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Nicole-Taken On The Road


{This is not a loving wives story. It could be categorized as a hot wife or a slut wife if there was such a category at literotica. If you don't like wives who are sluts or have sex with others than don't read it unless, as I suspect, somehow it compels you to anyway.}

I married Nicole because she had that combination of wild child and sweet innocent nature that I can't resist. She is open and unrestrained in the bedroom, but to our friends she must seem like the girl next door. My friends just couldn't see it. It's my first marriage, her second. I'm more than a decade older at age 45.

I also found out about another part of her. She revealed herself in snippets over a short period of time. She often talked about fantasies. She was very interested in mine and didn't hesitate to share hers. I noticed the most common theme of hers was being taken. She often talked about her ex-husband. He was the hot headed type. He was controlling. To me, he sounded just plain mean. However, I noticed when she talked about the sex she had with him, it made her hot. She especially loved it when he "took" her, as she'd say. When he made her do things, naughty things, just because he said so. These things included bondage, spanking and verbal humiliation. He also forced her to suck off a couple of his friends. She said this was in response to her burning dinner one night. I asked if she liked it. She just lowered her head in embarrassment, her face reddened. I knew her answer. I had a girlfriend in the past who was into sharing, so I'd experienced the thrill of this as well. We took quick steps in our sexual games. Being a smart guy I also took advantage of this, as they are also part of my fantasy life. We went from playful bondage and spanking to more elaborate scenarios rather quickly.

One thing she really enjoyed was being exhibited. She's got a dynamite body and it didn't take too much encouragement from me for her to show it off. We loved to have her show way too much of her tits in public, such as an out of the way bar. She can wear skin tight pants or shorts that accentuate the best ass on the planet. It never failed to get us going and we'd fuck for hours on end after.

We are from Michigan and once a year we drive down to Florida for an extended vacation. It didn't take long for us to enjoy showing Nicole off along the way. We started with truckers and guys in trucks, as our car is lower than most of the SUV's and trucks on the road. It gives the viewer an easy, unobstructed view. She especially liked when I tied her hands behind the seat so that she couldn't cover up. She was into bondage. She absolutely loved it so I incorporated it whenever I could. We'd stay in motels along the way and that also gave us opportunities to play. We did the "order the pizza" thing several times. She'd meet the guy at the door and flirt while wearing a towel, or just one of my button down shirts, open at the top and barely (or not really) covering her bare ass. I teased her each time that she should do more than just flirt. She'd just flash an embarrassed smile. I told her I should just tie her hands behind her back and let whatever happens happen. I could see her face had that look. I knew the look as total lust, I just hadn't learned yet exactly how much she wanted. She was looking for control. We were headed for something more and I think we both knew it. When it hit us it was like a lightning bolt and probably more unexpected.

We were heading towards Florida. I'd devised a sexual game for us to play along the way. The trip takes us through Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, then into Florida. I dared her to be in various stages of nakedness in every other state. We leave in the early afternoon so it'd be night time by the middle of Kentucky, and into Tennessee, where we usually find a cheap motel for the night. I knew she'd be up for it, she always is, especially when I think of it. She likes doing the bidding of others, it frees her from some of the guilt, I guess.

Wisely, I thought, she chose to remain clothed for the hour or so in Michigan. Her excited nervousness was apparent as we approached the Ohio border. She looked to me. I told her to take off her top. For the rest of the state she'd have to be topless, even at rest stops and gas stations. We were very aware though, that we usually didn't need gas until we hit Kentucky. Still, in the blaring light of day we had 3 hours drive at least until we hit the Kentucky border. We got a number of excited looks along the way. Nicole took to mashing herself against the door and slumping down whenever I saw a car of women, or children. However, when it was just men, I didn't allow it. Nicole gave me that cute sexy pout but I just shook my head sternly and forced her to sit up straight. She's got a very nice set of tits and her nipples when hard, like they were then, could poke your eyes out. I saw her squirm in her seat a number of times when guys would speed up as they passed us, then would slow down to make sure they were seeing what they were seeing. I made her make eye contact a couple times and her face turned various shades of scarlet. It was turning us both on, I have to admit. We got several toots of the horn from truckers, who no doubt had a better view of this gorgeous creature, topless, and wearing shorts so tight that I'm sure they could see the shape of her lips.

