Niece's Tight Cunt Needs It Bad


Heather promptly stuffed her two fingers into her pussy, drawing a squeek of excitement from herself. Uncle Jake's eyes stared at the tight of her teenage fingers disappearing into her pink pussylips, as if her cunt was swallowing them, then watching them re-emerge only to be shoved back inside. "Yeah, baby," he moaned, "do it, fuck youself -- now, tell me, who's Camille, what's she look like?"

"Oh, fuck!" Heather grunted and winced, her pussy seemed so tight, yet it was so wet, she wanted to fuck him so badly. "Um -- Camille --" Her breaths were short, it was hard to talk, she just wanted to get laid. "Um -- she's a girl in my dorm -- she's hot, black hair, nice tits, hot ass, she's Latin."

"And where did you fuck her?" His eyes stared at her finger inside her vagina while he heard the girl-girl story.

"In her dorm room!" The blonde relaxed, able to pump her fingers faster in her pussy now. She felt an orgasm coming, with her Uncle watching her masturbate. And she knew the lesbian-sex story was a major turn-on for him too. "It was after breakfast, like kinda late, we were bored, her roommate was leaving to fly home -- so like as soon as Brenda was gone, Camille and I -- Camille has this box of, things, you know, toys, dildos. We took them out, we like to play with them, we fucked each other until afternoon, it was so fucking hot."

Her Uncle's smile approved the story. "You should come to Florida for Spring Break, honey," he mused out loud, recalling a conversation with her earlier in the day on the sofa, "I have this very friendly young lady you probably would love, her name is Sophie, she's a hot little dancer and would eat your pussy for hours."

Heather was concentrating on her fingers inside her pussy, pumping them faster, pushing deeper, trying to dislodge the orgasm waiting to erupt. Her body needed it so badly now, and she figured, as soon as she came from fingers, he would probably want to fuck her. "Yeah?" Heather was panting hard, arching her back, her swollen nipples aching to be nibbled. "M-m-maybe, dunno, like I said earlier, my friend Jill and I were gonna do some guys in Mexico."

He laughed at the changed story. "Earlier today, you said you and a bunch of nice friends were going down to tan."

She just grinned, fucking herself faster.

Uncle Jake leaned over now, his face getting closer to her fingers pumping in her vagina. He not only smelled her sex, but her juices seemed to splatter as she pumped her well-lubricated pussy as fast as she could. "Bring Jill," he moaned, drawing yet closer to her masturbation, "Sophie and I could fuck and eat you and Jill all week." Then, his hand shot forward and grabbed Heather's wrist, pulling her fingers out of her pussy. Heather hardly had time to protest, before he stuffed his tongue into hie niece's twat.

Heather instantly orgasmed in her uncle's mouth. She pulled her knees back and let out a muffled scream, as her vagina erupted with flavor and fervor. She felt the presence of the powerful male tongue deep in her hole, pushing hard into her, and her pussy squeezed that tongue and gushed with the wetness of her climax. Her breaths hurt as she gasped for air, riding through the powerful orgasm, being tongue-fucked expertly by her studly uncle.

Suddenly his body was on top of hers, she felt his hot breath on her chest, then his mouth and face were above hers. Below, his hard penis was rubbing her aching vagina. "Heather, you are so fucking hot," he panted, "I want you so badly."

"Fuck me!" blurted the horny niece, "fuck me, Uncle Jake! Fuck me now!"

She reached down to grab his hips, pulling him on top of her, and it happened so fast. His dick found her hole, she was so ready and spread, his fat cock popped inside her pussylips. Incest was beginning. She wailed, arching her back, feeling him undulate his pelvis to slip more meat into her, inch by inch. Her tight cunt wanted to contract around the intruding pole, but instead it was getting stretched, welcoming the visitor. Her nails dug into his shoulders, her body felt like it was being ripped open from the overside erection being stuffed inside her cunt.

"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me Uncle Jake!"

She knew guys love girls to moan their names during sex, but saying "Uncle Jake" sounded a little perverted. Still, there was something so forbidden about it, she wanted to keep saying it. "Uncle Jake, your cock is so great! It's so big, fuck me so hard, Uncle Jake, harder!"

He was rising up on top of her, pushing her knees back, flattening them on the bed as he pumped his mammoth dick into her teenage pussy. "You like talking nasty, do you, you little slut?" He saw her nod, and he smiled at the thought. "Are you going to be my little slut this week, Heather?"

She grunted in delight. "Yes, Uncle Jake!"

His next thrust was powerful, slamming his cock into the back of her pussy, his balls against her ass, making her tits jiggle and her entire body shake. "Say it!" he grinned, impaling his niece with his dick, "say you'll be my slut!"

"I want to be your little slut, Uncle Jake! Fuck me, I'm your slut!"

He pounded away at his horny teenage niece, looking down past her big shaking tits to admire the sight of his thick cock entering her shaved pussy. Heather saw the look of lust in her eye, and she dug her nails into his shoulders deeper and violently gyrated her pelvis around his dick. She had her jaw open to suck in air, and her long hair was splayed around her head in every direction, as the two frenetically fucked each other in the guest bedroom.

