tagNovels and NovellasNicole's Secret Ch. 02

Nicole's Secret Ch. 02


Knocking? What, god I was in pain, unable to move. I must have fallen asleep.

"Nicole! Are you in there?" A voice, sweet like the moon's reflection over water called to me. Tori, my sister, but not biologically. We are the same age.

"Yes!" I croaked, the water was now chilly.

"Are you OK," Tori entered without warning.

"Tori!" I moved to cover myself but couldn't, my limbs were to stiff.

"Doug's house was... there are police and fireman. Oh my god! What happened to you," Tori turning hysterical. I struggled to my feet. I had to appear strong. "I'm calling an ambulance."

I put my had over hers pushing the phone down. "Please no, please don't." I was so weak. I wrapped my arm around her; Collapsing, my knees buckling I clung to her.

"OK, I wont." Tori wouldn't, I could trust her. We used to be inseparable but had grown apart this year in high school.


I woke up in my bed, sun light came in through the window but it was early. I could move my neck around without pain. I shifted on to my back and felt someone next to me. Tori, my sisters arms are wrapped around me as she slept naked next to me in bed. This wouldn't have been odd a year ago, but we had drifted apart. I was still naked, she must have slipped me into bed. She's stronger then she looks.

"What happened last night?" Tori's arms squeezed me like a vice.

"What's it to you?" I jerk away, but wasn't strong enough to break her grip.

"Nicole! I thought you were dead last night. You should have told me about Doug." Tori rolled on top of me holding my face in her hands, "girl, I was so worried. I thought for sure you were dead." She brought head down to mine, our eyebrows touching. Here eyes closed as if in prayer, "Doug is bad news, he could have killed you." I had missed her touch so much. We had stopped talking completely the last couple weeks.

"I wanted to be a girl, Tori" I needed to be open this way with someone again. I wrapped my arms around her, here blond hair glowed in the early morning light, "I'm a girl."

"I know Nicole but you'll also be a dead one if you can't control yourself." She sat up.

This is when I really noticed that we were both naked. Tori and my mother are both blond and blue eyed. My eyes are hazel, hair black and only a little darker then my skin thanks to the summer. They were beautiful goddesses with near perfect proportions. Breasts conveniently large and round but not to much. Legs strong enough to look great but lithe enough to keep there asses petite and sexy. My body was a constant story of betrayal. Things were fine when we were young, when daddy was alive, but he died. I turned fourteen and the obvious happened. Tori, same age as me, grew slowly and matured gracefully, I grew a foot each summer. I stand over six foot and have hands, though feminine, thank god, that can almost palm a basket ball. We used to sleep together a couple times a week and watch movies or have slumber parties with our friends but that has stopped for me. What was a small half inch penile vestige quickly lengthened to five. While it never used to cause me a thought, now suddenly it cried out to make itself useful. We had kept this secret in the family and I trusted my mom and sister without question. The penis didn't bother either of them, Dad least of all. He had taught me early on that love for one another starts on the inside and spreads forever outwards.

My sister had slowly started to pull away from me this year.

The penis brought with it erections and embarrassing wet dreams. These came at very inconvenient times and pretty much ended any hope of having a sleep over again. Who would want to be close to a girl with erections in the middle of the night. Who would want to wake up with their friend or sister dry humping them while asleep or stuck to them afterwards. Mom, Tori, and I used to sun tan nude in the back yard by the pool. The dress code in the house was very loose and now extra liberal since dad was gone. While the code hadn't changed I found my eyes clinging desperately to my mother and sisters bodies. My mind swimming with awkward thoughts I didn't yet understand. Physically my penis was more then obvious, mentally it seemed to pull my mind in confusing directions. I now wore jeans since sweat pants made for embarrassing situations.

Like now, my penis becoming painfully erect at the sight of my sisters perfect shoulders and lithe neck. Shoulders that were both strong and yet attached to a neck so refined that it allowed them to be both flexible and smooth.

"Your still having erection problems? I thought the doc had talked to you about this." She sat up, her high breasts striking ever outwards, nipples proudly surveying my room looking for adventure.

