tagRomanceNicole & Ian Ch. 01

Nicole & Ian Ch. 01


Their stifled laughter bounced off the rain-slick sidewalks and the well-watered cars parked along the street. By now whatever they had originally been laughing about is long since forgotten, but the giggling, swaying pair walking towards her house was far from caring why. Drunk on silliness rather than spirits, they tiptoed their way up the steps, across the porch, through the door, and back down to the basement as quietly as possible. Arriving at their destination the young woman turned to her companion with a playful grin.

"Well... this is it!" She continued turning to twirl aimlessly for a few rotations. "Would you like the official tour?" She joked, stopping now to focus on her friend. Taking into consideration once again his ruggedly handsome face and the adorably disheveled hair and clothing, her insides turned over slowly like a car trying to start on a cold morning.

Once he smilingly nodded his interest, she showed him around the small but well-furnished room. Desk, computer, art stuff, armchair, treadmill, mini-kitchen, shelf. He laughed at the witty magnets on her two-foot tall refrigerator, and appreciatively inspected the couple pieces of antique furniture. With a mischievous glimmer in her eyes, she turned over her shoulder to look up the extra six inches into his face, held up a finger for patience and slipped behind a curtain that covered most of one wall. He could hear rustling fabric and some faint plasticine scratching, and stood outside the curtain very curious.

"Okay, you can come in if you want," the voice emerged only slightly muffled from inside the curtains. He gingerly parted the curtains and peeked inside. What he saw was a very welcome sight – that of a bed. However to top it off this bed was covered with a fluffy white comforter, surrounded by plush pillows, and lit by a string of lights along the ceiling. The benefits of the curtains, the lockable soundproof door, and being two stories below the other slumbering occupants of this house all fell into place for him, and he began to hatch a plan for the evening.

"Hey, I just wanted to make sure it was cleaned up first. Yup this is where I sleep," she glanced at the bed in obvious embarrassment as to what happens on beds between boys and girls, and the forwardness of her showing it to him.

"Um, are you thirsty or anything? I have snacks and stuff..."

"No, I'm fine thanks, Nicole."

She loved the deep resonating quality of his voice. She liked hugging him when he talked just to feel the vibrations fill his chest and then travel through his body to hers. Now a different kind of vibrations were filling her body; her heart stuttered and skipped and a blush seemed to be permanently glowing across her cheeks. Nicole redirected her gaze from a faked point of interested and glanced at him, unintentionally freezing stock still as she looked up to meet the intense expression he held while he had been staring at her.

She still could not believe her luck; Ian was 6 foot 3, her favorite height, which was not easy to come by. He had perfectly broad shoulders with a wide chest to match, and a long torso above even longer legs. His hands engulfed hers whenever the two joined, and his modestly dressed but well muscled arms, abs, and thighs were a constant tease at her imagination. Now the look she had dreamed about so many times was standing there staring straight through to her insides and riveting her to the spot. His dark, short, straight hair still held moisture from the weather outside, and his oh-so-slightly olive skin was smooth and even over the planes of his face. The smoky slate-grey eyes, so dark as to be almost onyx at times, seemed to have a fire within, betraying what burned inside the rest of him.

Feeling like she needed some fresh air or else she would explode, so she smiled and ducked her head to walk past him, reaching the window and winding it open a crack. Before she turned around, she heard the jiggle of her doorknob and a soft metallic click as the lock was turned into place. Slowly circling to look at the door, Ian innocently smiled back, his long fingers still touching the lock.

"Can I take your coat for you?" He asked, smiling in mocking at the over-politeness of the offer. Without waiting for an answer he took the two steps he needed to get to her, and holding her shoulders, turned her away from him. Reaching around in front of her he unbuttoned the coat, unknowingly being responsible for a massive outbreak of goose bumps on her stomach. He then lifted the collar of the jacket on each side and folded it backwards so it successfully immobilized Nicole's arms.

