tagMatureNicki's First Affair

Nicki's First Affair


This is the story of a mature wife cheating for the first-time with a much younger man. If you don't like those kinds of stories, then you won't like this one. For everyone else, please enjoy.

It wasn't planned. I wasn't looking for another man. It just happened. I should never have even let it started.

My name is Nicki. I am a forty-one year old wife and mother of two. Like most working women with children, it seems as though I never have enough time to complete my housework, or enough time for my kids, or enough time for my husband. I certainly never have enough time for myself. Much of the time, going to work was a way to occupy my mind and forget about everything that needed my attention at home.

I have tried to keep myself in shape the best that I can. I don't work out, but I have kept my weight at around 130 lbs. on my 5'6" frame. I like to dress well at work, and show off (as much as allowed) my C-cup tits. It wasn't like I was out trying to pick up men. Dressing nice and somewhat sexy just always made me feel young and feel good about myself.

Six months ago our company hired, for the department I work in, a kid fresh out of college. This kid, named John, was twenty-two years old, well over six foot tall, with sandy-brown hair, and a constant smile on his handsome, yet boyish face. It seemed like it was almost immediately that John began to come to me, exclusively, when he had questions. Because of that, we spent more and more time together at the office.

Pretty quickly we developed a routine of eating lunch together a couple of days a week in our company's commissary, and John joined the rest of us when we went for lunch as a team. At our team lunches, John nearly always sat by me. It seemed as though he had attached himself to me, and I can't say I didn't mind the attention. Our private lunch conversations started out as strictly business, but eventually turned to everything but business. It seemed like John had a girlfriend of the week club going on. At our lunches, I was getting regular updates of his youthful escapades with all of these girls. He kept his descriptions clean, but just the same my mind was constantly being inundated with thoughts of John having sex.

Last week my husband, Tom, and I made plans to spend the weekend at a local hotel. The plan was for my mother to pick the kids up from school and take them to her home on Friday. Instead of me driving to work, Tom was going to take me to work and then pick me up at noon, so we could head straight to the hotel. I wanted to make the first night special, so I went out and bought me a pair of satin panties. I thought that Tom would love to discover those on me. The Thursday before we left, I ate lunch alone with John. Once again, he had some new girl that he was planning on meeting. John told me how hot she was and that it seemed like he might get lucky on their first date.

With all my thoughts of expected sex with Tom over the weekend, and all my thoughts of John banging his new girlfriend on their first date, I had a hard time concentrating on work the rest of the afternoon. Later Thursday night when Tom and I went to bed I was surprised by Tom wanting to make love. We have been married since we were eighteen, so at this point weeknight sex was reduced to a few nights per month. Most of our sex was on the weekends.

This time, as Tom and I made love, something was different. John's boasting of sex along with our increasing familiarity with each other brought him into my marital bed. Not literally, of course. However, while I was on my back, with my husband working his penis in and out of me, I envisioned John's body on top of mine. In my mind, it was John's naked body lying atop mine. Tom's lips became John's lips, and of course my husband's cock was now the cock of my young lover. I placed my hands on my husband's ass and wondered what it would feel like if it was John instead. My excitement was heightened to a point that I felt like I might cum. I never orgasm in the missionary position, but this time felt different. Tom must have noticed the difference too because he was meeting each of my thrusts with a passionate vigor of his own. Within minutes we climaxed together in a mass of quivering flesh. Before we fell asleep, I laid there blissfully wondering what the weekend would bring me.

By Friday morning I managed to get the visions of John out of my head. In the shower, I shaved my legs and prepared to trim my bush for a weekend of lovemaking with my husband. I stood there momentarily trying to think of some way to make it special for him. Suddenly, I thought of simply taking it all off. I never had shaved everything off, but decided it would be an even better surprise for Tom after removing my new satin panties.

It was casual Friday at work. I arrived there wearing a summer dress over nothing else but my satin panties. The feel of the satin on my newly uncovered skin, along with the thoughts of the upcoming evening, was making me wet already. When I got off the elevator and walked onto my floor I saw John standing there. As soon as our eyes met my head began spinning. Images of my imagined encounter with John the night before flashed repeatedly in my brain. John greeted me with, "Are you ok, Nicki? You look flushed." I quickly blew him off with something about the summer heat and hurried off to my cubicle.

