Nicole for Rent


He pushed the head inside her several times and then withdrew it again, then once well lubricated he penetrated her slowly and fully, I knelt on the bed at Nicole's side to watch things unfold, touching her lovely flat cum covered belly and caressing her still damp breasts. The cum on her tits was starting to dry and was now sticky to the touch, so I leaned forward, licking and sucking each of her nipples for a moment, tasting the drying sperm on them. Then Nicole pulled me back up to kiss her and as we kissed I felt her body being gently pushed up and down the bed as her pussy started being fucked and when I looked over at the couch, I could see that all the guys were now jerking off pretty quickly. The other guy that was standing to the side was jerking off quite rapidly and I wondered if he might cum before getting to fuck Nicole's pussy. He was holding one of her ankles and was rubbing his cock against the side of her foot and across Nicole's toes, which were beautifully painted in a pale pink polish.

As I watched, Nicole's pussy was being fucked a little harder as time went on and my own cock was now in need of some attention and I felt that I might need to cum to relieve some pressure. I knelt up on the bed and moved my cock closer to her face as she immediately took hold of my cock and pulled it towards her. Then I saw a guy get up off the couch and kneel on the bed at the other side of Nicole's head and hold his rigid cock down towards her face. Nicole turned her head and took his cock in her other hand and pulled the tip down into her mouth and started sucking him off. I watched as she sucked him as her pussy was now being fucked quite hard and was starting to make quite a lot of noise.

Just then the guy who was fucking her pulled his cock out of her pussy and held it against her wet, open lips and I was sure he was about to cum, but instead he moved to the side and the guy who had been jerking off, placed his cock against her pussy. Then he took a step back and hooked his hands into the waistband of her panties and as Nicole lifted her ass up off the bed a little, he pulled her panties off and dropped them behind him on the floor. Her legs fell wide open once she was naked and he laid the head of his cock against her wet lips. His cock slid into her easily and he wasted no time in fucking her and looked like he might be very close to orgasm. He pumped away at her pussy as Nicole turned her head and took my cock again into her hot mouth and started jerking me off quite hard.

At this time, all our inhibitions had gone and I saw one of the guys on the couch reach down to Nicole's wet panties. His cock was fully erect like they all were now and he slipped the cum soaked panties over his rigid shaft and started to jerk off with them. This must have felt great and over the next while, her panties were passed around and each of the guys had a few minutes of jerking off with them on their cocks. This reminded me of a time that Nicole had jerked me off into a pair of her panties and what a wonderful orgasm that had been.

Nicole was now sucking me off and clearly trying to get me to cum as she also held the other guys cock tight in her hand and was jerking him off in the same way. I knew that she was now eager to get more sperm on her and indeed inside her and the guy fucking her pussy, did not have long to go. His eyes closed as we watched him making harder, but slowly strokes into her pussy, then he reached down and held the base of his cock as he pushed deep inside her and started to cum. We watched as the veins on his shaft pulsed and knew then that she was taking her first load of sperm into her pussy. Then everything seemed to start to happening at once.

The other guy standing at the bottom of the bed was pushing his way back between Nicole's thighs as he jerked his cock quite fast with his hand and the guy who had just cum inside her pulled his cock out. As his cock came out of her pussy, a few good cumshots sent thick white cum onto her naked hole and across the inside of her right thigh, then her pussy was immediately filled again with the other cock that was soon about to explode. As the first guys orgasm subsided he held his cock and I watched as he pulled down on his foreskin and the last of his cum spurted out onto the top Nicole's thigh.

Both of Nicole's hands were moving faster on our shafts as she felt the sperm shoot inside her pussy and onto her thigh and we were both about to let them go, when the guy who was now inside her also started to cum. He held only the head of his cock inside her and jerked his shaft hard with his hand as I decided to move down the bed and jerk off onto her pussy. As soon as my cock left her mouth, she turned her head to take the other cock in her mouth and started to jerk him off quite hard as she sucked on his thick head. I knelt beside her hip and jerked off with my cock pointing down at her fleshy wet mound as the cock that was now in her pussy began to shoot a second load of cum into Nicole.

