tagFirst TimeNicki's Journey Ch. 01

Nicki's Journey Ch. 01


I'd been working in the pub since I was just seventeen, collecting glasses at first. I was now eighteen and at Uni, but had taken a job there again for the summer.

I had got to know some of the customers quite well, by name and of course what they drank. One in particular had caught my eye. John was maybe thirty something, tall and a bit distinguished but with a ready smile and very self confident. We would often chat briefly if I wasn't busy, and he would catch my shoulder, discretely, as I walked past him. This never failed to produce a little tingle of excitement. Then one lunchtime when I was going on break we had a little more of a chat.

"When's your day off?"


"Fancy lunch?"

"Sounds good to me"

"I'll pick you up at eleven"


And that was it. I was going to have lunch with John. A man at least ten years my senior, about whom I knew virtually nothing. What on earth would we be able to talk about? Would he find me boring? All a bit scary.

Next morning I was even more apprehensive. I spent a good hour deciding what to wear, eventually settling for something discrete, hopefully a little sophisticated. A plain white blouse, open just enough to show a little cleavage, and a knee length red skirt. I left my hair loose, the blonde tresses hanging over my shoulders, and just enough makeup to highlight my features. Just before eleven I made my way downstairs and out into the street.

Blinking in the bright morning sun, I spotted John standing on the pavement just a few yards away. He waved as I walked toward him, smiling. He was standing beside a beautiful, silver coloured, open car. An Aston Martin. As I approached he spread his arms in welcome, then kissed me on my cheek.

"I'm so pleased you made it, and on time!"

"I've been looking forward to it"

He opened the door for me to get in, closing it as the leather seat wrapped around me. The engine started with a distinct roar, and we were off.

"I know just the place, only a few miles away. Hold on tight."

He was grinning, obviously enjoying himself.

Soon we were well into the countryside, John sweeping the car enthusiastically through the curves and bends. Not only did he own a very fast car, he knew how to drive it. We pulled up a long drive to the door of what was clearly a very exclusive club. John passed the keys to the doorman, to be parked with small group of Bentleys and Porches.

"Your table is ready Sir"

We were ushered to a small table, the silver cutlery glistening in the sun. We had a beautiful view, looking out over manicured lawns interspersed with woodland to a lake in the middle distance. To say I was impressed would something of an understatement.

The meal was delicious, a seafood platter - salmon pate, fresh lobster, oysters - which we shared, together with a fresh and delicate white wine. There's something very intimate about sharing a meal. Conversation was easy, which surprised me, initially about each other. It seems he had been married but it hadn't worked out so now he was single and enjoying every moment. I told him about my gymnastic training, and my later swimming achievements.

Gradually we moved onto more personal matters. He asked me if I was in a relationship and I explained that through my school days although some of the boys were attractive they were exactly that. Boys. Even at Uni the first year students were immature, and by the second and third years they were either in steady relationships or more interested in beer and football than intelligent conversation. Either way they did not attract me.

By now, however, John was attracting me and it wasn't just his fluent conversation and occasional banter. So when he reached across the table to gently squeeze my hand I responded positively. John was caressing my arm, his fingertips just touching me. He lifted my wrist and, looking me straight in the eye, kissed my wrist.

"Let's go somewhere a little less public" he said, signalling the Maitre d' for the bill. By the time we got to the door the car was waiting for us, engine running.

John's driving was less exuberant now, and frequently he rested his hand on my knee. I looked at him and smiled, and was rewarded with a warm smile from him. After a few miles we pulled up alongside a lovely pub overlooking the sea. As we parked two of the staff greeted him and he waved back.

"Your local?"

"Actually, I own it." he replied, grinning.

We walked up a short flight of steps and through a tall gate onto a large balcony. As the gate closed John took me in his arms and we kissed. Tentatively at first, then warmer and more passionate. I could get to enjoy this afternoon.

"Wait here Nicki, I'll not be long." He unlocked the large patio doors and disappeared into the house.

I leant on the rail and took in the scene. The house looked over the roofs of a couple of other properties and out to sea. I could see a few yachts sailing past, and in the distance a ship. Set in woodland the house enjoyed total privacy, not overlooked from any direction. Even out on the balcony you could do whatever you felt like without fear of onlookers.

John came back. He had changed: gone were the smart, if casual, trousers and open shirt, now he was wearing a silk robe tied at the waist. He looked gorgeous with his well sculpted calves, square shoulders, just a hint of hair on his chest. He was carrying two glasses of red wine, one of which he passed to me.

"Cheers Nicki. Here's to our afternoon together."

We clinked glasses and drank our toast. I was still leaning on the rail, looking out to sea. John moved behind me, now holding me close.

"It's a lovely spot" said, quietly. "I sometimes have breakfast here, watching the sunrise."

His warm, calm, deep voice was as intoxicating as the wine. I let my head fall back onto his shoulder as he gently kissed my neck.

"I want you Nicki"

"And I want you"

All that was said, and all that needed to be said. He swung me around and we kissed, passionately. His hand slipped under my shirt as he massaged my back, deftly unfastening my bra. He leant down and kissed my breasts, first one then the other.

