tagNovels and NovellasNicolette Ch. 03

Nicolette Ch. 03


Fourteen-year-old Zoey couldn't tear her eyes away from Nicolette. Three people had entered the barn – Nicolette, Felicity, and Stephen – but only Nicolette had Zoey's attention. Her heart beat with the uneasy certainty of a pending death; Zoey was temporarily immobilized, paralyzed with fear. Vampires aren't real, she tried rationalizing, but it didn't work. The woman – Nicolette – looked exactly like one! Long, jet-black hair, eyes so black the pupils were indistinguishable. And, Zoey had never before seen such a pale face – the woman looked undead! And her facial features – as perfect as indescribable. Just a face -- no moles, freckles, wrinkles, or any of the other imperfections that indicated mortality.

"You must be the animal caretaker, the groom." The gothic female spoke in a sweet, comforting voice that contrasted the physical appearance. She extended a long, slender hand with well-manicured fingernails. Other than the pasty color, there was nothing terrifying about her hands. On one finger, the largest diamond wedding ring Zoey had ever seen.

Trying to decide between the self-preservation instinct to back away and the good manners instructing her to swallow the fear and be polite, Zoey stammered breathlessly, "Y-Yes . . . I take care of the horses and the dog."

Just then, Zoey's father appeared, as though he had been miraculously and telepathically signaled that his daughter needed him, and he had driven to the rescue. Zoey and her father's modest home without an ocean view was a few miles away from this place, a classic Italian-style farmhouse with three private, oceanfront acres. With a resounding, "Hello everyone" and extended hand, Zoey's father greeted Stephen, Nicolette, and Felicity. Her father's confidence and seeming disregard for the fact that there was a vampire in the midst amazed and comforted Zoey. And, she gradually relaxed, although she still didn't trust Nicolette and kept a safe distance from her.

With her father firmly in control of the conversation, Zoey felt herself fading into the background. With the newfound anonymity, she looked curiously at Stephen and Felicity. Stephen – he was a fox! Tall, tanned, impeccably dressed, he reminded her of a favorite public school teacher, only older and much wealthier. She wanted the billionaire immediately and jealous hatred mixed with the fear she felt toward his wife. It was blatantly obvious that Stephen was older than his wife was, but the sight of them together wasn't perverted, as Zoey grudgingly acknowledged that Nicolette carried herself gracefully, with an air of savoir-faire well beyond her age. Nicolette's slender, curvy figure had a catlike appearance, all the plump skin of youth gone and replaced by a taut, sleek countenance. But, Zoey thought Nicolette was too pale and thin with disproportionately large breasts and wondered why desirable Stephen had married that girl, that vampire. As for Felicity, she barely registered in Zoey's mind, except for the thought that it was strange to bring an extra female along on a honeymoon.

Zoey's father was introducing the trio to the animals and chatting aimlessly about the area. This luxurious Florida estate was Stephen's wedding present to his gothic wife. Purchased sight unseen, it was the first time the newlyweds had stepped foot on the property. Of course, they wouldn't be familiar with the animals. Zoey felt a little guilty hiding behind her father, since she was the one responsible for the year-round care of the animals. But, between the freight and animosity she felt toward Nicolette and the sugar daddy attraction she felt for Stephen, Zoey was very intimidated.

After all the necessary information regarding the three animals had been passed down to Stephen, Zoey's father made up a hasty excuse about having a prior engagement, and the father and daughter departed. After she was sure they were out of ear reach of the trio, Zoey asked, "Daddy, is she a vampire?"

"No, honey. She's just from New York City."

After Zoey and her father left, Nicolette let out a deep breath of relief. She turned dark eyes to Felicity; the edges of her mouth turned upward in a vicious little sneer. "Now, my little pet, it is time for some rules."

