretary in one of the companies run by one of the boys. Except for this once a month little excursion, a very respectable lady. Says she'd do it just for the excitement; we just give her the money, unsolicited, as a sort of tip. Husband thinks she's gone to a conference with her boss to take notes."

"Speaking of spouses" Nick asked "whose house is available, without wife, once a month for this, ah, poker game?"

"Well, you see Nick, our companies have gone together and permanently rent a suite at the Ritz Hotel for visiting VIPs. We just borrow it once a month."

The wheels were turning in Nick's head. It was about time for his and Di's monthly adventure and he hadn't come up with an idea. Here was a ready-made fantasy and a perfect situation; his wife getting gang fucked by five guys and getting paid to fuck them. And maybe a big favor to a guy who could do him and his company a lot of good. The contract being negotiated was worth millions.

"You know, sir, I may just be able to help," said Nick.

"Oh, how's that, son?" asked the VP.

"Well, I happen to know this safe, happily married woman who, like your friend, would probably do it just for the thrill."

"Not a professional hooker or anything like that?" asked the VP.

"I guarantee it, sir" said Nick.

"There is just one thing, though" Nick continued. "Not knowing you guys and the situation, I may not be able to talk her into it unless I accompany her. Oh, I won't involve myself in the situation. If you can arrange to have a bar set up I'll just come along as the bartender. Your friends will never know the difference."

"Well, you know, Nick" the VP said, "the main thing about the other gal is that she did it because she really liked to do it. She really enjoyed it and you could tell she wasn't faking. Her big wet pussy; the lust on her face, in her eyes, she just can't get enough once she starts, you know? Surely you can't find someone like that can you? ." "As I said" replied Nick. "I guarantee it. I've fucked her enough myself to verify that she has one hot pussy. And while we've fucked she's told me enough of her fantasies to convince me that I could talk her into this."

"What about her husband?" asked the VP. "Is he likely to be trouble?"

"She makes a lot of overnight trips in her job" Nick lied. "He's very trusting and never suspicious." "Well, Nick, I'd be eternally grateful to you if you could pull this off, but I'm skeptical," said the VP.

"Just leave it to me" Nick replied.

Nick prepared Di for the evening by telling her that this very important client, high up in his company, desperately needed a bartender and hostess for a card party and couldn't find any on short notice. He told her that, as a favor, he volunteered to tend bar and find a hostess. He told Di that it would mean a lot to him and his career to do this favor. Di said she understood and consented to the hostess job, little knowing what the hostess job really entailed.

Saturday Nick went shopping and came home with a scanty little maids outfit with a short black skirt and apron and frilly translucent white top that would show a lot of cleavage. The top was actually designed so it could be tucked under the breasts, supporting them while fully exposing them. When Di dressed she added thong panties, a garter belt, black nylon stockings, and black five-inch patent leather heels.

"Well, Nick, since you apparently want me to look sexy, I didn't put on a bra" said Di. "Hope I don't shock anyone."

"You look fine honey" Nick replied looking at her small but beautiful breasts that showed just a hint of rosette and nipple through the partially transparent top.

"I wonder how long it will be before you have those luscious tits fully exposed?" Nick thought to himself.

"This is a pretty sexy outfit, Nick" observed Di. "It makes me feel hot and sexy, being the exhibitionist that I am. But I hope it's not inappropriate for this party of your high class friends."

"Trust me, Di, you look fine" Nick said "Just remember, don't let on we're married. The guys don't want to have to worry about their language and stuff. They might feel inhibited if they knew you were my wife and not just a hired hostess. It's a poker game after all and boys will be boys."

"I know that boys will be boys, Nick. It makes my pussy wet just to think about serving those guys in this sexy outfit, giving them all hard-ons and such" Di replied.

"I hope your ready for the such" thought Nick to himself.

The suite had a sitting room and two bedrooms with a connecting bath. A table was set up in the sitting room for the game and a bar was set up in one of the bedrooms. In this way the bartender would not be an intrusion on the game or the other "activities." However, with the door open part way Nick would be able to observe most everything. And if he left the door between the bathroom to the other bedroom open a bit he would be able to see what was going on in the other bedroom; he did after all have to go into the bathroom on occasion for water and to wash glasses, didn't he?

When they arrived, the host of the party was already there. He looked Di over appreciatively and told Nick, that looks-wise, she was very suitable. Nick left him and Di alone to get acquainted while he went in to prepare the bar.

Nick could see Di and the VP sitting together on the couch, conversing, as he puttered about the bar. He noticed the VP lost no time in getting familiar as he saw the man's hand come to rest on Di's knee and soon start moving up her thigh.

"How will she react?" Nick wondered. If she reacted indignantly it could spell disaster for Nick's plan.

"Perhaps I should have clued her in," he thought nervously.

He knew his worries were over when he noticed Di slightly spread her legs so the VP could more easily rub her bare thigh above her stockings, something she dearly loved to have done.

When the other players started to arrive Di came into the bedroom bar to start serving drinks.

"Nick, your friend has been trying to take liberties with me already", Di said. "What should I do? I don't want to get you in trouble, Honey."

