tagLoving WivesNick Watches Di Ch. 07

Nick Watches Di Ch. 07


Chapter 7

One evening Di rushed home from work with exciting news.

“Nick, guess what! Al Black is finally going to marry that gorgeous secretary of his.”

Al Black was one of the VP s at Di’s firm. He’d been carrying on an affair with Lisa, his secretary, for several years. The affair had even caused Al’s divorce. Lisa was so beautiful and such a hot fuck that Al was willing to give up his wife for her and pay the monetary consequences.

And she knew how to keep his interest. She never wore underwear and was constantly flashing her pussy at him and rubbing up on him when no one was around. And for “the good of the company” she’d often do the same to clients, making Al jealous and hot at the same time. Needless to say there wasn’t much, sexually that they hadn’t tried.

“She’s coming over for dinner on Friday to discuss the wedding” Di said. “What shall we have, Darling?”

“Gosh,” Nick said, “maybe I should go out for the evening while you discuss all that girl stuff.”

“No, you can’t” Di said. “You’re going to be involved in the wedding in a special way, if you agree.”

“What do you mean, Di?” Nick asked, and wondered to himself how many times Al had been flashed by his wife’s perfect pussy. The thought brought a slight twinge of jealousy that stiffened his dick.

“You’ll just have to wait, Nicky. Lisa will explain it to you on Friday.”

Friday arrived and Di prepared a healthy pasta dinner for the three of them. Nick brought home a nice wine to accompany dinner. He had been curious all week about what his role was to be in Al’s and Lisa’s wedding. He also found himself daydreaming about Lisa. Thoughts of her sweet pussy ran through his mind. He thought of her lush lips wrapped around his cock. He thought about the unfairness that Al had undoubtedly seen his wife’s pussy (and undoubtedly would again knowing the atmosphere they worked in). But he would likely never see Lisa’s. It troubled his thoughts. Ah, well, whoever said life was fair.

Lisa arrived looking like, Wow! Tight designer jeans, high heeled pumps, a semi-translucent blouse, nearly all unbuttoned, that almost revealed her bra-less breasts, large hoop earrings, flawless makeup. That Al’s a lucky guy thought Nick. He thought wistfully of last years Christmas party.

The dinner conversation was sexually titillating with jokes and double entendres. Nick was sure that Lisa was openly flirting with him. When she laughed at a joke she often leaned his way, hand squeezing his thigh, blouse gaping open concealing nothing. And it didn’t seem to bother Di in the least.

“At least I’ve seen her tits, even if I never see anything else,” thought Nick.

Finally, over after dinner drinks, Lisa brought up the subject of the impending wedding.

“Nick, this is going to be kind of hard to explain, but Al and I would like to ask a favor of you in regard to the wedding” Lisa said.

“It’s like this; Al and I have tried every possible sexual thing we could think of to do in the time we’ve been going together. He’s always groping me at the office whenever he can. He won’t let me wear panties and if he feels my pussy and I’m not wet he proceeds to rub and finger me until I am. He can’t seem to stand it if I’m not wet and ready. And by the way, Di, I know when you’ve shown him that little pussy of yours, too. Every time it happens he comes dragging me into his office to fuck me or to make me suck him off.”

“Oh, I, um, ah....” Di stammered her face flushing in embarrassment.

“It’s ok, Honey” said Lisa, “I get some of my best fucks when you do that. And I know exactly what your pussy looks like; he describes it, how wet it is, how it kind of hangs open, all puffy, like it really needs it. Oh, baby, it gives me some of my best orgasms.”

“Please, Lisa, you don’t know what an affect this conversation is having on me” interjected Nick.

“Oh, yes I do Nicky. I’ve got my hand right on it and I’m impressed.”

Nick glanced at Di, worrying about the affect all this was having on her.

“She better not be mad at me after the way they carry on at the office” he thought.

Di was suppressing a giggle. And if Lisa squeezed him one more time, he thought, he was going to cum in his pants and really be embarrassed.

“Now that I’ve got you into the proper mood, I’ll present my request” said Lisa. “I told Di that in order to make our wedding night special, something we’ll always remember, we have to do something unusual. Di suggested that it would really be unusual if I fucked the best man first, before I fucked the groom. The idea got me instantly wet. I told her indeed that would be exciting if I got to pick the best man. She told me I could pick you, Nicky, if I wanted to. She said you needed a new experience to turn you on and talk about while you guys fucked. I’ve fantasized about you ever since we groped each other at last years Christmas party and I felt the size of “Di’s Delight.” Well, the other night while Al was hotter then hell and fucking me, I proposed the idea to him. He came harder then I’ve ever seen him cum. He agreed and here I am. And I know I’ve made the right choice judging from the size of what I’ve got in my hand.”

“Gosh, you mean, I mean, you want, ah, me to, ah....”

Nick was flustered and confused. Could it be true? He might, after all, touch, stroke, finger, even lick, that cunt he had despaired of ever even seeing? And to think, Di had proposed it. He glanced her way. She was smiling and nodding her head. “Man, how I love that gal” he thought.

“And, of course, Di will be my maid of honor” said Lisa.

“Aha!” thought Nick to himself “Let me guess what Di will be doing while I’m doing Lisa.”

. . . .

