tagGroup SexNicolle's Night at the Movies

Nicolle's Night at the Movies


There's one thing I've always noticed about my girlfriend Nicolle. She can't resist being a tease. I use the term girlfriend more as a formality when we are out together. Actually she's more like my own personal slut. She's a gorgeous twenty-eight year old girl with a body that, well, let me put it like this. One glance would render a response from any man, "what a fuckin' body." And ever since we first met she would always wear the sexiest clothes too. She displays her body with the shortest skirts, the most revealing tops, often with no bra, high heels and when she's extremely horny a garter with stockings that can easily be seen below the hem of her micro-skirt.

Tonight was no different. We planned on going to a late movie and she was dressed in an extremely short skirt that rode more than halfway up her thighs. Then her tight sheer halter-top left very little to the imagination. You could easily see the outline of her nipples through the material.

When we arrived at the theater we sat in the back row. As other patrons entered they filled in more toward the front and center leaving us pretty much secluded in the back. At least we thought we were until three young teenaged kids sat down in the same row only two seats away from Nicolle.

Like I said earlier, Nicolle can never pass up an opportunity to be a tease. Once the movie started and lights dimmed, my girlfriend had to give these guys a show. Nicolle leaned over to kiss me. I could see over her shoulder that the three college aged young men were watching. I whispered to Nicolle that she had gained their attention. I have to say I don't mind helping Nicolle with her little seduction schemes. I get aroused by her teasing games just as much if not more than her recipients do.

Nicolle kept her lips pressed against mine giving me a deep French kiss. I love the way she kisses and probes her tongue searching deep into my mouth. While our tongues explored each other she slowly pulled her skirt up exposing most of her upper thighs. I know it was dark in the theater, but still there was enough light from the movie screen that the kids could catch a good glimpse of her naked legs.

We kept kissing. My hands were caressing the side of Nicolle's face and holding her sweet lips on mine. I could hear their whispering getting louder as I let my right hand drift down and grab one of her breasts. I began squeezing it and Nicolle let out a moan. I was getting her pretty aroused, so I kept playing with her breasts while Nicolle began caressing her legs. Her fingers went higher and higher until ultimately she was rubbing her pussy. It was quite obvious to the kids that she was stroking her panties and that she was enjoying the stimulation. I was wondering what they might be saying to each other as they saw Nicolle with her skirt up, legs apart and masturbating in front of them.

I broke away from her lips and let Nicolle continue her exhibition. As I looked down I could see that she had pulled the material of her panties aside and was fingering her exposed juicy wet cunt. That made her moan even louder. And she knew they were staring right at her too. Her head was tilted back resting against her cushioned seat and she kept pushing her fingers deep into her pussy. At the same time she was using her other hand to massage her breasts. Nicolle was doing a great job of arousing herself and giving these guys a fantastic show.

"Fuck, did you see that?" We heard that response quite clear. Of course I understood their reaction because Nicolle had just pulled her fingers from her cunt and sucked them into her mouth. Then she couldn't resist turning to look directly at them. It was too dark for them to see, but Nicolle was smiling and licking her lips. She loves acting like a slut. And I knew now that she was on the prowl in search of some hard cocks. I'm sure that if it wouldn't have made a scene she would have fucked them right there in the theater.

The lights dimmed a lot at one point when the movie was a nighttime scene. I looked over at Nicolle and she had pulled her top down and began squeezing her breasts. We could hear the guys whispering and watching as Nicolle brought her perfectly shaped breast up to her mouth and sucked on one of her nipples. Then she quickly pulled her top back up.

After the movie we waited until everyone left the theater before standing up. The lights were back on and the three teens quickly got up to leave. Somehow Nicolle knew that they would wait until everyone left and then take one last glance at her. Nicolle timed it perfectly. She looked down as if no one was watching to straighten her skirt. She grabbed the bottom and pulled it completely up around her waist exposing her skin-tight skimpy panties. This time they had a perfect view in full light of her gorgeous legs and pubic area. I could see the three guys were frozen in place staring. Nicolle made like she fixed her panties and then pulled her skirt back down. She looked up at the teenagers and smiled. Quickly they hurried off before we could say saying anything.

Nicolle looked at me and I could read it in her face. "I'm so fuckin' horny now," she commented. "Too bad they didn't stick around."