"Well, Di, use your own judgment", he answered. "If it feels good do it," he said, knowing damn well that it felt good to her.

"Well, ok, Baby. But don't go getting mad if I get really hot and have to do something about it", she cautioned him.

"I won't get mad, honey, I guarantee it", he replied. Later Nick noticed Di bend over the table to retrieve an empty glass. Her tits fell out of the skimpy ruffles that were barely confining them. Embarrassed, she hastily started to replace them.

"Hey, darlin" one of the men said "don't bother with that. Those babies are much to beautiful to keep hidden." And so she came into the bar to refill the drink with her tits perched nicely on top of the ruffles on her uniform.

"Nick, does this bother you?" she asked. "If it does I'll cover up."

"Well, let's see if you like it or not" said Nick, reaching under her dress. To his surprise he found that she no longer had on the thong panties she'd put on earlier and her pussy was gaping open and sopping wet.

"What happened to your panties?" he asked.

"Well, to be honest, Honey, those guys keep groping me under my dress and those panties were just in the way and were getting soaking wet. I just took them off," she answered. "Is that ok?"

"If you keep this up, Honey, I'm just going to have to fuck you right now", he replied.

"The way things are going out there, darlin', you may have to wait your turn", Di said with a twinkle in her eye.

"All the better", Nick said patting her on her bare ass as she left to serve the drinks.

A little later Nick looked out in the gambling room and saw that Di and one of the gamblers were missing. He stepped into the darkened bathroom and peered through the door that he'd made sure was partially open. The bedroom light was just then snapped on making it almost impossible to see into the darkened bathroom.

"Why'd you do that?" a male voice asked.

"'Cause I like to watch what I'm doing" Nick heard Di reply.

"Wow," the man said.

That was certainly true, Nick knew, but he also knew that she turned on the lights for his benefit, too.

"Far out!" said the male voice as he gently pushed Di's now naked body, except for garter and stockings, onto the bed. "So show me that pussy, Hon."

Nick saw Di on her back on the bed. She slowly and tantalizingly raised her knees and spread her legs, revealing her smoothly shaved pussy lips and the well-shaped hair above. Nick could tell from the slick wetness that Di was highly excited and loved what was happening.

"Oh, my god that's beautiful", the man said, "You've got to let me kiss it!" And he fell to his knees and laid a deep French kiss onto Di's nether lips, sucking and tonguing her.

Di raised her hips even further and entwined her fingers in the mans hair. She then pulled his face deeply into her cunt and began humping his face. Nick could tell by the look of lust on her face that she was cumming. The man also knew as he could feel the spasms of her orgasm as her cunt clutched at his face.

Having brought her to orgasm the man was now frantic to have his extreme sexual tension relieved also. He rose with a large hard erection in his hand. Di could see the large veins throbbing with each heartbeat as he stroked down the shaft, the red angry head starting to drip.

"Oh, baby, jerk this thing for me", he gasped as he straddled Di and put it in her hand.

She encircled the shaft with her hand and slowly stroked, feeling how the smooth outer skin slid over the hard, slick core. She slowly pulled all the way forward until the foreskin covered the head and then slowly released, watching with fascination. She repeated this several times, listening to the man beg for harder faster strokes. Then she rubbed her other hand over and into her sopping pussy to get it wet and slippery and slowly began to rub it over the mans red, throbbing glans, thoroughly enjoying the exquisite torture she was inflicting on the man.

Then Di got this overpowering desire to see the sperm shoot from this live thing in her hand and feel the sticky heat of it all over her tits, especially her rock hard nipples. She began to vigorously jack on the man's dick as he hovered above her tits.

"Oh, yeah, harder, harder!", the man moaned as he started his own orgasm. Di grew more excited as she felt the man's dick swell larger and harder in her hand as his orgasm approached.

Nick watched his wife frantically increase her stroking of the mans cock as the cum began to spew forth.

"Oh, yeah!" he heard her say "cum on my tits, cum on my face. Oh, you're making me cum, too."

Large globs of cum began splattering on Di's tits and face and shooting into the mouth that she was uncontrollably now holding wide open to catch as much as she could. Nick could plainly see her cunt frantically clutching for the penis that wasn't there. She came explosively with nothing having ever touched her genitalia.

With a sigh they both lay back to catch their breath. Soon the man rose and dressed to return to the game. Di entered the bathroom in her garter belt, stockings and high heels to clean up, and found her husband waiting.

"Nick, I..." she started to say, worried that he may not have intended that the party should have gone this far. She need not have worried as he smothered her in kisses disregarding the fact that her lips, face, and tits were covered with another mans cum.

Having cleaned up, Di returned to the poker game to replenish the players drinks, all the while being fondled and groped. Whenever she returned to the barroom she frantically kissed Nick and made him finger her in hopes of relieving her sexual lust, so inflamed by the actions of the poker players. But just as she would start to realize relief, someone would call out for a fresh drink, leaving Di more frustrated then ever.