This was the second time in four hours that I was trapped underneath someone. It almost brought me to tears. I looked down at my penis. It stuck out between our bodies looking as if maybe she was the on with a dick. I would of loved that. That thought made me feel instantly guilty. I made a fist and brought it down on myself, "I hate this! I hate my body so much," I smashed it again, making it throb, making my head swim, "I'm a fucking monster."

Tori slapped my hand away before it could connect a third time. Protecting my penis with her hands, "no, don't say that." She wrapped her hands around me, protecting it. It had been a long time since she had held me.

"I don't want to live like this anymore. I don't want to live at all." I said this quietly. Tori was leaving me breathless, stroking me now absentmindedly, it immediately felt like heaven. My nipples puckered and erected, this was my second shame, my breasts. While Mom's and Tori's are perfect half football shapes, mine are basketballs, irresponsibly stuck high on my chest with thick sensitive nipples. My shoulders are wide to accommodate them but my hips were still slim. Combine that with height and you have a ridiculous looking human being, I thought.

"Don't ever say that." Tori look down at me, my dick. "I love all of you Nicole." She brought my penis up to her pelvis protectively. "Mom told me what Dr. Krasiva asked you to do about this. Why haven't you?"

"I hate my body down there. I couldn't bring myself to..." I was mesmerized, now visibly humping at my sisters hands. Energy pored into me from her, splashing across my body.

"I'm sorry we haven't been closer lately," Tori leaned down to me, placing a hand on my should to look at me in the eyes, "forgive me." Her motion stopped and she alternately squeezed, pulsing my entire body. A storm began to building in my tits.

"What's happening to me" My body was tensing up then relaxing of its own volition. I place my hands on her hips, fingers crying out for something to grip and squeeze.

"Forgive me." Tori's love was spreading across me, flowing from deep inside her. Pooling underneath my ass as she sat astride me.

Tori was velvet soft, how could anything feel this beautiful. I began grinding my pussy into hers, voluntarily I spread my legs open and rutted up into her perfect cleft. She never loosened or lost her grip on my cock. I sat up now, eye to eye with her, our breasts touching, nipples grazing across each others, sparks igniting. Where there are sparks enough; there's fire, it caught first in my heart. Exploding there in a heat that spread across my shoulders and out to my feet and hands, paralyzing me for a moment.

Grinding into me now, grunting and speaking through gritted teeth Tori tipped her head back, "uh, Nicole forgive me!" Her heals locked around my back. Tori worked herself, oscillating her cunt against the bottom of my shaft and the top of big flesh pussy lips. Nothing was small on me. She brought a hand up to my face, cupping the back my head, guiding me to her. Her lips left a trail of small kisses from my chin down to my neck. I was at least a foot taller than her and she fit perfectly, head tucked underneath my ear.

"I do, I forgive you Tori I'm so sorry." I brought both hands down to her butt. Needing the perfect flesh, I spread her cheeks apart, opening her vagina up. I lifted her up and down, spreading her wetness across shaft.

"No, don't apologize. Listen!" Tori began speaking, up directly into my ear. "This is my love Nico, this is our love." She clinched down around the bottom of my shaft. Grinding her clit into it, grunting and panting against my shoulder. "I can feel your love for me in my hands Nico."

Wetness was flowing out of me everywhere. Tori grunted, and ground her vagina down onto my swollen pussy lips. Her breasts hard and nipples sharp, scratching trails up and over my own making them hot and full.

"I'm sorry I pulled away from you Nico." Tori pulled my face down to hers. "I'm enveloped in you now. I want your love completely Nico!" She spoke my name directly into my mouth, kissing me hard, breathing into me.

My tits tensed and pinch themselves, leaking little squirts of fluid, I began oozing everywhere. What was happening to my body?

"Ha, I don't... Tori, I can help this... ugh," Sound came from me without heed from the bottom of my throat, deep and loud. My lungs couldn't breath deep enough to expel this much sexual energy as sound. The rest caught in my hands and feet then rebounded up into head. Turning my vision white and then vibrated back, looking for a way out and finding it. I erupted, clenching her against me. Smashing our bodies together she began pumping my cock like mad with her hand, drawing out my geyser between our bodies. I coated us both up to her face. She suddenly let go and grabbed my hair with both hands using it has leverage to drive her clit against my penis, dragging it up and down as she gave out colossal shudders, constricting her herself around me with her legs. She bit down on my shoulder, muffling a soul wrenching scream through her teeth and into me. My eyes were wide open but seeing nothing through my climax. I ejaculated against her and she came against me like this forever or minutes as the sun rose up on use through my window.


