Nielsen and T'Vani


"Really? Isn't there supposed to be a ceremony of sorts, first? "

"Yes. But these were...unusual circumstances."

I'll say.

"Never the less," she said as she straightened out the final bit of her clothing, "I suppose it would not be logical to expect you to honour an agreement which you did not even know you were making in the first place. If you wish it, I will ignore what happened here today."

She picked up her combadge, found that it was ruined beyond repair, and used mine instead.

"T'Vani to doctor Turak. With the help of Cadet Nielsen, I have regained control of my senses. Please drop the forcefield, and return power to this room."

"Standby," the response sounded through my combadge.

"What are you doing? " I asked.

"I must contact Stihl." She looked at me, and double-backed. "You might want to get dressed."

Oh, crap. Her husband-to-be.

"Right." As the lights returned to their normal brightness and the forcefield was dropped, I made a dash for my uniform. It was a little bit too bright for my taste, after sleeping in here for at least a few hours.

"Computer, dim lights. 50%."

"Is there a problem, John? "

"I don't like such sudden changes in the lighting level. Besides, I'm not dressed, and I wouldn't want to invite random passers-by to look through the window over there."

As I was getting dressed, I realized something.

"So, if that Pon Farr situation had you fertile, and we had sex...wouldn't that mean you're pregnant now? "

"Probably." She seemed untouched by that thought, as only a Vulcan could be.

"What do you mean, probably? Surely the logical response would be 'most likely'? "

"If you were as Vulcan as me, then yes. But you are not, and the odds are not in favour of successful inter-species conception."

Good point.

"When will you know? "

"Without medical examination, it would take at least four months. But if you want to be sure, a doctor would be able to tell us in a few days."

"I see."

This was a lot to think about. I got married? My mother would be crass at me not inviting her. And we might be expecting a child already? Well, how's that for rushing?

"So, what shall I tell Stihl? "

"What do you mean? "

"Either I must tell him to go back to Vulcan and wait for his Pon Farr to appear before we are to be married, or I must tell him to go back to Vulcan and find another mate, because I have just married someone else."

"Won't he be angry at me for stealing his bride? "

"Vulcans do not feel anger. That being said, what we did was the only logical possibility, given the circumstances. He will understand."

"I'm not quite sure yet. Do I have to decide now? "

"Perhaps not. Computer, hail the Vulcan ship To'ley."

A few moments later, a Vulcan man appeared on one of the monitors.



"I must inform you of a change in my condition. You may return to Vulcan."

"Was the Pon Farr resolved through meditation, or through medical means? "


"This was not attempted? "

"It was, but the attempts have failed."

"Then we are no longer future mates? "

"Presumably. I do not know yet."


"The human who caused my condition has helped me through my predicament. He was not aware of our customs in the matter, and it does not seem logical to expect him to honour them now, at least not until he has had sufficient time to consider his options."

"Indeed. Is that the human we are talking about? "

"He is. I will inform you when I have news. Live long and prosper, Stihl."

"Live long and prosper, T'Vani. Vulcan ship To'ley, out."

"I swear, that was by far the least painful breakup I have ever seen," I noted after the screen went blank. I guess the suppression of emotions does have its upsides.

"What do you mean? "

"He didn't seem the least bit upset."

"I disagree."

"How so? "

"He was very inquisitive. Logic would have him remain quiet and let me do all the talking; he would most likely have gotten more information that way."

Hrm, I hadn't thought of it that way. But still, we had to settle something first.

"You know, T'Vani, If you're pregnant, or, heck, even if you could be, it's my moral duty to support you. I won't try to cop out from that, just because we didn't have a choice, or just because I wasn't informed. And I guess we've now firmly established that I am interested in you."


"But if we are to be married, I want a human ceremony, too."

"I suppose it is only logical to follow your customs, if I expect you to follow mine. Very well."



Returning to Starfleet Academy after that semester had turned out to be a bit more involved than we had thought before agreeing to climb Mt. McKinley togther.

Not for social reasons; while some of the Vulcan Cadets were not very appreciative of what had happened and seemed to be be avoiding the both of us, at least they did not give us a hard time about it in their Vulcan unemotional state. That seemed to bother T'Vani more than it did me. Most of the Humans where more supportive, though I did hear one or two comments to the effect that they thought T'Vani to be a slut. Luckily, we managed to stop those rumours before they became a problem.

No, our problem was more with Starfleet regulations. It turned out that T'Vani was, indeed, pregnant; and since rigorous physical excercise is a requirement at the academy, which could cause complications to any pregnancy but especially an inter-species one, she had to skip two full semesters. Since she had only been through one semester as of yet, usually that would have meant that she would have had to restart her whole career at the academy, which would have been unfortunate. But luckily, some admiral somewhere up the hierarchy considered our case to be special enough that it warranted an exception, and T'Vani was allowed to continue her studies after skipping two semesters.

Additionally, we now had a marriage to organize, when I was still supposed to be studying at the academy. We planned a small ceremony during spring break; and while it would have been nice if T'Vani, with her copious free time now that she could not attend the academy, would take the lead in the organizations, the fact that she was not very familiar with human customs made it clear that this was not a good plan, very early on. But my mother was happy at helping out, and soon enough the preparations were well under way. And even though mom quipped often that "the bride seems as interested in her upcoming marriage as she would be in news about a change of government in the local ant's nest," but eventually she understood that I did really love T'Vani, and that my love was returned, even if in a way which is hard for humans to understand. The marriage was an overwhelming success, with many of our classmates joining us, as well as my in-laws showing a genuine interest in learning more about Human customs and, specifically, me. Mom didn't have anything to be crass about regarding missing the Vulcan wedding.

T'Vani gave birth to a healthy baby boy whom we named Bart in honour of my dead father, and she returned to the academy shortly thereafter to finish her studies.

When I graduated, I took a job at Starfleet headquarters so I could be close to her. And when she too graduated, a year later, we signed up together on the USS Expeditious, where we still live today. Our favourite pasttime is climbing famous mountains on the holodeck.

As for our love live, I have little to complain about. She has always been happy to endulge my needs, because she understood, logically, that it was needed if our marriage was to succeed. Originally, she allowed it just for me, but as time went on, I was happy to discover that while it is extremely uncommon for Vulcans to engage in sexual relations more often than once every seven years, this does not necessarily mean that they--or, well, T'Vani at the very least--cannot enjoy sexual relations more often than that. Unfortunately, however, even if she does enjoy our trysts, she has never allowed herself to drop her emotional control. As such, while the sex is good, it has never been as great as that very first encounter we had in that medical chamber. And ignoring the fun, we cannot conceive unless she is in that primal state.

But yesterday, Bart turned six, which makes it almost seven years ago since we had that little accident on the mountain slope. I haven't forgotten, and am looking forward with anticipation to the time when we will join in a mind meld again at precisely the right time. This time around, I will be there, with her, all the time, rather than just at the end, which should allow both of us to enjoy the whole experience so much more. I can hardly wait, and I have the feeling that beneath all the emotional control, she too is looking forward to it...

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