tagNovels and NovellasNicole's Secret Ch. 04

Nicole's Secret Ch. 04


Thanks your for the comments. Please keep them coming. Good or Bad, they motivate me to keep writing. I'm looking for an editor.

I felt great leaving the doctors office. Tori held my hand as we walked out to the car. This is what it used to be like between Tori and me, platonic sisters. We had now naturally moved on to the next level, a couple. I felt light and ecstatic about the future. I didn't know why, even the weather was great. It reflected my sunny mood.

Upon entering town mom turned off the highway. We began snaking our way through our housing development and unintentionally driving by Doug Gray's house. I gasped at seeing it in during the day for the first time.

I rolled down the window, "this isn't what I remember from Friday night." The garage was destroyed, that I remembered, but the right side house was now completely imploded. Like a recking ball had taken a life time of grief out on Doug's room. Smashing the second story down into the living room of the fist and leaving just the center of the house standing. Yellow police tape crisscrossed everything. The street wasn't blocked off but we were forced to squeeze between a row of police cars and firetrucks to get by. Groups of neighbors stood on the sidewalk gossiping.

I let Tori ride up front on the way back so I had an unobstructed view of the house. Tori had to leaned over my mother to see, "van did all this?" she was openly gawking. "I don't see any fire damage. What happened to the second story."

"Sit down Tori!" Mom couldn't help it. She was staring just like everybody else. Almost bumping a police car.

Noticing us, a girl broke out from the crowd and ran up to our car. She knocked on the window as we drove by. Mom stopped and Tori rolled down her window, "Rachael!" She was a fellow cheerleader with Tori. They had recently become good friends. I had been jealous of how quickly they had grown close, not any more.

"Hey! Did you see the house Tori?" Rachael said as if it wasn't right in front of us, "what do you think happened, people are saying they saw a meteor hit it. That the government is going to look into it," she glanced passed Tori, her gaze landing on me, "hi Nicole, how goes it?" I had avoided Tori and Rachael when they were together. I guess this attitude was mostly on me.

"Good," I was surprised Rachael was even talking to me. She had never paid me any attention before.

"Rachael get in. I've got to drop these girls off and go to work," Mom was in a hurry.

Rachael jumped in the back seat with me. She sniffed the air, turning to me, staring. Catching herself she looked away to face her window.

I looked past her, wondering if she wanted to say something. The people lining the sidewalk were yelling out questions at the officers huddled around their cars. A person standing alone to the side stood observing. Bulky, I noticed him because he dressed in the same way as my bedroom visitor. The woman had worn a robe, a robe filled with glowing, shimmering, changing rainbows of color. The man was dressed in the same cut of robe, but in was mute black. A thick black that seemed stuffy, the material looked light bit it hid the general outline of his body. He wore sunglasses, which he now touched as he snapped his head around looking right at me. I felt caught. I had done nothing wrong but ducked down anyways.

We drove past him, turning, and continued on to our house.

Arriving at home we all went in side. I followed mom up stairs to her room while Tori and Rachael went to the kitchen to make lunch.

"Mom can I talk to you about what happened in the doctor office," I was really nervous but I had to get through this. "I'm sorry about the..." I couldn't finish. It was one thing to be with my sister, she had been close to me all my life. My mother was, well, my mother. I had felt humiliated back at the doctor's office. To loose sexual control like that in front of my own mother. Having her eyes on me while my breasts express, what? What was it they had leaked?

Mom took me by the hand, leading us into her walk in closet. The walls are lined with clothes, beautiful dresses, work skirts and blouses. Things that accompany an adult life. She turn to me, "honey you are my child and I've loved you since finding you in the forest." This thought seemed to make her smile. She squeezed my hand, "your unique and I find that wonderful." Still smiling she turn and selected a pair of pants and then panties. She made me feel like sunlight running over my body. I watched her unhook her belt and slide her pants down and removing her very damp underwear. What had happened? I thought I was the one who needed to change.

"Honey what I watched to today was beautiful. I hope you see it that way too." She quickly put on a new set panties and pants. Belting them quickly she stepped close, kissing me on the cheek. She stood on her toes to do this. I loved her for that.

We walked into the bathroom and I watched her go through the ritual of fixing her hair and reapplying makeup.

