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Nicole's Fantasy


Walking down the street and entering Tony's she can't help but wonder what is wrong. She spends all her time at this damn gym it seems and what good does it do her. She looks in the mirror and sees a scrumptious body that should make any man fall all over himself. Long blonde hair, great build, nice tan, 36-24-34, legs that won't quit, big brown eyes.......why aren't they falling, doesn't anyone want her? Why do all the guys she knows treat her like a "good girl"? Why, What makes them think that I am a good girl? Just once I wish someone would just let me get wild, treat me like a slut, make me beg for them. But I've never been anything but a fuckin' dinner date. Where are the animals I keep hearing about.

She likes to come here early like this because no one else is ever around. That way she can vent and no one has to listen, not that anyone would. Her workouts are always much more intense when she is feeling a little sorry for herself. Laying on the bench for the bench press, she shoves the weight up and breaks a sweat, wishing she was sweating over some hard bodied weight-lifter, letting him touch her and drive her nuts with his hands. Lowering the bar she lays her head back, closes her eyes, and dreams of what might be.

The sound of the door from the dressing rooms startles her back to this world. Looking up, she sees a couple of young guys entering the weight room. She remembers thinking, nice, but probably gay, knowing my luck. They work as a team, moving from station to station. It's all she can do to make her workout look believable enough so they don't notice that she is watching them. But she is watching them. Watching them close. Tall, barrel chests, huge arms, washboard stomachs, and tight little buns. One with shoulder length blonde curly hair, the other long brown straight hair, wispy beard. They are both tanned like they live on the beach. Also the little shorts they are wearing don't leave much to the imagination. She wishes she had the guts to be what she wants, BAD. Moving over to the free weights near the wall, she stumbles a little, and falls on the mats. When she looks up, the guys are standing over her.

"You ok little lady? Can you get up?"

'I....um....think it's twisted," grabbing for her ankle.

"Don't move, let us help." With that they pick her up and take her over to the bench she just left.

"Hi...my name is Aaron," came from the blonde.

The wispy beard speaks up, "call me Lee."

Looking at them with amazement she says, I'm.. Nicole."

"Let's see that ankle, " Aaron says as he takes her leg in his hands.

A spark shoots up to deep within her loins. As he rubs her calf and the feeling starts to build deep inside she decides, what the hell, when will I ever get this chance again. A sudden overwhelming feeling comes over her, she is going to be very bad!

"That feels just wonderful....now. Maybe you have some more tricks up your .....ah... sleeve." She looks into his eyes and slowly licks her lips.

Seeing the look on her face, Aaron smiles and slides his hand up to the crotch of her workout tights. She lays her head back and moans softly. Sensing that Lee must have be feeling a little left out, she reaches up inside his shorts and wraps her hand around his cock. It was already starting to swell. With her other hand she pulls the material covering her pussy to one side, giving Aaron complete access to her.

"I thought you'd never get the hint. What took so long? I've been waiting for you two to fuck me for almost 20 min." Aaron has his fingers stroking her pussy as she pulls Lee's cock from his black Nike shorts. His rod is like a log, she can barely hold it in one hand. Stroking him, she can feel him getting bigger in her hand. She turns her head to him and starts to lick around the head. At the same time Aaron has found the bud of her clit and is rubbing it between his thumb and finger. Lee reaches into her top and finds her left breast and searches out the nipple.

Nicole opens her lips and slides her mouth over that massive cock, which is still getting bigger, if that is even possible. Moaning deep inside, and rotating her hips to match Aaron's rhythm, she can't believe that this is really happening. Something inside her is driving her on, taking her over. She continues to mouth the cock beside her as the first wave of her orgasm is starting to build. She slides Lee deep into her throat and pushes hard against Aaron's fingering.

"Don't stop.....finger me , fuck me with your hand...... oooooohhhh please push them in...... I need to cum," pops out of her mouth as Lee slips from between her lips and she pulls him down to rub his prick across the breast that was now exposed, burning for the touch of his hot cock.

"Damn baby, your pussy is on fire," Aaron tells her as he pushes his fingers in deep. Then he plants his mouth over her cunt, licking and sucking her clit and that wet hole. His tongue takes no time to push her over the edge and she explodes into the most intense orgasm she has ever had.

