tagLoving WivesNicky Returns To Work

Nicky Returns To Work


When my wife told me that she was getting bored staying at home all day and that she had wondered about getting a part-time job I saw her point straight away.

She had been my personal secretary prior to our marrying, and had given up her job when we had our children.

Although both of them had now left home to go to college we still both felt young, Nicky especially, as she had only been eighteen at the time of our marriage and so she was still two or three years short of her fortieth birthday.

But now, with both children away, she was finding it increasingly monotonous being on her own all day, and so I readily agreed to her returning to work.

And so she had applied to an agency giving her qualifications, but the agency had just written to say that unfortunately and unusually at that time there was only one vacancy for a temp, and it was not one they could really recommend, as the job in question was with a man who had caused numerous temps to leave almost immediately, owing to his almost lecherous manner.

He had never been sufficiently sexist to warrant any action on behalf of the agency, and he had never overstepped the line, other than making obvious insinuations and his way of mentally undressing each of his temps in an obvious way.

As we read the letter just prior to my going out to work Nicky looked up at me.

"This might be just up my street!" she said to me wickedly.

Nicky was still extremely sexy, and always dressed provocatively whenever we were out or with friends, and we had always agreed that sex was too enjoyable to be limited to just two people and that should the opportunity ever present itself neither of us should prevent the other from having the experience.

I looked at her and answered just as mischievously, "It would certainly relieve the boredom, wouldn't it?"

Now Nicky and I have always been truthful and had never hidden a thing from each other, and I knew that if she took on this job I would hear every detail afterwards. And knowing her as I did I felt sure that she had some small ulterior motive in accepting this job. I was already looking forward to her telling me all about it later after she had been for her interview.

I rang into my office to apologise for having to take the day off, making some kind of excuse, but in fact so that I could spend a little time with Nicky before and after her interview, suspecting what she had in mind.

And so I drove her to her interview after she had made herself up and dressed especially for the occasion.

We had both agreed that she should not appear too provocative in case the agency had not got it quite right, but nevertheless to dress in such as way that advantage might be taken should Nicky suspect that they were right. So, although her skirt was fairly short we agreed that tights would be more correct for a first interview. Likewise her blouse was not exactly see-through, but plunged enough to give a little stimulation, as the lace edging her bra was just discernable.

Anyway, I waited for her to reappear, and when she came out she was beaming all over her face.

"He wanted me to start straight away," she said, "but I told him that I had to arrange certain things at home first. But I did promise that I would start immediately after lunch, and he was very pleased."

"Actually," she continued, "I could not say I could start there and then because you were waiting, and I also wanted to change. You'll see why when I tell you as we are driving home."

I put the car into gear and she began.

"He is a very nice fellow, about forty-five," she told me, "but he did have this tendency to look intently at my knees at every opportunity, although because I was wearing tights he was unable to see as much as I would have been willing to show him. I did make sure that my skirt rode up as much as possible when I sat down, but I was not so blatant yet as to part my knees. I kept them together most of the time except right at the very end when I accidentally (but on purpose) dropped my bag on the floor and reached down sideways to pick it up. That caused my knees to part and I know he was looking straight up my skirt almost to the gusset of the tights."

"He did make one or two innuendos which could have been taken either way whilst we were talking. For instance, he asked me if I were happily married and whether my husband was the jealous or protective kind, and when I told him we were very happily married I added that we trusted each other implicitly to the extent that we were both free spirits. I let him to interpret that any way he wanted to. He also asked me whether or not I would be prepared, as his secretary, to entertain. I could have taken that to mean was I willing to entertain clients, or I could have taken it to mean to entertain himself, and from his tone I suspected it really was the latter. So my reply was that I was perfectly willing to entertain both during and out of office hours should that be necessary."

"Anyway, when he offered me the job and asked me to start straight away. That was when I accidentally dropped my bag and had to reach for it. I could sense him trying to see as far up my skirt as possible, and so when I straightened up again I asked if I could ask him one question. He agreed, and so I asked him, quite bluntly, how he would prefer me to dress in the office."