Tom was supposed to pick me up at noon, but about 10am he called me and informed me that he would not be able to leave the office as early as he thought, and that it would be more like 3pm before he came to pick me up. I was disappointed, of course, but told him that would be fine. At around 12:30 John came by my desk and noticed I was still there. I had told him I was leaving at noon for the weekend, so he was curious about what happened. I explained the situation to him and was met with a surprising response. "I was wanting to cut out early too. Why don't I give you a ride home, so you don't have to hang around here all day?" John asked.

"That might be ok...I don't know...maybe." I stammered in reply. "Let me text Tom and I will come let you know in a few minutes." John went back to his cubicle and I sent Tom a text asking him if he minded me catching a ride to the house early, so Tom could meet me there. Of course, he didn't mind, but I began to wonder if I should have mentioned that my ride was with John and not one of the women. I decided just to let well enough alone and went and informed John that we could leave.

"Awesome! My apartment is on the way. Do you mind if we stop there for a few minutes for me to grab a change of clothes?" John asked just a little too enthusiastically. I didn't see any harm in it, so I grabbed my things and we left.

John only lived a few minutes from work. We pulled into the parking lot and John invited me up to see his place. Again, I didn't see any harm in seeing where he lived, so we went in together. Once inside, John excused the mess like a normal young red-blooded single guy would. He then said he would be back in a second and disappeared down the short hallway. It wasn't long before he reappeared with a duffel bag. John then asked, "Have you ever been in this apartment complex?"

"No." I responded.

"Would you like to look around?" John asked. "They have a pretty cool layout here."

"Oh, ok. Why not." I said. Clearly that was a bad idea. A married woman being led around alone in the apartment of a single guy often leads to...well you know. But again, my head wasn't in its normal place. Last night I had imagined an affair with the young stud I was now alone with. This morning I shaved my pussy completely bare for the first time ever. And to top it off, the new satin panties I was wearing had my pussy feeling like it needed a dick in it all day long.

John showed me the small kitchen and the small bathroom. He then showed me his spare bedroom before leading me around the corner to his bedroom. This was really not such a special layout. He extended his hand in a gesture pointing towards his room as we reached the door, inviting me to enter first. I don't know what happened to me at that point. I wasn't thinking about sex. However, when I saw his bed, I immediately walked over to it, turned around, and jumped backwards onto it. Naively, I lay there on my back in my black summer dress and asked John, "So, tell me how many girls you have invited in to see your bedroom, John?"

John didn't respond except for to immediately jump into bed next to me. He looked straight into my soul through my eyes, ran his fingers gently across my forehead and through my hair, and then began to kiss me. On instinct I returned his kiss. It was deep, it was wet, it was hot, and my head was spinning with lust. I wondered why I felt John's hand moving between us, but not really touching me.

As we continued to kiss, John took my hand in his and pulled it towards his lower body. Suddenly, I felt something smooth and warm in my palm. I gasped when I realized John had removed his cock from his pants and placed my hand on it. That brought me back to my senses. I wanted to jump up and run out of the room, but something kept me there. I realized my hand wasn't just on his cock, but I was now moving my hand up and down the warm shaft. The skin was soft and smooth, but the underlying muscle was strong and firm. I told myself that there was no harm in a little petting, since we weren't really having sex. At least, we weren't having intercourse. I told myself that I started this by jumping in John's bed, so the least I could do was help him cum, and then I could leave.

I was starting to feel comfortable with the situation when I felt John's hand on me once again. This time it was on my knee and moving up my thigh underneath my dress. My pussy was on fire at that point and begging to be touched. Without any resistance from me, John easily moved his hand under the leg opening in my new panties and onto my freshly shaven pussy. When I felt John's hand on my hairless skin I realized that another man was touching the bare flesh that I had so carefully prepared for my husband. I was too far gone to stop it. Our tongues were dancing in each other's mouth, and I was working my hand up and down John's cock, as his finger slipped carefully inside my soaking wet vagina and came in contact with my clit.

