tagNonHumanNicoletta Ch. 02

Nicoletta Ch. 02


To my dismay I woke to the same symphonic crashing of waves, but there was no sunlight flooding the room. The city below my lavish prison suite was silent, night had fallen. As I sat up the sheet covering me fell away and I saw that I was still naked. I panicked when my thoughts took me back to my tussle with this Alessandro Rossi.

When I passed out he had been gazing at me as if I were an exquisite meal set before him to devour at his leisure. My tears had already begun to fall as I threw back the sheet still covering my lower extremities. I had to see the blood ... I needed to confirm his violation against my person. But, the sheets were not stained. I touched myself, and my fingers came back clean. Could he have defiled me and so quickly cleaned me up after? But no, I felt no different than I had before I passed out.

"You are still ... intact ... Nicolette, for now. I am not an evil man after all."

I yelped at his sudden announcement that he was still in the room with me. Immediately I began gathering the sheet I had just moments before tossed away from me. I made to cover myself as I cursed his audacity in presuming that I would give myself, my virginity to him. Before I could pull the sheet up to cover my breasts it was ripped from my hands so fast it seemed like it left a trail of fire searing my palms in its wake.

He stood between the opening in the bed draperies casually looking me over.

"I have warned you once already Nicolette; do not hide your body from me."

"Why shouldn't I? It is my body; I choose who I allow to look at it."

I tried to sound bigger than I was, and with the naivety of a child I hoped that he would fall for my ruse as I grabbed several pillows and piled them in front of myself to obstruct his view. He made no move to stop me right away. So I figured I had won the battle, which gave me hope that I had a chance at winning the war he had started when he removed me from my home.

"What time is it?"

I tried to keep my voice conversational. Perhaps if I could make 'friends' with Alessandro he could be made to see reason, that I did not belong there, in his bed ... in his home ... in his life.

"It is just after ten in the evening Little One."

His voice sounded cold and calculating as he spoke not looking at me, instead his focus was on the five or six pillows surrounding me. He stepped back away from the bed so fast that I had no idea what had just happened. I heard the shuffling of his feet, fabric rustling, and in what seemed like a matter of seconds he was back and in bed with me naked as the day he was born. Before I had time to react he had me pushed up against the headboard of the bed. He looked me dead in the eye as he began ripping the pillows away from me.

With each toss of a pillow far from the bed he emphasized a sentence that snapped me back to reality forcing me to realize that I had won nothing ... and this 'war' was not a war so much as it was in fact his will keeping me there, and it would be by his will alone that I would be released.

"This body, you have claimed as your own Love ... is mine! The sweet tears slipping down your pretty face ... are mine! Every breath you take Nicolette is a gift I give freely to you because Nicolette, you, your heart and soul are mine!"

The pillows were all gone and we sat there naked before each other. His chest heaved, at first I thought it was out of pure anger, but the look in his eye betrayed that emotion for something more primal. Even being a virgin, I understood that look emphatically. He wanted me right then, and he was not going to take no for an answer, nor would my fainting stave him off again. "Do-Not-Hide-From-Me ..."

I jumped when I felt his hand caress my hip when he finished speaking. I knew I had only one chance to draw this thing out. Why it mattered I did not know, really it didn't matter ... I was just frightened. When I imagined my first time, I thought it would be this glorious thing between me and a man I was hopelessly in love with. He would be a beautiful man, a man whose utter beauty would put Michelangelo's David to shame.

His love for me would teeter just close enough to obsession as to have people who knew us best slightly worried that he might snap at even the slightest attention I would get from another man. He would take his time with me that first time, and most of all ... I would be given a choice. This night, with Alessandro ... I knew nothing about this. This was something straight out of a nightmare, but strangely, through morbid curiosity, it was a nightmare I was hesitant to end.

"Alessandro ...?"

His head snapped up and his gaze softened completely when he heard me say his name for the first time. He looked like a different man. He looked like the man I had dreamed would take my virginity. But I had to be careful ... Alessandro Rossi was not my gentile dream man who actually cared about my wants.