He led me inside and up a few steps. It wasn't a bedroom as you might expect, it was more of a platform with just a huge bed and a few small tables. The bed was set with subtly coloured sheets, silk of course, and with cushions scattered over it. We kissed again as he gently, and very skilfully, undressed me.

He slipped my thong off my hips and let it slip to the floor. As I stepped out of it his hands gently caressed my thigh, slipping up one leg then the other. He just touched my pussy, hinting of what was to come.

Now totally naked he held my shoulders at arms length and looked me up and down. No-one had seen me naked before, at least not since I was a kid.

"Your breasts are lovely. Lift them up for me" I was proud of my breasts. The size of oranges, firm with pronounced dark nipples.

"Please turn around, I want to see all of you"

I did as I was bid.

"You really are gorgeous, Nicki, even lovelier than I hoped"

"I've admired you from the first time I saw you. Fanaticised about you, if you like."

His hand was gently caressing the back of my thigh, his hand slipping between my arse cheeks. He turned me to face him again and we kissed.

"There's something I need to tell you John"

"What's that?" He asked, sounding a little concerned.

"I'm still a virgin"

"Wonderful" was all he said, kissing me again.

He dropped his face to my breasts, suckling them and flicking my nipple with his tongue, one side then the other. His hand had slipped between my legs, caressing my inner thigh gently. He barely touched my lips as his hand moved from one leg the other, just enough to make me want more. Next time he paused, his finger touching then pressing against me, moving either side of my opening before separating my lips and slipping between them to find my clit, rubbing it firmly. At last. We kissed and he pressed against me before letting me sink onto the bed.

As he stood before me he let his wrap fall from his shoulders. Broad shoulders, slim hips, strong thighs and a trace of hair from his chest to where it blossomed out to form the dark bush surrounding his balls and his shaft. Although it was only partly erect his penis hung clear of his body, the head glistening with pre-cum.

As any self respecting girl would do I gently cradled his balls in one hand, wrapped the other around his shaft and lifted the head to my lips. Although I had never gone all the way I had given plenty of blow and hand jobs - it was often a very good way of releasing the tension when a boy got too enthusiastic.

I looked up at John's face. His eyes were closed and he had a delicious grin on his face. Clearly enjoying my attention and soon I was rewarded by John's shaft growing to it's magnificent full size. I wanted to continue to work him but he drew me away.

"Not yet darling. I want to come inside you. Are you ready yet?"

What a silly question. I'd been ready since we'd first arrived. I'm surprised he hadn't noticed the string of little damp spots I'd left on the floor as we crossed the room. I replied by dropping onto my back and spreading my legs. He grinned and dropped down on top of me. We kissed again as he worked the head of his shaft up and down my slit, seeking my opening.

Slipping gently into me he paused.

"I'll be as gentle as I can darling, but it may hurt a little"

"I'm ready"

He gave one firm thrust and I felt my resistance break. It did hurt, quite a lot actually, but the pain soon started to subside and I felt myself begin to relax again. He eased himself further into me until our bodies were totally engaged. He lifted himself onto his elbows and started to fuck me, slowly at first. He raised my legs till my ankles were resting on his shoulders, my body completely exposed to him, his shaft filling me completely. It felt great, even better as his thrusts became firmer, harder, almost aggressive. Of their own volition my hips began to move, matching his thrusts.

Suddenly I exploded. Wave after wave of almost electric energy flooded through me, my arms and legs twitching. I opened my eyes to see John's face, screwed up in ecstasy. I felt his body tense up as with one enormous thrust he discharged his man juice into me.

Finally we both relaxed, catching our breath, me lying on his shoulder. He drew me to him, hugging me.

"That was wonderful Nicki. Absolutely wonderful."

He slipped a hand between my legs, then drew it up for me to see. There, sure enough, was the mixture of our love juices blended with the red of my virginity blood.

"It most certainly was" I replied.

The rest of the night we spent dozing and loving. He took me in all sorts of ways, from behind, me on top, side by side. I had no idea there were so many different ways a girl could take her pleasure with a man. I have no idea how many times I came. He knew exactly where and how to touch and caress me, to pleasure me. I even let him take my arse - it was painful at first and quite uncomfortable but as he played with my breasts and clit he brought me to yet another climax. This hit me just as he released into my darkest passage, filling me yet again with his man cream.

We showered, carefully drying each other with huge, soft, warm, white towels. Then we climbed back into bed and fell asleep in each other's arms. The perfect sleep that goes with the warm afterglow of wonderful sex.

"Ah, you're awake. Let's have breakfast on the balcony"

"Great. I'll just get dressed"

"No need, it's a lovely warm morning"

The table was already laid, sparkling white linen and silver cutlery. John was at the outdoor stove, with his back to me. I paused to admire his lovely arse, powerful dimpled buttocks with his bollocks hanging down between. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Breakfast was wonderful, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast, with Bucks Fizz. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

"Spend some time in the sun. There are plenty of books and mags around, and the papers have arrived. I'll sun screen you if you like."

I did like.