"Oh Gooooddddd, lick me , suck me harder, I want your tongue inside me.....Please....ohh....ppppllllleasee!"

Aaron slips his tongue into her cunt deep and continues to suck on her clit. Another orgasm slams into her and she is arching her ass from the bench to meet his thrusts.

As she comes back to earth she moves around to her hands and knees to get a better shot at the cock rubbing against her cheek. Lee grabs her head as she takes his cock back into her hands and swallows him whole, pushing his throbbing prick deep into her throat. Aaron returns to eating her pussy from behind. Sliding his tongue from top to bottom, then licking and playing with the rim of her ass. Once again the fire builds and overflows, she can't believe how quickly and how often she has cum. When her tense muscles finally relax a little she take her mouth from Lee, lays her head down and looks behind her, "Put you cock in me, fuck me like you own me, make me your slut!" Then she takes Lee back into her mouth and pumps in and out as she squeezes and rubs his large balls, occasionally licking out and sucking his balls and bag into her mouth. She is trying to imitate the girls she has seen in the porno movies that she likes so much. Aaron stands up behind her and drops his shorts to the floor. Placing his cock against the lips of her pussy, he rubs it up and down the sloppy wet slit and across her swollen clit. Pushing into her deep, his hips slam hard against her ass.

As if a switch is flipped, Nicole goes wild, bucking and pushing back against the cock inside her pussy, sucking and licking on Lee's prick like it was to save her life. The thrusting from both ends finally settles into a pattern and Niki is cumming and acting like the slut she truly is. While Aaron is fucking her cunt she lets Lee slip from her mouth and starts to stroke him faster and harder saying, "I love the taste of your cock, do you want to watch me drink your cum......uuummmmmmm...or do you want to cum all over my face and titties?" When she says this the effect is quick and Lee starts to cum. She lets him spray all over her face and rubs his pulsing cock across her lips and around her face. As Lee is still spurting and jerking, Aaron slips his cock out of her pussy and taking it in his hand guides it into her waiting ass. She is so hot that one stroke and Aaron is buried deep, she starts to push back hard and fast, the fire building again.

"OOOOhhhhhhh shit that's good.... FUCK MY ASS............. FUCK ME HARD!!" Her hand jumps to her clit and she begins pinching it HARD. Then she does something she really couldn't believe. She gets her feet to the floor and sits up against Aaron as he moves back and grabs her hips, bouncing her on the hot cock in her ass. Then she reaches out and strokes Lee, he gets hard very quickly and she pulls him close to her burning cunt.

"Put you dick in my pussy, I want you both in me!" She can see the mirror and see the look in her eyes, she doesn't even know this slut, but she really likes her. Lee moves down under her and slips that monster into her hot pussy. The sensation of the two cock sliding in and out were doing it again. She was cumming and screaming , "YES ....... YES........HARDER..... FUCK ME FASTER!!!!!......"

Looking in the mirror only made the orgasm build faster, she was a slut, look she had two cocks deep inside, two strangers were treating her like a piece of fucking meat.......AND SHE WAS LOVING IT! Both of the men started to cum at the same time, she takes both cocks in her hands and lets the cum splash all over her, then slides both into her mouth and finishes sucking down the rest of their cum!

This little play continued for quite sometime. Fucking and sucking in every position and combination. They never got a chance to get soft. She drank, wore and had more cum shot into her than all of the movies she had watched. Nicole wasn't sure how long they had played before they passed out, but she opened her eyes and she was alone. She was laying there with her fingers in her pussy and her tights were all twisted and pulled, exposing everything. Where had they gone, and where was all the cum. Sure she was unbelievably wet but there should be cum all over the bench and the mats that they had moved to. Why was she back on the bench that she had started on......was it all a dream, that's it...... she wanted it so bad she had dreamed it! It seemed so real, she was even sore as hell. Could a dream do that? She pulls herself together and starts to leave the weight room. On the way out, in the mirror by the door, she sees something under the bench press station. Walking back over, she bends down and picks up a pair of black Nike short. She smiles, decides this was just the first in a long series of finding the slut hiding inside the good little girl. Drops the shorts in her bag and walks out onto the street and into her new life.

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