tagFetishNigel's Cuckolding

Nigel's Cuckolding


Dear Editor

My wife Carol has instructed me to write this degrading letter depicting the way she recently took my lifelong penchant for dressing in female lingerie to another level.

About a month ago she proposed that as we would soon be celebrating ten years of marriage we should retake our wedding vows. My initial reaction to her suggestion was why? Surely we are happy why bother.

Her reply both stunned and shamefully thrilled me and my subsequent capitulation has resulted in me writing this letter.

"Nigel I don't mean dragging all our friends and family back to the church or having a big lavish party, my proposal involves you relinquishing your male rights and handing over control of our marriage to me."

As I stood their gobsmacked she continued.

"Darling since a few weeks into our relationship I have been lovingly indulging your sissy side, my proposal would just involve you signing a simple contract giving me complete control of our marriage."

Then smiling quipped.

"And of course your promise to permit me to feminize you in any manner I deem appropriate"

Hesitantly though not that hesitantly I consented to her requests and a couple of days later I was relinquishing my male status before a lady acquaintance of hers, whom after we had both signed the deed mocked.

"Nigel welcome to the discerning world of the subservient male sissy, the world would be a much pleasanter place if more men only followed your pathway."

It soon became apparent that Carol had been scrupulously planning my trouble-free capitulation for some time for not only had the contract been written weeks before, on the same day as I signed it she said she had a special gift for me. The nature of the gift explained why only the week before she had insisted on me shaving my pubic area on the pretence it made my little cockette look more effeminate in pretty sheer panties.

The CB-3000 cock cage is a devilish contraption that in my experience makes relief from masturbating impossibility, as is escape from it without damaging the cage. Fitting it the first time is problematical but once Carol mastered the technique and with my assistance, its soon in place in a matter of minutes.

Waking up with your cock locked in a plastic cage is agonising and luckily for me Carol generally uses it sparingly at night. The torment of pleasuring your wife whilst locked in the cage is a suffering that renders you helpless to her demands.

As our anniversary approached my hours spent locked in the cage increased as did the verbal mocking that accompanied it. One week before our anniversary Carol tied me to our bed and after administering hand relief to my aching cock locked me back in the cage and teased.

"This little cage has changed both our lives, it has made you so compliant, just two days in it and you submit to my every whim, so what is a week going to do. Yes that's right it's going to stay locked in it until our anniversary."

Even at this stage I had no inclination as to what degradation and torment awaited me.

As the week progressed so my torment intensified, and my wife's derogatory behaviour reached its peek on the eve of our anniversary when after securing me to our bed she spat copious amounts of saliva onto her hand and after she shad smeared the entirety onto her pussy and quipped.

"Lick me clean and coat your tongue with my saliva and fantasies it's the hot salty spunk of the man who has just cuckolded you."

I obeyed her command with relish not knowing that in less than a day's time I would be doing precisely that.

The following morning I awoke with my cock begging relief and pre-cum oozing from its tormented tip. After we had exchanged cards Carol presented me with a lavishly decorated box containing an exquisite pair of sheer pink lace edged panties, a pink suspender belt and a pair of fully fashioned seemed nylons.

I had been wearing stockings for a number of years and because of this my legs were regularly shaved but Carol insisted on shaving them silky smooth to intensify the effect the nylons was to have on me.

Once I had showered she clipped the suspender belt around my waists before rolling the cool nylons up my legs. The sensation was divine and had me really appreciate the joys of being a sissy.

By the time she had tautly attached them to the suspenders my poor cock begged relief. On seeing pre-cum seeping from the slit in my cage she bent down and sucked the cage permitting the pre-cum to drizzle into her mouth she then stood and kissed and me violated my mouth with my own sticky goo.

When she had slipped the panties into place she stood me before our long mirror and admired her work.

"Darling you look good enough to fuck."

Once we were both dressed we packed the car and she informed me that she would drive, as my mind might be a little scrambled. As she drove I enquired as to where she was taking me, her reply gave me little clue.

"Darling I don't want to spoil the surprise, just think of it as a very belated wedding gift to the both of us."