She tried to beg out of the arrangement a couple times but rather nonconvincingly. I had plied her with coffee for nefarious reasons and sure enough she had that urge to pee. I just smiled. I pulled into a rest area. True to our arrangement she raced to the ladies room, her tits bouncing wonderfully from the exertion. It was probably for the best that it was rather dead at that time of day, no need for us to get arrested before we had our fun. One older man got a good look of boobs though as he suddenly turned the corner as she raced out of the bathroom, past him. She had a look of delightful horror. The man, shocked, regained his senses and looked at us as we drove away and just smiled and gave us a thumbs up.

The Kentucky border approached too soon. She had a devilish smile when she put her top back on.

"Are you happy, you perv? Dozens of guys got to ogle your wife's precious tits," she teased.

"Uh huh," I laughed, "and so are you, I bet your panties are dripping."

She smiled shyly with embarrassment, "they would be, if I was wearing any."

I let her nap for a couple hours. I was planning my next move. My thought was that in Tennessee, she'd also have to go bottomless too. I figured that this would mean that when we stopped at the motel, she'd have to be exposed at least for a moment, when entering our room. I was hoping for a second floor. I wondered about the pizza scenario. I wondered if I should force her to do it this time. I thought that maybe I'd even handcuff her hands behind her and allow him access to her body. It was clear that she would like it, the hints were no longer subtle. The whole experience was getting to me as well. I wanted it to go farther than we'd ever gone, we both were turned on by what might happen.

She was still groggy as we approached Tennessee. I saw her yawning as she tossed her top into the back seat. She looked at me with apprehension as she started to unbutton her shorts. I just nodded in mock seriousness. She shrugged and pulled them off of her. I could smell her. The excitement was evident. She inspired me to get the handcuffs out of the glove compartment. I had her put her hands behind the seat. I cuffed them together. She was now open for all to see.

There are moments in people's lives when things change. I think we both knew something was coming, something that would forever change us, who we were at that moment. We were spinning towards it and neither of us wanted to stop it. We had no idea that it would happen as it did.

The sun had faded by the time we entered Tennessee. This afforded Nicole some cover, though not much, as much of the highway is heavily lighted. Not as many people knew they had a naked woman right next to them as they drove by, but we did get a few interested onlookers. I'm not sure they knew exactly what it is they saw, even though I gave them every opportunity. I was starting to wish I'd insisted on her being naked during the daytime. I was resigned that perhaps more would happen when we got to the motel. We were just half way through the state when Nicole said she had to use the bathroom again. My heart jumped.

I pulled in quickly to the first rest area. Nicole made me pull all the way to the end. I reluctantly obliged, knowing that she was probably right in being cautious. Still, I wanted something, anything good to happen. I uncuffed her for the moment to give her hands a rest. I went first. As I was returning to the car I noticed that the ladies room was being cleaned by an older lady. I was still in the dark when I saw Nicole standing outside the car. By the time I returned she was back in her seat. I told Nicole about the ladies room. She had a pleading look on her face. I told her to use the men's room, as it was empty. She told me to stand guard. I just smiled and said, "Sure," kiddingly, like I didn't really mean it. It was in the back of my mind to "let" some guy surprise her and see what happened. The stuff leading up to this had gotten us both edgy and bothered.

I pulled her from the car. Then, I recuffed her hands behind her. She started to protest but I pulled her close to me and kissed her deeply, cutting off her protests. I could feel her grind her bare pussy into me. I could feel the heat. I noticed out of the corner of my eye a semi truck, parked all the way at the end, in the darkest part of the lot.

I thought to myself, "too bad you are in the dark buddy, you'd get a good show."

I took her by the elbow and quickly led her up the path. She kept begging for me to at least let her hands be free but I knew she didn't need them to pee. I could also see how hot this was making her, there was no hiding it in her face. She padded into the bathroom in her bare feet, I saw her face form a disgusted, "ew" look. I just waved her forward. I took out my cell phone and called the motel. They were more than happy to give me a second floor room. I was smiling and congratulating myself when I noticed a figure approaching in the dark. I had wandered off from the bathroom door.

