tagFirst TimeNicole's Decent Ch. 01

Nicole's Decent Ch. 01


This is the true story of my adventures into adulthood with an older man. Names and places have been changed to protect the identities of the people involved.

To begin let me describe myself. My name is Nicole. I am a total geek but I'm the only person who would describe myself that way. Others, particularly men, see me as a purely sexual object. I have light brown hair with natural blonde highlights, dark blue eyes, d cup breast, and a natural hourglass figure.

As usual I was in my room pretending to be a total slut by doing a strip tease to a new and bad disco song called "Blurred Lines." I know it was cheesy but I was the biggest virgin anyone had ever met and I thought it was really sexy. I didn't hear the knocking at my door and as I was beginning to shimmy out of my tank top I heard someone clear their throat behind me.

I turned around to see my dads handsome business partner gale standing in the doorway with an unusually relaxed look on his face. I lunged for my computer to turn off the awful music and stumbled in the heels I was unaccustomed to wearing with my already 5'9 frame.

"Okay now he was close, tried to domesticate you. But you're an animal baby it's in your nature."

I regained my balance and hit the pause button while turned around to look at gale again. He still hadn't said anything. He cleared his throat once again and looked at my bare stomach. I quickly pilled the flimsy tank top back over my tanned stomach and realized I was standing in front of him in nothing but pink panties, a pink and white striped bra, a white see through tank top, and black wedges. I knew I looked like a total skank and was mortified.

"I'm surprised Nicole." That was all he said then I saw him look over my entire while I stood there dumbfound. "Your mom wanted me to tell you that dinner's ready. I suggest you put on something nice. There's a man downstairs with his teenage son and your father wants to buy his company." With that he walked away and I was still too shocked to register what he had said for a good minute.

I quickly ran to my closet and fished out my simple black dress that stopped right above my knees. It was much more conservative than what gale had just seen me in.

I walked downstairs and composed myself before entering the dining room. I scanned over the room and saw the only available seat was coincidently next to gale. I sat down and he looked over at me and smirked. I did my best to ignore him and my mother quickly provided a distraction. "Nicole will be attending Brown university in that fall, she applied early acceptance actually. We are very proud of her."

"Oh, yes, of course, as you should be. Brian will be attending Vanderbilt next year." That man sitting across from me said gesturing towards his pimple ridden son. "So, Nicole what is it that you want to major in exactly?"

"Political science, " I said while playing with the peas left on my plate.

"Aw a lawyer, eh? Lotta money in that, can't go wrong. Be a divorce lawyer, that where the money really is."

"I'll consider it," I said as cooly as possible not wanting to start a debate about wanting to be an environmental lawyer.

I spent the next 40 minutes listening to uninteresting business talk as the boy across from my attempted to play footsie with me under the table and failed miserably. I had no desire to be the center of Brian's attention. Then I felt a blanket of air passing my legs as a kick was swiftly delivered by gale to Brian's shin as my father was making polite conversation with the young boy. His face screwed up in an attempt to mask the pain he was obviously in. I looked into Gale's dark green eyes and delivered my own smirk and a silent thank you.

"Is everyone done?" My mother asked as she looked over the table making sure her food had not gone unappreciated. We all said yes and graciously thanked her for the meal.

"Nicole," my father looked at me with a stern expression. "Please take Brian to the living room, the adults have some business to attend to."

"Of course," I said as I lead the way with Brian following closely behind me.

"Your house is pretty awesome," Brain said as he sat down a little too close to me on the coach.

"Thank you."

The next thing I knew Brian had leaned over and was slowly tracing his finger from my knee to the hem of my dress, which had ridden up to my mid thigh. I looked at him, took his had, and placed it in his own lap.

"I really don't think so," I said and patted his hand like he was a child.

"I think so." Brian immediately grabbed my thigh and squeezed hard. I let out a cry and knew that there would be a bruise. He leaned over and stuck his tongue in my mouth while he kept a firm grasp on my thigh. I hit the side of his head and he stopped to look at me like I was crazy.

"Did you just hit me?"

