tagMatureNicole's Decent Ch. 10

Nicole's Decent Ch. 10


The next morning I woke up at 7:00. It was beautiful outside so I threw on a black halter top bikini and made my way to the kitchen.

Gale was sitting at the island drinking something from Starbucks and looking at his phone.

"Good morning." I wrapped my hands around his waist and kissed his cheek. "What are you doing here?"

"The traffics bad going into town so you're dad and I are carpooling. Environmental lawyers like that right?"

"I'm sure they do."

"Why are you wearing that?"

"I'm tanning today."

"And you're starting at 7 in the morning?"

"It takes a lot for me to change color."

"You know that's bad for you right?"

"Says the 40 year old man who has a great tan and looks like he's 35."

"41 as you so kindly pointed out."

I whisked my hand past his phone and grabbed his coffee. "Is this a vanilla latte?" I began sucking down the drink.

"Yeah, I know they're your favorite so I decided to try it. It's not too bad."

"If I drink an entire venti one I start shaking."

"In that case." Gale grabbed the drink out of my hand. He immediately replaced the straw with his lips. He grabbed my hips and brought me closer to him.

"Stop my parents are here!" I grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl.

Before I could take a bite Gale was behind me kissing my shoulder. He transitioned to the side of my neck and made his way to my earlobe. He gently took it between his teeth and started flicking the bottom with his tongue.

"What about my parents?"

"Your dad just got in the shower and your mom won't come out until the coffee is done."

He had one of his hands on my hip and the other was stroking my stomach. He was planting small pecks between my shoulder blades and stopping to gently suck on the back of my neck.

"The coffee is going to be done soon." I looked over at the pot that was almost full.

"It won't take me long to make you cum." With that Gale pushed his hand into my bikini bottoms. He inserted one finger into my pussy and quickly used my own juices to make a trail to my clit. He used his thumb to massage my clit as he slowly pumped two fingers inside of me.

His other hand had found mine and our fingers were intertwined resting on the countertop. He was biting the side of my neck and I knew I would have a hickey.

Almost immediately I felt my clit begin twitching against his thumb. My legs started shaking and I threw my head back to rest against his chest. He was still pushing his fingers inside me and I felt him find my g-spots. I let out a soft moan as he began flicking across it. His fingers were moving in opposite directions as I was grinding my pussy against him.

I was biting my lip to keep from making any noises. Suddenly my mom walked into the room. She walked past Gale and me as we immediately froze. Neither of us were breathing and Gale's fingers were still inside me.

She turned to us with her eyes still half closed and smiled. "Good morning. Isn't it pretty outside?" Gale and I had still not moved. She grabbed a mug and poured the coffee into it. Then she grabbed some milk and poured that in too. She grabbed a spoon and walked by Gale and me one last time before leaving.

I was still in shock but it was obviously Gale had quickly recovered from the encounter as he started sliding his fingers in and out of me again. I hated that my body responded so quickly to him. Before I knew it I was pushing against his hand again. He started pushing against me even quicker than before. I grabbed his arm and let out a moan as my entire cunt clasped around his fingers.

He continued kissing my neck as he pressed against that spot. I lifted up to my tiptoes and came crashing down against his palm. I felt like I was going to lose my balance but Gale wrapped his arm around my waist and steadied me against him.

It felt like my orgasm lasted an eternity but when I glanced at the clock it had only been two minutes. I turned around and Gale immediately pressed his lips to mine. I pushed him away.

"What's wrong?"

"We just got caught!"

"Technically but she has no idea."

"Oh she has an idea. It may not be obvious and at the very front of her mind but somewhere deep inside she knows that we're having sex!"

"She didn't catch us having sex she caught me with my hand down your pants. Honestly it could mean anything." Gale crossed his arms.

I grabbed a magazine that was sitting on the counter and rolled it up. I hit Gale with it and he threw up his arms to defend himself. "Hey. Nicole. Stop." I was still hitting him when my dad walked in.

"Nicole be nice to Gale." He filled a travels mug with some coffee and looked over at us. "Gale what did you do?"

"I told Nicole she's too young to wear that." I threw a dirty look at him.

My dad took a second to glance over what I was wearing. "He's right. I know you're an adult now but you still live here and you should cover up. You're lucky you have a guy like Gale in your life to shelter you from creeps when I can't be here."

My mouth was hanging open. The only reason Gale "sheltered me from creeps" was because he wanted me to himself. "Dad."

"What?" I was going to tell him. Gale looked over at me and he had read my mind. He was shaking his head no and he actually looked scared.

"Never mind."

"Okay bye."

My dad began to leave and Gale moved next to me. He grabbed my arm and looked down at me. "We're going to discuss this later."

I jumped to my toes to kiss him. Luckily he responded. His arms were around me and our bodies were pressed together. I moved my lips to the side of his neck and left a huge hickey as payback.

"Have a good day at work sweetie."

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