"Hey! That's not fair – aah!" Her protest was cut very short by the slow, sucking kiss Ian had planted on her neck. "Ooh... Ian" The whisper came from her, now with eyes closed enjoying the wonderful feeling of his lips on her skin, at last. He was working his way up her neck while slowly rotating her back to facing him, his nose smelling the subtle clean scent of her skin, and the tropical fruity aroma from her hair.

They simultaneously inhaled each others breath before leaning in the last few inches to kiss. His mouth was wide and sweet, wonderfully soft yet insistent. Her lips nestled above and below his lower one, gently sucking. She couldn't stop herself from sucking his lip into her warm mouth and nibbling on it, eliciting an eager tightening of their embrace by Ian. Arms being trapped as they were, Nicole was relatively incapable of influencing their direction without pulling away from the contact of their torsos. Opening her eyes a slit, she watched Ian's strong jawbone move beneath the smooth-shaven and sensuously tanned skin.

He could feel her smile as it spread against her lips, and opened his eyes to see why, only to be fixed looking at the blissful facial expression she wore not knowing he saw it. He loved the feel of her lips and the expert kisses they were exchanging, her skill magnified by the smooth skin of her cheeks and the soft sighs she hummed into his mouth. Their rhythm changed as they broke apart, gasping for oxygen before orbiting back to each other's lips again and again. Her hands had been trapped in her jacket, but as the kissing progressed she wriggled them free to rest on his chest. They had now decided to wander up, brushing the hair on the nape of his neck and stroking the sensitive skin below his jaw. The way her hands moved in sync with the suction of her kisses, Ian had the new, and enjoyable, sensation of being funneled into her very being. By now he had his hands around her ribs, resting on her back just above her hips. The thick cold-weather coat still swaddled around her waist made his fingers itch with wanting to feel her. He brought a hand around and finished unzipping it, and before he knew it he was unbuttoning her next jacket and teasing up her sweater. As the now superfluous outer garments slumped to the floor his fingers splayed across her lower back, and he felt goose bumps rise against his fingers. Nicole gave a gasp against his lips and pressed herself closer to him.

Breaking away for a moment, she breathed "Well, hi there," with a smile. He chuckled and continued his explorations of her back, making circles with his hands that slowly ascended her torso. No fool to his efforts, and not at all in objection, she enjoyed the feel of his palms and fingers learning her curves. She couldn't resist any longer, and she reciprocated the removal of unnecessary layers of clothing, even unbuttoning his shirt and leaving his upper half clothed only in a thin thermal. After cooperating with her to rid the impeding fabrics, Ian looked Nicole in the eyes and smiled. "Having a good time?" he checked. She raised one eyebrow in exaggerated suavity and kissing him again said, "I'll give you three guesses..."

Pleased with this response, he slipped his fingers under the hem of her sweater and pulled it over her head, accidentally dislodging the ornamental stick holding her hair up. It bounced harmlessly on the floor as her hair gleefully escaped its bonds and unwound itself to float around her shoulders. He stepped back to admire the sight, as her red hair contrasted insistently with the deep green silk of her chemise. Their eyes met again, and each could see that initial desire had been growing, and still was. Ian leaned down and pressed his lips against hers again, this time pushing her back toward the bed while she simultaneously pulled him, her index fingers hooked in his belt loops. Seemingly slow, they fell back against the mattress, Ian supporting himself on his elbows over her, their bodies barely touching.

Decision made, they went at each other in earnest – she pulled off his shirt, he unclasped and removed her bra from under her silky tank top. He slipped the straps of said tank top over her shoulders and pulled down, her breasts fighting the fabric at first, and then popping free. Looking down on two beautifully round, impossibly perky, wonderfully symmetrical orbs he gave in to the urge to suck on them and descended on her nipples. She writhed and pressed closer to him, tiny moans sliding past her kiss-swollen lips. As he built the hunger inside her with his nibbling and sucking, a craving for a certain pleasure overcame her.