Now it was my turn to look and him like he was crazy and stupid. "Yes I did you neanderthalic pig." My mouth had never gotten into trouble before because I rarely spoke up, but I saw a flash in his eyes and I knew I was in trouble. Before I knew what had happened I felt an intense stinging on the side of my face. He had slapped me and he was quickly pulling up my dress.

"HELP!" I yelled as loud as I could before Brian put his hand over my mouth. I pounded on his chest trying to get him off of me, but it had no effect on him.

"Get off of her!" Gale screamed as he was the first to enter the room. He grabbed Brian and threw him off of me. Brian stood up and looked tiny standing next to Gale's 6'4 frame and broad chest.

"Get out of my house," my mom said with flames dancing in her eyes.

My dad was escorting the pair out the front door as Brian's father was talking. "Boys will be boys after all Keith. He meant no harm."

"The deal's off. Enjoy your company spiraling downward without me." My dad said as he closed the door in the duos face. "I'm going to bed," my dad looked at me while grabbing his scotch from the bar.

I watched as my mother followed him towards their bedroom while telling Gale she was sorry the evening had ended so abruptly.

"Did you guys need to make that deal?" I asked Gale in a voice barely above a whisper.

"Not really. It would have made us a couple hundred grand if we got the company back up and running to the state it was in a year ago, nothing major. Your dad was actually doing the guy a huge favor." Gale looked at me and saw that I was about to burst into tears. "Listen," he said as he pulled me into him with his arms around me, "it's not your fault he was an ass." I nodded my head and let the tears fall freely onto his suit.

"I'm sorry," I said as I finally pulled myself away from Gale. I wiped my tears off his shoulder and he clasped my hand.

"Don't beat yourself up. You can't control a horny teenage boy. Walk me to my car?" I nodded and opened the front door for him and slowly walked towards his new black mustang convertible.

I grinned when I saw it. "Midlife crisis much?" I smiled through my tear ridden eyes and looked up at him.

"I'm only 38."

"No actually you're 41. I don't blame you though I'm going to start taking off years when I hit 35." I was still smiling at him.

He smiled back at me and took a step towards me. "Goodnight Nicolette," he said as he planted a single kiss on my forehead. He pulled away from me, got into his car, and pulled out of the circular driveway.

"Goodnight." I said to myself as I watched the lights from his car disappear.

"Wake up." I opened my eyes at the ungodly hour of 9 a.m. on a Saturday during the summer.

"What?" I looked over at my mom with the most hateful look I could possibly muster.

"Your dad and I are leaving tomorrow to go to Nashville and see your aunt. We'll be gone for a week. I told you about this multiple times Sophia."

"It's Nicole. So why exactly am I up right now?"

"Oh, yes forget about my sweet Sophia she's now Nicole. But anyway your dad and I decided we're going to stay at a hotel tonight in the city so we don't have to wake up as early to catch our flight. We're taking the boat out and we wanted you to come and drive it back tonight while we stay in the city."

"Sure, give me 15 minutes to get ready."

"You have 10 and don't forget to grab breakfast," my mom said admiring herself in my mirror before she left my room.

I stripped as fast as I could and paused a moment to admire my own body in the mirror. I had a toned stomach and could barely see the definition of a six pack beginning to form. Then I looked up and stared at my breast. They were d cups and I was extremely proud of them. They stayed up on their own without the help of a bra and they had cute little pink nipples directly in the middle of each of them. My friends called them porn star tits without the plastic surgery.

I dragged myself away from the mirror and grabbed my new bikini. It was olive green and complimented my dark skin tone. I pulled it on and glanced at the clock on my bedside table while slipping on my favorite pair of sunglasses. Only three minutes left before I had to be outside. I grabbed a pink tube top coverup and slid on a pair of black flip flops. I ran downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a banana before running outside to the car. I had beaten my mom and felt extremely accomplished.

"Good morning," my dad said actually smiling, "know where your mom is by chance?"

"Somewhere in the castle," I said smiling at my dad while he laughed at my oldest joke about the mansion that was our house.

"You should be thankful for what you have," he was looking over his sunglasses at me with his clear blue eyes so unlike my own dark blue ones.

"I will never understand why three people need over 6,000 square feet."

"Nicole, your mom and I enjoy our home. You can decide what you want to live in after you get a job and own your own house."

