tagLoving WivesNick Watches Di Ch. 06

Nick Watches Di Ch. 06


Shortly after arriving home from work one night, a few weeks later, Nick received a call from Di, who was still at work.

"I've got good news, bad news, Nicky. We just acquired this big new account and we've got a lot of work to do to prepare for the contract signing tomorrow. The bad news is I've got to work late tonight. The good news is that I was instrumental in getting the contract and I'm going to get a substantial raise from it" Di reported.

"That's great, Di. I always knew you'd go far in the business world. Tell me how you did it."

"Well, Nick, I hope you won't be displeased but I used methods I learned from you in how to persuade people to give you the business, if you know what I mean" Di replied, giggling at her pun.

"Hey, if you mean what I think you mean let me get comfortable and you can tell me all about it" Nick said as he stretched out on the couch and loosened the drawstring on his jogging shorts.

Di proceeded with the following story.

"My boss was introducing this prospective client around the office and showing him our operation. When he brought him to my office he saw that the client showed an immediate interest in me."

'"I can see that you have a particular interest in this aspect of our operation. Why don't I leave you in the capable hands of Desiree to explain her function"' my boss told the client."

"Well, Nicky, in the course of my private little presentation of our art department I guess I managed to flash a little pussy to the client. Several times I guess. Accidentally of course, ha, ha. Well, maybe not too accidentally. You know me and my wayward pussy. Anyway, you know how those short mini skirts of mine have a tendency to hike up whenever I sit or bend over or anything. Actually I was forewarned about this client's visit and how important this contract was so I wore that micro-mini that only goes down about three inches below my pussy. And since you don't allow me to wear panties anymore, well, I guess you know what he was looking at. I guess it was pretty easy for him to tell that all I had on under my skirt was a garter belt. And sheer stockings, of course. I could see his interest swelling. I'm so grateful to you for shaving and trimming my pussy so it's always presentable."

At the other end of the line Di could hear Nick's breathing become heavier.

"Nick" she said taking her cue "I'm getting real hot recalling this little incident. I'm starting to touch myself and getting all wet. Are you getting hot, too?"

"Just keep talking, baby" Nick replied, breathlessly.

Di continued her narrative.

"Lunch time approached and the client offered to take me out. Of course I accepted. For business purposes, naturally. I took him to that intimate little Italian restaurant where you eat by candlelight. We sat in one of those round booths in the back and Nicky; he just scooted right over next to me, his thigh right up against mine. It would have been rude of me to move away so I just had to sit there. Truth is, after flashing him all morning I really thought it would be rude of me to move away anyway."

"We had a couple of martinis before eating and you know what that does to what few inhibitions I have. As we proceeded to eat, guess what? He started rubbing my knee through my sheer stockings. You know how I love to have my legs rubbed through my nylon stockings. The only thing I love more is to have my bare thighs above my stockings rubbed. So, to make it easier for him to rub my thighs I spread my legs a little. Well, he took that as an open invitation, I guess, 'cause he started rubbing way up my thigh. You can imagine how that was making my cunt tingle."

Di heard Nick's breathing increase and other sounds as well.

"Nicky, are you doing what I think you are?" she asked.

"Baby, you know I got this big dick of mine in my hand and I'm pumping it with every word you're telling me" he replied.

"Oh, Nicky. That makes me so hot my pussy is just twitching and oozing" she said.

"So keep talking" Nick ordered.

Di continued.

"Well, by now he's forced my legs apart so his hand is rubbing right in my bare pussy. Well, I thought, two can play this game, and I reached over and proceeded to pull down the zipper to his fly. Of course I'd already been feeling of his hardness through his pants as I stroked his thigh and I really wanted to feel that naked prick by now. I was wondering if I could reach all the way around it with my hand."

"Well, Nicky, do you realize how hard it is to get a man's erect cock out of his fly, in a cramped booth, in a crowded restaurant, with no one noticing. It's a good thing the table clothes are extra big and hang almost to the floor."