"Yes Love ..."

His voice was tender for the first time. It reminded me of someone. I had heard this voice before, but I could not place it.

"Alessandro ... why-why am I here? I don't understand any of this ... I don't understand you. I have never even seen you before, how do you figure you can just take me from everything I know? How can you do this to me? Am I being punished?"

He regarded me for a long while, the raw passion not dimming in his eyes, but he pushed it back a bit so that he could better focus. He did not mind my questioning him; I saw understanding in his eyes. For the first time I noticed his silky black hair as he smoothed it back out of his eye. I wanted to reach out and touch it ... suddenly I saw myself fisting my hand in his mane, tangling it in my hand as he brought me to heights of ecstasy unimaginable. I was immediately embarrassed and I tried to shrink from him, but he reached out sliding a hand around my waist as he pulled me to him.

I had never actually seen a naked man, much less touched one. I became a statue in his arms as he gently massaged one of my breasts. When I reached up to push his hand away he grabbed my wrists in his free hand and pulled my hands down to rest in my lap. Only, as soon as he put them there they flew to his hand again. Again, he grabbed my wrists, harder this time, and placed my hands back in my lap. "Please do not make me bind your hands Nicolette. And no, you are not being punished. Nicolette, I know that you do not remember me, but you have known me. We have met on several occasions during your life, the first time being when you were an infant, and the last official time we met was when you were fourteen. I knew then you would forget me with the passage of time. God, You have always been so beautiful."

He sighed as he spoke in barely a whisper. His hand now switched breasts. His fondling obviously had the desired effect, I had stopped trembling as we sat there talking, and I was more pliable in his arms.

"Nicolette, Love, there are things in this life that you will only understand with time. I can tell you why you are here, I can tell you who put you here in my bed, but Love, I do not wish to cause you pain. Just know, the world is not always a very nice place, and extenuating circumstances will decide a person's fate long before they ever have a chance to choose their path."

He was speaking in riddles, and now I had to know exactly what was going on. I tried to move away from him a little and quickly thought the better of it when he pinched down on my nipple and twisted it just enough to get a yelp out of me. I settled back in his arms allowing his molestation of my breasts.

"You said we last met when I was fourteen ... where, and why?"

He hesitated a bit ... he leant down and suckled at my neck causing me to swoon ... I could have sworn I felt the sting of his teeth right at my jugular vein. With a few short flicks of his tongue at the now overly sensitive skin he continued speaking.

"You were at summer camp. Your mother sent you every year from age seven. And every summer, I would fly to Dallas to follow your bus out to Possum Kingdom Lake. After your third summer I bought a house on the lake there, directly across from your location. I still own it, though I have not been back in ages. I own the only home that lies beyond Hell's Gates. Every Fourth of July I would throw a party there. Beginning in the morning my helicopter would fly my gusts in and you campers would watch in awe as it landed. I could only imagine what you were thinking as I stood watching you sun yourself on the docks right across from where I was ... it was torture being so close to you and never being able to speak with you. Anyways, your second to last summer there I just could not take one more season of watching you from afar. I had to find a way to get next to you, but you made it easy. I guess you and your friend's curiosity got the better of you that summer because I overheard my steward yelling at you from our boat house. Do you remember Love?"

I sat stark still as I listened to him speak. At first I thought he was lying, but I did remember that day, and he was right. Three summers had passed since us girls spent every fourth of July wondering what Prince owned the home set in its very own cliff side. We liked to imagine ourselves as one of his party goers ... each of us imagined in our pre-pubescent innocence that sometime he would show up in the night to scoop us up and away from our drab little teenage lives to hold hands and kiss in every room of his lavish home. So, one day, we decided to at least find out who lived in that house.