"Sorry it took my so long!" My mom exclaimed sporting a huge beach tote bag that probably contained half of her bathroom. "I couldn't find the sunscreen anywhere then I remembered it was in the kitchen!" My mom looked at us and flashed her biggest gron.

"You're the only one who needs it Liz," my dad said as he got into the car.

The drive to the lake took about an hour and we listened to music the entire way there. The second we pulled in I saw Gale's car and him leaning on the bumper.

He was wearing plaid swim trunks and had on a light blue collared shirt without any of the bottons done. After that initial observation I noticed that he had the sleeves of the shirt rolled up and he had a six pack. I never knew it was possible for a man over 35 to have a flat stomach much less a six pack. He had his hands tucked into the pockets of his trunks and my dad pulled into the spot next to him.

"Wanna help me get the boat in the water?" My dad asked Gale and he nodded his head.

My mom and I got out of the car and headed towards the bathroom that was set up in the middle of the park. She opened the door and we were greeted with an empty building.

She stood in front of the mirror and reapplied her red lipstick as I stood there and watched her. I always believed one of the tackiest things in life was ugly women wearing red lipstick but my mom was absolutely beautiful. Her natural hair color was black but she dyed it blonde religiously. She green eyes that turned blue when she was sick. "Please tell me you didn't wear that skimpy green bikini," she said turning to me and looking at my shoulders that showed the straps of my bikini.

"Of course I did." I looked at her trying to register what was wrong with it.

"Nicole with your figure you are going to receive too much unwanted attention and with what happened last night..." She trailed off and I stared at her finding my pissed off voice. "Maybe people should teach their sons not to rape instead of girls being taught not to get raped."

It was my moms turn to stare at me unable to find a rebuttal to my argument. "Let's go," she finally said and lead the way out of the bathroom to the boat.

Our boat is blue. It has two seats in the back, a bench, and the front is carved out and can seat up to eight people.

My dad was behind the wheel and gale was sitting on the bench in the back when me and my mom arrived. My mom took the seat next to my dad and began applying her sunscreen while my dad and Gale talked about the upcoming promotions within their compant. I quickly made my way to the front of the boat and pulled off my coverup. I stared off into the water and gently fell asleep.

"You are definitely beyond burnt," Gale said.

I bolted up terrified that I looked like a lobster. I hadn't gotten a sunburn since I was 6 and my family spent two weeks in Hawaii.

"Goodness Gale don't scare her like that," my mom came up behind him.

"I'm just messing with her."

I looked around and realized we were docked at one of the restaurants in the middle of the lake.

"Do you want to eat her of get it to go?" My mom was staring down at me with her beaming smile.

"I'm sick of the sun, let's go inside."

My mom walked off the boat and quickly worked her way into the middle of the restaurant where my dad was already seated enjoying a beer. I took the seat across from her and noticed the cute frat guys who were seated at the table next to ours.

"Welcome to Joey's. I'm Nancy can I start you guys off with some drinks?" I gazed at the too happy waitress and noticed the way Gale was looking at her. He was summing her up like a predator stalking his prey and I felt a gang of jealousy.

"I'll have a Long Island iced tea," I looked at the peppy blonde daring her to ask for my id.

"Okay...." The girl slowly wrote down my drink as she slowly looked around the table checking to see if anyone would speak up.

"I'll have the same," my mom looked at me.

"Bring a pitcher of beer for us," Gale signaled towards himself and my father.

"Okay, be back in a jiffy," Nancy was obviously sticking out her nonexistent chest as she walked away.

I looked down at my own body and suddenly became aware of my lack of clothing. I had forgotten to put on my coverup after I had woken up and now sat there feeling the cool leather seat pressing into my thigh.

Gale and my dad went back to their debate about who they should promote and my mom was studying the menu. I began to zone out then I heard one of the frat guys speaking.

"Dude look at the babe at 6 o'clock."

I looked over to their table and saw one of the guys looking at me. He turned a deep shade of red and spun back around in his seat. I smiled to myself taking the comment as a compliment.

"Here's y'all go. I wanted to inform you we have a limit of two of these bad boys per customer," Nancy said as she hanged my mom and me our drinks.

I stared at her and flashed my biggest smile before I took the straw out of my drink and chugged a third of it. Nancy stalked off looking extremely flustered.

