tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicki's Second Time

Nicki's Second Time


As Nicki lay on the bed in the after Jimbo had left she wondered what else had been planned for the evening? She didn't have long to wait. Amy stood up from where she had been laying on the bed watching the earlier activity. She looked at Nicki and said in a harsh voice:

"Slut, get up, you need to redo your make up, you've a lot more to enjoy tonight and you had better not let me down."

Nicki got up from the bed and went into the bathroom opposite. She noticed that there were still people watching from across the courtyard. Amy looked up and noticed this as well.

"Hmm Slut, looks like you have a fan club, smile and wave to your fans"

Nicki smiled across the courtyard and waved shyly at the people in all the flats opposite. She liked the fact that everyone had watch her performance earlier, it made her feel horny and her cock stirred at the thought of that.

"Now, hurry up and forget them, you've got new customers to satisfy back in town"

Nicki jumped, she had been enjoying the fact that nothing was happening and had been thinking about what had just occurred. She scurried into bathroom and Amy followed her. After Amy had fixed her make up. She said to Nicki

"One more thing, then we can go" Amy bent down and retrieved from her bag a leather collar with the word "SLUT" stamped on it in chrome lettering. "Come over here by the window, slut"

Nicki meekly walked to the window where there were still people watching from their own windows.


Nicki complied and knelt in front of Amy who quickly put the collar round Nicki's neck and then snapped a leash onto the collar.

"That's better, I am going to need this to really show everyone your status now lick my boots so that everyone can see you are my slave"

Nicki bent down and started to lick Amy's boots. She stood over her and spoke to her softly while he did this. "Everyone is watching you Nicki. They can see what a submissive slut you are. What they and you don't know is what you'll be doing later. I can promise you that this is easy compared to what's coming for you. Your limits are going to be stretched and you are going to be everyone's plaything. I hope you are feeling strong bitch because you will need all your strength to cope with tonight's proceedings."

Nicki's 'clit' grew in her panties while Nicki spoke to her. Although what she said was scaring her immensely it was also turning her on. Amy knew exactly what to say to her to get her excited. Nicki also felt more confident now, after all, she had dealt with Jimbo so she was sure she could handle that again

"And don't imagine" Amy continued, "that just because you've sucked a couple of cocks, you are somehow ready for this. You are a filthy minded fantasist but you have no real experience of what its like to be fucked, at least not yet anyway!"

On saying this, Amy yanked the leash which was attached to Nicki's collar and pulled her to her feet. She looked into Nicki's eyes and saw the sudden fear.

"Yes, you would be best to be frightened, you know you are going to get it don't you?"

Nicki didn't know what to say now. She merely followed Amy out of the flat; she didn't have much choice as Amy dragged her along behind her. Nicki struggled in her high heels to stay close to Amy. Amy was walking quite fast and Nicki had to take small quick steps to keep up and prevent herself from falling over. They reached the car without meeting anyone. It was dark now and the cold night air once again reminded Nicki of how little she was wearing and how exposed she was. Amy was clearly keen for them to get back to Manchester City Centre and the journey passed without incident. Amy had tied Nicki's leash to the door handle though, just to emphasise who was in control.

When they parked, Amy got out, untied Nicki and set off down Canal St almost dragging Nicki behind her. Nicki was becoming more fearful about what was going to happen.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"Shut up bitch. Just walk" Amy almost shouted back to her. They were walking up from Canal St to a club which Nicki knew to be a hang out for cross dressers, TVs and their admirers. As they got to the door, the bouncers nodded to Amy and looked hard and Nicki. When they saw the leash, they smiled and one of them, a big black guy mouthed "Hot" to Nicki as she passed. Nicki's eyes adjusted to the darkness inside the club and she saw that it was quite full. Amy took her up to the bar and ordered drinks for herself and "my cumslut."

The bar staff who were either TVs, TGs or cross dressers themselves hardly noticed merely smiling at them both. They each took their drinks over to some seats, Amy sat down and Nicki attempted to sit down next to her.