The effects of John's finger inside me eventually washed away the depravity of the fact that my husband, Tom, was previously the only man to touch my most private area. Instead, I began to feel that I was another one of John's twenty-something year-old single women. My hand on John's cock was starting to ache from the repetitive motion of trying to making him cum. My mind drifted to the young woman that John was meeting later. What would she think about me milking his cum out before her date? John's fingers brought me near orgasm, but I couldn't find my release. My hand was still aching and also needed to be relieved.

Out of my mind in lust, I removed my tongue from John's mouth, moved down his body. John's hard cock came into view. It had been months, maybe even over a year, since I had given a blow job to Tom. However, right then at that moment, I needed a cock in my mouth more than I ever had. My hand released its grip on his throbbing member and was immediately replaced by my wet lips sliding over the bulbous head. John groaned. His cock was large and very, very hard. While slowly working him into my throat, I felt John's hand tugging on my panties. Unconsciously, I shifted so he could easily remove them.

The satiny material sliding down my legs, along with the cold air rushing over my shaved pussy, once again brought me back to the realization of where I was. Holy shit...I was giving a blowjob to another man! Once again I rationalized the situation. I would bring John to the brink and then finish him with my hand. It would still just be harmless petting at that point, right? John's hand one again began its work on my sopping hole. This time, it was I who groaned. The vibrations on John's cock from my moans must have pleased him because he began gently thrusting himself forward. John's lower body was meeting my bobbing head with his own rocking motion.

My mind returned to John's scheduled date. I wanted to ruin it for her by forcing John's balls to release their seed to me instead. John groaned, and his cock stiffened further, and even seemed to swell. I became aware of John's free hand working his fingers through the hair on the top of my head. Suddenly he cried out and I felt a burning liquid hit the back of my throat. John was cumming. He was cumming in my mouth! I tried to pull off of him, but his hand on the back of my head held me gently, yet firmly in place. Another pulse from his cock sent another wave of sperm down my throat and into my belly. I realized that I was going to have to swallow his entire load, and eagerly relented. I wanted to show all of John's little sluts how good I was at sucking him dry. I sucked and sucked, and stroked John's hairy balls until every last drop was either in my mouth or already filling my belly. When John finished, he released his hand from my head. I slowly pulled my mouth up his cock, while carefully milking every last bit of sperm from it. I became aware of the sweet and salty taste as I swallowed his remaining nectar.

I pulled myself off his deflating cock and lay back on the bed savoring the taste of John's deposit. A few minutes went by as we both caught our breath. I wasn't aware of what John was doing until I felt something between my thighs. It was John's face. Before I could say anything, I felt his tongue buried in my pussy. This was farther than I wanted to go, but it was too late. He was already there, and the sensation of his lips and tongue on my hairless pussy was too incredible to resist. It was my turn to be the aggressor. I placed both my hands on the back of John's head, which let him know that I too was demanding oral relief. John didn't try and pull away. In fact, his tongue seeming became impaled deeper. My mind briefly drifted off to wondering how many pussies John had eaten, and wondered also if he was hoping to perform on his date later. John was getting close. I was almost there. I began bucking my hips up and down to increase the friction on my clit. His tongue was performing magnificently and about to take me over the edge. I nearly blacked out when it finally happened. My body began shivering, then trembling, then all out shaking as I finally achieved an orgasm. I honestly couldn't tell you how long it lasted, but it felt like hours.

When it was over, I was on my back in John's bed. My dress was still on, but pulled up to my breasts, and my legs were spread. It was a moment of pure bliss as my bodily shaking was now reduced to occasional ripples. Once again I felt a rush of cold air as John pulled his face out from between my thighs. He was away from me for only seconds, but I already missed the warmth of his tongue. My mind began to recover from its almost unconscious state of orgasm, and I started to open my eyes. I looked up to see John kneeling over me. He smiled at me and I smiled back in return. Suddenly the cold wetness between my legs was replaced by warm flesh. For a second, I thought John was fingering me again until I realized both his hands were on my spread knees. Suddenly, I became aware of a fullness that I had never quite felt before. Oh Shit! John's was inside me. His cock had returned to life and it was now buried in me!