About half an hour after we had stopped at a pub for some lunch she drove us up a long shingled driveway where our hosts Angela and Simon a handsome couple in their late thirties greeted us.

After quickly showing us our room they led us down the stairs to their spacious and elegant lounge where several of other gusts were assembled.

"This is Carol who most of you know and her subservient husband Nigel who are hear to remake their wedding vows."

On hearing her address a cold shiver ran down my spine and then in a stupor I permitted two of the women guests to escort me over to a carver style chair in the centre of the room. Once I was seated they tied my ankles to the legs of the chair, then as they tied my arms in a similar fashion one off the women whispered mockingly in my ear.

"You look apprehensive darling don't worry this time your marriage will be consummated in the correct manner befitting a sissy."

Escape was never an option for I had signed the agreement and such was my psyche after seven days in chastity that I was prepared and ready to be cuckolded.

Carol was then led over to where I was shackled and asked by Angela.

"Do you still wish to remain married to this effeminate? For legally your marriage was never properly consummated and annulment is yours if you so choose, but if you choose to remain married he must suffer the humiliation of ceremonial cuckolding before all present."

My wife then informed the room.

"As I only have two options I bow to your ruling and reluctantly agree to violate my wedding vows and cuckold him."

I found the theatrical manner in which the verdict was reached most erotic and exquisite and enhanced my ordeal ten fold.

Then having my wife's mock approval Angel gave the word.

"Let his cuckolding begin."

The two women untied me then removed my shirt and trousers exposing my exquisite underwear to the gaze of all in the room. On seeing my cock securely restrained inside the confines of its cage Angela quipped.

"Carol could you give me the key to the lock so we can all see his diminutive cockette."

My wife then removed the key from the chain around her neck and ceremoniously handed it to Angela. She gently removed the cage revealing my tortured cock with the indentations of the cage clearly visible.

"You poor love."

She mocked as she toyed with my cock in a degrading fashion before slipping my panties back in place. I was then helped back into the seat and secured as previous with my cock shamefully returning to life.

A satin cushion with a sheer maids mop cap was then brought over to Angela, I immediately recognised the woman carrying it for it was her who had previously witnessed our new marriage agreement.

Angela then ceremonially placed the cap on my head as she quipped.

"Its time."

Then as two of the women guests helped my wife remove her clothes so that she was naked except for her stockings and skimpy panties two others helped Simon remove his revealing his fast growing erection.

He was then escorted over where I was sat and as one of the women held his fast growing erection the other beguiled me into opening my mouth as she gently pushed my head onto his cock.

"That's it don't be afraid take it into your mouth and honour the cock that is going to cuckold you."

As I began pleasuring Simon's throbbing cock I could feel my own beginning to pulsate against the flimsy material of my panties. Then noticing this the other woman who had been priming my violator's cock exclaimed.

"Look his little girl cock has gone erect he really want's to suck and pleasure it."

In a state of abandonment I pleasured his cock and swallowed his oozing pre-cum until Angela called a halt to the libidinous proceedings. But my humiliation was far from over for then I had to watch one of the women remove my wife's panties as Simon began pawing at her exquisite breasts and nipples.

Some minutes later when she was whimpering in ecstasy he gently picked her up and laid her on the chaise longue that had been placed in a suitable position for observance by all.

The act of deflowering was quick and the expression on my wife's face was one of sheer ecstasy as Simon's large swollen cock entered her pussy violating her marriage vows.

After several minutes of slow lengthy thrusts he quickened his paces as he continued to fondle and torment her aching nipples, then after she had been penetrated in many positions she momentarily she glanced over at me, her eyes were glazed and she looked dishevelled signalling the start of her orgasm. She tensed as it ripped through her causing her to whimper and moan in agonising bliss shaming me further as I had never ever made her cum with my cock.

I was then released me from the shackles of the chair but my liberty was short lived as my arms were immediately roughly manacled securely behind my back.

Simon now had my wife on her back holding her nylon-covered legs upwards as he thrust his cock remorselessly into her violated pussy. Then with several manly grunts he began emptying his spunk into her well-used hole.

