tagNovels and NovellasNicole's Decent Ch. 03

Nicole's Decent Ch. 03



"You'll see tonight."

At the moment there was a knock on Gale's door and we were interrupted for the third time that day. I scurried back to the seat I had been sitting in earlier as Gale told the person at the door to come in.

"Hey guys I'm think about shutting the office down an hour early so everyone has enough time to get ready tonight. Does that sound good to you two?" My dad was standing in the doorframe oblivious to what had been occurring only minutes ago.

"Sounds great," Gale smiled at my dad and I couldn't help but notice that it was genuine.

"Yeah, the sooner we get out of here the better," I turned around and looked at my dad.

"Gale you know Nicole has a short attention span."

"I know. I guess I'm going to have to figure out something to keep her entertained," Gale was smirking now.

"Okay. See ya later."

My dad left the room and shut the door behind him.

"So how are you going to keep me entertained?"

The next few hours of my day were spent sorting files. I was so bored and rather angry at Gale for making me do it, but I figured he was going to make it up to me that night. Finally after what felt like an eternity my dad knocked on the door and told me it was time to leave. We walked to Gale's car and he drove my dad and me home.

I immediately went to my room to start getting ready when we got home. I pulled off my black skirt and olive green blouse and headed for the bathroom. I stood in front of the mirror for ten minutes staring at myself.

Ashley always told me that you can tell when someone has had sex because something changes in their eyes. I never believed it but standing there something had changed. My eyes seemed brighter than they had been before. There was a gleam in them that stood out and I was mesmerized by it.

I finally pulled myself away from the mirror and took off my underwear that were still soaked from earlier. I stepped into the shower and clean my hair. Then I slowly started cleaning myself off.

After I was finished I stepped out and looked at the clock mounted on the wall. It was already 6:05 and I knew I would have to be ready to leave by 7:30. My brain went into overdrive and I started panicking about being late. I blow dried my hair and quickly straightened it and looked at the clock again. It was 6:45 and I began applying my makeup. By the time I finished it was 7:15 and I still had no idea what I was going to wear.

I ran to my closet trying to find anything that I thought would show off my chest and I finally settled for a red dress with a plunging neckline and a slit on the side that stopped mid thigh. I threw it on and pulled on a black pair of stilettos.

My mom knocked on my door and walked in before I could say anything.

"You look gorgeous," she was standing next to me looking at herself in the mirror now.

"Thanks," I felt awkward standing next to her. I thought she would notice that something was different about me but breathed a sigh of relief when she didn't say anything. Then her eyes suddenly widened.


"You're not wearing any jewelry!" She looked at me and frantically ran to my jewelry box sitting on my vanity. "Put this on," she shoved a diamond necklace at me and continued her search. "And these!" She pushed her hands towards me and they contained a set of earrings that matched the necklace.

"Gale's here!" I heard my father yell from the bottom of the stairs.

"Hurry up," my mom looked at me or rather her selection of jewelry before leaving my room.

I grabbed my purse and I looked at myself in the mirror one last time before leaving. Then I took a deep breath and walked towards the stairs. I stopped at the top and looked down at the scene below me. My parents were laughing with Gale and they had no idea what the two of us had been doing. I felt a pang of guilt in my stomach but quickly pushed it away.

Then Gale looked over my mom's shoulder and his eyes widened when he saw me, "Wow."

I felt myself smiling and began my descent down the stairs. I heard the clicking on my heels and I was oddly pleased with the sound.

"You look great sweet," my dad kissed me on the cheek and turned to Gale. "Liz and I really wanted to drive the Porsche. Do you mind taking Nicole in your car?"

Gale looked really happy, "No, of course I wouldn't mind. Shall we?" Gale extended his arm towards me and I placed my hand inside it. "See you guys there." Gale and I practically ran out of the house together and I couldn't have been happier.

We settled into the car and he took off as quickly as he could. "Look in the glove compartment." He looked over at me and I felt an odd feeling in my stomach. I opened it and inside there was a small black box with a black bow on top of it.

"What is it?"

"Open it."

I opened the box and gazed down in utter confusion. Whatever it was looked like it was one big strap and then I saw the small remote next to it. I picked up the strap and noticed a box shape close to the top of it.

"I really don't know what this is," I looked over at Gale and he was smiling again.

"Give me the remote," he extended his hand and I dropped the remote into it. He clicked it and I felt the box start to move.

"These can't be," I looked over at him and he was still smiling.

"Vibrating panties," Gale finished for me.

I stared down at them and couldn't believe they were suppose to be underwear. It had two straps that were obviously suppose to be for your legs and they met at the box on the top. They were definitely crotch less.

"Put it on."

"Turn the remote off first." I felt the panties stop moving and I slowly put them on.

We were at a red light and Gale leaned over, "Let me see." I felt myself blushing but I slowly pulled my dress up.

"See this is suppose to sit on your clit," he moved the box so it was directly on my clit. "Are you sure you're okay with this?" He was looking at me now with a concerned expression.

"Promise you won't use them while I'm around my parents."

"Promise." The light finally turned green and Gale took off.

We were at the country club within 10 minutes and I could feel the knots in my stomach as Gale escorted me to the dining room. We were seated at different tables and I was expected to sit with all the other teenagers attending.

There were 4 boys and another girl seated with me and I felt trapped for the next hour. All anyone wanted to talk about was college. All of them were going to public colleges and when they found out I was going to Brown I was quickly frozen out of the conversation.