"I can't...I mean I...I mean we shouldn't." I whispered at John. He seemed to relent as I felt his cock slide out, but then his pushed it right back in. John was now slowly fucking me. He was so strong and so hard. I pushed my hands up under his shirt and felt his muscular frame. There was no way I could stop now. I wanted this young stud to take me, and I wanted to show him how a real woman makes love. I removed my hands from John long enough to pull my dress up over my head and toss it onto his floor. Then, while John continued to rock in and out of me, I unbuttoned his shirt and removed it from his solid torso. We were now completely naked except for his pants around his ankles, and there was no way I was going to let him pull out of me to take those off.

John leaned forward and began to suck on my tits as he continued his slow motion fuck. He would carefully pull back until only the tip of his cock was inside me, and then he would push himself forward until the tip of his cock was planted firmly against my cervix. The feeling of his cock against my cervix was a new experience for me. Each time contact was made a chill ran up through my spine. "You have to pull out, John." I managed to murmur. "I don't want a baby, and I would love to suck some more of that sweet stuff from you."

"You feel so good, Nicki. I...I don't know if I can." John flatly replied.

"I want you to finish inside me too, baby. But I can't. Just make love to me as long as you can, and then let me do the rest." I insisted.

John didn't respond, so I assumed his lack of response was acquiescence to my plea. John began to pull on me sideways. He somehow managed to roll both of us over with his cock still half inside me. I was now on top. I slowly allowed my body to sink down onto his hard shaft. In this position he was even deeper inside me, and was now pushing hard against my cervix. I ran my hands across his chest and began to slide back and forth. I began to mutter like a bitch in heat. "Oh shit, John. What the fuck are you doing to me? You're so fucking strong and feel so fucking hard inside me." I couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth. I began rocking harder. It took no more than a minute in that position to achieve orgasm again. My body was shaking uncontrollably and my pussy was spasming around John's large and fully imbedded cock. When it was over, I collapsed like a mass of gelatin over John's body.

I was exhausted, but we weren't done yet. Once again John rolled us over in unison, so we were back in the missionary position. Again, John began his slow lovemaking. His strong arms held me tight while he kissed me passionately and forced his lovemaking tool in and out of me. In turn, I wrapped my legs around his thighs and ran my hands all over the smooth skin on his back. Our bodies moved in unison in a compact sweaty ball of sex. I ached to receive another load of semen from my young lover. I wanted nothing more than to completely use him up, just as he was doing to me. John's rhythmic thrusting began to increase in both strength and speed. I knew he wanted to cum again, just as I too wanted him to cum again. I knew I had to be careful or my youthful lover would surely inseminate me. My body began to respond to John's increased pace. I was forcing my aching pussy as hard against him as I could. Oh shit, it was happening again! My body was overcoming the exhaustion from my previous orgasms and was now well on its way to another. The sound of lovemaking that echoed in the room was disrupted by the sounds of my own voice as I fell into another orgasm. "Oh no...shit no...oh fuck, John...OHHHHHHHH!"

I swear I must have blacked out again like I did with the first orgasm. When I became aware of where I was, I noticed John was still on top of me, but no longer moving. My pulsating vagina suddenly felt empty. It had forced John's cock out. That was followed by a gush of warm liquid down the crack of my ass. I knew what had happened. John had cum inside me! I whispered in John's ear, "Oh baby, tell me you didn't do it inside me."

"I'm sorry, Nicki. You were holding me so tight against you, I couldn't pull out." John replied.

I had almost completely forgotten about my husband during my illicit entertainment, but now he was foremost in my mind. What would Tom think if he saw me lying naked on another man's bed, with that other man nibbling at my neck while on top of me? What would Tom think if he saw the other man's sperm seeping from my body down into a pool on the sheets? Then I realized how much time had passed and panicked. I shoved John off of me, leapt out of bed, and began gathering my clothes. I ordered him to do the same so he could hurry and drive me home.

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