"Again he replied in an innuendo. He told me, as if it were a joke, that he would not object to my undressing in the office, and then laughed and told me that it was a joke. But I was aware that he was waiting for me to tell him that I was not disapproving of his remark, and so I laughed and simply said that that would depend on the salary he was prepared to offer. Again he took this as a joke in reply to his, although I could sense that actually he was weighing up the possibility that I meant what I had said. But I let it pass, and told him that I had to return home to complete some unfinished business and would start that afternoon for him."

By now we were in our driveway, and we both got out of the car. Nicky made a hurried early lunch, and then told me that she was about to change for work. I went into the bedroom to help her, as she told me that the agency was quite right about the type of man she would be working for, but that in this instance she was delighted with the possibilities.

Firstly she chose one of her shortest skirts – one which she normally only wore for me or for certain of our friends. It was so short that when she bent down the skirt rode up over her buttocks, revealing all she wore underneath, and from the front, if she reached high up for something, a similar view appeared. For her top she chose a blouse comparable to that she had worn this morning, except that this was more transparent, showing clearly whatever bra she wore beneath it. To my delight she opted not to wear a bra at all, and the whole of her breasts were fully on view, with their lovely nipples threatening to burst through the material.

Her briefest micro-thong and a pair of very high-heeled shoes completed her outfit. She looked a real tart!

I found myself actually looking forward to hearing her story when she came home from her new job, but in the meantime I simply drove her to her new office, and then disappeared for the rest of the day. Actually, I came home and spent the remainder of the time surfing on my computer for some of our favourite porn sites.

Looking at the clock I realised suddenly that it was time for Nicky to be home, and I began to prepare a meal for when she came in. I would have offered to take her out to a restaurant but felt that she would be too excited and wanting to tell me everything before we began to have a passionate session.

But quarter of an hour later and she had still not arrived home. She had told me not to pick her up as her new boss had promised to run her home after work, and I was hoping to be able to meet him, so that her story would be even more exciting.

But just as I was beginning to wonder whether or not I should give her a ring, the telephone went. It was Nicky.

"You'll never believe me," she began, "but I am actually working overtime. And on my first day, too! Jeff has asked me to stay for a couple of hours whilst he catches up on things that have accumulated whilst he has not had a secretary. He is here with me, and says he would like to have a word with you just to reassure you." She apparently handed the phone over to him, for a male voice came on.

"Hello. This is Jeff. I'm sorry in one way that Nicky has to stay behind to catch up, but at the same time I am pleased. I just wanted to tell you what a lucky fellow you are to have a wife like Nicky. But she has told me that she will tell you everything about her new job when she gets home, although I am afraid it may get a little late. But I will bring her safely home when we have done all we intend doing today. Bye!"

I had my own meal, and then went back onto the computer, but inwardly imagining all kinds of things about Nicky and Jeff, also hoping that these thoughts would turn out to be true!

Finally, around midnight, the doorbell rang, and on opening it I saw it was Nicky, and a large car was just pulling away from the drive.

Knowing Nicky, though, I was not too surprised to see that her blouse was completely unbuttoned, and that in her hand she was carrying the lacy red micro-thong that she had worn to go to work.

She immediately embraced me and gave me a full- tongue kiss, then broke away to bring the thong to my nose, where I could smell not only her own pungent juices but also, if I were not mistaken, the smell of male spunk.

"Had a nice time?" I needlessly inquired, knowing full well that the entire story would be told to me before we had got anywhere near to bed.

"I'd better tell you the whole story, but starting at the beginning," she said to me, as we walked inside.

Nicky's story was as follows:

I got to work as you know, because you took me, and when I went into the office Jeff took one look at me, especially at my blouse which showed as much as if I had had none on at all, and weighed up the situation almost immediately.

"So you meant it about dressing and undressing in the office?" he asked almost incredulously."