Well as it turned out, once we left the theater and approached our car in the lot we heard a voice. There was a van in the back part of the lot. We could see the window rolled down and a young man calling to Nicolle. "Hey baby, you put on a pretty good show. Want to give us a closer look?"

We concluded that he must have been one of the kids next to us at the movie. I glanced at Nicolle asking, "are you still horny?"

"More than ever now," she replied. "Do you mind if I finished the job with these kids?" Her asking permission is more of an act of respect. I've never objected to Nicolle's need sex. Her body craves it. I know that. And I must say I enjoy her slutty behavior too. It arouses me and afterwards we end up having and incredible night of the filthiest sex you could ever imagine.

Nicolle and I walked right toward the van. As soon as she stood face to face with this young teenage kid she asked. "Did you like what you saw inside?"

"Honey, you're even prettier than we thought now that I can see you better." It was already dark out, but the parking lot lights were enough to make Nicolle's beauty quite obvious to them. I don't know of any man that could resist Nicolle's pretty face and long dark hair cascading down to her shoulders. And her body is the ultimate of perfection, especially the way it's accented by her slutty attire.

The kid in the driver's seat asked, "What about your boyfriend? Does he mind?"

"Of course not," Nicolle replied. "He'll join us. Besides, I need more than one cock to be satisfied. I hope you boys won't disappoint me?" Then Nicolle walked toward the back of the van and the kids got out.

Nicolle got a better look at the other two teenaged young men when they appeared behind the van. One of them was a huge black too. Actually he was extremely obese. And that excited Nicolle. There was something about Nicolle's attraction to ugly, unappealing men. They arouse her so much. She always tells me how turned on she gets knowing that she's willing to do filthy sexual things that no other girl would for them.

Ten minutes later the back doors of the van were wide open and the three teens were ready to take their turns with my girlfriend. The van was backed up to the curb facing a grassy secluded area, so it gave us a bit of privacy. Nicolle didn't waste anytime unzipping one of the teens. Of course she went for the fat black kid first. Moments later Nicolle was kneeling on the grass behind the van bobbing her head up and down on his thick ten-inch black cock. The other two were inside the van stripping down and listening to Nicolle slurping on their friend's tool. "Mmmmmm..., you're so big," Nicolle whispered loud enough for all of us to hear.

When the other two were finally naked Nicolle was ordered into the van. "Get in here. Show us what kind of slut you are." That was like music to Nicolle's ears. There's nothing she likes more than showing off to a bunch of guys how dirty and filthy she can be.

Once inside the van the two kids instantly began mauling Nicolle. The black kid who had been getting the blowjob outside wanted to join in, but there wasn't room inside for him too. Nicolle could see the disappointed look on his face as he stood stroking his hard cock. "Don't worry," she called, as her halter-top was ripped off. "When I'm done here I'm going to do something really special for you." Then her skirt and panties were simply yanked down her legs.

"Fuck!! Look at her," the two remarked astounded at her beauty. I'm sure they couldn't believe that a pretty girl like Nicolle wanted to act like a whore for them. I just stood outside with the big black kid watching the show.

Nicolle was kneeling between one kid's legs sucking his cock and taking him deep. He was enjoying that a lot. Nicolle is an incredible cocksucker. I don't recall that I've ever seen her struggle taking a cock down her throat. She has a way of positioning a big engorged cockhead right at the back of her mouth and swallowing it. The feeling as it enters the warm tight constraints of her throat is enough to make any man blow his load almost instantly. And now this young kid was the recipient of Nicolle's talents.

"My God you got a hot little mouth," the teenager moaned out. Meanwhile, his friend was behind Nicolle stroking his cock. Nicolle glanced over her shoulder and saw his erect shaft. He was getting ready to plunge into her dripping pussy.

"Yes, that's it. C'mon fuck me," she yelled back at him. "Shove that cock inside me. Give it to me hard."

He didn't need any further coaxing. Nicolle's words had his cock straining and begging to be inside her steamy cunt. So he slipped his erect tool between her legs and rammed it right in. Nicolle moaned out as he drove it all the way in and began fucking her wet juicy hole.