Felicity blinked quickly, shuttering deeply. Wordlessly, without instruction, she lowered herself to a hands-and-knees position before Nicolette. There, she waited with wide eyes transfixed to a spot on the barn floor. Since Stephen had come into her relationship with Nicolette, Felicity's role had been demoted from submissive, abused girlfriend to well-groomed, sexual plaything. It surprised Felicity how easily she had adapted to her new role. And, while she missed the intimacy of a monogamous lesbian relationship with Nicolette, the triangular relationship offered her the controlled, cruel dominance that her submissively demented mind craved. She desperately longed to feel Stephen's thick, ten-inch dick down her throat again, spreading her mouth wide and gagging her throat. Nicolette had permitted it on that first evening but, since then, kept Felicity's contact with Stephen mostly limited to cum swallowing. Felicity wasn't physically attracted to Stephen, but she was sexually attracted to that well-hung instrument between his legs, and his thin veil of cruel indifference toward her was shockingly arousing. And, it was just a thin veil of cruel indifference, Felicity knew. Stephen had a thread of control over Nicolette and used it as the voice of reason whenever Nicolette's treatment toward her turned malevolent. It wasn't that Nicolette intentionally meant to hurt her, Felicity had always understood that; it was just that sometimes, in the heat of the moment, the teenager lacked the maturity to refrain from losing complete control. Before Stephen's presence in their relationship, Nicolette frequently whipped Felicity until the skin broke and blood would bubble up against the strap marks. And the sight of her blood enraged Nicolette, drawing Nicolette to the psychotic conclusion that she was bleeding intentionally! Oh, God . . . Thank God for Stephen! For Felicity, her new triangular relationship was as complex as it was comforting and lascivious.

"Such a good girl," Nicolette's sweet mockery drew Felicity out of her thoughts. "My rules for you aren't that difficult, since Stephen doesn't enjoy watching you suffer as much as I. You are to remain undressed and on all fours whenever we are here. You are to address me as Mistress Nicolette and my husband as Master Stephen. You are to be continuously available to either of us and unquestioningly comply to our every wish, no matter how insignificant or bizarre they may be."

"It will be as you command, Mistress Nicolette," Felicity managed through her breathlessness, her heart beating rapidly. Oh, how easily she found it to adjust to her new life of sexual torture, how sweet and delicious! She could feel heat and moisture gathering around her sex, and she leaned slightly to kiss her Mistress Nicolette's stetto-clad feet.

While Felicity's homosexuality might be considered abnormal is certain circles, she shared the same insecurities about bearing her body as most women Stephen knew. And, it was amusing for him to watch Felicity scurry about uncomfortably naked, ducking behind furniture and other large objects to keep hidden. To make the suffering even worse, creative dominatrix Nicolette put remote control vibrating balls in both of her orifices. It was funny for Stephen to watch the insignificant guttersnipe scamper from room to room, the visibility of her internal objects constantly changing. When Felicity caught Stephen amusing himself at her expense, she cast him a hateful glance before backing ass-first into a corner to hide her stuffed openings from his view. That was too much for the billionaire, and he roared with laughter, holding his sides. Felicity's face turned red and tears filled her eyes. To further humiliate her pet, Nicolette showed Stephen how to work the remote, detailing how to read Felicity's face and decrease stimulation whenever she drew too close to orgasm, preventing the release. Stephen and Nicolette spent hours, like teenagers with a new video game, playing with their human sex toy, completely disregarding that Felicity was, in fact, a human being. Felicity begged for permission to cum, pleaded and kissed their feet, but the masochistic duo never allowed it, and Felicity fell to sleep that night still suffering, with a parched, desperate ache inside of her.

Stephen woke up in the middle of the night to find something preventing him from fully stretching out his legs. "Jesus, Nicolette, does it have to sleep with us?"

Nicolette looked at the bottom of the bed to find Felicity. At her master's instruction, she was back in the dog costume, complete with the choke collar, brown ears, and tail. In her cunt were two dildos of ordinary size and girth, pressing together and vying for room in the stuffed den. Felicity had curled into a dog-like position and fallen asleep at the foot of their bed. Playfully, Nicolette admonished her husband. "Oh, stop! She's hardly taking up any space at all! Besides, she looks cute and you know it!"

"I can think of something cuter," Stephen huskily suggested before diving under the covers to have the sort of midnight snack you wouldn't find on any five-star menu. The resentful look Felicity had cast him earlier put Stephen in a competitive mood and he wanted to remind the insignificant tool who could make Nicolette squirt.

"No, my love," Nicolette whispered urgently. "Please, Stephen . . . put it in me."

"You don't want to cum this way?" This was a first for Nicolette, choosing penetration over cunnilingus.

"Get it in me," she begged, panting lustfully now. "Please, Stephen, get – it – in – me!" And, as soon as he entered her, she began bucking her hips wildly, slapping her flesh against his. "Harder . . . Oh, Stephen, my love, harder . . . Oh, Stephen, how I need it harder!"