Someone is in my room

I woke with a start, Tori was asleep, her body flat on top of me. Above, appearing to touch the ceiling with her head was an impossibly tall woman standing over me. Here eyes surveyed us, lips pierced together in a worried frown. "Looks like I landed right on top of you." She reached out with arms covered in a robe that gleaming with color. It went up her wrists to shoulders, falling down to cover her body leaving a gape at the neck that showed skin from throat to belly button. Skin so black it could be described only as shade. The colors of her robe seemed to kaleidoscope in the sunlight. She deftly put her thumb in my mouth, holding my chin with her fingers, "a gift then, to make us even at the start." She scratched surface of my tongue and then withdrew her hand. Shifting her eyes, her attention now focused on Tori

This broke my paralysis, and I wrapped my arms around Tori protectively, "who are you? How did you get in my room?"

"I wouldn't think to dare harm Tori" She touched her gently with only the tips of her fingers tracing them down her bare back, pulling the sheet down that covered us. "Never loosen this grip, keep your family held to your heart tight." Her eyes were back on me now, bearing down into my own. She placed her hand flat on the small of Tori's back shifting her weigh to bear on use, pushing use both together between her and the bed. "A wave of change is coming, and those you don't keep close may be washed away in its tide."

I could barely breath underneath her weight. "Who are you?" A snap, a flash of light and we were alone again. Tori snored on top of me, oblivious. Leaving me to wonder if last few minutes really happened at all. Wondering who she was I fell back asleep.

I woke again, the sun was much higher in the sky. My alarm clock was right next to my bed, I kept it there to wake me up for school. It read one in the afternoon. I shifted Tori off of me by hips, my hands lingered, remembering the fire that we had started between us this morning. I kissed her just behind the ear, touching her lightly like the wind.

"Nico, your up" She sat up looking down on me, "you look much better in the day light. I was really worried about you last night." She always woke up like this, completely full of life, all at once. While I drug myself through mornings; although, this morning I did feel good.

"Tori are we tougher now" I sat up looking her in the eye. I really needed to hear it straight from her.

"Yes Nico, we're together again. I'm sorry about how I treated you this last year. I was afraid about what we were becoming with each other but I'm all right now. I'm centered on us." She kissed me deep on the mouth, sliding past me, and off the bed. "I didn't think you would go wild and go after Doug."

"He tried to rape me" I couldn't meet her eye on this, my eyes dropped down to my bed.

"He's a real monster Nico." Tori stood up straight, "did you blow up the house or something. Coach Davis had to leave the rodeo to join the fire team called out to Doug's house. I heard it had been destroyed." My small town revolved around football and Coach Davis always went to the rodeos to promote sports. She pulled me up out of bed and on to my feet. Naked we went into my bathroom. She adjusted the knobs and then jumped into the shower.

"I think a car drove into the side of the house." I watched through the shower door as she soaped up her hair, water poring down and over her body like a boat breaking through waves, "they saved my life but I ran. How did you find out"

"Rachael told me, she watched you get in the car with him." Tori open the door, leaning out across the bathroom floor. She reaching out with her hand to touched my should


Tori swiftly finished the faint and snatched my nose between her fingers. My reflexes are usually lightening quick, why is everyone getting the drop on me lately? "Nicole I'm sorry you couldn't come to me for help controlling yourself." She pulled me into the shower with her, "Doug is a monster. Does this," she wrapped her right hand around my penis, pinching it with her thumb, cupping the top of my pussy with her fingers. "Does this make you that crazy?"

"Lut go uf mi noze!" I shook my head, freeing myself. I was glad for it, it hid my timorous voice.

She turn around to face the water again. Leaning back into me, affording me a view of the water running down her head, across her breasts, flowing to her cleft, legs and then floor. "Nicole you know that would have ruined me. I just needed time to sort myself out. I was ready to commit to you this way yet."