"Of course" I replied. "And the qualifying salary does not necessarily have to be financial!" I added. Then I continued and as I went on he grew more and more elated as he realised that I was not just going to tease him. "Actually," I continued, "my reason for going home was to change into this blouse, to leave off my tights and my bra, and to put on an even shorter skirt so that you can look up it easier any time you wish. And as for my mode of dress whenever I am in the office, it is up to you whether or not you would wish me to wear knickers of any kind! Unless you would rather I did so that you can take them off instead."

"I am afraid there won't be much work done this afternoon," he said, "unless you want to take some dictation, sitting on my knee in traditional fashion, that is."

"I am willing to take down some dictation, or to take down anything else you fancy," I told him, "but perhaps you would like me to sit on the desk facing you instead of on your knee. After all, it is my first day and I would not want to give you any ideas of boss/secretary relationships if I sat on your knee on my first day."

Without giving him a chance to answer I climbed up onto the desk, facing him, and hitched up my tiny skirt before parting my legs slightly to reveal the gusset of my teeny thong. "Now, sir," I said, "what was it you wished me to take down? Some dictation? Because if you want me to take anything else down I am afraid the answer is that I am not that kind of girl. I always insist that my husband has to dominate and if he wants to see my pussy he has to take off any of my clothing himself!"

Jeff could scarcely believe what he was hearing! Here was his new secretary almost ordering him to take her knickers off! I could see how big his erection had grown inside his trousers – it must have been agony keeping it in!

He gave me one hard look to make sure that he had heard me correctly and that I was not intending going backing out of the deal, then his hands stretched out as I raised both feet onto the desk so as to be able to lift my bottom up and with one deft stroke he had pulled the thong right down to my ankles and down off them as soon as I sat down again to raise my feet.

I spread my legs as wide as was possible on his desk, and tugged my skirt even higher to allow him more visual access to what I knew was my extremely wet pussy. It was then that I knew what I wanted most at that time. He was already leaning forwards to come closer to my exposed and gaping hole, when I told him to unzip his trousers before he did some damage to himself.

He seemed relieved to be able to do this, but scarcely had his huge erection popped out than I said, "I shall sit on your lap after all!", and in a flash had slid down onto him, my wetness lubricating my crack sufficiently for his tool to immediately thrust right inside. At the same time I brought my mouth to his in a forceful manner, opening my lips fully to allow my tongue to find his, and at the same time grasping one of his hands and thrusting it straight down my blouse, popping as many buttons as possible as I did so.

It hardly seemed seconds before he reached his climax, and I could feel his spunk shooting into me. But what happened next was most alarming. There came a knock on the outer office door! As a good secretary I should have answered it, but I was in no fit state. Jeff was hardly in any better state, but at least all he had to do was to zip himself up and try to cover his still bulging state whilst he answered the door.

He had left me in his office, and so I was able to make myself look a little more respectable. I slipped my thong back on to catch any liquids which might drip out, refastened my blouse, although it was so see-through as you know that it hardly mattered whether I was wearing one or not. But imagine my relief when Jeff shouted from my outer office...

"It's OK, Nicky. It's my wife, Cindy, who has come specially to meet you. I told her about you on the telephone during lunch time, and she has come to see if you really are the raver I was hoping you would turn out to be."

The door opened and in came Jeff, still sporting his bulge, but now making no move to hide it, followed by a very pretty blonde aged about twenty-five or even less.

Like me, she was wearing a very short skirt, although not as short as mine, but short enough to reveal that she was wearing stockings, as a hint of the darker tops were just visible beneath the hem. Her top plunged to her waist, making it evident that she wore no bra, although the material was opaque enough to not make it too obvious. She looked me up and down approvingly, taking in my mode of dress in a very obvious manner, at the same time sniffing the air which now reeked of sex, as she said to me, "Thanks. Jeff needs a secretary who understands him. Like me, he is exceptionally oversexed and has to have an outlet. But I can see that you have already started to give him what he needs. Are you married?" and she looked at my fingers, where my wedding ring plainly stood out. "So what would your husband think if he knew about this?"

