tagLoving WivesNick Watches Di Ch. 10

Nick Watches Di Ch. 10


Di and Nick were invited to a posh party given by the CEO of the company he worked for. They were both dreading it as they felt it would be a crushing bore. Nick felt that there was no way he could avoid going, as the only employees at his level that were invited were up and coming potential executives. Everyone's behavior would be above reproach, as the senior staff would be observing the conduct of the potential executive's to see who would and would not "fit in".

The night of the party they both agreed that Di would dress as revealingly as possible to satisfy her now almost obsessive need for exhibitionism, but still not completely shock the company. To that end, she put on a black, full-length silk slip dress that clung to her body like a second skin and was slit in the front almost to her crotch. She knew she'd have to watch her walking as taking too big a stride would reveal to anyone watching, her luscious, well manicured pussy, which, of course, wouldn't bother her but might shock the assemblage. Of course, underwear of any kind would have ruined the affect, so she wore none. Stiletto heels and thigh highs were all she wore under the dress.

When they were about to leave for the party, Nick approached Di with a package.

"What have got in the box. Nick?" she asked. "It's sweet of you, but I'm afraid even a present won't alleviate the boredom of the evening".

"Don't be so sure" he replied "you haven't seen the present."

With that, Nick opened the box revealing a strange apparatus that looked like a rubber butterfly with straps, attached to what looked like a small dildo.

"What in the world is that?" she asked.

"You'll see" he replied. "Lift your dress and spread your legs."

Puzzled, Di did as Nick requested. He then inserted the small dildoe into Di's cunt until the butterfly was firmly against her clit. He then wrapped the thin, satin straps around her waist and between her legs and cinched them down.

"That feels fine, Nick, but what's it all about?" Di asked.

"You'll see. Now put down your dress and go stand across the room."

As she complied, Nick removed from the box a device that resembled a TV remote. He pushed a button and Di jerked to attention.

"Oh, my god, that feels wonderful. What is it?"

"A remotely controlled vibrating dildoe and clitoris stimulator. Tonight at the party when I see that you are becoming bored with the proceedings, I'll just push this button and you can just sit back and enjoy."

"What a great idea. Now I can't wait to get to the party to try this out."

Needless to say, Di couldn't wait to get to the party to try it out. She played with the remote all the way to the party. What with the vibrations on her cunt and sucking on Nick's cock, she thoroughly soaked the butterfly with her wet pussy by the time they got there.

On arriving at the party, introductions were completed and Di received many approving glances from the men. Some were fascinated and couldn't look away, hoping she would take that one, long step that would reveal all. Being aware of what was going on, she was getting extremely turned on and wanted to take that step almost as badly as they wanted her to take it. Finally, when she noticed one of the most important executives scrutinizing her, Di could resist no longer. "Heck," she thought, "I've got to show off so it might as well be him."

With that she turned so he could get a full view and took a long slow step toward a waiter with a drink tray. The executive stared in disbelief as black nylon stockings and white thighs were suddenly revealed.

"I can't believe it" he thought, "she has the tiniest panties on, if she has any on at all".

Of course, what he was seeing was the small "butterfly" clinging to her clitoris.

He immediately arose and followed her to engage her in conversation, a boner growing in his pants.

Nick had been keeping an eye on Di from afar, while he was schmoozing among the other guests.

"I'll help Di keep from getting bored with that old fart", he thought.

After the pair had conversed for a few minutes, Nick turned the vibrator on low. Di's air of boredom started to fade. The pair continued to talk as Di took on an aura of sensuality. "Jesus Christ", thought the man "I think she wants me."

The vibrations in Di's pussy and on her clit were delightful. The excitement of having flashed the man she was talking to made her juices start flowing.

Seeing the effect he was having, Nick turned the vibrator up.

The sexual tension in Di rose with the increasing tempo of the butterfly. Her eyelids drooped making her eyes assume a sexy "bedroom eyes" look. The man's hard-on grew to where it was becoming obvious to Di. This, too, increased her excitement.