I started to approach but I realized how dangerous that could be, coming at someone out of the dark like that. I knew Nicole would be using one of the stalls, I hoped she wasn't done yet.

The man appeared under the light that hung above the door. He was a big man, burly, with huge arms and had a large beard and sizeable sideburns. I saw his hand reach for the latch, it was huge, it was like a bear paw. I just shivered. I'm a strong man, but If I was going to fight him for Nicole, I'd get my ass kicked. I was resigned to it though, if necessary. Still, based on what had led up to this, I wanted to see what would happen. He entered. I waited just a minute or so before I couldn't stand it. I went in. He was using the urinal. There was someone in one of the stalls, no doubt it was Nicole. I was guessing she was trying to wait him out. He finished up and went to the sink. He took his time. He was grooming himself.

"Fuck," I thought, "how can I get her out of here?" I also wondered whether I should. The thought of him finding her, as she was, cuffed and open for him, made me hesitate. I used the urinal myself then I went to a sink just down from his. I saw him eyeing me. I was becoming self conscious, I didn't want him to see my nervousness. I tried to act nonchalant. When it was obvious he wasn't leaving anytime soon I started to go to one of the stalls.

His voice was low and menacing. "Look dude, I'm not into any of that gay shit, so don't even think about it."

I was startled. I tried babbling out some explanation like I have a bladder problem or something, I can't even remember, but it sounded just as stupid to him as it did to me. His eyes bored a hole in me.

"Do your business, then get out," he growled. I considered facing up to him to at least give Nicole a chance to run out but the excitement built up from our ride made me let it play out.

Reluctantly I walked outside, I glanced back to see Nicole pull her feet up under the stall. She was trying to hide. On the other side of the building there was a window. It was one of those glass block types, but it had a noticeable crack in it along where it met a vent. I could see most of the bathroom. He was still in front of the mirror.

Suddenly, he spoke. "Listen miss, I know you are in there. I've already met your man, might as well meet you too."

Nicole didn't answer. He continued, "listen, I've got all night," he said softly, carefully. She still didn't respond. I saw him walk to her stall. He knocked on the door, lightly, but insistently. I was about to go in and get his hands all bloody but the possibility of what might happen overwhelmed that side of me.

I heard Nicole peep, "what do you want?"

He leaned in, peering through the cracks. I knew he could see her as she was, naked and cuffed. "I just want a better look than I got before. That was quite a show back there. I liked when you got out of the car when he was gone and gave me a show. Then, I saw your man take you out of the car, cuff you and bring you in here. In the dark though I didn't get to see enough. I think it's only fair you show me what you intended."

I heard Nicole sniffling. "I'm sorry, we're just playing a game...I don't want to get hurt..."

The trucker scoffed. "Hurt you? I'm offended. You are the one who pranced in here stark naked. I just want what any guy would want, the chance to see you, up close, in all your glory."

"Oh god," Nicole said softly. "My husband is just outside," she said.

"Yeah, I met him," he laughed. "Nice guy. However, I don't see him here now. This can go a couple ways, depending on you. One, I haul you out of here and take you down the road a mile or so. There's a speed trap where I know the cop is always waiting. Nice guy, his name is Mike. He hasn't seen anything like you in quite awhile, I'm sure. Spend a night, or two, in a rural jail if you choose. Naked, cuffed? I wouldn't like your chances," he chuckled evilly. "Two, your husband comes in here again and I kick his ass then I see you naked anyway. Or, three, you come out here like a good little girl and show me what you obviously wanted people to see in the first place."

I was cemented in place, my mouth was dry. I knew what I should do. I walked around the building, I opened the door a crack, hoping just for a moment of surprise. It was I who was surprised, however. Just as I opened the door slowly, the stall door opened. Nicole stepped out. She was trembling. The man towered over her. A big grin crossed his lips.

"Nice, very nice," he said appreciatively. He turned her around with one big paw. He admired the view. He let out a low whistle. "Damn, girl, you have definitely got my attention now," he smiled.