"Mom, I'll start taking care of myself. I promise," I leaned into her shoulder, looking at us both in the mirror. She stood just a few inches taller then my sister still, I didn't think that would last much longer. She and my sister looked like family. Sharing the basic features that made the Yonko girls gorgeous with piercing blue eyes and strong but still petite cheek bones. Tori got the tight body of my mother but athletic strength of my father. Blond hair and striking blue eyes had gotten Tori out of trouble many times growing up, contributing to her compulsive nature.

Finishing her work Mom focused on me in the mirror, "Nicole your sister seems very comfortable with helping you. Please continue to accept her help. This will become just another routine part of our family." I stood more then a foot above her 5' 6" frame, but a felt one inch tall at the mention of Tori and I. "We are a family and we will always be close to each other. It is what you father wanted for us and I glad to see we are successful." She smiled up at me again, lighting up my world. We walked down stairs, hand in hand. Tori had sand witches ready for lunch. Mom grabbed one and headed out the door for work.

Rachael, Tori and I sat at the table eating. Tori had many friends and easily bridge the different cliques at school. I was an outcast. I did know a few things about Rachael. Rachael is natural beautiful. She had developed early like me but unlike me she had enjoyed a great deal popularly. I had always thought her nice but didn't dare hang out with her crowd. They were known for being vicious with each.

Tori turned to Rachael and offered another sandwich, tuna and cheese, my own favorite, "thank you for giving me the heads up about Nico and Doug." Tori was always direct like this. She always had what she wanted to say on the tip of her mind. I was slow with my words, often letting them out in fits.

Rachael put her food down, looking across the table at me. I was having trouble looking away. "Thanks for having me over. You know Doug and I used to date, right?"

I hadn't known, shit, was she angry, well she could have bastard back.

"Yes, I know that. There are roomers going around," Tori shifted in her seat. She had sat next to Rachael, now she reached under the table and tapped me with her foot, "I'm thinking Nico is going to have similar roomers now."

That brought a long sigh from Rachael. She looked at me, her eyes pleading and then tearing up, "I'm so sorry. I should have told some one."

I didn't understand what was going on, "told someone what? You told Tori I left with Doug."

"She did, she means something else. Can you tell us Rachael?" Tori place her hand on top of Rachael's. I wondered what secret a normal girl like Rachael could have?

Rachael looked between us, working something over in her mind, eyes darting about the room. She finally came to a decision, "Doug raped me last summer. Raped me during a bonfire party after getting me really drunk." It shot out of her mouth like a news paper headline. She began slowly tearing apart her sandwich, fingers moving of their own accord. "I watched you to together. I couldn't let it happen again," her lips curled down as she said the words, chin beginning to shake. She tilted her head, "was I to late? Did he get to you." Tears began filling her eyes.

"No," I said this in a whisper, "no!" I didn't think she needed to know the details of the beating I took, "I was able to run from his house."

She coughed, snapping her head up, eyes widening, "did you blow up his house?"

"What? No. How would I even do that?" Why does everyone keep asking me that.

"A van drove into it," Tori was sticking with her made up cover story, it wouldn't explain the destroyed second level of the house. Rachael seemed to except it. Maybe she didn't need much explanation to enjoy Doug's misfortune.

"I'm glad you got away," she noticed her sandwich and put the pieces back down on her plate.

"Have you told anyone about this." Tori slid her arm around her.

"No, who would I tell? Doug's family is big shit around here. No one would believe me." She took a deep breath, "I got my mother to take me to a doctor. I wasn't pregnant and she told me to keep things quite. We didn't tell my dad."

I was shocked, "You need to tell someone!"

"What? End up like Sarah. No thanks," Rachael snorted at this. Sarah had been a girl at our school. Three years a head of use she had committed suicide last year. Legend had it that she was raped by a passing vagrant or a visiting football team. It depended on who you wanted to believe.

I'm so lucky to have someone like my sister. Even at our worst, Tori would be anywhere for me, I always new this, I was lucky to have her. "Thank you for sharing the truth with use, it strengthens us all," this was something my father used to say, I found myself repeating it.

"Swimming!" Tori broke us out of our revere, "let go to the pool. It's so hot out it will be perfect."

Rachael shook her head, "I can do better, lets go over to my house. I have a pool." She smiled at us.