"That was impressive," Gale looked over at me and winked.

"Nicole," my dad was now staring at me, "we don't mind you drinking but we certainly don't want to cause a scene if they ask to see your license."

"I'll have them shut down for serving alcohol to an 18 year old."

The rest of the meal was quite boring. I ate my chicken tenders in silence and knew that I was probably too tipsy to walk out by myself.

"Here's your check," Nancy was back and I squinted at her as she handed a check to my dad and one to Gale.

"There seems to be a mistake," my dad said as he looked down at his check.

"What's the problem?" Nancy looked over his shoulder with a concerned expression.

"Where's her part?" My dad gestured towards me.

Nancy's eyes got really big as she realized her faux pas. "I thought you two were a couple!" She was obviously talking about Gale and me.

I slowly took off my sunglasses and looked her dead in the eye, "Yes, I am obviously is girlfriend rather than their daughter."

"How old are you?" Nancy looked too scared to want the true answer.

"49," I looked at her with a complete sneer. "I'm going to the bathroom." I stood up and grasped the table hoping I didn't look sloppy. I somehow managed to make it to the back of the restaurant and I looked in the mirror. I was sweating, my eyes were red, and my hair was clumping to my head. I turned on the water and sprinkled it on my face trying to sober myself up before going back. I sighed and walked back to the table.

Before I could take my seat I felt a rush of air and intense sting on my ass as the table of frat boys cheered. I turned around to see who had been the perpetrator. A wiry boy was staring at me while gloating. I felt the temperature rise within my body and I had had enough.

"Do you think you're cute?" I half yelled at the boy looking up at me as the smile vanished from his face. I took the back of his head and slammed it into the table. Before he could recover I grabbed his arm and twisted it behind him. He began to whimper and repeatedly mumbled he was sorry.

"Come on it was just a joke, we wouldn't want to call the police," one of his brothers said as he looked at me.

"Call the cops on me? And tell them what? That ten of you got beat up by a girl who weighs 120 pounds soaking wet?" I challenged him and finally let go of the boy I still had pinned down. "Go fuck yourself."

I turned back to my parents and Gale who were all staring at me in awe. "We should go," my mom said finally breaking the silence.

We all rushed out of the restaurant and pilled into the boat. "That was very unladylike," mom mom said about 15 minutes after we had left.

"I will not apologize for defending myself."

My mom looked at me and slowly shook her head. "I would never expect you to." She turned back around in her seat and my dad continued driving.

"I'm pretty proud of you," Gale whispered in my eat as he drapped his arm around my shoulder, "It was pretty awesome."

"At least you get it. Do you think my dad's mad, he hasn't said anything?"

"No your dad would never be mad at you, he gets mad about the way guys treat you."


"Yeah. He loves you. We had a conversation about the attention you've been getting from guys while you were sleeping earlier."


"He just hates the way grown men look at you now. You're growing into a very beautiful young woman."

I had no idea what to say. "Grown men don't look at me, it's just college guys," I looked at Gale and hr smirked.

"Whatever you say."

We sat in silence as my mom and dad discussed their plans for their trip to Nashville. "It's not like there's much to do anymore since they tore down Opryland," my mom was saying to my dad.

"Yeah, I heard they were going to rebuild it after the floods but they never did."

I could feel Gale's pulse slowly beating as his rested around my shoulders. I didn't know what to do or how we would explain ourselves if my parents turned around. The act itself was simple enough but the factors behind it lead to a monstrous problem if my parents saw us.

Their faces at the restaurant burned in the back of my mind as Nancy pointed out she thought Gale and I were together. The fact that the three of them had discussed older men looking at me made me believe that they were suspicious of the two of us.

"It's starting to get dark!" My dad yelled as he turned his head back towards me and Gale but rested his eyes on my mom.

I felt Gale's arm stiffen before he slowly moved himself further down the bench away from me.

My mom and I got out of the boat as my dad and Gale hitched it back on the car. "I want you to make sure Nicole gets home safely," my dad said as he slapped Gale on the shoulder.

I jumped into the drivers seat and slowly slid my key into the ignition. "Good thing I remembered them for you while you were in a hurry this morning," my mom said looking at me.

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