"What are you doing?" Amy demanded. "Slaves go on the floor, now kneel at my feet"

Nicki was hugely embarrassed, everyone would have heard that and they looked round as Nicki submissively sat at Amy's feet. She sat there miserably as Amy flirted with the guy next to her. As usual, Amy was the centre of attention and she enjoyed the fact that Nicki got really jealous each time this happened. Nicki wondered what they were doing there. It was a club where she didn't stand out, there were lots of trannys there in various states of dress and undress, but she had thought Amy would do something else rather than just humiliate her by making her kneel on the floor.

Amy, looked round at Nicki " aww, feeling left out are you?" she asked mockingly "why don't I do something to get you some more attention?

Nicki looked up hesitantly, what should she say? She knew that Amy was capricious and sometimes did the most alarming things. On the other hand she was really uncomfortable kneeling on the floor. She settled for a bland answer.

"If you wish Mistress, I am your slave and will do as you demand"

Amy smiled "yes, you will. Stand up" Nicki stood up and gasped as she grabbed her hands and snapped handcuffs round them. She then tied a length of rope round her wrists and pulled her arms high above his head. She then nodded to the black bouncer that Nicki had noticed earlier. He swung the rope over a beam near the ceiling so that Nicki was trussed up in the middle of the club with her hands and arms in the air. Her tiny skirt was pulled even higher up her legs and her stocking tops, suspenders and panties were clearly on display. Nicki looked round wildly for Amy. She had disappeared! Then she heard a familiar voice over the club PA system.

"Guys, you will see that our entertainment for the evening has now arrived! Nicki is on display for your inspection prior to our party later on tonight. Please feel free to inspect the goods but please just confine yourself to just using your hands at present. You'll be able to use other things later!"

Nicki wanted to cry out but just as she was about to speak, a big black penis gag was inserted in her mouth and strapped round her head. A blindfold was also slipped over her eyes. From behind her she sensed Amy's presence and then Amy whispered:

"Sorry Slut, I must protect the goods for the moment, I wouldn't want that pretty little mouth to be mauled... yet. Plenty of time for that later "

Nicki was aware of more and more people round her body. Aware that they were running their hands up and down her stocking clad legs, aware that they were exploring higher, under her skirt. One was right now rubbing a wet finger up and down his ass! Nicki gasped as she felt the finger slip into her "pussy". Then it was two fingers, in and out and she could feel hot breath on her neck which seemed to be rising in time with the thrusting. The she felt lips on her face, male lips; she felt his rough bristles scratch across her face. A tongue, his tongue? flicked across her cheeks. Now she could feel her panties being pulled down completely, this was really getting out of hand, she was practically being raped! A hand was playing with her hard Cock and Nicki felt like she was going to cum soon with all the attention she was getting. She moaned in pleasure as she felt the hands all over her body.

Suddenly, it all stopped. She felt her hands being untied. Then she was aware of Amy whispering in her ear:

"You filthy whore! Pull your knickers back on! You were enjoying that much too much, slut, so I had to stop it. We are now going to take you back to the Hotel. You are going to be completely helpless. I am going to tie you up and completely restrain you, Nicki. You will not be able to move. I will then let everyone do what they want to you and with you. If you impress me and I think its right then I may join in. If I get bored I may just go home and leave you there – so if you want me to stay, you had better perform hadn't you?"

Nicki shuddered as she pulled her knickers back up and wondered how she would manage to walk through the Manchester streets like this. She was surprised when she felt the blindfold being taken off. She blinked in the light and made out the slightly blurred form of the black bouncer who had tied her up.

"I have something for you darling" he drawled. He held up a board which had some large writing in red Lipstick on it. It said:


Nicki looked at the notice in horror. Where was that going? What new torture had Amy planned? The she saw the notice had string round it and she realised with a sick feeling in her stomach that it was going to be put over her head and she was going to be wearing it as she walked through Canal St, one of the busiest streets in Manchester's gay scene! Amy was again at her side now:

"We are all going now. Earl here will keep you here for a few minutes. Maybe you can entertain him? Can you think of something to do for him? Anyway, he will let you go in about 15 minutes and you must walk back to the Hotel alone with this sign on. I will restrain your hands behind your back so that you don't get any ideas about removing the sign. If anyone shows any interest in your offer, you must bring them back with you to the hotel and they can join the queue. Oh, by the way, I've got about 6 guys who are gagging for your virgin ass! Bet you can't wait can you slut?"