We all knew how to sail well having taken lessons at camp since we were ten, so one morning before the rest of the camp woke, the four of us set out in a medium sized catamaran for the other side of the lake. It was a good distance away; we had been over to that side of the lake before, but on sturdier crafts, and always with supervision. Now we were alone, and with every breeze second guessing our intentions. Once we crossed the threshold from the lake proper, sailing into and passed Hell's Gates, I got an eerie feeling and begged that we come about and go back, but my friends were instant.

"Nicole we have come this far! Look we can see the house from here! We can't turn back now!"

Jenny had always been the brave one of our group. Following her lead, we sailed on ... the wind had been strong all morning, but the closer we came to our intended destination the weaker our breeze became. Soon, we were so close to the boat house we could drift right in with little to no wind, but all of the sudden a huge gust kicked up driving us forward much too fast. Before I knew it and could do anything about it we collided with a beautiful Beneteau sail boat docked at the boat house, the name Nicolette II was scrawled in an interesting hand along the side and at the back of the boat.

Before I could process my name being on that boat three sets of mystified but jealous eyes were on me. I shrugged it off as coincidence, but before I could speak an angry old man came storming down a rickety stair case from the house. "What the hell do you think you are doing? Trespassing I tell you ... that's what ... trespassing!" The bald little man was livid! We were not expecting him to be the one who owned the beautiful home; all of our fantasies were dashed as he spat obscenities at us through an almost completely toothless mouth. He waved his fists at us while he swore the lake police would be after us within minutes for defacing private property. We tried desperately to get underway again, but the wind had gone. We were stuck in irons, facing the entirely wrong direction, and every small wave under our boat caused our boom to scratch into the paint of the Nicolette II.

I wanted to cry. We were all terrified. It was not until I saw a young man standing at the top of the staircase looking down right at me that for some reason, I calmed a little. Slowly he descended the stairs to the boat house.\

"Throw me a rope ... I will tie you off here until the wind picks up again ..."

Jenny threw him our tie and as he worked he stole several glances at me. Everyone was stunned at what seemed to be taking place. The little man was angry because the young one was not freaking out along with him. And my friends saw the young man's interest in me right away, fueling their jealous gazes between us. We sat on our boat once he finished tying us off.

The young man walked over to the Nicolette II and studied the scratches. He seemed to be mesmerized by them and soon we all started squirming under his scrutiny of the damages to his once pristine craft.

"Um ... Sir, we are really sorry about that! A big gust came up, and we had no time to come about ..."

He raised one hand to silence Jenny as she spoke, then Kerrianne began rambling.

"Mister, our parents can pay to have it repainted ... really."

"He looked at her eliciting her silence. Then his gaze fell to me.

"All will be forgiven if you and your friends will join me for breakfast."

"Um, really, I don't think ..."

Before I could finish my sentence the other girls had climbed off our boat onto his dock. I hesitated. I did not want to go into his home. There was something not quite right about him, I mean we were teenagers; I knew it was not right for him to offer to have us in his home un-chaperoned. Yet, still, I took his hand when he offered it, and exited our stuck craft. I turned in his arms to face him. I needed to see his face, his eyes. He was not lying ... the man I had met almost ten years prior to this night was Alessandro. He looked at me now with soft eyes waiting for me to do or say something.

When a tear slid slowly down my cheek he kissed it away and made his way down to take my right breast into his mouth. Again I tried to shy from his touch, but he had me before I could get away. As he nipped and suckled at my nipple my body was at odds with my heart and mind. There was nothing I could do but allow his attentions to wash over me in utter rapture and cry.

"Why am I here now Alessandro?" I had calmed some and wanted to continue my interrogation. He was reluctant to leave my breasts but wasted no time expertly easing my body under his. He put one of his legs between mine and hooked his arms under me and over my shoulders before he answered me. I felt his penis throbbing against my belly as we lay there insistent that it be tended to, soon.

I had never felt so exposed, nor had I felt so much like a woman. I felt my heat against his muscled thigh ... I felt the moisture that had grown in my loins as we had lain there. I knew my body had been preparing itself for something I wanted so desperately to fight, but found it more difficult with each passing second.

