tagNonHumanNicoletta Ch. 05

Nicoletta Ch. 05


"Get out." Alessandro's cold flat voice caused me to cringe as I gripped the sides of the car seat refusing to go back into his house. He stood just outside the car with his hand fused to the door handle.

"I am not going back in there, you can forget it!" I said with a shaking voice. His brother stood behind him glaring between Alessandro and me.

"Brother, she is a slight thing ... take her out of the car!" He said impatiently.

"Luca, this is between Nicolette and me. Why don't you tend to our guests?" Alessandro snapped as he glared over at Federico and the terrified woman Luca had been so ready to kill just an hour ago.

"I have been more than patient with you Nicolette. Get out of the car, now." His voice was a cross between a growl and a whisper. I knew it was taking every ounce of control he had for him to keep his temper in check. Challenging Alessandro after my failed escape attempt, I was playing with fire, but I could not give in to him.


"Damn it Nicolette!" He said catching my arm in a vise grip. Before I knew it I was out of the car standing in front of an infuriated Alessandro. I could not hold back the flood of tears streaming down my face. I was not sure if I was crying because of the crushing grip he had on my arm or from fear of the fury raging in his eyes. From a distance, I had seen the vampire in his brother when we were at the beach, but now, standing toe to toe with Alessandro, the demon churning in the jade pools made me tremble uncontrollably.

"Y-you're hurting me ..." I squeaked out as I tried to wrench myself free from his hold.

"No more defiance Nicolette! From this point on, you will do as you are told without question. Do you understand?" He demanded as his grip became a bit looser. I bowed my head in silence breathing a sigh of relief as my arm throbbed in his hand.

"Answer me Nicolette, do you understand?" He half yelled as his grip tightened again giving me a slight shake.

"Yes damn you! For God sake, let me go!" I screamed with a whimper. He released my arm, and as we stood there his hard stare at me became a tired frustrated gaze.

"I do not know why you insist on making this so hard Nicolette. I know you feel the energy between us." He said in one breath running a hand through his hair. I said nothing. Anything I could say obviously would not change my predicament at all so I opted to look up to beg the biggest moon I had ever seen for any assistance it could offer.

"Sarafina, take Nicolette up to our room to wait for me." He said with a slight wave of his hand in the direction of a girl no more than sixteen years old. Her face was sad, and she looked exhausted leaning against a stone pillar. But as Alessandro finished speaking, she moved with purpose coming to me grabbing hold of my hand. I tried to pull out of her grip, and when I did, her hand tightened on mine almost painfully.

"Prego Signora, do not fight him." She begged pulling me up the stone steps and past the threshold of my prison. Looking back over my shoulder, I found Alessandro staring at me with a fire in his eyes foreshadowing a really long night.

My trip through the house this time was different than when I ran through it the first time. The walls showcased art from what seemed to have been created by every artist who ever lived, Picasso, Davinci, Botticelli, and Waterhouse stuck out right away. Walking through the Rossi compound, felt more like touring the Louver.

I stopped as we came to a huge tapestry hanging on a wall by itself. An elaborate golden tree decorated its face. On closer inspection, instead of having leafy branches, names sewn in ruby red thread served as the tree's foliage. Across the top of the tapestry in elaborate calligraphy read the words 'Albero di famiglia di Rossi', Sarafina allowed me to linger as I marveled over the the beautiful wall-hanging.

"It is our family tree. We can trace our line all the way back to Adam and Eve, you see?" The small woman pointed towards the two mythical names at the top of the tree as she finished speaking. Feeling uncomfortable with her proximity to me I took several steps backwards until I ran into the wall. She looked discontented as I fidgeted in my nervousness.

"You have nothing to fear in me Nicolette. She said with a small shake of her head. Flaxen waves spilled over her bare freckled shoulders as a dangerous smile reached up to her sparkling obsidian eyes. "I am Donata Rossi, Alessandro and Luca's younger sister." She stuck her hand out for me to take, but retracted it slowly as I eyeballed her with suspicion.

"I-I was rather hoping we could be friends Nicolette, the house is primarily male, if you have not noticed, and my mother is madding more often than not ..." She said with a light chuckle. We stood there in silence for about a minute before I drummed up enough courage to refuse her olive branch.

"I won't be here long enough to make 'friends', Donata. And when I do get out of here, I wouldn't be around when the police show up if I were you because I am taking this whole house down!" I said through clenched teeth. I had forgotten Sarafina was beside me until her now sweaty hand slid into mine tugging me away from the tapestry and Donata. Her spectacular dark eyes had become glassy, like she was ready to cry as she looked on me.

"Nicolette, I know you are unhappy now, but please, give us a chance. Alessandro can be hard at times, but really, he does love you very much, as do we all." She plead. I did not have the energy to respond to her so I shook my head at her as I turned and let Sarafina tug me up the stairs to Alessandro's rooms.