Drinks being replenished, things grew quiet and Nick didn't see Di for several minutes. He entered the bathroom to look into the other bedroom but didn't see her. Going back to look into the game room he saw Di on the couch in a passionate embrace with another of the card players for whom the cards had grown cold; but if the cards had grown cold the same couldn't be said of Di.

The man had half his hand in Di's pussy and she was humping it lustfully as she kissed him hotly. The man became unbearably aroused and had to have release. Sensing this, Di reached for his fly and ran the zipper down. As Nick watched, his wife reached in and pulled the mans throbbing hard-on free. She immediately went to her knees in front of him and began sucking the big dick. Nick knew Di loved to suck cock and knew how hot it made her. He watched as she sucked and jerked on the cock while stroking her clit, her cunt becoming increasingly wet. Nick knew from experience that if the man came in her mouth, Di would have an explosive orgasm.

As Nick watched the man's cock stiffened and grew. As he approached orgasm he saw his wife frantically fingering her gaping, wet pussy. The lips were swollen and red and her fingers were slimy with her juices. By now the other players had stopped their game and were watching the action, thinking about taking a turn themselves.

Di looked up and saw the others watching and, being the exhibitionist she was it made her start her orgasm. The effect on the man was to make his orgasm begin and he started pumping cum into Di's mouth. She felt the first wave explode deep in her throat and she desperately swallowed the gooey mass. The act of swallowing caused her mouth and throat to caress the man's increasingly sensitive penis, which brought forth an even larger explosion, filling Di's mouth to capacity again. This made the intensity of Di's orgasm double as she attempted to swallow the load being ejaculated into her mouth. Swallow as she could she could not contain the man's whole load and it began bubbling out around the engorged member and dribbling down her chin. Di frantically sucked and swallowed and still another load exploded in her mouth, finally exceeding it's capacity and causing a renewal of her orgasm. Removing her mouth she grasped the cock in her hand and began pumping. She loved the feel of the outer skin sliding over inner hardness. Too Di's extreme delight the release of the man's pent up sexual tension caused this wave to shoot two feet into the air.

As the man finished his orgasm Di rose and sprawled back on the couch, legs parted and pussy still pulsating. It was too much for one of the other players watching. He walked over, pulled Di up from the couch and carried her into the bedroom. Nick quickly retreated into the darkened bathroom to observe these new proceedings. There he watched as Di again removed her skimpy uniform while watching the man slowly remove his pants. The man's back was to Nick but he knew the man had something special, as Di gasped lustfully as his pants came down.

"Ah, god!" gasped Di. "It's so big. But I want it. All of it. Let's see if I can take it all, all the way to the hilt".

She lay down and spread her nylon-clad legs as far apart as she could. As the man crawled between her legs Nick saw why she had gasped. He had a prick at least the size of his friend Adrian, who had been the first one to fuck his wife in this series of sex adventures.

This is just what Di felt she needed at this time. Although she'd had multiple orgasms they had been at her own hand. Now she couldn't wait to try take this large cock all the way to the hilt. As he watched, Nick's wife raised her beautiful ass up to meet this engorged piece of meat, the head of which began to enter her hot wetness. It was a tight fit and the man knew his large proportions were hard for some women to take. And it would be hard for Di, too, but Nick could see that she was greedy for the whole thing. She raised and spread her legs wider in order to maximize the opening of her pussy and arched her back in order to get the best angle for complete penetration. The man began with small thrusts. Di's wetness covered more and more of the large shaft helping it slide back in a little further each time. She noticed Nick watching in the bathroom door.

"Come here and grab my ankles, Nicky" moaned Di. "Spread my legs further apart. Yes! Like that."

To the man fucking her she moaned "Keep easing it in. Oh, god. It's so big, so good".

Nick could see that Di was going crazy to get the whole cock into herself but she knew that it would have to be done slowly in order to keep it from hurting. Fortunately, the orgasms that Di had already experienced had made her pussy loose and wet, which facilitated the entry of this large cock.

Finally Nick could see that full penetration had been achieved and the mans large balls were resting on Di's ass. He then pulled his now slippery cock almost all the way out. Nick thought he'd never see the tip of it. When the tip was finally almost out he thrust it back in to the hilt. That was what Di was waiting for. She circled her nylon clad legs around the mans back and spurred him on with her spiked heels. She thrust her burning cunt up to meet each of his strokes. As the man vigorously fucked her Di slightly emerged from her almost all-consuming lust and began to wonder why she was doing all this. After all, she was a happily married woman with a great career and wonderful son. Then she realized that with each stroke of his cock she was cumming and loving it. And she now knew why she was doing it as she looked toward Nick who was still watching. She smiled with love and gratitude. Nick could see that his wife was smiling at him and cumming with each stroke of that large, red, angry prick.

When the man's orgasm finally came there was hardly any room in Di's stretched out pussy for the cum and Nick saw it ooze out around the large penis and slide down the crack in Di's ass.

No sooner had the man pulled from Di's swollen pussy and started to towel off then another man who had been waiting and watching, unnoticed in the door, ceased his masturbation and came forward to again fill that hot, seemingly insatiable pussy.

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