"You have a pool? Sweet." Tori and I began quickly cleaning up the kitchen.

"I'll call my mom and give here a heads up," Rachael pulled out her cell phone.

While Rachael talked we gathered up the dishes. I helped Tori at the sink. I'm nervous. I hadn't swam with other people in a long time. I didn't really have friends, "do you think this is a good idea? I don't want to go."

"Your coming Nico, you need to make more friends," Tori turned, closing the dishwasher, "you need to connect with more people."

I was terrible at 'connecting' with people, never seeming to understand what I should be doing or saying at any given moment.

"We're good, grab your suites and we'll walk over," Rachael snapped her phone closed.

I walked up stairs and looked through my closet. Did I even have a swim suite? I think, maybe in a the box somewhere. I was leaning over, digging through boxes when I felt a hand slide up my dress, over my ass and yank my underwear down. Tori began immediately working over my butt. I jumped about a foot in the air.

"Just wear these and this." Tori held a sports bra up and some spandex shorts.

"No, I have a top here," I would be mortified, I like to wear nice things. She was right about bottoms. It would help hide my secret.

She began sliding her hand up from underneath my dress, humming to herself, "maybe we should take sometime and empty you out."

"Come one girls, it will be just use, I don't wear a suite anyways." Rachael was yelling from the bottom of the stairs.

I grunted, my cock twitched at the thought seeing Rachael's body. Being a cheerleader she was bound to have a great one. She was as over developed as me but short. Making her breasts appear enormous. I began working my cunt into Tori's hand, maybe I could make this quick. I stopped, Rachael was coming up the stairs.

Tori snatched her hand away and grabbed mine, "come on." She drug me out into the hall to meet Rachael. Holding both our hands she we went down the stairs and out the door, the hand holding mine was very wet.

The housing development we live in is on the side of a mountain or more like a big hill. I had been to Oregon on a camping trips with my dad and knew what real mountains looked like. The higher on the hill you lived the bigger your house was. The bigger the house the richer the family. Naturally that meant you were more popular. Our house was nearer to the bottom so we were pretty sweaty after hiking up to almost the top of the hill where Rachael lived. Her house over looked the valley. This type of activity seemed to never bother me but the girls were both out of breath.

"What are you going to do about Doug?" Rachael is wearing shorts and shirt that had our high school logo on the front. Cheerleaders I guess were required to be always pushing school spirit. She was starting to sweat through it.

"I don't know yet. I think just avoid him and keep my head down." I walked easily in my dress. Luckily the hem line was short and allowed for easy movement. I was finding it easier and easier to talk to Rachael.

"Some one needs to punish that boy," Tori was behind us, huffing a bit to keep up. Rachael's legs might have been short but she could move them fast.

"Are you really alright?" I couldn't believe how strong Rachael must be to move past her rape. "How did you deal with what happened?"

"My mom takes me to a support group at the community college in town and I went to counseling for a while. I learned a lot about myself at the support group. I think, now, that I was just trying to prove some things to myself back then. I wasn't been very honest about who I was inside to myself," Rachael's voice was so strong, talking so honestly about her secret.

I need to be able to do that. I want that freedom.

"Here we are," Rachael's house over looked the hole town from the top of the mountain. She led us inside.

"Your house is huge," Tori looked up at the high ceiling and wide entryway. I could see through to the living room to big glass doors that led to the, "is that your pool." It was big, but Tori was making to big a deal of it.

A woman came out from around the corner. I imagine she heard her us. She was tall and had dark european skin like her daughter. She wore a bright red bikini that was very small and did little to contain her bouncy and obviously enhanced boobs.

"Rachael introduce me to your friends," She smiled at us and it felt genuinely nice. I shook her hand and told her our names.

"I'm Rachael's mother Tanya," her hair was short, almost a boy cut.

"Your house is awesome!" Tori ran through the living room, looking out the windows. I could see all the way down our hill and into town from the door.

"Girls come inside. Go ahead and jump in the pool when your ready. The water is great. Perfect since it is so hot out." She led us out back.

There was a diving board at the deep end and lines on the bottom for laps. "The house looks out of over the neighborhood but the pool and backyard faces the forest so we have privacy," Rachael said this as she pulled off her cloths, proceeding to get naked.