Nicki really could not believe what she was hearing. She couldn't say anything. The gag in her mouth was really tight. So all she could do was look in fright at her mistress. Amy grabbed Nicki's hands, pulled them behind Nicki's back and secured them with handcuffs. She then came back round and looked into Nicki's eyes.

"Oh good, I do believe you are excited and happy about this. Your walk will be such fun, it's a pity I won't be able to see it but I have to get everyone ready for the Party – being a host is such a chore! Bye now!"

With that, Amy grinned the biggest grin Nicki had ever seen and she turned on her heel and walked out of the club. Nicki looked up fearfully at Earl, who was looming over her. He was a big, well built black guy, heavily muscled and he had what looked like a rather large erection straining in his trousers. Earl smiled slowly at Nicki and said in a deep dark voice:

"You and me gonna have our own little party. You see I gotta stay here for a while yet so I can't be at your party. But you can help me with this!" he patted his groin and took Nicki by the arm to the back of the Club and into the toilets. He moved round behind Nikki and removed the gag. He threw it on the floor and said;

"Get on your knees bitch, that's where Ho's like you belong"

Nicki complied and looked up to see Earl freeing his enormous cock from his pants.

"Bet you never seen anything like this Bitch, have you? Earl asked as he undid Nicki's gag. "Open wide and take it all in, if you can"

Nicki attempted to avoid his cock at first; it was so big, she was sure she would never get it in her mouth at all! Earl grabbed her head and shoved it roughly on to his cock. Nicki attempted to take it in but gagged as it hit the back of her mouth. Earl cursed her.

"You fucking Ho, suck my cock properly Or I will beat the living crap outta you"

Nicki tried again and though she could not hold Earl's cock, she managed to take some of it in her mouth and did the best she could to make him cum as quickly as possible so she could get it over with. Luckily Earl was already extremely turned on from Nicki's display earlier and he also knew he had to get back to his spot on the door. He soon started moaning and jerking spasmodically as Nicki sucked on his monstrous cock.

"Oh that's' better hun, ohhhh u fucker that's good. Keep goin, u gonna get a big long drink in a sec bitch"

Nicki felt his cock twitch and then erupt as seemingly gallons of spunk hit the back of her throat and spurted from her mouth on to her top and even on to Earl's shoes.

"Oh shit, that was good" Earl moaned, his eyes closed as he opened them however, he noticed the spunk on his shoes. "What's that!" he screamed at Nicki. "You fucking clumsy bitch, clean that up, I gotta go outside and stand at the door how's that gonna look. You clean that off my shoe, lick it up bitch!"

Earl shoved Nicki's face down to the floor. Nicki dutifully licked the spunk off Earl's shoe. She had some cum dribbling down her chin but no way of stopping it. When she was done, Earl grabbed her up and shoved her towards the door of the toilet. They came out into the club past a couple of startled Trannys who were having a quiet drink in the corner. Earl grabbed the sign which was waiting by the door to the club and placed it over Nicki's head so that the message was displayed on Nicki's chest.

"Can't forget this can we?" Earl chuckled, he slapped Nicki's ass and pushed her out the door. He stood and watched her as he dangled her gag between his fingers; he'd kept it as some kind of souvenir.

Nicki struggled to stay on her feet. Several passes by looked at her curiously. She must have looked a sight, Nicki thought. Her make up was smudged and she still had cum on her face. Her hair was messed up and she had that sign on her chest. She turned into Canal St and noticed with horror that there were hundreds of people, drinking out on the street. She tried as best she could to look inconspicuous. Even in her current state of fear and excitement, she recalled the line from Raymond Chandler's epic novel "Farwell my Lovely". In the book a character is said to look "about as inconspicuous as a tarantula on a slice of angel food". That was how Nicki felt as eyes turned to her and people made comments. Some started shouting, "Look at the Whore". A guy ran round behind her and flicked her skirt up. A girl came up close to look at her face.

"She's got cum on her face, what a slut!"

"And her hands are tied behind her back" another girl shouted.

Nicki was very red in the face and tried her best to get down Canal St as quickly as she could. But a couple of guys, one old, one young were obviously interested and followed Nicki.

"Where are you going Slut?" one of them asked. Nicki knew she had to stop and answer.

"I am going back to my hotel" Nick said not wanting to reveal anything else.