A smashed vase and a hole in the wall made it clear just how angry Alessandro had been upon discovering me gone. I shuddered at the thought of what was in store for me when he got back, but at the same time, I was so tired, tired of fighting. So, I resigned myself to my fate as I stepped out onto the balcony.

I imagined I was on the beach with the happy group of people sitting around a fire laughing together. Their formal clothing was not suited for a beach outing, I guess they had been at a party or something and ducked out, perhaps a wedding reception. I imagined myself a new bride, blushing as I beamed out at my several hundred guests while the priest who performed the ceremony announced,

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Rossi"

I shocked myself on completion of that thought. Of all the names I could have filled the blank with, his popped in there immediately. I did not want his name in that blank, there was no way I would ever be Mrs. Rossi, but replaying the scenario in my head, his name found its place every time.

"Come inside Nicolette ..." I jumped upon hearing Alessandro's even calm voice behind me. I had not heard him enter the room. His placid tone worried me. Turning around slowly I met his gaze for only a second before my eyes found the stone floor of the balcony.

"Do not make me repeat myself Nicolette ..." he said with more heat. My hand found the sore spot on my arm. As I tested the tender area, I was quickly reminded of how he ripped me from the car, and not wanting a repeat of that, I ambled slowly back into his room. Alessandro stood just over the threshold. When I was an arms length away from him he took my wrist in his hand and lifted it to his mouth kissing my palm with such tenderness I went weak in the knees. But when his eyes popped open finding mine, I knew his passion in that moment was a ruse for the storm that still raged. He began to tug me to an ancient wooden chair that sat alone near his closets.

"W-what's going on?" I asked praying silently for a benign answer, hoping that we were going to 'talk' about the nights events. But in his silence, my fear of what he had planned grew like wild fire. He sat down on the plain chair. Really it was the only simple thing in the room; I guess that is what made it so ominous. Still standing with my wrist securely in his hand I looked down at Alessandro as he studied me.

"Take off your pants Nicolette." He demanded dropping my wrist. A raised eyebrow was the only further encouragement I needed to comply with his order. I took my time unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. As I slid them past my hips, I could not help but wonder if I trembled because of the chill in the air, or if it was the demented vampire staring at me with a hunger I had never witnessed. Finally the pants pooled around my ankles. I tried to step out of them gracefully, but stumbled a bit reaching out for his hand to steady myself. My clumsiness did not bother him. He offered his hand easily, and waited for me to regain my footing. When I did he held his hand out again, this time, I was confused. His eyes found the pants. I picked them up and handed them over wanting nothing more than to jerk them back and fly to the restroom to lock myself in. But as I looked behind me, I remembered I would be running into an open room, the door had not yet been replaced from the last time I locked myself in.

"Your panties too ..." he breathed.

"Alessandro please ..." I begged.

"Do you want me to take them off of you?" he asked glaring at me.

A tear slid down my cheek as I hooked my thumbs under the only barrier between him and me. And what was one tear turned into hundreds as I slid the thin fabric down my legs as slowly as I could. He waited patiently as I stalled only to inevitably step out of the white lacy panties I had found in the closet before I escaped. A bra and panties was all I dared to take before I left. In taking the panties off I had knelt down into a ball to try to retain some modesty. Half dressed and kneeling at Alessandro's feet, I knew I was in for trouble. My mind raced trying to formulate an escape plan, but there was none to be had, I was trapped.

"Give them to me ..." he whispered. From my ball, I extended my arm up to him as I offered the panties. But he didn't move to take them.

"Stand up Nicolette, and give them to me." The warning in his voice caused my heart to slam against my ribcage. My legs were like noodles as I stood again offering him the panties. Satisfied, he took them. He brought the panties to his nose and inhaled deeply. I could not stand there watching him savoring my essence. I turned my head finding a spot on the wall to stare at. It seemed like decades flew by in the time he had me stand in front of him. Without thinking, I took a step back.

"Nicolette, don't ..." he growled. I stopped in my tracks. He looked up at me as he folded the panties and laid them on top of my jeans.

"Come closer please, Nicolette ..." knowing it was not a request, I shuffled closer to him. Again, he took my wrists in his hand, and seemed to study my palms. After about a minute he looked up into my eyes.

"Lie face down across my lap Nicolette." His voice did not waver, but I just knew I had misheard him.

"I'm sorry?"

"Lie face down across my lap."

"Alessandro, no p-please ..." I begged shaking my head.

"I said, lie down!" He yelled pulling me into his lap. I struggled as he put me into the position he wanted me in.

"S-stop it Alessandro! Let me up now!" I grunted.