After about five minutes of pumping her, the two switched places. The other kid wanted to have his chance at Nicolle's hot little slit. I gave him about a minute to slide into her wet fuckhole and enjoy himself, before I suggested, "why don't you do her in the ass. She loves it up her tight little shithole. Isn't that right, Nicolle?"

"Oh yesss," she cried out almost desperate to feel a hard cock splitting her ass open. I leaned up into the van feeling her soft smooth asscheeks. The kid was still buried in her cunt as he watched me group three fingers together and twist them into her tight bottom. Nicolle screamed out. "Oh Fuck!!!!, YESSSSS.... Do my ass." I twisted and turned my fingers stretching her sphincter and gouging them through her anal hole. She looked over her shoulder moaning, "I want his cock." Her lustful eyes moved to this kid, staring right at him. Nicolle demanded, "Fuck me, you son-of-a-bitch... C'mon... Up my ass. Give me that cock up my asshole."

I could see this teen was shocked that Nicolle was so vocal at ordering him to use her ass. And he had every intention of obliging her request. I pulled my fingers out and immediately the kid placed the tip of his hard cock on her still somewhat stretched anal orifice. He rammed forward stuffing his rigid tool all the way in Nicolle's ass. She went wild as he fucked her. He pounded her ass harder and harder until I could see her body tighten up. She was cumming. She was screaming at them. "Fuck!!! Fuck!!! Fuck Me!!"

When Nicolle gets this way she becomes ravenous, craving cock, willing to do anything. She absolutely loves having her ass stuffed. As her orgasm intensified she began swallowing the other kid's cock over and over actually choking and gagging on it. She was drooling and spitting all over his shaft. Then to satisfy herself even more while she was being assfucked, she began swallowing that hard slimy fuckmeat again. Only this time by literally ramming it down her throat.

These kids were only beginning to see the filthy slut that lived inside Nicolle. At the rate this was going I knew that neither one of them would last very long. Nicolle was more than they could handle for any length of time.

First, the kid fucking her ass cried out. "I can't hold it any more. This bitch is so fuckin' hot." And he began spurting his hot juice deep in Nicolle's rectum. For a second Nicolle backed off the cock she was sucking. "Oh yes," she moaned. "Cum in me. Fill my ass. Shoot your hot cream deep in me." Then she returned to the hot piece of cockmeat in front of her face.

I guess knowing that his buddy was dumping his load in this slut's cute little butt was more than he could take. As soon as Nicolle gobbled his hard shaft again he grabbed her head to hold it in place. "Oh suck it," he yelled out. "Suck it, bitch!! I'm going cummmmmmm....." A second later he began throbbing in Nicolle's mouth. Sperm started gushing from his cock. She swallowed as fast as she could but there was so much that some flowed through the corners of her lips.

The big black kid watching with me was obviously jealous of his friends. "You lucky bastards," he yelled at them. "What a hot little white slut." I reassured him that if Nicolle said that she had a surprise for him, then he wouldn't be let down.

After a few minutes Nicolle was sliding herself back out of the van. Cum was dripping from between her legs as it dribbled from her ass and she still had some running down her chin. She reached to stroke the big black kid's face. "Are you ready for me?" She asked. The other two kids got dressed and relaxed in the grass behind the van ready to watch what Nicolle had in mind for their friend.

The big kid dropped his pants and pulled off his oversized shirt. Wearing only his boxer shorts he looked even bigger. This kid had to be four to five hundred pounds. He had rolls of fat around his mid-section and his massive belly hung down as a huge bulge over his waist. When he turned around to crawl up into the van we could all see how big and fat his ass really was. Nicolle placed her hand on his butt commenting," aren't you going to take these off?" I guess being a bit self-conscious it was hard for him to disrobe completely in front of his friends. Nicolle slipped her fingers into the waist of his shorts and as he moved further into the van she pulled his underwear down around his knees. The kid looked over his shoulder with a somewhat frightened expression on his face. I'm sure he was wondering if this amazing girl might change her mind. Nicolle was smiling as she caressed her hand over the bare flesh of his fat ass and then reached to cup his massive black nut sack hanging between his legs. "Mmmmmm, I like that," she whispered to him.

"Ever have a pretty girl lick your balls?" She asked.

I think the kid went into shock at the statement. "FUCK NO!!!!" He gasped out and then remained silent for nearly a minute contemplating what she suggested doing to him. Then timidly he asked, "are you really going do that?"