"Good god, she's sexy," thought the man, whose name was Walt. "If Nick is promoted he'll be bringing her to the social gatherings we executives have. She'll be able to see me and get turned on like she is now".

By now Di was desperate for an orgasm. She needed one more thing besides the vibrations on and in her pussy.

Walt stepped very close to Di and bent over her as if to tell her something confidential. Nick, watching, figured the man was going to say something that would further turn Di on. He turned the dial up to high.

"You want me don't you?" Walt whispered in her ear.

What she wanted was release. She grasped Walt's cock through his pants, as vibrations from the apparatus became vibrations throughout her whole body, including the hand grasping him. They both began to orgasm, Di's pussy clenching and unclenching the dildo as the butterfly sent unbearable sensations through her clitoris. Walt's cock started spasming in her hand as cum began spurting down inside his pants leg. To a casual observer watching them, it appeared that they were laughing, with their heads together, over some joke Walt had whispered in Di's ear.

In her lust, she clutched Walt's cock in a vice-like grip trapping the last half of his load.. Its pulsations went back through her body intensifying her orgasm. Walt was grunting and moaning under his breath trying not to be heard by surrounding guests. His hand was surreptitiously caressing Di's behind. It was incredibly smooth under the silky nylon slip dress.

"Oh god, Walt, you're making me cum just rubbing my ass" she lied in his ear. "Please don't stop."

With that she released the pressure on his cock and the rest of his cum spurted forth giving him another orgasm.

It was really the vibrator doing it's work, but still, the sensation on her behind made it all the better. The dildo was vibrating against Di's "G" spot and the butterfly was pulsating intensely against her clit. Her pussy was so engorged that her labia had almost swallowed the apparatus. Di had to bite down on the edge of her hand to keep from passionately screaming.

Nick could see that Di was nearly passing out in her passion and he stopped the vibrations. She released Walt's prick, which was starting to soften and it dangled in the wetness on the inside of his pants.

Walt's wife, Betty, approached the couple, having observed the incident from across the room.

"My, my. You two seem to be enjoying a good joke," she said.

"Ah, yes, my dear. Di here, has had me in stitches" he said. "As a matter of fact, I laughed so hard I seem to have wet my pants a little. Excuse me, dear, while I step into the bathroom."

When Walt was gone, his wife turned to Di.

"You sexy little bitch, I know what you two were really up to" she said.

Startled, Di started to protest.

"It's perfectly all right. We met at Jo's party. You went down on so many women that night, you don't even remember doing me, do you?"

"I, ah, I don't, ah" Di stammered.

"It's all right. You can make amends by joining me soon for tea. This time I want to eat you out".

Nick, thinking Di was in a boring conversation with this attractive matron, turned the vibrations back on. They started just as Di's imagination was picturing Walt's wife's head between her wide spread legs, tongue eagerly lapping and probing her pussy.

"Oh my, yes. I would love to do tea with you while you do me" gasped Di, while the vibrations and thoughts started sending her over the edge again.

"You are so sexy," Betty said, thinking the sudden appearance of lust in Di's eyes was due to her suggestive advances. "I can't wait to get you in my clutches. I'm wetting my pants thinking about it."

Later that night, on the way home, Betty told Walt, "You know that Nick seems like a real hard charger and his wife is so charming. I think you should seriously consider him for promotion."

"Why, how insightful of you, my dear. I was having exactly the same thoughts" he replied.

Meanwhile, back in the parking lot, Nick was standing between Di's legs as she lay back on the front seat of their car, legs dangling out the open door.

"Oh fuck me Nicky. I can't wait to get home; you got me so hot tonight. Those two both want to fuck me, Nick. You'll let them won't you, Honey?"

"Of course, but since they are going to promote me you may have to fuck them more than once."

"Oh, goody."

The thought made Nick plunge his cock into Di with redoubled effort, the wetness of her pussy starting to join his sperm, dripping down on his lowered trousers.

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