"Be still Nicolette!" He said forcing my arm up behind my back. The keen pain radiating from my shoulder to my fingertips forced me to cease my struggle and just as he wanted, I lay still, at his mercy. He said nothing as we both caught our breath. He released my arm and massaged my hurting shoulder. His attentions felt so good compared to the pain that had forced me into submission. I lay there reveling in his massage when he stopped suddenly.

"Alessandro, what are ... Ow! What the hell, you maniac!" I screamed after he gave me a quick smack on the ass. I was more shocked and embarrassed than hurt. I resumed my struggle to get up as his hand circled my still stinging bottom lightly.

"Be still Nicolette ..." he said on a whisper.

"Let-me-up! Ouch!! For god sake Alessandro!"

He struck me harder than the first time. I tried my best to wriggle free from his hold, but my struggle was useless. The third smack fell so hard the pain from it radiated from my ass down my legs and back up.

"Fuck Alessandro stop it, please!" I sobbed.

"Foul language will only extend this Nicolette..." He said with an eerie calm as his hand fell again. Alessandro hit me eleven times with each strike much harder than the last. I figure it would have been ten had I not sworn at him. I had to lean on him for support when he stood me up. I was so upset I could not catch my breath and my ass throbbed in pain as he began walking me to the washroom sink.

"Shhh, calm down Love, it is finished. Let's get you cleaned up ..." he cooed. When we got to the sink I grabbed on to it for support and shook his hands off of me. Ignoring my rejection, he reached around me to start the water, as he did I looked at myself in the mirror. Tears flowed anew as I examined my swollen eyes and runny red nose, I was a total mess, and embarrassed to boot. Alessandro stood behind me watching me realize that he was it for me, like it or not. And as we stared at each other in the mirror, my hatred for him began to grow into complete apathy.

"Do you know why I hit you Nicolette? He asked as he soaked a pristine washcloth in the warm water flowing in a steady smooth stream from the faucet.

"Y-you hit me because I ran away, and b-because you are a sadistic son-of-a .." I bit my lip before finishing my statement for fear that he might strike me again. He seemed to take no notice of my insolence as we stood there. I dropped my head so I would not have to look at him, and jumped when I felt the towel he had bathe the back of my neck.

"I did not hit you because you ran Nicolette. I expected you to run. I knew you would not get far. As a matter of fact, I expect you to try run again. What I had not expected, Amore was to find you fiddling with another man. And that Caro, is why I hit you." He explained. My eyes found his in the mirror before he finished speaking. I could see the fire the jade pools stir again as he thought about Federico and me together.

"Don't you ever lay a hand on me again!" I seethed through clenched teeth.

"Do not give me a reason to." He said spinning me around to face him. He took the towel off my neck and wet it again. Alessandro wiped the tears from my face with the attentiveness of a dutiful husband, and as he did, I felt my fury dial down to a quiet anger. I wanted to hate him so badly, but the more I wanted to, the more I tried to hate him, the more I felt like I was home. I think he sensed this as he cleansed my face because a smile crept to his lips a he pressed his body to mine. But I wouldn't allow him the pleasure of gloating. I pushed myself into him quickly causing him to stumble back far enough that I could squeeze past him.

"Why do you insist on fighting me Nicolette?" For the first time I heard utter frustration in his voice.

"Why do you persist on torturing me?" I spat back.

My answer came as I found myself flying into the air as Alessandro scooped me up and carried me to the bed. He tossed me gently onto it daring me with his eyes to move an inch as he undressed himself slowly forcing me to secretly beg for him to reveal more skin with each agonizing second. I did not realize I had licked my lips as his pants fell exposing his angry throbbing erection. My breath caught in my throat as I chastised myself for being so hungry for him.

"Being in my bed is torture?" he asked crawling onto the bed as I began to inch backwards towards the headboard.

"P-please, just leave me alone Alessandro ..." I begged not sure of my own conviction. I yelped as he pulled me by the ankle towards him. Without knowing what hit me I was beneath him as his exploring fingers delved into my core. His fingers danced over my wetness flaunting my need for him despite my reluctance. And I could not help but to shiver beneath him when his mouth devoured one aching nipple and then the other raining delicious love bites on them. But when his thumb brushed my pulsating clit and my body arched desperately into his demanding everything he had to give and more, we both knew the last thing I wanted or needed right then was for him to leave me alone.

"I am going to make love to you this night Nicolette. I am going to drive every thick inch of myself into you over and over again all night long. You will scream for more Nicolette, and more I shall give until you are begging me to stop. And Love; when your womb is full of my seed and we are both spent we will bask together in the glory of it all. I am going to make love to you day and night as our desires demand, and one day Amore, you will make love to me. And when that day comes Nicolette, when you can finally admit to yourself that you love me you will be whole." He breathed massaging my clit with a slow tenderness that threatened my sanity.

"I-I will never ... Uugghhh!" I was not able to finish my last protest before he drove his full length into me in one strong stroke.

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