I had now been placed on my knees within touching distance of the debauchery and as Simon withdrew his cock from my wife's pussy my face was pushed onto his cock as it shot the last remnants of his cum onto my face.

Momentarily I dutifully sucked his cock until my head was then pushed between my wife's violated pussy as Angela who quipped.

"Lick it all up cuckold."

My wife moaned with delight as I tongued her violated pussy then after a couple of minutes contemptuously jeered.

"It was so good and he was so big and vigorous.

Then mocked.

"Good boy stick your tongue in and suck all his salty spunk out and get used to the tastes cuckold."

When Angela was satisfied she had seen enough I was dragged to my feet with my face and tongue still glazed in my wife's violators cum, then nonchalantly Carol got to her feet and led me by my hand from the room and back to our bedroom.

Unsure of what was to follow I watched nervously as she lock the door then smirking she came over to me and kissed me passionately on my violated lips.

"That tastes divine."

She softly cajoled, and then as she continued to kiss me I felt her fingers on my throbbing cock.

"Would you like to fuck me darling? Angela says its best done whilst my pussy is still smeared in Simon's cum to complete your dishonour."

I didn't need asking twice such was my desperate need for relief. It was divine and having just been cuckolded added to my pleasure beyond belief. When my orgasm came it was the most intense I have ever experienced, and was I believe testimony to my subservient nature that had just been realised.

Both myself and Carol then slept for several hours, when I awoke she was just coming out of the en-suite and for a brief moment I thought I had dreamt the lascivious events of earlier, but the suspender belt still around my midriffs and my dishevelled nylons and cum stained panties assured me otherwise.

Other than saying "thank you darling" and a quick peck on the cheek from Carol nothing more was said that evening about my cuckolding. Then when we were both dressed we surreally re-joined our hosts and after having dinner with them at their local spent an enjoyable evening with them as if nothing had happened.

On our journey home little was said but once home over a couple of bottles of wine we discussed our introduction into the lascivious domain of cuckolding at length.

Carol informed me that she had been in communication with several couples before deciding on Angela and Simon and had great misgivings as to whether I would repel and be repulsed by her violating our marriage vows.

I told her embarrassingly that I had fantasised often about similar scenarios but never believed I could seriously partake in one.

When she asked me.

"Then how did you allow your self to be violated in such a manner and permit another man to fuck me?"

I humbly replied.

"You know how submissive I am and the cock cage multiplies my cravings ten fold and renders me totally subservient especially prolonged periods in it."

Then with a wicked glint in her eyes she quipped.

"That was dear Angela's suggestion, and I've excepted her invitation to return in three weeks time when she says she intends to take your effeminate side to what she says is it's ultimate conclusion whatever that means."

Later that evening in bed when I had just pleasured her to orgasm with my tongue she tenderly divulged.

"I was really frightened that cuckolding you might hurt you and that I might lose you, I'm really glad it turned you on as much as it did me, but if you insisted I must never do it again then reluctantly I won't."

Then after receiving no response from me mischievous added.

"But I must confess seeing you humiliated in that fashion made me the horniest I've ever felt."

I'm writing this with my little cock locked in the cage for the third day running and I'm lowly getting accustomed to the butt plug Angela sent me.

Regards Carol's cuck


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by Anonymous

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by kennyboy8210/23/18

While I accept the premise of cuckolding isn't for everyone, nor is it yet considered 'mainstream', to those that do appreciate it, this story is fabulous. It may seem far fetched to some, but this kindmore...

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by Anonymous10/22/18

5 stars

Excellent, well written and erotic writing! I so wish that my Wife would cuckold me in the same way that Carol cuckolds Nigel. My Wife does cuckold me, but prefers to keep her extramarital affairs private.more...

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by gasissynora10/22/18


I envy your husband and wish I were in his place. Lucky sissy.

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by theghostwriter05/26/18

Good story

I agree with their comments. I don't know why these people bother to read it.
I certainly enjoyed it and eagerly await the next chapter

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by Anonymous05/16/18

Terrible grammar

Doesn’t anyone proof read anymore. This story is not written in English

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