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Nieghbourly Relations


Despite being almost twenty, Billy Jacobs still lived at home with his father, Tom, in Middlehampton, Wiltshire, England, not out of necessity, but ever since his mother died ten years ago, he was raised by his father like a little brother and indeed, both behaved like brothers. Tom was a rep for a robotics engineering firm and travelled a lot. Billy was a lab assistant at the local hospital.

It was one of Tom's trips that was to change Billy's life forever. Tom was travelling to Paris on contract business for the company.

"Now remember Billy, I have my mobile. If anything pops up, just give me a call. Oh, and I asked Mrs. Reynolds to keep an eye out for you."

"Dad, I'm almost twenty for crying out loud. What the hell do I need a babysitter for?"

Tom laughed.

"Sorry son. Just force of habit. She won't bother anyway. I asked her to be discreet."

Billy shook his head with a smile.

"When you get back, we have to have a long talk Dad," said Billy as he walked his father to the car.

"Yes. You're right."

They both laughed as Tom got into the car and drove away with a wave of his hand.

Sarah Reynolds was their forty-one year old next door neighbour. She was divorced and living alone. She was tall, slim and what Billy liked about her was her magnificent breasts. She had long blonde hair she tied in a bun but she was no bimbo. She enjoyed teasing the students and she was very much aware of how her students viewed her sexually. Billy, like most of the male students of the college, lusted after her. She taught at the local college. Indeed, she was Billy's maths professor and it was because he excelled at maths that he got the job in the hospital so he felt indebted to her.

Later that evening, Billy arrived home from work looking forward to a quiet night in. A premature darkness descended on the town as clouds gathered overhead and a peal of thunder could be heard in the distance.

"Going to be a bad night," thought Billy. He was glad to be home before the rain. After his dinner, Billy settled down to watching a movie. The lights in the house flickered and a loud peal of thunder sounded overhead, then the clouds released their heavy burden as the rain crashed to the earth in a torrential downpour.

"Nobody in there right mind would be out in that," he thought. It was a surprise to him then when the doorbell rang just after eight and an even greater surprise when, upon opening the door Mrs Reynolds was standing before him with a "Colombo" style raincoat covering her shoulders and a giant golfing umbrella in her hands.

"Mrs. Reynolds? You had better come in."

"Thank you," she replied politely.

"I told Dad I didn't need a babysitter, you know."

Mrs. Reynolds laughed.

"Now that I've seen the young handsome young man you've grown into, no argument. I guess your father just worries."

"Can I get you tea, coffee?"

"Coffee. Black. No sugar. Thank you."

Billy went to the kitchen and prepared coffee for both of them. His attention was broken by the sound of a match striking. He looked out as Mrs Reynolds lit her cigarette.

"Oh, I hope you don't mind?" she asked in an embarrassed tone.

"No. Of course not. The ashtray is on the mantelpiece."

"Thank you." she responded as she retrieved it.

While making the coffee, Billy couldn't help admiring his visitor as she relaxed on the sofa. She had released her long, blonde, shining hair from its prison. He had never imagined it was so long. What really caught his eye though, was her long shapely stocking encased legs. As she crossed them, admiration turned to lust as he could see the back of her leg as it seemed to stretch forever until disappearing above her skirt. It then something occurred to him. It was half term. Sarah Reynolds always wore jeans or slacks whenever she was not at work. She was up to something, that's for sure. To take his mind off his growing hard on and also prevent suspicion, he decided to strike up a conversation.

"So how is college life?"

"Oh, Billy. A lot has changed since you were there."

"I'm only gone two and a half years, Mrs. Reynolds. What sort of changes?"

"More paperwork. More inspections and the Governors brought new regulations as regards staff relations over certain problems that occurred."

Billy thought.

"Yes." he remembered , the then Vice Principal, John Reynolds, Sarah's husband, had run off with Angie Taylor, then twenty-five year old college secretary. He was forty-nine. Billy could never understand how he could take off with such a dopey individual as Angie and leave a most beautiful wife.

"Ah well. No accounting for taste," he thought.

Billy brought the tray with pot, cups and some biscuits and placed it on the coffee table. He poured the coffee and handed it to her and then sat in the armchair.

"No. Sit beside me," she insisted.

She was definitely up to something but decided to play dumb to see where it was leading.

Sarah looked at him.

"You know Billy, I'm very much aware how you observed me, not only in school but passing my door every day.

Billy, for the first time, was embarrassed. "Mrs. Reynolds, all the guys had a real crush on you." He tried to get up but Sarah placed her hand on his shoulder and gently pushed him back down.

"Oh Billy. There's no need to be embarrassed. I knew that too. You know, a lot of your classmates tried their luck with me."

"They did?"

"You were different though. You never did any of that. When John left me, you were the only one that asked how I felt. You were very kind. It meant a lot to me."

"I'm no saint, Mrs. Reynolds. I lusted after your body and I still do."