"What changed you mind?" I need to know this. Before we had drifted apart Tori and I were inseparable. Both sister and best friends we never fought with each other but did everything together.

A foot above Tori, I looked down. I wrapped my arms around her, cupping each breast in my hand, rolling her nipples between thumb and finger slowly, drawing them out and away from her body.

Tori slapped my hands away, "not now, let me wash you. We have to get this house together for mom and I'm making an appointment for you tomorrow with Natalia" She started running soap over both our bodies.

"No, I don't need it." I loved Dr. Krasiva, she had been looking after me since I was adopted. She was always patient with me and took time to explain my body to both me and my parents patiently.

"Fuck you, you were almost raped. Last night you looked like a car hit you. You look fine now but friends don't let friends get out of going to the doctor after a rape experience. Sisters more so!"

Tori applied the soap as if trying to remove paint from my skin. Dragging it across my breasts and scrubbing my legs with her hands. She finished my back, sliding her hand up and down my ass. Cupping my lower lips she squeezed and slid them together, over each other. I braced myself up with my hands against the shower wall, my knees shaking with the pleasure found up between them.

"Promise you'll go Nicole"

"I'll go!"

"No, you'll cum," Tori brought her hand around front, gripping my penis as if milking a cow, the other hand slid two fingers up into my cunt, delicately moving them in and out while pumping my dick straight down.

I came immediately.


Andrea Yonko returned home again from another great business trip. Her presentation to the board went over perfectly. Dressed for business she wore a suite that said 'leadership' but her eyes were tired. Entering the house, she caught Tori putting away the vacuum. Nico had dinner ready and waiting for her to arrive, hugging both her daughters, she sat down to eat.

Andrea looked around the kitchen. Gone for the whole week, she was impressed to see the house still standing. Which reminder her, "what happened to Lisa Gray's house? It looked like a plane landed on it."

"Don't know mom, wasn't involved?" Nicole was a terrible at lying. In fact she pretty much never did so her mother new something was up. Her daughter's openly beautiful face wasn't built to conceal secrets but to expound truths.

John, Andrea's husband, now gone for two years, always said to let the girls have their secrets. Being the single man in the family, that kept him popular but Tori was the exception.

"What's broken? Hm, HM?" Andrea looked from one child to the other, "come on now, tell me." She fixed them with her best interrogating mother look. It sometimes worked, but was loosing its power as they got older.

"It's not like that mom" This was Tori, her first kid. Andrea's husband had pretty much tried to hold her, in his arms, from birth. Never putting her down unless pried out by Andrea's hands for feeding, so strong was his love for her. Tori had started walking early and he was heart broken.

"What did you buy?" Andrea turned back to Nicole, this one's head was in the sky, were lies couldn't reach her, the artist of the family. She still saw the perfectly fragile faced baby, lost and alone, in the forest when looking at her. She thought John was over protective of Tori, finding a baby in the forest was almost cathartic for her husband, nothing would keep them apart. Except death.

"I'm going to see Dr. Krasiva tomorrow." Nicole had a tremor in her voice, she put her spoon down, sitting up straight.

Andrea braced herself, this might actually be something serious.

"I was almost raped last night" Nicole said it strong, clearing away the fear from her mouth.

Andrea blanched, dropping her spoon into her soup. Good soup, but it was forgotten now, she wouldn't be eating more. She had been raped but it seemed like a life time ago. In college she had experimented, caught up in self-centered youth. People had taken advantage of that and her, but John had pulled her back into the light.

Standing up Andrea went to her child, "Nico, will you tell me what happened?" Work had been going great, she easily excelled as a market analyst, but at the expense of leaving her kids home to raise themselves. This was the sort of thing she dreaded happening in her absence.

"I let Doug take me out, he tried rape me but I ran" Nicole let her mother pull her head to her chest. Andrea laced her hands through her daughters frizzy hair, kissing the top of her head.

"Doug Gray, Lisa's fucking monster of a sun?" Andrea was shocked again, "did you blow up the house?" She had passed in on the way home. It was all roped off with police tape. The garage looked completely smashed.

"She didn't blow up the house. Nico said some car hit it." Tori said this while walking around the table. The table is oak and made for the big family her father had once hoped to have. Most of the wood furniture in the house was made by him.

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