His incredibly large penis inside her pussy was more meat than the most of the college boys gave her, and the sheer presence of that big dick alone was making her cum again. Heather couldn't believe how fast the orgasms were coming. She felt the first orgasm building inside her pussy, as she squeezed the dick plunging up her tube, and it built and built until it exploded in long, shattering waves. As she sucked air and continued to be fucked, the next one just came out of nowhere. Instantly she was having another orgasm, it was almost frightening how fast it happened. Then a third, fourth, fifth . . . she was cumming and cumming for him, she was indeed his little slut.

Satisfied that she was having multiple orgasms, Uncle Jake pulled out his divine dick and bent down to roll his niece onto her knees. The blonde laughed at how sore her legs were, but she and him repositioned her teenage body so her ass was stuck up high. He squeezed one of her small buttcheeks in his strong hand, his other hand holding his cock at the entrance of her cunt from behind. With a push, he was inside her pussy again, fucking her doggy-style. She had her face turned to the side, her face and shoulder flat against the bedsheet, so her butt was all the way up for him. Heather looked back at Uncle Jake and watched his muscular, sculpted naked body ramming her from behind with his fat erection.

"I'm so fucking hot for you, Uncle Jake," she wailed between his thrusts, "Don't stop fucking me!"

"Don't stop, huh?" He enjoyed the thought. Uncle Jake pulled out, drawing a protest from the girl, then he slapped her butt with an open palm. "Quiet, don't wake anyone -- you want me to fuck you again?"

She was almost crying. "Yes, fuck me, Uncle Jake, don't stop!"

For that, he slapped her ass again, hard. "Do one thing for me."

Heather was aching for his dick, she wasn't done having orgasms. "What, anything?"

He snickered, realizing how horny the 18 year old was. "Promise me -- now, you have to promise, ok? -- no turning back -- promise me that you and Jill will come to Florida for Spring Break, I'll even buy the tickets for you, and you two and Sophie and me can have sex on our private beach all week, okay?"

Her reaction was instantaneous. "Yes, Uncle Jake, I promise, Jill and I will come fuck you, now please, please, please fuck me more! More!" She was reaching back for his dick.

The sneering adult leaned his dick towards his blonde niece's bald wet cuntlips, but paused a moment early. "You promise, right?"

"Yes, fuck yes!"

That was enough for him. He sank his prick back into her twat, and almost immediately she had another orgasm as he stretched her tight hole open. Heather squeeled and shrieked from the suddenness of the climax, feeling her Uncle plowing his erection in and out of her vagina faster and faster. Sometimes between thrusts, his open hand would smack her little ass, leaving a glowing red print, which made her just wiggle her butt harder and get fucked deeper by his lovely erection.

She was having endless orgasms, one after another, a state of complete climax, somewhere she'd never been before except maybe when girls fucked her with oversized strap-ons. She wasn't sure males could bring her here, actually, but apparently so. He asked her something but she was too oversexed to hear him, so he had to smack her butt again and howl at her more loudly, "Are you on the Pill, baby?"

"Yes!" she shrieked, "yes, Uncle Jake, cum in my cunt, please!"

"Fuck yeah," she heard him groan.

His body slammed into hers one last time, impaling himself as deep as he could go, and she felt the motions of a male having a cum. His body tensed, he boned her deeply, then pulled back quickly, then shoved it in again as deep as he could, holding it there for another squirt. And another and another. Her uncle was having his own major eruption inside her twat, spewing buckets of gooey sperm deep in her vaginal tube.

Both bodies were sweating, slick with perspiration and pussyjuice. Heather collapsed on her side the moment he pulled out of her pussy, and he immediately lay on top of her, kissing her nose, pressing her naked body into the bedsheets. Heather wrapped her arms around Uncle Jake and kissed him deeply, loving how he made her feel so feminine.

Heather found herself giggling, laughing actually, and he had to break the kiss. She calmed herself down, smiling at him, "I can't believe I just fucked my Uncle, and you have the best dick in the world, Uncle Jake!"

"I like hearing that," he panted, kissing her nose again, "so will you want to fuck it again, baby?"

The question was about the most stupid she'd ever had to answer. "Fuck yeah, Uncle Jake, all week if we can!" Then with a smile, knowing her promise, she grinned at him, "and all week on Spring Break!"

He smiled at the sexy idea of having two coed pussies join him and his slutty girlfriend at their beachfront house. "Tell me, who's your hottest girlfriend you fuck -- Jill, Camille, anyone else?"

Heather rolled her eyes; men, so typical. But, she knew the answer. "Well, that's my friend Maura, she's Irish, and a body you can't believe, and she is the best pussy-eater I know. But," she cautioned, "I mean, I promised Jill we'll go on Break together."

Her Uncle shrugged. "I'll make you one more deal, Heather, honey."

"What's that, Uncle Jake?"

It would be a promise she keeps. He responded:

"If you promise to fuck me all this week, then I promise to buy you three tickets, so you, Jill and Maura can fly down to Florida for Spring Break and fuck each other all week on my beach."

Heather couldn't wait to keep the deal. She rolled onto her back under her naked Uncle, wrapping her legs around his body, and as sore as she was, she wanted to fulfill the promise immediately.

"Fuck me again, Uncle Jake, do it!"

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Fucking hot story eked out nicely

Despite the grammar and the consternation in other comments, your story gets the juices flowing and I would certainly fuck that neice , she's fucking hot ....and wet ...a multiple entertainer and openmore...

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