Nicks Women Plus Real Ones


"You are a bit too powerful for me; I'm bushed and am off to bed. Come on get yourself out the door."

"You don't want another one; I mean after a bit of a rest?"

"Christ no," Rose yawned and wiped sweat from between her breasts.

Nick licked his lips.

Nick no. And I mean that. Off you go."

She waddled to the door with him, her top stuffed between her legs.

"There was little romance about that," she said as his finished dressing at the door. "But as far as a good fuck goes I'd give that almost a ten."

"What out of twenty."

"No ten you fool," she said, pressing her head against his chest and yawning. "Should we go steady?"

"Yeah why not?"

"Oh thank you Mr Romance Writer. I shall always remember your very unromantic, pragmatic reply."

They had five big kisses before she finally had him out the door and closed it. What appealed to Nick was thinking yes she would have had at least one more round had they been in bed and should could then roll away from him to fall asleep.

He went out to the street to wave down a cab and only then remembered he lived in the same building. Nick thought he'd write to dawn, sharing the sweet thoughts now in free motion in his head. But bed looked inviting and he sank on to the mattress. Nick had this glorious erotic thought of attempting to work into Rose's unbelievably small pussy and she looking wild-eyed and encouraging him, expressing milk and coating his dick with it. Slipping into sleep he wondered if he should tell Rose about that when she called in the morning.

But Rose didn't call.

Three days went by and each morning on his exercise run Nick returned waves and calls from students and he noticed some of the local residents who initially had looked at him darkly were now calling him Nick and some of the fathers walking with their daughters began calling, "We must have a beer Nick."

God what was happening here? He was becoming urbanized.

Betty at the diner now gave him free coffee and that morning had asked because he was an acknowledged sex consultant, could he talk to her seventeen-year-old because she was depressed about boys appearing not to notice her.

"Yes of course Betty. Get her in her Saturday morning at 9:30 and I want you sitting in the booth with us."

"God no, I never talk sex in front of anyone."

"We won't be talking about sex; I know that for sure."

"Then what will you talk about?"

"I have no idea until I meet your daughter."

Betty sniffed and said, "Call yourself a consultant."

Rose called that evening. Neither of them said anything about waiting to be called.

"Hi darling. Now that we've had sex I can call you darling, right?"

"Sure, it's recommended for folk that are intimate."

"Oooh, and what will you call me?"

"Sexy, dripping with it in fact."

"Um Nick, women are not fond of hearing men using words like dripping when talking about sex."

"Oh at other times I shall call you darling but not in front of other people, at least not just yet."

"Oooh so when?"

"When people we know acknowledge we are a couple."

"Oooh, I love the sound of that. Will you take me rowing on the lake Saturday?"

"Why are you thinking of drowning me?"

"Nick! Boating on the lake is something young lovers do."

"Oh yes, of course I'll do that with you. I am consulting mid morning. I'll come to you after that."

"I wasn't aware you were a consultant. A consultant on what?"

"Er writing."

"You don't sound certain about that."

"And um social issues."

"Oh good but there is no need to turn shy with me when talking about your desire to discharge social responsibility."

Nick the reluctant sex consultant went into the diner. Betty was already waiting with coffee and bacon and egg bagels. She nervously introduced her daughter Begonia who politely and very formerly greeted Nick.

"Begonia are you aware what this is about?"

"I think so. Mother appears confused but she did say she told you I wish to be noticed by guys."

"For what purpose?"

Begonia looked away, flushing and moaning oh god.


She turned back to him in surprise. "How did you guess that?"

"It's part of growing up. Are your parents against you dating?"

"I have no idea. They've not been tested because I am never asked to go our with guys."

"Take off your glasses Bee."


"Tell your friends and teachers they are now to call you Bee."

Bee took off her glasses.

"Now put on your mother's glasses and untie your pig-tails."

"Ohmigod, Betty said, blinking. "Go into the staff room and look in the mirror."

Bee alias Begonia came back smiling. "You're not getting these glasses back mom although I can scarcely see anything through them."

"We'll get you new glasses."

"Good move Betty," Nick said. "But make sure you stay out of the frames selection process. Just allow the consultant and Bee make the decisions and only express your opinion, your fair-minded opinion, if asked for it and remembering the frames are not for you."