Relaxing in the sun, my thoughts drifted to what had happened. Now free from the fears for my virginity I could enjoy my status as a woman. I could chose who I wanted as lovers, fuck them, enjoy them. Long term relationships would come, of course, but in the mean time I wanted to make the most of my new found freedom.

" Hi Nicki, I've something to show you"

I wandered into the house and was passed a glass of Champagne. We sat down together on the large leather settee, my head resting in John's shoulder. The massive screen flashed up.

"That's me!"

The sequence opened with me, naked, posing. It then progressed to me giving John his blow job, and clearly was going a lot further.

"What the hell is this all about?" Understandably, perhaps, I was a little angry.

"Don't worry, this is entirely between you and me. Just relax, I think you'll enjoy it"

I did enjoy it. Seeing myself being fucked, watching the expressions on my face, hearing my gasps, groans and occasional shrieks. The moment when my resistance finally broke - we played that through several times - the moment when he came in me. It was all very, very erotic.

"It's at the rush stage at the moment, it needs a little more editing. But I thought you would like a permanent memento of your first time"

"Thank you"

I kissed him, my hand slipping down to take his shaft. He was already half erect - clearly he had enjoyed the show as much as I had. Our kiss was long and passionate, but more relaxed and intimate than the previous day. When we broke he dropped between my legs, licking my already wet pussy lips then suckling on my clit. I was in Heaven.

I rolled from under him, then moved down to kiss then suck his head and shaft. He was kneading my breasts, suckling my nipples as I swung my leg over him, straddling his hips. Slowly I lowered my body , my arse coming to rest on my ankles as I impaled myself on that wonderful weapon. I fucked him slowly at first, then more enthusiastically, revelling in the fact that I could control the pace of our loving. I twisted my hips, exploring my body with his penis. He lay still at first, then raised one hand to tweak my nipples while with the other he pressed and rubbed my clit.

I could feel my climax building as I looked down at him, his face in the now familiar contortion of his own rapidly approaching climax. That was all that was needed to take me over the top, my body convulsing as wave after wave of energy swept through me. He came at the same time, pumping his man cream into me in red hot pulses. Slowly we relaxed, me dropping to rest on his chest, his manhood still filling me as it gradually subsided, my own body still twitching, milking the last of his precious juice from him. We kissed, as lovers.

After several minutes John sat up and passed me my wine.

"How did you manage to film that? There aren't any cameras"

"There are cameras all around, discretely hidden of course. You can help me edit some of the footage if you like"

Editing footage of myself fucking and being fucked. Now that's what I call different.

"Let's go for it"

We walked across to a large desk with a dozen small screens behind it. As John set the system going each screen filled with images of us, filmed from different angles. He showed me how to pan in and out to get the best shots, then to splice them together to form the sequence. Finally we added sound, every moan groan and gasp. The finished result was very erotic but at the same time artistic.

"What happens to the film now?" I asked.

"That depends on you" he replied "But let me first explain my other little business."

"I run a very exclusive internet club. We have members all around the world who share an interest in top quality erotica, just like the film we have just made. They pay a monthly subscription, which covers the running of the site, and a fee for each film they choose to watch.

"Unlike a porn site they can follow each star as their career develops, and there are individual biographies so that they feel they are getting to know the people they are fanaticising over. The stars - our troupe as I like to call them - share the film fee. Given the size of our membership and the number of times our members log on the fees can be substantial.

"The question is, would you like to join our troupe?"

"What's involved?"

"Every few weeks a few of us get together for a shoot. This could be anywhere, but we normally try to use locations where there will be plenty of warm sunshine. The last one was in the Caribbean, for example. It's fully expensed, of course

"When we arrive and get settled in the filming begins. There are few set piece sequences but we always try to make our films as informal and natural as possible. So people just have fun, chill and enjoy themselves and each other. When they feel like it two or more will fuck each other, and of course this will be filmed. Sequences include girl boy action, of course, but can equally include girl girl, boy boy and all permutations of group.

"I've never been with another woman. I might not know what to do."

"I'll introduce you to Jackie. She's bi, but particularly partial to pretty young girls. She'll teach you all you need to know.

"It's all very relaxed on location, and normally the cast rapidly make friends with each other. There's something about random fucking that brings people together. Jealousy doesn't work when everyone is fucking everyone else.


"I most certainly am, how do I join?"

"The only formality is to open you a PayPall account. Your royalties - the film fees - will be paid directly into that. We already have enough footage from what we took yesterday and just now to put together two or three sequences, which I can upload in the next day or so, and we are off.

"You'll need to decide whether you want to include the sequence of you giving me your virginity. You may think that is a private moment between us, but it would make for a real first for the site and probably be very, very lucrative."

"I'll think about it, but I think I'll probably go for it. In the mean time all this talk of random sex has made me horny again. Let's make some more footage."

And we did.

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unreal in fact but a fun read,,,,,,taks imagination yet erotic hard on material

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Fantastic story! I love erotica from a lady's perspective. I can't wait to see more!

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not bad

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Great story

This story had me so excited. I couldn't put it down. I'll wait with anticipation for more chapters.

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