"I'm not looking for a saint Billy. I want someone who will fulfil my sexual needs in a way my husband couldn't. I know you are that man."

"Well, Mrs. Reynolds, all you had to do is ask."

"Thank you," she responded as she planted a passionate kiss on his lips and then whispered in his ear. "Please Billy. Take me to bed and call me Sarah," in a seductive, breathless tone.

Billy did not have to be told twice. As he lifted the object of his desire into his arms she gave scream of excitement and then giggled as her carried her to his bedroom.

Easing her into his bed, Billy began to kiss Sarah and to unbutton her blouse. She stopped him with her hand.

"No. Wait," and she rose from the bed and stood in front of him.

She unbuttoned her blouse in a slow, teasing way, first exposing her right and then her left breast which were encased in a red low cut lace bra, the sight of which made Billy hard. It was almost as though Sarah Reynolds had been reading his mind all these years. She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. To his surprise and pleasure, Sarah was wearing a skimpy red thong and when she turned to unclip her bra, he could see her bare arse cheeks and this brought him an almost uncontrollable raging hard on. Sarah laughed and put her hands on her hips, exhibiting the naked beauty of her sexy body.

"All these years, I studied your body language. I knew what you wanted. So what do you think of your old teacher?"

"Wow. She's not so old, and what a body."

"Thank you, kind sir."

Billy undressed in a fury and gently eased Sarah onto his bed, facing him.

The storm outside had now come overhead and its fury almost corresponded to his own lust and passion. They kissed deeply and Billy began to slowly move down his new found lover's perfect body, licking and kissing as he went and with every stroke of his lips and tongue, Sarah Reynolds moaned deeper and deeper.

"Oh my God, oh my God, more. Please more."

The aroma of her perfume was almost hypnotic as Billy licked and sucked Sarah's right breast.

"Aaargh," she moaned breathlessly and as she did, lightning lit up the room, almost as if her scream had caused it. Billy proceeded down her luscious body. Sarah continued to release moans of satisfaction whenever Billy made contact with her body.

Sarah voluntarily spread her long, smooth limbs as Billy made his way to her neatly trimmed pussy. As he gently inserted his tongue Sarah screamed ,"Yes, oh yes," as lightning once again struck as if it were a special effect of a movie. Finally, Billy sensed his lover was ready for the final act as he gently inserted his hardened cock and slowly began to push in and out. Gradually, both lovers developed a mutually satisfying movement. Each stroke produced moans from both of them.

Sarah's breathing became deeper and deeper as the speed of their love making increased. Billy's breathing too, began to get deeper.

"Oh shit, oh fuck," he yelled as he could feel his climax starting to grow.

"Oh come, come on," Sarah exhaled with each breath as she felt her juices slowly gather.

Both lovers began to perspire as they tried prolong this sense of ecstatic joy. Finally, they climaxed together, producing an almost apocalyptic screams of sheer joy from both lovers.

An exhausted Billy rested his head gently on Sarah's naked breast and she convincingly embraced him. As if in a tragic opera, they fell asleep simultaneously and almost at that moment, the storm subsided.

The morning brightness woke Billy Jacobs. He eased himself gently from Sarah's embrace so as not to waken his lover. He took a moment to admire her in her restful slumber. Her lips seemed to betray a smile of complete contentment. He kissed her gently on her forehead and then headed to the shower.

As the steamy jets cascaded upon him, Billy thought of the events of the previous night. When he was in college, particularly in Mrs. Reynolds' class, he had dreamed of being seduced by this beautiful mature woman and having night of passionate love making. But was this a dream too? He pinched himself. At that moment his train of thought was interrupted by the sound of the glass shower door sliding across and a naked but beautiful Sarah Reynolds stood before him with her long blonde hair loose around her shoulders. Her long slender legs, her slim waist and her magnificent breasts made Billy see his "Venus rising from the ocean" as in the famous painting by Botticelli. Sarah gave a giggle.

"No Billy. This is no dream and I'll prove it." As she entered, she gently took his head and kissed him. He responded with a passionate kiss. Sarah kissed his shoulder, his chest, his mid section and finally knelt as if in submission, taking his hardened cock and began to slowly bob her head in and out building up speed with each motion. Sarah sucked and sucked and as she did so, Billy could feel his cum building moaned deeper and deeper to each of Sarah's movements. Finally his cum exploded in her mouth and he released "Aaaargh," as it did so.

The hot water washed away most of the cum and Sarah stood up. Billy was gasping for breath as Sarah spoke.

"Oh Billy. It was a wonderful night. Thank you. I know you are wondering how I knew your fantasies. Well I haven't been a teacher all these years and not observed the signals. To tell the truth, they were my fantasies too and I hope I fulfilled them for you too."

"Is that what this is. A fantasy?" asked Billy, a little uneasily.

"Oh of course not darling. But isn't it wonderful that we can fulfil each other's dreams and fall in love at the same time?"

With that, they both hugged each other as if they had been long lost lovers reunited, ignoring the watery spray around them.

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