Betty nodded and said it was astonishing Nick knew so much. "I'm not sure about Begonia calling herself Bee."

"Just get used to it Betty and tell your husband that as well. In ten days you won't remember ever calling Bee Begonia."

Nick then talked to Bee about not being embarrassed about blushing and that some young guys actually thought young women blushing was cute.

"Cutely embarrassing you mean."

"I do not. They want eye contact when in conversation with you. If you blush and turn away; they take that as a soft rejection, meaning it's not quite as bad as you walking away from them. We humans hinge our relationship with other people on eye contact. We trust or reject people through eye contact. You also need new clothes and have your hair cut and dye-streaked to look fashionable, that is if your parents can afford it and your school allows students to have their hair dyed."

"Yes we are allowed to, in moderation. But I don't know what to ask for?"

"Go with your mother to a salon and get your hair styled together, listening to what the consultant says but using your own judgment as well and don't end up with the same styling."

"My hair is fine," Betty snorted.

"It's not mother, it's drab."

"Call you mother mom Bee. She's right Betty. I bet your hair is little different to what it was ten perhaps twenty years ago. What kind of fashion statement is that?"

"Fashion is fad."

"I agree so take a more moderate line for yourself but let Bee choose."

"I'm not sure I like the name Bee."


"Nick you are here as a consultant, not to be rude to me."

"Part of changing Bee requires change in you Betty. If you are comfortable remaining conservative that's fine, but allow your daughter the freedom to express herself. For Christ sake Betty, a seventeen-year-old with an attractive body in pigtails and horn-rim glasses... it's a wonder she even has girlfriends."

"I'm recognized as being very intelligent and great at sport."

"Great, there you go. Give Bee a hundred bucks to buy cosmetics if you can afford it Betty and close your eyes to what she buys because they are not for you. Go to the beauty department at Macy's Bee and get free instruction before you buy and they heed advice you think is good. Go for the good but reasonably inexpensive lines until you are earning good money and then go top shelf."

Nick smiled and patted her cheek. "That's me finished Bee."

She said in surprise, "But what about advice on talking to guys."

"You don't need my advice on that. Listen to your girlfriends talking to guys and you may find it's not rocket science. A good tip is to find out what guys are interested in. Even I know females have to make sacrifices when communicating with guys. My final tip is be good-looking and be your natural self. There's nothing really wrong with you that I can see Bee. Think confidence and think you're looking as good as you can be and something will happen, not overnight, but it will happen. Believe me Bee."

"You call that consulting. I was prepared to pay you three hundred bucks Nick to stock your booze cabinet but think that is way too much."

"I don't want your money Betty. You and I are friends purely because of our regular association in here. That's all it takes to make friends."

"Mom you don't know what you are talking about. I think you ought to be paying Mr Bradshaw at least five thousand bucks. I know it. I'm thinking of what he has been saying. I feel ready for lift off. Don't believe me mom; just watch what is about to happen. Come on, let's see if we can get into a hairdresser's and then visit an optician's."

Nick laughed. "Go on Betty. You have the weekend off. Shop with your kid and love her. You won't have to do anything else but worry when you realize you suddenly have young guys calling at your place. Just don't expect that to happen tomorrow."

* * *

"Oh Nick, please come in," said Rose's beaming mother.

Calling him Nick so freely and welcoming him so warmly told Nick Rose had told her mom that they were becoming a couple.

"You look pretty today Lisa?"

Nick thought she would smile at the compliment but she pouted and said, "From that I take it you think I might not always look pretty""

"No not, Not at all. I..." Nick caught the teasing smile.

He grinned and said he thought he'd rather like her and she beamed.

Rose came out and her gaped. She was in white and her long brunette hair had been cut and curled all over. She looked good enough to eat.

"See mom, I told you Nick would admire women who make the effort."

Nick shuffled, realizing both women had been watching for his reaction.

He sniffed. God how revolting to sniff. He had to recover and damn quickly. "I'd love being locked in a tower for a month with you princess."

Nick watched Lisa grab the dining table for support and Rose stared at him luminously.