"Well I've got a fiver" said the other one. People at the bars on the street were watching this exchange with amusement but some had turned away now. They were both circling her, eyeing her up and down. Nicki could see they were both slightly drunk and when they got close, she could smell it.

"You'd better come with me then" she said "Come and join the party"

"Great, I really need a fuck and you'll do very nicely" On saying this, the older guy slapped Nicki's ass. They had got to the end of Canal St and were crossing the road to the Hotel. Nicki walked into the hotel followed closely by the two guys. One of them kept grabbing her ass and flicking her skirt up. The Girl on the desk looked up as the three of them went past. Nicki didn't' t dare look at her. They went up the stairs, Nicki went first and the younger guy had his hands on Nicki's ass and legs all the way up the stairs.

One of the guys with Nicki knocked at the door to her room.

"Yes, who is it?" came her tormentor's voice. As if you don't know Nicki thought to herself.

"It's Nicki, Mistress and I have two guests with me"

" I hope you are presentable Nicki, I have taken a lot of trouble with this party" Amy's voice was laced with threatened punishment. The two guys with Nicki looked at each other. One of them, said to Nicki;

"What's goin on are you gonna fuck us or what?

Nicki looked anxiously at him. Oh god, she thought, this is getting complicated. Luckily or maybe because of what the guy said, Amy opened the door at that point. She was clad from head to toe in black PVC, thigh high boots, short black skirt and bustier top. Her breasts, Nicki noted enviously, looked perfect in the tight confines of her top. Her make up was perfect and she dangled several lengths of rope in her left hand.

"Well well", she said, looking at the three of them. "I can see that your notice did the trick, did you get lots of comments, Nicki?

"She looks a real slut" one of the guys said to Amy "Mind you, I think I prefer you!"

Amy looked coldly at the guy who seemed to shrivel in her glare.

"I am NOT part of the deal" Amy said, "It was this sluts idea to parade herself like that. She should have advised you that it was her ass and her mouth, nothing else. If you would like to come in, we'll soon get started. I just have to make sure that she satisfies her customers properly. Can you help me do that?

The guys nodded eagerly and followed Nicki into the room. Amy took Nicki's arm and led her through to the main area of the room where a low table sat in the middle of the floor. The bedroom was off to one side and Nicki could hear taking from that room.

"Push her and hold her down on to that table will you, so that she can't move" Amy said to the two guys waiting with Nicki.

They grabbed Nicki's arms and shoved her roughly down on her knees and then bent her over the hard wooden table. Amy quickly threw ropes around Nicki's waist so that she was tied to the table. Her hands were still behind her back and Amy undid the handcuffs so Nicki could balance herself slightly. Next Amy spread Nicki's legs wide apart and tied each thigh to the legs of the table.

"There." She said triumphantly as she moved round to Nicki's head at the front of the table "Now you are ready, slut. This is what happens to Sluts like you. Its what they deserve. You have a filthy mind and you need to know how low and worthless you are. In a minute I am going to call everyone in and they can do what they like with you. I am just going to watch; maybe I'll film it and send it to your boss or to your wife? Hmm? Oh, I almost forgot!" Amy moved over to the kitchen and came back and knelt in front of Nicki with a gleaming sharp knife. She waved it under Nicki's nose. Nicki looked so alarmed Amy thought she might even faint. Amy laughed:

"What do you think this is for?" Amy ran the blade carefully up Nicki's face. It felt cold and sharp on her skin and Nicki shivered. What on earth was this crazy woman going to do? Nicki wished she didn't have such a vivid imagination. She also wished she was somewhere else, a long way somewhere else!

"We have to make sure there is access don't we? Amy said as she moved round to Nicki's ass which was raised up, her skirt ruched up round Nicki's waist. Amy grabbed her panties and sliced them at the seams so that she could pull them off. The guys who had been watching in rapt attention cheered and clapped as they started to take off their clothes. Amy waved the panties in front of Nicki's eyes:

"You won't need these anymore will you? Huh? Just one last thing, and I am being kind to you by doing this. "

Amy moved round to Nicki's ass and gave some lubricant to the two guys who were standing waiting. One of them grabbed it and rubbed some around and into Nicki's asshole. Nicki moaned in a mixture of fear and excitement. The lubricant spread a warming glow to Nicki's ass as the guy spread and pushed his fingers inside Nicki.

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