I was miserable but then I felt the buzzing start and I quickly grasped the side of my chair. I looked around for Gale and saw him seated with my parents at the main table. He was looking at me and was obviously pleased with himself.

"Are you okay?" The boy sitting next to me turned towards me and looked concern.

"I'm fine," I tried coming off as cool as possible hoping to end the conversation.

Finally the vibrations stopped and I was able to settle in my seat comfortably. Then before I knew it the table had been cleared and everyone had paired off and started mingling. I was bored and finally settled on flirting with the bartender.

"A glass of champagne please," I looked at him and he was surprisingly cute.

"How old are you?" He knew I wasn't 21.

"23," I looked at him and mustered the nicest smile possible and batted my lashes at him. Then it started again. The vibrations started and I grabbed the bar.

"Everything okay?"

"Absolutely. So, how old are you?" I could barely concentrate on anything he said but I quickly found out that he was in school and 22. He liked the Cardinals and he was in a fraternity.

I felt myself practically humping the air around me and crossed my legs hoping to calm myself but that just dug the device into my clit more. My nipples were hard and I was praying that they weren't pushing through the built in bra of my dress. Finally it stopped again and Allan handed me a glass of champagne.

"Just don't tell anyone," he smiled at me and winked. I took the glass and downed it in one gulp.

"Another please?" I batted my eyes at him again and smiled. I was so happy I had worn red lipstick.

The vibrating started again the second he handed me the glass then I felt someone next to me.

"Nicole we both know you aren't old enough for that," Gale took the glass from me and smiled at the bartender. His hand was in his pocket and I felt the vibration intensify and I almost dropped to my feet.

"Are you sure you're okay?" The bartender was looking at me again and I felt myself blush.

"She's a light weight. No need to worry." I felt it coming. I knew it was going to happen and I couldn't stop it. I felt my body give out as I was hit with one of the best orgasms I had experienced. I grabbed Gale's arm to keep from falling and squeezed myself against him. I hid my face from Allen as I experienced wave after wave of pleasure. I wanted to cry out but knew I couldn't.

The vibrating stopped and I composed myself as quickly as possible. I could practically feel Gale smiling next to me as he slowly sipped my champagne.

"Sorry about that," I looked at Allen and he seemed confused. I had never been so embarrassed in my life.

"No, it's cool. I think you should try a virgin." My eyes were practically bulging but then he handed me a virgin strawberry daiquiri. "Enjoy," Allen turned to help the woman standing next to me.

"I hate you," I threw a hateful look at Gale.

"No, you don't," he was proud of himself.

I walked off and began networking hoping to find someone interesting at the party.

It had been about 30 minutes and I could still feel the wetness between my thighs. Then one of the boys who had been sitting at my table earlier approached me.

"Hi I'm Chad. Sorry about earlier my girlfriend doesn't like me talking to pretty girls," the boy standing in front of me extended his hand and I shook it.

"Oh it's fine. I'm Nicole," I was happy to finally find something to distract myself with for a few minutes. Then it started again. I looked over Chad's shoulder and saw Gale gazing at me.

Chad would not stop talking and I didn't want to be rude. But finally I noticed Gale broke off from the group he had been talking to and he was heading towards the coat room.

Chad's girlfriend joined us at the perfect time and practically dragged the boy away from me and I was grateful. The vibrations were still occurring and I could barely walk to the room. I finally stepped inside to be greeted with Gale sitting on top of the counter.

"Having fun?" Gale was holding the remote in his hand.

"I'm about to be," I closed the space between the two of us and kissed him.

He turned the remote to the highest setting and I doubled over. He grabbed the sides of my head and pulled me up to his face and deepened the kiss from earlier. I tangled my fingers in his hair and he grabbed my waist.

"Take off your dress." I quickly pulled the dress over my head and resumed the kiss. I reached for his zipper and stopped before I pulled it down. Gale let out a frustrated moan.

"What's wrong?"

"The door. Anyone could come in," I looked up at Gale and he smiled.

"Come here." He pulled me on the counter and rolled me off of it so we were lying on the floor behind the counter. He was on top of me and sending small kisses from my neck to my collar bone. I grabbed for the zipper of his pants again and unzipped them. I fished my hand into his boxers and drew out his cock. I felt precum already dripping from the head and slowly moved my hand around his erect member and started moving my hand up and down.

I felt the vibrations in the underwear die down to a slow speed and realized Gale was still holding the remote. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom.

"You put it on," he let out a throaty whisper into my ear.

I ripped the condom wrapper open with my teeth and Gale patiently waited. I sat up as much as possible and slowly slid it over his cock. He lined up at my entrance and in the same second that he thrust into me he turned the underwear to the highest setting.

I let out a loud moan and came right then. I was rolling under Gale in utter bliss as he piloted in and out of me. I felt the vibrations stop and Gale threw the remote over the counter. He started kissing the side of my neck as I dragged my nails across his back.

I felt his thrust quicken and his breathing became rugged. I felt him quiver and he started cumming. He slowly drew in and out of me a few more times before he pulled out. I was still holing onto him and he gazed down at me and gave me a tender kiss on the lips.

"That was amazing," I looked up at Gale and smiled. Then I ducked my head into the crevice of his neck and he flipped over on his side. He pulled me with him so my head was resting on his shoulder then he began rubbing my back.

I heard the party still going on outside out small sanctuary. "We need to get back there."

I felt Gale's arm tighten around me, "I know."

I stood up and walked around the counter to retrieve my dress. I slipped it on then looked over my shoulder. "Gale?"


"Are we ever going to have sex in a normal bedroom again?"

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