"Why Nicolette? Why is how and why you came to be here so important to you? Is it not enough that you are here? Is it not enough that since you have been here a void has been filled within you just as it had been that day we met on the lake? Your questions are irrelevant Angel. You are here because I need you here ... you are here because you need me. I love you, and have loved you since the day you were born ... is that not enough?"

I was becoming angry now; he was beating around the bush. Something sinister was going on and my being there was not as simple as he was trying to make it out to be.

"No, it is not enough Alessandro. You have removed me from my life, from all I know. You are forcing me to be with you. You have completely displaced me. No one knows where I am, what happened to me. I don't even know my own fate here ... once you have me, how do I know you are not going to kill me and fry me up with chips or something? It is only fair that I know why you have kidnapped me, and are preparing to rape me, and after that God only knows what. So again I say Alessandro, your explanation is not enough. What the hell are you hiding?"

My tone and implications angered him, but seemed to drive his desire for me all the more. He ground his hips into mine forcing his penis to drag its length between my nether lips. My breath caught, it was the strangest sensation ... delicious and it left me wanting.

"Child you know not what you demand to have answered ... but since you insist, when your mother was pregnant with you, your father was a dabbler in the dark arts ... witchcraft and the occult. He opened doors he had no business opening ... he invited monsters into your home with no regard to the dangers of his actions. He thought that we were controllable, that demons and the like could be summoned and made to do the bidding of the one calling.

Your father ran afoul a coven of young vampires a few months after you were born. Their leader had befriended your father with the intentions of taking your mother for himself. He wanted to mate with your mother ... his name was Dorian. He would have you and your mother right now had your father not sought me out. I knew of your father, had seen him around quite a bit. I did not like him. I found him smug and extremely dangerous to himself as well as any other human being in his company.

One night he came to my offices in Dallas begging that I do something. He knew enough about the inner workings of the vampire hierarchy to know that I am a powerful ancient. He said that he was not ready to give up his family...."

Alessandro's lips feathered against my ear as he whispered his story. He placed his other leg between mine as he spoke. His penis continued to slip thorough my folds threatening with every stroke to enter my body as his breath began to catch in his throat. My legs were not open to him nearly enough for him to go further however, and I was going to try to keep it that way, but I was helpless, he was too strong. His knees forced my own apart allowing him to lie comfortably between my legs ready to enter my as he wished. "Alessandro ... please don't do this ... I am not ready. I only want to be with one man, and he will be my husband ... please stop this."

He did not skip a beat, continuing to slip up and down my folds relaying his story.

"Your father had you with him that night. You were all bundled up sleeping sweetly in his arms. I asked to hold you and he allowed it. The moment I had you in my arms, I knew you had been born for me, you were my mate. I told him I would help him on one condition ..."

He stopped moving and lifted himself up so that he could look into my eyes. He stayed still for what seemed like forever. His gaze was pained, and there was a longing there that looked like it had grown out of control with the passing years.

"Your father swore a blood oath that you would be mine once you came of age Nicolette. He worked a spell on you to keep your suitors at bay. That is what kept your boyfriend's hands off of you save the chaste kiss now and again, and even those burned me up. You father swore you to me ... your hand in marriage, your life, your very soul; he gave it to me for my protection of your family.

Only, as you grew, he changed his mind ... in the passing years he had decided he wanted nothing more to do with my world and would not subject you to it, so he sent you away. Every time I would get closer to finding you he would get you interested in something in a totally different part of the world. You came to be here with me this time because I kept my search secret, no one knew I was looking or coming or you.

Once I found you it was just my luck that you had had a bad day and wanted nothing more than to get sloppy drunk and pass out. Nicolette, you by fate and by right of a binding blood oath are mine, you always have been. And tonight, you are my wife and will be so until the end of time."

Alessandro gave me no pause to respond. I felt him position his body to enter mine. I tried to struggle as best I could with his full weight on me, but my fight was of no consequence. He waited for me to calm down.

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