I'm sure he was hoping that Nicolle wasn't teasing him. Nicolle simply shook her head and replied, "yes I am. I'm going to be a filthy little slut just for you." Then she crawled up into the van sliding on her back between the kids legs until her head was positioned right below his hanging cock and balls. "Oh Fuck..," the kid gasped out again.

Nicolle grabbed with her hands around his massive waist and moved her head up into his groin. At first she flicked the tip of her tongue over his balls. Instantly she was treated to a slimy acrid taste. She knew from the residue of sweat and urine that he hadn't bathed in quite some time. Then she licked harder running her tongue completely underneath the backside of his smelly scrotum, across both balls and up to the base of his cock. "Mmmmmm," Nicolle moaned out. "They're so dirty, just the way I like them." A moment later she was sucking his filthy balls into her mouth and giving them a bath. The kid was moaning non-stop, "Oh fuck... oh fuck....you nasty little slut." His cock was getting harder and harder as I'm sure he never experienced anything quite like this. Even the two teens outside with me were in disbelief that a pretty girl would defile herself like this with their fat black friend.

Nicolle was far from done with this kid and I knew it. The more he responded to her naughty acts, the more she wanted to do. She slid out from between his legs ordering him, "stay there just like that." And he obeyed, remaining in a kneeling position with his big rear end facing out the back of the van. Nicolle knelt right behind his ass caressing and massaging his huge buttocks. "Want me to do your ass too?" She asked. She didn't wait for his answer but simply pushed her face to his long crack and began licking up through it.

"Oh fuck, you dirty little thing," were the only words the black kid could keep saying. Nicolle grabbed the sides of his asscheeks and spread him open. I've never seen any ass so stretched like this young black kid's. When she spread him apart there was a large area of darkened moist flesh inside his crack. To me it just looked so incredibly dirty. But without even the slightest hesitation Nicolle buried her face in his ass and began licking and lapping at his asshole. After a few seconds she backed off just to say, "Oh it's so good. I love a dirty ass." And then she stuffed her face between his cheeks again to finish the job of cleaning his filthy shit hole.

The poor kid was in a state of delirium like I've never seen anyone before. He was calling her a "slut, a whore, a dirty bitch" almost non-stop in a lustful frenzy. I was sure he had never experienced anybody quite like my Nicolle. She kept lapping at his anus. Between her licks she would poke a finger through his tight sphincter burying it in all the way. We could see her wiggling it around to feel inside his ass. Then she would pull it out and make sure he turned back to watch. "Hey big boy...ever have a girl do this?" When he looked back she sucked her dirty finger into her mouth. "Mmmmmm, such a tasty ass," she remarked. Then she returned to scouring his crack and anal hole once more.

We all knew he wasn't going to last much longer with Nicolle tongue fucking his ass the way she was doing. She had also reached between his legs and was stroking his rock hard cock for him. Nicolle knew the time was near. She backed away from his ass. "Turn around big boy," she ordered. "Give me that cum."

For a huge kid this big black teen instantly turned around and sat on the edge of the van. Nicolle knelt between his legs and resumed jerking his ten-inch cock. "C'mon baby, right in my face," she demanded. "Cum in my face." The kid was beside himself with excitement seeing this gorgeous creature between his legs begging for him cum. Nicolle put her lips over the head of his cock and sucked. "C'mon baby give it to me," she begged. That was all it took. As soon as Nicolle let his cock slip free and spoke those words, his engorged shaft began spurting this huge torrent of white cream right at Nicolle's face. It hit her squarely in the forehead and immediately began dripping down all over her. Then another blast shot out on her left cheek. And then yet another gushed onto her lips. She opened her mouth trying to catch some and was rewarded with another massive stream that left a pool of hot sperm covering her tongue. She swallowed quickly and licked her lips. "Mmmmmmm, that's so fuckin' good. I love your cum." He was moaning and was pretty well drained at this point. Nicolle rubbed his still hard black cock all over her face smearing the gobs of cream that dripped from her.

Seeing her get so covered in sperm had me hard too, so I stood up and pulled out my cock. Nicolle turned to me smiling. I gave a few jerks and my balls began emptying over Nicolle spraying cum all over her face and chest. When I finished I simply zipped back up and waited for her.

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