With a hand on his shoulder she pushed, rolling them over until she straddled him, her hair falling in clouds around her face. Tortuously casual, she eased the crumpled silk past her ribs, back over her breasts, and tossed it aside. She could easily feel his excitement through their jeans, and decided to do something about that. Leaning forward she caught his lips, their tongues sliding together in a dance. Her hand wandered down and laid siege to his belt and button fly, and she felt as well as heard a hum of approval emanate from his throat as his fingers quickly caught up with her progress. Quickly rising off him, she gripped the waistband of both his jeans and briefs, and began to inch them off his waist. He cooperated, then sitting up reciprocated the action, and soon they were lying next to each other in nothing but their own skins.

Taking a moment to adjust to this first incident of mutual nudity, they kissed all the body parts previously rendered inaccessible. Nicole was still craving something though, and casually rolled back on top of him, the resulting pressure of her abdomen on his growing erection an obvious benefit. Lifting his hands to her face, he held her cheeks and kissed her tenderly, which only egged on her hunger. She kissed him back in the same manner, then gradually grew rougher, and was exceedingly pleased when he eagerly responded. Sliding down she kissed his neck, chest, nipples – a good reaction there – abs, navel, and hip bones. By now it was quite obvious what she was going for, and Ian gave a start as he fully realized this.

"Hey, you sure?" While the protest was sweet in intention, his heavy breathing was an indicator for how he really felt. "I mean, you don't have to or anythi– "

Looking up at him with a wicked grin, he teeth flashing white, she replied, "Ian, a girl's got to eat, doesn't she?" before going back to her business.

He smelled good, clean, and was warm against her cheek. She kissed his hip bone again, lightly grazing it with her teeth and accustoming herself with his landscaping. She was so relieved to see what he had to offer, and was savoring the knowledge of what was sure to come. Inhaling his no doubt pheromone-filled aroma again, she slid her cheek up the shaft, and began to gently kiss the tip, her tongue darting out here and there to get a taste of him. Forcing herself to make it last, she took a couple trips up and down his length kissing and licking along the outside. She could feel his hips starting to wiggle below her in growing anticipation, and was enjoying the mounting feelings as well.

Now dropping all holds on herself, she licked her way up to the head and wrapped her lips around it. Needing more of his delicious tasting skin, she began working down on it, alternating her tongue between massaging the vein on its underside and swirling around its tip. Soon she had nearly all of it in her mouth, and between her excited breathing she could hear occasional gasps coming from between Ian's clenched jaw. Backing up to catch her breath momentarily, she looked up at him and he down at her. He smiled, his eyes shining, and reached down to comb her hair to one side with his fingers. Feeling mischievous for knowing what was going to happen next, she refocused on what was immediately in front of her and rewetted her work area. Holding lightly to his pelvis with her hands, she sucked him down again until she was back to having him mostly in her mouth. She could feel him pressing against her tonsils, but angled her head and pushed a little more, successfully fitting all of him in her mouth. With that a distinct moan sounded above her, and she wriggled at this level for a while, leaving off to catch a breath at need. Now she wanted to finish him; wanted to feel his pleasure course through both of them.

Her tongue mercilessly stroked the ridge of nerves on the underside while her lips formed a sweet circle that constantly moved up and down. Once a pattern was established, she kept to it like a metronome, and could tell his excitement was mounting. At last she new he was on the absolute brink, and all she had to do was throw him over. She quickened her pace and tightened her mouth, her fingernails leaving marks on his legs. Ian groaned and twitched as she felt his muscles begin their contractions. Always curious how a certain man's seed would taste, compared to others, she received it with satisfaction as it proved to be very tasty indeed. The continuous sucking on her part milked him for all he was worth, and she didn't let a single drop escape.

Finally, with a heartily contented sigh and a feeling of being stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey, she slithered up his body to look into his face. As soon as she was close enough to his face, he kissed her hard and deeply, and she gladly relaxed into the strength of his lips. Whispering praise and astonishment at her actions, he rolled her over until he was halfway on her, and trailed his fingers along any and all her skin he could reach.

To be continued...

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