Overcome with a beast-like lust of his own, Stephen growled low in his throat, picking Nicolette off the bed without removing his massive organ from her tight incubator. He held her by the hips, and she fell back until she was almost horizontal. Ebony hair fell down to the carpeted floor. She was so thin, barely a hundred pounds; he scarcely felt Nicolette's weight in his strong arms. And he began masturbating himself with her, his strong hands vigorously slamming his super-sized cock deeply in and out of her firm, young sex cavity. Nicolette's hair was wildly propelled in every direction by the manic sex.

"Yuh, yuh." The frantic pace made it impossible for Nicolette to form a word. Stephen couldn't initially tell whether she was enjoying the fuck or he was hurting her. Then, he felt the strong constriction and release of her orgasms against his dick. Beads of sweat dripped from his forehead onto Nicolette's exposed belly as he continued to use his wife to masturbate. He had never seen his wife so insanely horny and the thought that seeing her little plaything nude all day might have played a bearing on her mood passed quickly through his head. Then, he bit pursed lip determinedly, conjuring up every bit of self-control his age and vast sexual experience provided to prevent his cock from ejaculating along with his wife's pumping orgasm. The fuck, so untamable bestial, was too good to quit – visually, as well as physically. But, as Nicolette's expressive sex organ continued to constrict and release, the response was unwillingly drawn out of his swelled organ.

"Oh!" Stephen cried out, half in shock at the way she had forced his fluid and half in rapture. He felt cum shoot deep inside her hot hole, which had become sloppy and noisy from her own powerful orgasms.

Once his seed had been completely delivered, Stephen lovingly picked up his wife, holding her tenderly against his chest. "Shit, you're going to give me a heart attack," he gasped breathlessly, struggling to get the air into his lungs. "I'm too old for you." His legs were shaking as badly as they had the first time he made love to her. The hand he lifted to wipe the sweat-soaked hair from his wife's forehead was shaking severely. To him, Zoey's description of Nicolette was unfathomable. To him, she was a visually perfect being. "At least I'll die with a smile on my face."

She looked up at him, eyes brilliantly gleaming, illuminated by the glow of a good, multi-orgasm fuck. "Oh, God, Stephen, how do you make me come so hard? How do you do it?"

A banging sound caught Stephen's attention, and he turned toward it. Against one of the sides of the four poster, mahogany bed frame, Felicity was driving herself hard, pushing the dildos out of her cunt using stomach muscles then, using a bedpost, driving them back in. Her eyes were closed, and she was muttering incoherently, an orgasm racking her body. No one can get you off like yourself, Stephen thought, grinning wickedly.

"Oh, you bad girl!" Nicolette laughed. "You must be punished!" Nicolette touched her husband's hand, indicating that she wanted down, and he obliged her. Then, after covering herself with a robe, she attached the matching leash to Felicity's colorful Louis Vitton choke collar. She led Felicity out of the bedroom.

The middle of the night is no deterrent for my psychosexual wife when it comes to punishing poor Felicity, Stephen thought dismally, throwing on a dark plaid Polo robe and following after them. The only difference between Felicity and me that I scamper along without pricey Louis Vitton accessories, Stephen mused as he caught up with the duo on the stairs.

Nicolette led Felicity into the dining room. Then, she addressed her husband. "Undress my disobedient slave, remove all the objects from her holes, and put her on the dining room table."

"I plan on eating on the table tomorrow," Stephen protested dismally, a wretched expression.

"God, I hate men," Felicity muttered, causing Nicolette to laugh as she left the room.

"Your master is going to kill me one of these days," Stephen confided to Felicity once they were alone. He bent down and began removing the dog paraphernalia.

"When?" Felicity asked hopefully.

"About five minutes before she kills you." Having rid her of the canine apparatuses, Stephen carefully rid Felicity's cunt of dueling dildos. It was still a rather unpleasant task, but nowhere near as loathsome a chore as on that first night. Using Nicolette's stylist and Stephen's platinum credit card, Felicity's pubic hair had been completely removed, except for a cute "N" shape above the slit to honor her beloved master. Leaning down further, Stephen placed an outstretched hand on one of Felicity's ass cheeks. He felt the smooth, apple-like texture and his cock's hard response. Then, drawing his hand together, he gathered up the fatty flesh of Felicity's ass. She gasped, and from his angle, Stephen could see the slave's pussy pulsate and the cum that was forced out. Her asshole opening was as massacred as ever. Lifting his hand, he delivered a resounding whack on the slave's ass and watched delightfully as his red handprint formed on her bare ass.