Well yes. Her face glowed and her eyes sparkled. It's a pity women don't like being told they glow, especially the facial skin. Such a pity. It makes them look beautiful, perhaps near virginal.

"That is dangerous talk Nick," Rose said, making Lisa cackle away.

Lisa poured them coffee.

As they were leaving Lisa touched Nick's arm and he turned to her.

"Jacques and I have talked about this. We have never seen Rose this happy with a man before and we have told her this. You are welcome to stay with her in her bedroom whenever you wish."

"Thank you Lisa. I regard that as one of the biggest compliments I could ever receive from a young woman's parents."

"Ohmigod," Lisa said, clutching her throat.

* * *

Nick tore into his new novel, rewriting parts of it. He had the hero boating with the heroine on the lake and her mom yearning to have a piece of him. The rewritten sex scenes virtually reached flashpoint. Nick almost wondered if his laptop would explode due to excessive heat.

Nick sent ten chapters off to the publisher and two days later his editor called saying she didn't think they could publish what she was being asked to edit.

But Nick has faith in himself and believed he knew what his readers would accept. He hadn't written porn. He'd just written about ordinary sex in a super-heated manner.

He advised his editor, "I suggest you refer your misgivings to Mr Barton Snr and give him the chapters to read."

"I can't do that. That's exceeding my authority. The senior editor is my boss."

"Fuck Janice, just do it. I have faith in you. I'm telling you Mr Barton won't kick your ass. He regards me as his find of the decade."

"I can't believe what I'm hearing. You used the F-word on me."

"Janice just return my chapters. I'll take them to another publisher."

"You can do that; I'd be fired."

"So what is the solution Janice darling? Just use that pretty head of yours. Bye."

Two days later Nick received an email: 'You smart-fucker. Mr Barton Snr is raving about your work and complimented me for sharing your more intense new style with him. He promised to advance an extra $30,000 on the promotion of this book. Your favorite editor, Janice. Come up and see me sometime darling.'

* * *

Rose came to inspect Nick's turret studio apartment because they were talking about moving in together.

"Oh god no, this is too small."

"Well I'm sorry but I feel I write well here so have no intention of giving it up."

"I don't mind being fucked here but I couldn't live here."

"I appreciate that. I'll talk to your mother about paying a weekly amount to eat with you guys and to sleep some nights with you in her house."

"I'd be agreeable to that. You've seen the size of my study where I do school preparation work and marking. I need that space."

"Sure, not problem. Sit down and we'll crack a bottle of wine. I want to tell you something."

Nick told Rose about his contract with his mother and she was appalled.

He said, "So you don't wish to buy into it?"

"No, definitely not."

"If you change your mind let me know. The contract ends in eleven days. We could use the money to buy the big apartment immediately below my turret."


"May we fuck now?"

"No... er sorry, I meant yes."

Twelve days later a courier arrived with a document from Nick's mom's attorney. Requiring a signature from him accepting the contract with him mother had ended and he'd neither dispute it nor seek an extension.

Nick sighed and signed and gave the courier a tip of ten bucks for waiting.

That night he had dinner with Rose's family under their new arrangement. It went very well. Lisa was a great cook but when Nick was congratulating her for the magnificent food Lisa said proudly, "Your Rose did everything that came to this table this evening."

Jacques said he did the wine unaided.

"It was a banquet," Nick proclaimed. "Rose you are a great chef."

She colored hugely and nodded thanks. Nick felt he could really love her.

They went to Rose's bedroom that was at the opposite end of the apartment to her parent's room.

As Nick was tenderly undressing Rose she said, "You gave me goose pimples saying you liked my cooking; you were so expressive."

"Well it's true."

"A woman expects to be a great cook for her husband. Oh god, sorry. I meant for her lover."

"You did not."

"Did so."

"I don't believe you."

Rose, almost in tears, said, "Please say you appreciate it was a Freudian slip."

"Yes I can accept that. No harm has been done. Now what has made your panties damp."

"I'm excited with the new regime we now have in place. I think it will work wonderfully well and mom will love having an extra mouth to feed, especially you because you express yourself so appreciatively. I guess you know by now my mom is half in love with you."


"God how can you be so cool about that?"

"Because I take it as a sublime compliment and know in my heart neither she nor I will do anything about it."