"Rachael!" Rachael's mother wrapped an arm around me, "your guests may not be as comfortable with nudity as you are."

"Were fine. Our family is made up of only girls," Tori said this as she flung her clothes on the ground. I made no move to follow their lead.

"It's OK mom, these are my real friends." Rachael took my hand, "Nicole you don't half to if your not ready." She led me and Tori back inside. Pointing to a door she said, "Nicole can change in there." She stood naked, completely unabashed about her appearance. Tori was beside me, dressed in the same style bathing suite as Rachael. Beaming at me she tilted her head in Rachael's direction. I was surprised to see more than little flab around Rachael's belly. Her friends were always so thin, had she gained wait recently?

She noticed me looking, "I stopped taking care of myself after what happened with Doug, but my mom has been helping me get it back together. I took my pain out on my body but I'm in group therapy now. Maybe you can go with me sometime."

"My dad called it standing in the light or trying to find the light," my father referred to any positive progress someone made as 'chasing the light' or other variations.

She nodded understanding. Smiling she brought her hands up to her tits, "they've gotten even bigger with the weight gain." She hefted them, looking up at me, "might even give you a run for the money." Laughing at her joke her eyes shifted back down, "but I still got to get rid of this belly I made."

"I think you look great. You skin is so perfect," Tori brushed her hand down Rachael's face. I recognized the look in her eyes.

"Lets change," I grabbed Tori's hand and pulled her in to the the room, the bathroom. Closing the door behind us.

"What am I going to do?" I turned to her seriously worried now.

"You can go topless."

My face was turning red, I could feel it burn, my black face did not redden easily.

"Here, keep your bottoms on. You can use the extra top I brought." She held it up, smiling. It was obvious what my choices are.

"You know that is way to small for me!"

"Get over it! You are with me, trust me." Tori reached up with both hand and held my face. Forcing me to look her in the eyes.

I felt my mood soften. I was with her. She would help me get over my embarrassment. Maybe this wasn't a big deal. Rachael was kind of fat and she didn't care. No one would see my secret, "I don't think I can do this." I said this but didn't feel it. I needed a push and Tori new it.

Letting go of me she felt up my boobs, one in each hand. Holding me by the nipples she pulled down and with huff I bent over. An electric shock ripped through my breasts and down to my cunt. My head was already hot, now it felt heavy. Bent over, I had my hands on my knees, breathing hard out my mouth. Tori took this opportunity to grab the bottom of my dress and pull it over my head and off me. I stood up, reaching for it but I was moving slow, my body was burning. My tits were suddenly to full and needed to... something. They felt tense, I wanted Tori to work them over with her mouth and hands. Leaning back again the bathroom sink I pull my bra cups down. Placing a hand behind Tori's head I guide her lips to them. Tori obliged my invitation with a strong sucking mouth. I moaned as she worked my left breast over with her lips. She deftly reached behind my back with both hands and unhooked my bra. I stood now in my boy shorts and nothing else. I could feel my cock lengthening and hardening as it slid up inside me. Starting the loop of sexual excitement between my two groins. Pulling back Tori took my hand and opened the door. Before I could shake the sex buzz clouding my mind she pushed me out.

"Good for you!" Rachael had waited. Did she hear my sex moan? Taking my hand again she led us outside to the pool. She hesitated but a second before jumping into the water, a perfect dive. Tori joined her by curling into a cannon ball before landing in the water.

This was getting to be to much for me. I sat down one of the lawn chairs around the pool. Laying down I looked up into the blue sky. The sun wasn't directly above us yet but still the only thing piercing the perfect blue sky. This was better, maybe not looking at them in the pool would allow me to calm down. Someone was going to notice what was going on between my legs if I wasn't careful.

The sun is suddenly was blocked, Tanya stood directly above me, "I thought I would join you girls." She was completely naked like her daughter. Her chest was beautifully done, her tits hung directly above. They had obviously been enhanced, but look very natural, sitting high on here chest there were very wide like mine. "I brought out some drinks also," She sat next to me on an adjacent chair and setting down the drinks between us. "I had my boobs done," she had noticed me looking. "Rachael gets most of her body from her father, lucky girl. I had to go under the knife for these. What do you think?"

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