The wedding was in Las Vegas, just the bride and groom and their witnesses, Nick and Di. It was held in a wedding chapel that catered to “unusual” weddings. These weddings were usually between couples who had been married before. The couples were usually a bit jaded and knew the chapel by its reputation for sexual ambiance and unusual weddings. Weddings from nude to pagan, had taken place here. The director’s wife, even though she was in her forties, was very sensuous and sexy. She had often served as a naked alter for some of the pagan wedding ceremonies. At one so called “Satanist” wedding her husband had even had to dress up as the devil and fuck the new bride on the alter to consummate the marriage. It was kinky but fun and the pay was good but the orgasms were even better.

Although not naked at this wedding, the director’s wife was dressed to exude maximum sexuality in a clinging long, shimmering gown slit to the waist, revealing black nylons, white thigh and black garter belt. When she moved just right you could catch sight of a well-trimmed pussy, as she wore no panties. Her braless tits also swayed languidly as she moved, and displayed swollen nipples beneath the thin material. The atmosphere of these sexy weddings always aroused her and kept her nipples rock hard. According to the director, compared to some of the weddings he had performed, Al’s and Lisa’s was quite tame. Nick wondered what these weddings had been like.
Lisa wore white silk elbow length gloves, a white Vail, white patent leather, six-inch ankle strap sandals with two-inch platforms, sheer white stockings and a garter belt. The reason you knew she had on a garter belt was because the dress she had on was of white lace on a totally transparent background. You could plainly see the garter belt through the sheer dress that was, by the way, just long enough to cover the tops of her stockings when she was standing. The dress was so tight it had to be slit up one side so that all of one thigh was exposed when she walked. You could tell that she had on no panties and no bra because her pussy hair, that that wasn’t shaved, was visible, as were her nipples, and indeed, nearly all of her breasts.

“Al, you lucky bastard” thought Nick.

Di was dressed exactly the same as Lisa except she was entirely in black. “Nick, you lucky bastard”, thought Al.

“These lucky bastards” thought the director.

The men were dressed in black dinner jackets with red cummerbunds and white silk pants that were almost like pajama pants. Since the women were so exposed they insisted that the men could wear no underwear. With no underwear to hold them in check, the men’s appreciation for each other’s woman was clearly apparent.

“You lucky bitches” thought the director’s wife, who played the music while her pussy swelled open and got wet.

When the ceremony was over everyone, including the director, his wife, and Di, wetly kissed the bride with considerable groping. The party retired to the back of a waiting limousine that was to deliver them to their suite on the “Strip”. Nick, walking behind the bride, watched her tight ass swaying from the effect of her six-inch heels and long legs, and thought of that bare pussy under that revealing dress. His hard-on grew. Then he thought of his own wife’s pussy that was just as bare under her revealing dress. His hard-on grew more and could not be hidden by the silk pants that rubbed him exquisitely. Before the night was over he would fuck them both, he thought. A spot of pre-cum began to stain his silk pants.

In the limo, the groom immediately embraced the bride, kissing her passionately and caressing her now wet cunt. He then pushed her to Nick who proceeded to do the same. After a few minutes of this, to the surprise of the men, Di pushed Nick aside and proceeded to do the same to Lisa herself.

“Why should you men be the only ones that get to kiss the bride?” said Di.

“Amen” said Lisa.

“Holy shit” thought the driver who was watching the proceedings through
the rear view mirror.

This would be one of the best scenes he’d ever catch on the hidden video camera he had concealed in the back of the limo to secretly record the carryings on of the newly weds he frequently carried to honeymoon suites.

“I’d give a hundred bucks to have a camera in their hotel room tonight” he thought.

The two men sat back in the limo and watched as Di aggressively kissed and groped Lisa. Lisa moaned with passion as Di rubbed and flicked her clit and probed her slit with silk-gloved fingers.

The silk gloves had an extremely erotic affect on Lisa’s rock hard clit and swollen pussy. She couldn’t hold back. She came.

“It’s going to take a lot of sex to fully consummate this marriage tonight,” said Di.

“I hope the boys are up to it” Lisa said to Di. “If not, you’re going to have eat me out and fuck me all night with a strap-on dildo.”

“That makes me want them to fail” laughed Di.

It was with the greatest of effort that the two men restrained themselves. Their hard cocks rubbing on the cool, smooth, silk pants was almost too much for them.

The driver was so glad that the back of the limo was always lighted. It was fortunate that traffic was light and he didn’t run into someone as he cranked on his swollen dick and came all over his floor mats while trying to watch the back seat and the road at the same time. He thought of how hot the video was going to make his wife when he showed it to her tonight.

Meanwhile, back at the chapel, the director had his wife lying on the altar. His pants were around his knees and his wife’s nylon clad legs circled his waist. As he poured his cock to her, he had fantasies of two of the sexiest women he had ever seen in an orgy with the two men. His wife had visions of silk pajama pants protruding to an extent that put her husband to shame.

“You’d fuck both those guys at the same time, wouldn’t you, you slut?”
“Ooo, yeah” she sighed.

She came, imagining herself “sandwiched” by those two hunks, a large cock impaling each of her lower orifices at the same time. She whispered this fantasy in her husband’s ear.

“Just think of those two cocks in me at the same time. I’d even suck yours while you watched.” He came with images of those two cocks working her pussy and ass while she sucked his cock.

“Who ever imagined being a ‘man of the cloth’ could be so exciting,” he thought to himself.

“I’m so glad I talked him into quitting that straight laced wedding chapel and starting this kinky one. I was always scared he was going to catch me fucking one of those guys I used to do behind his back. Now he begs me to tell him all about it while he fucks me”, she thought to herself.

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