"Get up here." He pointed to the tabletop, his expression blank. Felicity obeyed, crawling first on a chair then onto the table, mimicking canine movements. Stephen smiled and absentmindedly patted her head. Felicity tried giving Stephen a reproachful look but failed; it was all there, reflected in her eyes. Dismissing the insignificant tool from his mind, Stephen left to find his wife.

Nicolette was in the kitchen, at the sink, pouring a measured amount of liquid Castile soap over water. As Stephen wrapped his arms around her from the back, he noticed the basin she was filling with the vegetable oil based soap concoction. A thermometer in the water indicated a temperature in the low 100s. He pressed his erection into her. "Wouldn't you rather punish me?" He murmured suggestively against her ear and watched her shivered response. She backed slightly into his hardness, moving suggestively. "Or maybe I should punish you, hmmm?"

"You just punished me," Nicolette replied, emphatically turning off the warm water. "And, I loved it!" With basin in hand, she turned around to face him, grinning and dark eyes twinkling lustfully. "But, after punishing my disobedient bitch, I know I'm going to need another dosage of your dick." Their eyes locked, and Nicolette's expression changed. The lust faded, replaced with deep, soulful love. "Oh, Stephen . . . " And, Stephen removed the object from her hand, wrapped his arms around her, and placed his head on top of hers. They swayed together, moving to nonexistent music. God, how he loved this bizarre woman-child!

"Felicity!" Nicolette gasped, remembering her bitch. She pushed Stephen away with the palms of her hands. "Oh, you make me forgetful! I am going to the dining room, away from my distraction! When the white wine on the stove reaches 105 degrees, bring it in." With that, Nicolette gave him a playful smack on the behind and left with the soapy water basin.

A few minutes later, Stephen followed Nicolette with the vessel of white wine. He looked around the room, taking in the IV stand next to the table where Felicity waited patiently. The willing slave had been moved into a doggie style position, with her elbows and knees on the table and buttocks proudly displayed high in the air. Her head was down, and Stephen saw the worried expression.

Nicolette had somehow managed to transport a three-shelf steel medical cart to Florida. He knew that eventually wondering how she managed it would drive him to distraction, but he was too intrigued to delve into a full-blown Nicolette obsession at that particular moment. On the cart, she had placed the soapy water basin. There were also petite bottles of peppermint and lavender oils, as well as a couple of hot pink latex enema bags, a wrapped-up silicon hose, and a multitude of other enema paraphernalia.

And, then there was The Vibrator. The Vibrator – an instrument so impressive to Nicolette that she gave it a formal name. Stephen wasn't unfamiliar with a vibrator; he had used them in the past to bring about quick or heightened female orgasms or to assist faceless women who had troubles achieving fulfillment through penetration and cunnilingus. But, Stephen had always used the inexpensive, battery-powered numbers. He had no idea that vibrators could be so expensive and high-tech! The Vibrator was made of a rubber jelly substance, and it was not particularly long or thick. It came with a clit attachment that looked – interesting enough – like a rabbit. Stephen wondered why the manufacturer had chosen a rabbit shape for the clit attachment – and not a grinning Cheshire pussycat or a phallus shape. Anyway, The Vibrator not only vibrated but it also swiveled, which, when activated, gave the instrument a look of possession. But, it was the way that Nicolette attached the high tech fuck device to a computer that astonished Stephen, using just a simple serial port. Then, from anywhere she desired, Nicolette could use the satellite connection on her laptop, and vibrate and swivel the orgasms right out of her submissive slut! And, the slave's torment wasn't limited to Nicolette's command; anonymous subscribers to the site could also operate the instrument, at Nicolette's approval, of course. And, the instrument came with a handy wireless remote control, so Nicolette could buzz Felicity's hot hole from across the room. Stephen knew that if he lived to be a hundred, he'd never forget the time Mistress Nicolette fastened The Vibrator to Felicity and, using the remote, discreetly fucked the hell out of her while the trio dined seemingly innocently at Sushi-Ann on 51st Street in Manhattan. God, it had been hot watching Felicity squirm about, trying not to cry out against the thundering fulfillment! And, it turned Nicolette on as well . . . Oh, the memories . . . His psychosexual Nicolette loved slipping sex into every crevice of his life, just as she loved slipping instruments into every crevice of her sex slave!

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