"By now we were finished eating and just had our wine. The client told the waiter we were through ordering and not to disturb us anymore. I have to admit Nicky; I'm really hot by now. I have his big dick in my hand and it is hot and throbbing. He's got three fingers in my pussy and is rubbing my clit like crazy. I told him '"God, I've got to bring my husband to this restaurant so he and I can do this"'.

By now Di can hear really heavy breathing and a steady pounding on the other end of the line.

"Oh, Nicky. You're going to make me come just listening to you. Let me finish this story" she said.

Nick could only grunt, so she continued.

"What could I do with this thing in my hand, Nick, but start pumping it? The more I pumped the hotter it made me. It's a good thing we were fairly isolated and the waiter was gone. I was leaning way back in the cramped booth with my legs spread as far apart as possible. He was working my pussy and clit as hard as he could without arousing attention. I was likewise jerking that big cock. Then I could feel it harden and enlarge in my hand even more. Knowing what was about to happen I grabbed a napkin off the table. Then the spasms began as I pumped him with my hand and he began filling that napkin. Of course this was taking me over the brink and my pussy began clutching his fingers as he increased the pace of his rubbing. My god, we both just had enormous orgasms right in that booth in that restaurant. People were even starting to look our way. That even made my orgasm more intense."

Di was now hearing groans on the other end of the line.

"Oh, Nick. Telling you this has made me so hot that I'm cumming. Are you?" she asked breathlessly.

"Aaarrrgg!" is all she heard.

"Oh, Nicky. I've got to hang up now so I can use both hands" gasped Di as she hung up.

"Oh, god! I'm coming, too!" Di's boss gasped as she hung up the phone. They were on the couch in his office celebrating the new account that the firm had acquired through Di's efforts. She had both nylon clad legs up over his shoulders and her ass was up off the couch giving him maximum penetration. Hearing that both her and her husband were cumming made him begin pumping his considerable load into Di. Di's orgasm intensified as she looked over at her boss's desk and watched the new client sitting in her boss's chair. He was pumping his cock to its maximum proportions in preparation for taking her boss's place between her legs.

"God, I love this job" thought Di to herself. "And my open-minded husband, too".

Di's boss barely had time to pull his now softening cock from her gaping, wet cunt before the client was in his place. Her slack pussy, now slick with her and her bosses intermingled juices, easily accommodated the clients substantial proportions as he proceeded to slake his all-consuming lust.

Di's greedy boss, watching his client fucking Di, wanted more. He positioned himself above her face and began slapping his long slack cock against her face and lips. Di, with her love of cocksucking, eagerly drew the semi-soft, prick into her mouth and began sucking it hard again.

Fortunately for Di, their lunchtime activities had somewhat decreased the clients ardor allowing him bring Di to two more orgasms before he himself came. To Di's delight, she got her boss to come again, shooting his load down her gulping throat.

"I'm selecting your firm because I'm so impressed with how your art department is run by Desiree" the client said to her boss as their little soiree ended. "I expect to be working with her personally on future projects. I hope you'll join us in these efforts. And I expect her to get a substantial raise."

Her boss nodded in enthusiastic agreement.

Di's pussy spasmed once more in anticipation.

After the client left, Di's boss said to her "God, that was hot, fucking you while you described your lunch time activity to your husband. It really got me off. Ever since you began flashing that beautiful pussy at me I've wanted to do this. But what if he'd heard us and suspected what we were doing? I don't want him making a scene or making you quit your job."

"Don't worry," said Di "Sometime when I want him to fuck me when he isn't in the mood I'll tell him about this afternoon and he'll end up fucking my brains out. And the next time we're on a project together with that new client, I want you both at the same time. I loved his big dick in me while I sucked you off."

To Di's delight, the image of this in her boss's mind was too much for him and he tipped Di back on the couch once more, and, grasping and jerking on his hardening cock, buried his face between her legs.

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