His cock pumped his hot sperm into her for a while, then he started to slide his cock out of her, but held it between her lips just below her clit. I watched closely as his thick sperm spilled out onto her clit and ran down both sides of her pussy, then as he moved his tip down from her clit, the thick cum filled the opening between her lips and sat there without moving. This was very thick sperm and her pussy looked incredible right now and I just wished I could get down there to eat her, I was so turned on.

The visual stimulation was so much that I started to cum and held my cock down against her lower stomach as the first powerful jet of cum streaked out across her belly and down onto her thigh. The other guy still held his cock in front of Nicole's pussy and also continued jerking off and I watched as both of our cocks now sprayed hot sperm across her naked skin. I guided the rest of my cum down over her already cum soaked pussy and the last few spurts splashed down around his thick tip as it lay between her lips. I held my cock as it softened in my hand and watched him step back from between her thighs and sit down on one of the sofas.

The last remaining guy to cum was still having his cock sucked by Nicole and once he looked down at the mess of her pussy, he must have decided that he wanted to cum on her as well. He got up off the bed, still stroking his shaft and stood between her thighs, then we all watched as he closed his eyes and held his cock in front of her pussy and began to jerk himself off. Even Nicole sat up a little to watch him cum. He rubbed the head of his cock across her wet hole and down under her ass cheeks, covering it with sperm that was dripping from her pussy. With his shaft now well lubricated, he gripped his shaft tight and jerked off with his balls pressing against Nicole's pussy lips and his cock pointing up over her clit.

He soon reached his orgasm and held the swollen red tip very still in his hands and we all watched as it finally exploded and the 7th load of sperm shot up in the air and showered down onto her stomach and chest. He quickly pushed the tip between her lips and the entire length disappeared into her pussy, sending more sperm deep inside her. His cock moved in and out slowly then eventually slipped out of her pussy and all the guys went back to sit on the couches as Nicole relaxed her legs and lay flat and still on the bed, completely soaked in sperm, inside and out.

It was quiet for a while as everyone took in what had just happened and I lay down on the bed beside her and she whispered in my ear, "What about the money?" Oh fuck, I had totally forgotten about the money as had everyone else, including Nicole. "Shit, the money', I said as I realized. "Guys, we seem to have forgotten to collect all the money as we went along", then each of them got up and threw what appeared to be all the money they had brought with them on the bed. At first glance there seemed to be thousands of dollars on the bed so Nicole didn't even bother to count it, but instead, just pushed it up under the pillow and lay there.

It began to feel like maybe this was all over, but looking at Nicole lying there and with the 6 naked cocks still sitting being gently stroked on the couches, I wasn't so sure. So I decided to lie down on the bed with my head down by her open thighs and my legs up close to her face so that I could take a close look at her cum soaked pussy. I loved nothing more than seeing cum all over her pussy and belly and I was not to be disappointed. Her entire stomach and breasts were covered in sperm as well as the insides of both thighs and there was a constant trickle of cum running out of her pussy.

Of the multiple cumshots on her pussy the difference in them was amazing. Some of the sperm was quite clear and thin as it ran down the insides of her thighs and down over her pussy and some of it was like a thick white gel. There were several streaks of thick cum across the front of her pussy where her pubic hair had been shaven off and some of it on the insides of her thighs. Even the thick cum on her thighs had not yet begun to slide down, but hung there and looked very kinky indeed. The warm sperm ran out of her pussy and down between her ass cheeks and onto the black sating sheets, where there was now quite a pool. Normally, after I had just fucked her, I would take great delight in eating her pussy, but with several different loads of cum inside her and all over her plump mound, I wasn't so sure.

I bowed my head down low over her soaking lips and watched the sperm spill slowly out from between them, feeling my cock stiffen as Nicole took it in her hand. She had not had an orgasm yet and I knew that she was likely trying to get me aroused enough to eat her wet slippery hole. As she pulled at my foreskin her cum covered hole suddenly looked good enough to eat, even though there was a large amount of thick white cum between her lips. Nicole sat up for a moment as the guys on the couches all sat quietly watching; "Go on," she whispered, "I know you'd love to do it." She was right and so I pressed my mouth down onto her clit and kissed between her wet lips.