I laughed. "He does know," I said, "or rather I shall be telling him the whole story about this when I get home. In fact, he helped me to decide what to wear, or what not to wear as the case may be."

"You have a very active love life, then?" she asked me.

"Very," I replied, "and we shall probably be very active when I tell him about today. Now the children have left home we are enjoying a second courtship. Neither of us can get enough of each other."

"Good," she said. "I look forward to meeting him some time. Would he give me what you have just given Jeff?"

"I'm sure of it," I answered. "But how do you know what I have just given Jeff?"

"Because he told me when he let me in," she said with a huge smile. "Which brings me to the real reason for my coming to the office just now. I am holding a small dinner party tonight, and I would like you to be the guest of honour. Tell your husband you are working late and come as you are. I am looking forward to seeing my guests' faces when I introduce you in that skirt and top. You are wearing knickers, I hope, aren't you? You should always wear some to work here, as Jeff loves to look at knickers when he thinks he is not being watched, and then he likes to be able to remove them when he gets permission."

As an answer I hiked my skirt almost right up to my waist, showing her my tiny thong, now so clearly wet with both my cum and Jeff's.

Smiling broadly she took a step forwards and actually placed her hand right onto the wet and sticky patch between my legs. Then a finger slipped under the material and right inside my still hot and soaked pussy, which she took out, sniffed, and then licked.

"Top marks!" she exclaimed, "You are shaved as well! Does your husband do that for you? Jeff does mine. And all our guests tonight shave, too, including the men."

"What kind of a dinner party is this going to be?" I wondered. But before I could ask Cindy had given Jeff a quick kiss and a fondle of his bulge and was in the act of leaving. She blew me a kiss and said, "See you this evening, then," and disappeared.

I felt quite amazed with this interruption to our fun and games, but mainly at the outcome! His wife was as perverted as he was – she was actually condoning his infidelity. But from what she had said the dinner party seemed to be another name for an orgy!

Jeff and I then started the real work, making a quick agreement that we ought to catch up on the accumulated backlog until it was finishing time. He then told me to ring you to tell you I was working overtime, but as soon as he had put the telephone down he turned to me and commanded me to sit on his desk again in the same way I had seated myself for him earlier.

Only this time, he wanted me to stay on the desk so that he could kiss my charming pussy as he called it. He did, too, until I was squirming with delight, so skillfully did he make use of his tongue. I almost peed on him in joy, so excited did he make me. But then he told me that he would like the compliment returned, and he assumed that I would not be averse to giving him a blowjob and swallowing the entire output.

As you know, I am never averse to that – I can't get enough of it! He said afterwards that he had never had such a skilful mouth before, and he had lost count of the number of women who had done that to him!

After that he said that perhaps we had better do a little work, just to justify my excuse, and he gave me some quite easy dictation, but this time insisted on my sitting on his lap whilst I took down the notes, leaving my skirt on, but without blouse or knickers so that he could continue fondling me whilst he was dictating.

He then told me that dinner would be a little earlier than the usual times for such occasions, and told me to dress (as little as I had with me to dress) and get into his car.

He lives in the country, in a converted farmhouse, so it is quite isolated. When we arrived there were already four cars there, but he explained that there were to be three other couples and that one of the cars was Cindy's. He told me to remember her car as I could then tell him when she was parking outside the office which would give him a warning that she was coming to see him.

I was a little apprehensive about my dress, particularly with the top, but Jeff reassured me, when I mentioned it, that it did not matter at all, "As you will see when we get inside," he said.

He led me inside, and as we passed through the door Cindy came forward to greet me. But to my surprise she had on no top and was naked from the waist upwards, her breasts firm and rouged on the solid nipples. Her skirt was far shorter than the one she had worn when visiting the office, but she still wore stockings.

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