"That relaxes me."

"I'm not a mother-fucker Rose."

"That declaration relaxes me ever more than knowing you are no longer under contract to your mother."

Nick eased off the panties and looked at the stocking encased legs and felt his dick harden.

Rose said, "I have two things to discuss right now. What do you think about me coming off the pill?"

"What to get pregnant to me?"

"Yes. I can't stop thinking about it."

"Well I can't think of any objection and I'd promise to..."

"You would not face any resultant responsibility unless you chose to accept it. This is entirely my decision. I have no wish to miss the best years of parenthood."

"Fair enough. Then do it. What was the other thing?"

"This is not connected with what we just discussed but I'm ready to have full-on oral sex with you. Um if that's what you want."

"Yes I do. I love you Rose.

"Oh god."


Nick knew that for a number of reasons he no longer dwelled on, Rose possessed the best pussy he'd ever come across and she'd often stoked his dick and passed compliments. He'd missed having oral sex but knew the time would come when the embargo would be lifted. This was it.

If he and Rose stayed together for a long while their sex life would ultimately fade until ending into nothing. But they had established solid mutual interests and providing they worked on it their affection for one another would never die.

Nick licked down Rose's stocking leg.

"Oh god. That should be yuk but instead it's delicious.

"Good for me too hon," Nick said, not sure whether he was talking about licking or the exciting odor of her arousal.

Rose was on her back on the bed. He came up between her legs, licking and sucking and the legs parted. Rose was really great opening her legs wide. Really great. She appeared programmed to do it.

Nick looked up and saw the neat and fat pussy lips, slight moisture escaping, stimulated no doubt by his licking elsewhere.

"Ohmigod, I can't stand it. Lick my cunt lover boy."


Wow, this was bedroom talk at its best, and remarkably from Rose!

Nick flicked his tongue at the gate to the garrison.

Rose pushed her hands down and opened the gates, spreading for him.

He licked and sniffed and puffed and sucked and Rose gurgled, a most beautiful sound for a man who's been told he's doing good, er well.

Rose lifted her butt high. With the anus in front of his nose Nick licked it.

"Oh god Nick, I'm not sure I want you to do that."

Nick targeted the pussy again smiling, knowing he'd just been delivered a maybe. Some other time; no hurry.

They fucked and sucked for well over three hours. The fellatio was okay but he'd build up her expertise gradually, almost without her knowing it. He'd bring her on by numbers and being a schoolteacher Rose would remember the math.

The last thing Nick remembered that night was Rose had fallen asleep and he was fucking her yet again and he must have fallen asleep because next morning he had no memory of finishing.

Nick stared into the olive green eyes and said, "I want you to meet my parents."

He saw what he'd call panic.

"Mom first. We'll get her here to lunch one Saturday. Dad plays golf Saturdays and with late lunch and then more drinks that takes most of the day."

"What if she mentions the contract?"

"So what if she does?"

"I-I... I suppose it doesn't matter."

"Good girl. I can tell you she won't but she will be assessing you to determine whether you would have complied."

"Would I have?"

"Yes with the pregnancy provision to follow."

"I feel dreadful. I have done you out of $1,500,000."

"I think that was an appalling incentive for any mother to offer her son and an insult to involve any woman in such a scheme."

"Do you?"

"I do know, absolutely."

"But what about all that money?"

"What about it? I believe I would have felt wretched taking it."

"My hero."

"Anyway the feedback I'm getting I'll be making big money from my latest novel. I've sent off the final chapters and people at my publishers love the ending."

"You have written about us, haven't you?"

"A bit, quite a bit although you might find it difficult finding everything because that includes how you and your parents have made me think about myself and my writing."

Rose said soundly slightly skeptical, "I'm struggling to see how my father could influence your writing?"

"Well for starters he's the first non-American born character in any of my novels who has remained un-American, clinging firmly to his former lifestyle and inbred traditions. I knew people like him existed but except superficially they remained unknown to me. Secondly my hero and heroine in this novel drink red wine and that's a first for me and my un-American character's wife has a heart so big and so forgiving she overlooks the unpatriotic character of her husband and accepts he's entitled to be what he is and anyway he delivers other qualities to her like great sex and his great love of her cooking."

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