I could immediately feel and taste the sperm on my lips, but it was no different than when it was my own sperm. My hands then took hold of her thighs and as I pushed them apart, my mouth went down onto her gaping pussy and I began to suck gently at her lips. Nicole now had a firm grip of my shaft and I raised my leg up over her head so that I was in a comfortable 69 position on top of her, with my face buried into her cum filled hole. Once in this position, there was no stopping me. Nicole began tugging at my shaft and sucking the tip into her mouth as I pulled her smooth shaven lips apart and plunged my tongue deep into her pussy.

The guys watched in amazement as I licked and sucked at her cum filled hole, even sucking at the cum as it ran out of her pussy and before it trickled down over her asshole and onto the bed. I tried to raise her thighs up so that it would open and expose both of her holes even more for me, but I was not in a great position to push her thighs back. Just then, two guys got up off the couch and came over to the bed, then taking hold of her legs, they spread them wide and raised them up high. Now, her pussy and ass they well exposed and just over the edge of the bed as I sucked hard on her pussy and could feel the sperm from within her being drawn out and into my mouth.

Her ass was also well exposed and I knew she loved any attention around her asshole, so I moved my mouth down and licked around her tight little ass, tasting the cum that had run down over it. Nicole responded as soon as I touched her ass and began to jerk me off with the tip of my cock in her mouth. It was only then that I looked at the two guys standing there and realized that their cocks were now fully erect again and very close to me. A third guy then got up and stood directly in front of me and between Nicole's thighs, then as I lifted my mouth up from her pussy, he leaned forward and pressed the thick head of his cock against her open lips.

I placed my hands on her wet lips and looked down as the head and shaft slowly disappeared into her pussy only an inch below my face, then he began to fuck her. The thick gel-like cum started to slide down over her naked mound and down between her lips as she was being fucked. It sat on her clit and then began to slide down around both sides of his cock, but I took this opportunity to reach down and suck some of the thick white streaks from her fleshy mound. I was so turned on by seeing her getting fucked at such close range that I just had to try and lick at her as he fucked her pussy.

I managed to turn my head to the side a little and get my mouth down over her shaven mound and then push my tongue out and flick carefully at her clit. As I got more adventurous and began to circle her clit, I felt the tip of my tongue touch the shaft of his cock. It was such an intimate thing to be doing and it really made me feel quite aroused, so I poked my tongue down below her clit and around the side his cock as he fucked her. He noticed what I was trying to do and removed his rigid cock from her hole, then as I saw her pussy remain wide open, some thick cum from her clit slid down and into her open hole. I put my head down once again and this time really plunged my mouth down onto her and pushed my tongue deep into her sucking like crazy at her pussy.

I only did this briefly as I knew he wanted to keep fucking her and I was also enjoying the show. As soon as I moved my mouth away from her, he slipped his cock easily back inside and began to fuck her again, then I noticed that all the other guys who had been on the couches were now standing up close by and watching what was going on. Each of them was once again erect and jerking off quite fast and at this point I wondered if they were all about to try and fuck her and cum inside her pussy. It was quite a prospect as only 3 of them had actually ejaculated inside her and I was sure they'd all love to, as much as I'd love to see it happen.

The guy who was inside her right now suddenly closed his eyes and looked up at the ceiling, then he held his cock inside her and started to tug at the base of his shaft. I knew what was happening, but continued to suck at her clit as he began cumming inside her pussy. His orgasm subsided quite quickly and I could see the shaft soften inside her and then slip out as he stood back and some cum dripped from his cock onto the floor. I looked down at her gaping hole as the cum appeared slowly at the entrance and began to run out of her and down over the edge of the bed onto the carpet. Then just as I was thinking about eating her pussy, one of the guys who had been holding her leg stood between her thighs and pushed his cock into her and began fucking her. He had been jerking off the entire time as he watched and as I now looked around, all the guys were fully erect and they all seemed eager to get inside her before ejaculating again.