Nicole avoided his gaze the whole time. I was transfixed, I couldn't move. He pulled her into him roughly. His big hands caressed his way down to her round, firm ass.

"I like the cuffs," he said, "nice touch." He turned her around. I saw those hands cup her breasts. His fingers took her nipples and twisted them. I saw her squirm, twisting her nipples is like a shortcut to getting her hot. I saw her head fall back into his chest.

"Like that, eh?" He snorted.

"No," she said, though he wasn't buying it. He pawed her without caution now. One hand continued to drive her crazy with nipple tugs, the other found her dripping pussy. My jaw dropped when I saw her widen her stance a little, to help his access. I no longer had the motivation to leap to her rescue. I also didn't want to be caught watching him. I retreated quietly. I went back around the building to the crack in the window. He pulled her over to the sinks.

"What...what are you going to do?" she said softly.

He didn't answer her, he was thinking.

"I've really got to be going..." she begged, "...my husband..."

He sat on the edge of the sink and pulled her chest into his while he spoke to her.

He laughed. "Yeah, wonder where he's off to. Maybe he's tougher than he looks and he's going to get a gun or a posse to fight for you but I doubt it."

"Then what do you want from me? You've seen what you want to see." She said in a little girl voice. I swore it was the one she only used when she was deeply into a sex game of ours.

"The way I see it is this. You two get your jollies by public exhibition. He likes showing you off, you like showing your goods to men."

I saw her look at him, she was studying him. I could see her nod slightly.

"So, tonight you decided to ramp it up a little. Maybe it's the first time you tried the cuffs or maybe..." he said, lost in thought.

"Maybe what?" Nicole squeaked.

"Maybe this time you wanted something to happen," he said in measured tones. "First, I saw you get out of the car when he was gone. That's how I noticed you first. I saw you look in my direction. I think you were hoping to get caught. Isn't that right?"

"Noooo..." Nicole sniffed.

"I think it is right," he said sternly. "That's why you let me have such a long look before he got back. You were hoping someone was watching."

He bent her at the waist, enough to lay her partially across his lap. He was caressing her ass the whole time.

I saw Nicole nod no, though softly, while weeping.

"Then, when you got in here you took your sweet time, I saw that. I waited a few minutes while your husband was yapping on the phone before I came in. By then, you'd have had plenty of time to get back to your car. Listen, I wasn't born yesterday hon'. You aren't fooling anybody here, you are totally into this."

"Please, you've had your fun, let me go now," she begged softly.

"We do need to go," he said, suddenly more urgently. "That cleaning woman might come in or your husband might try and spoil this."

He took her by the elbow and after scanning the area he pulled her out of the bathroom. I tagged along in the dark, from a distance.

I saw the concern in her face again. "Then what do you want"? She begged again.

I heard her begging him, "please please don't rape me, I don't want to get hurt..."

He responded gruffly, "I ain't raping nobody. You started this. You are as naked as the day you are born and handcuffed, so that you can't stop what happens. No cop in the world would arrest me for rape, especially not Ol' Mike down the road. If you keep squawking I'm going to drive you down there and be done with you, is that what you want?"

She whined, "No, sir, please don't...we don't want any trouble."

He took her to the corner of the lot. There was a picnic table. I saw him sit on top of it. I approached softly, quietly. I picked up a sizable branch along the way. I figured I might need it. I crept up as close as I could. With them silhouetted in the moonlight I saw him pull her close to him. He kissed her. Hard and deep. His hands mauled her ass. He pulled his head away, I could hear his panting.

"Damn girl, your tongue is fucking magic," he said. I couldn't believe it. I knew how active her tongue was when kissing at the height of passion.

He bent her over the table, he started to spank her ass. I could hear her softly moaning.

I couldn't see her face but I knew how much that normally turns her on.

"Let me ask you," he began, "what is it you want before I let you go?" Tell me what you want." She didn't respond at first. "Tell me, you little whore."

Nicole only responded by dropping to her knees, I saw the flash of the cuffs in the moonlight, she was offering herself to him.

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