As the next cock slid easily into her, I felt Nicole hold my foreskin down tight with one hand as her other hand began to jerk me off just under my thick stiff head. This drove me wild as she also started to suck at the very tip of my cock. The guy inside her now seemed to be beginning his orgasm and I realized that they may all be this quick now. I put my mouth down over her clit and sucked around it, feeling his shaft with my lips, then as his cock slipped out of her pussy I felt some sperm spurting against the side of my mouth and realized he was still cumming. I moved my face out of the way as he coated her pussy once again with thick white cum, then as he moved back from the bed I could not resist opening my mouth and licking at the hot fresh sperm as it slid down each side of her pussy. The line up between Nicole's thighs now had the 4 remaining guys standing jerking off rapidly and I knew at this point that none of them would be fucking her for long, but rather were just waiting long enough to get their cocks inside her before spurting their second loads into her.

I was eager to try and see each of them cum inside her before having my own orgasm and I was really hoping to be able to wait and also shoot inside her pussy, rather than cum in her mouth. Even before I had managed to lick all the cum from her pussy, there was another cock inside her and he began to fuck her quite hard as I cleaned the sperm from each side of her pussy, but then another guy stepped forward holding his cock. He looked the youngest in the group and stood to the side of Nicole's thighs as she was being fucked, then without warning a thick cumshot spurted from his cock and landed on the inside of Nicole's raised right thigh and he began to jerk off faster as he leaned forward and sprayed his cum around her pussy as she was still being fucked. The cock inside her responded as it also began to ejaculate and after sending several shots into her, he pulled out and they both soaked her pussy and the backs of her thighs with sperm as I pulled her thighs back up and spread them wider. They both moved back as I held Nicole's thighs and then the last two in the group took hold of her ankles and held them higher as I once again lowered my mouth down onto her pussy.

By now I was not even concerned about the cum on her, but rather delighted that her pussy remained covered in fresh sperm and I pushed my face down hard onto her open lips and sucked at them as the sperm inside her spilled out. I licked and sucked low down on her lips feeling the hot liquid run out of her pussy and down over her asshole, then I moved down slowly to her ass and poked gently at it with the tip of my tongue as the sperm trickled down over it. I was amazed none of the guys had tried to fuck her in the ass, but knew how much Nicole loved some attention around her asshole, so I licked and poked at it until I saw the next rigid cock appear between her legs. This time as he placed his cock between her lips and the tip sank slowly inside, Nicole reached down and tried to take hold of his shaft, but was unable to get hold of it because of the awkward position we were in.

Knowing exactly what she was trying to do, I carefully gripped his shaft and pulled it slowly from her pussy, then placed the tip on her asshole and watched as he slowly leaned forward and her ass opened every so slightly. I wiped some cum down around her ass and let the very tips of my fingers poke at her hole, until I could get them just inside her asshole. Still holding his rigid cock, I then pressed the tip once again into her ass and watched as this time, with Nicole relaxing, the tip slid slowly into her until the entire head was inside her ass. I kissed and sucked gently at her pussy again, even more turned on than ever as he moved the head slowly in and out of her ass, each time sinking a little deeper between Nicole's firm cheeks.

There was still a lot of sperm spilling from her pussy and as it ran down onto his shaft, I spread it along the length and down around his cock with my fingers. With the extra lubrication of this sperm, his cock was soon deep inside her ass and he had began fucking her quite firmly as I sucked on her open pussy. I was eager to keep sucking her as she had her ass fucked as I knew that this would be the way she would reach her orgasm and that her climax would be something to witness at close range. He fucked her ass quite hard as he held her thighs back and the last guy waiting to achieve his second orgasm stood beside him jerking off. I focused on Nicole's clit with my tongue as he pumped away at her ass, then Nicole let go of my cock and started to mumble that she was about to cum. This caused great excitement and the cock in her ass finally went still and the guy groaned as he began to shoot sperm into Nicole's firm little ass, managing to stay deep inside until her orgasm had also begun.

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