tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNight After the Bar

Night After the Bar


I may have been drunk, but I was sober enough to wonder how I had gotten myself into such a position. Last I remember, I was at the club, Black Lacy's, stood up and drinking at the bar all by my lonesome when a girl in black slacks and a silk button down shirt gives me the eye from across the way. She's slender and flat-chested, but I'm drunk and horny, my date's nowhere to be found, and the beat of the music is starting to pound away in my pants, so I figure, what the hell, might as well give her a go and see what happens. Lucky me, even, she gets a little impatient, and sidles over to me before I decide to make a move myself.

Cut through a drive I don't remember, and I find myself at her place, her short blond hair brushing against my face, her body driving the remnants of the club rhythm against my hips, and my back against the sticky black leather of a couch in the smoky living room of a house I don't recognize. What little part of my brain that isn't inundated with booze is beginning to wonder if maybe this chick isn't a little too flat-chested, when her sultry voice gives form to the nagging doubts I had niggling at the back of my brain since the beginning:

"Say, not bad for your first time with a boy," came the smirky voice, breathed soft and sultry against my ear. The booze was enough I even sill thought I heard a girl's voice before I processed the too-deep resonance of her tone and realized I was in maybe a little too deep for my own good. Something in my heart rebelled, but clearly, my head really didn't seem to mind, full on hard and getting harder at the thought of where I was and where I was going.

Enough doubt remained, though, that my lips paused before another kiss. "She" took the time to smile, fiddling my belt out of its loop and licking the tip of my nose. I felt my fingers fumble at my belt buckle, trying in vain to put it back into place, but such a dexterous movement was outside my range of capability at this point, and besides, something else in me kept pushing forward, urging the still unwilling parts of me to give in to the moment and just let whatever would happen, happen.

Another smirk played across "her" lips, and I began to notice the contours of her face were, while feminine, not female, and her slender hips were, in fact, the hips of a young man. The thought of what lay between the legs that had been, until now, grinding enthusiastically against me was enough to bring my own body to a full stop, and my eyes closed unconsciously at the realization of my situation. Even closed, though, I saw the outline of his feminine face, smiling that confident smirk, his soft eyes parting the defenses around my desire to reveal a truth I still refused to acknowledge.

"My, my, but aren't we a cock tease..." he giggled, "Not ten minutes ago, you were chomping at the bit to get to my place and have some fun fucking, and now you're playing coy like a little virgin girl."

The comparison only made me harder. This was, indeed, my first time with a man, an experience I never thought possible, but the reality of my current place, on my back, under a feminine looking man, and hard as a rock at the thought of what he would do to me, thrust itself between what I had thought I was incapable of doing and what I was currently being forced to do. Not forced, even, what I wanted to do. What I was still unable to bring myself to do. My voice could not reply, but my face went full flush, giving him all the answer he needed.

"Oh, I see, I see... You will need a little prompting, I think. Just like a virgin slut, indeed." He giggled again, grabbing my wrists and pushing them above my head. "There is no need to rush... Little sluts like you always give up what I want in the end."

I felt my eyes quiver as he stared into them. I tried to meet his gaze, to match the steely resolve that was in his grey eyes with all I could muster. But I felt the tension of our contest building not only between the two inches separating our faces, but also between my legs, hardening from the limpid enthusiasm of a drunken man looking to get laid into a raging desire to come, by whatever means necessary, as soon as possible. Right then, I knew I would give everything he wanted to him. It didn't matter how much I resisted, it didn't matter how much I tried to convince myself this wasn't what I wanted. In that locking of eyes, he broke a critical link in my armor, and I knew it was only a matter of time before he stripped the rest of it away.

"That's better. I don't like it when my toys are too pliable. It's good that you give a little back. It makes it more fun for me when I push all of your resistance away until you are begging me out of blind desire from my cock," here, he licked my nose again, "and I will not be satisfied until you do. Now. Kiss me, you little bitch."

His lips pressed against mine, overwhelming any attempts at resistance I might have given. My lips hardened at the intrusion, but his tongue blithely slid between them, pushing warm and wet into my mouth. I felt my cheeks soften, embracing his face in return. He pulled away, and paused, his eyes commanding what didn't need to be said, and my head plunged towards him, desperate for another locking of lips.

We kissed for a full minute, his tongue thrusting into and out of my mouth, before he began nibbling at my neck, plying my skin with his teeth. My arms tensed against his, but remained immobile, increasing the tension I felt building in my belly. Moans escaped my freed lips, and he returned the cries with increasing enthusiasm. Finally, he let go my hands, but instead of obeying the feeble attempts of brain at regaining control, they wrapped around his head, pressing him into the crest of my shoulder.

At some point undefined, my shirt came off, flung to the end of the couch, and a feeble shriek escaped my lips as he flicked the tip of my nipple with his tongue. He sucked and bit at the aureole, teasing me with his teeth, then washing down my belly with wet lips and a forceful tongue. My skin rippled at his attentions, and when he found an especially sensitive point - to the side between my belly button and my hip - he slowed with languorous licking, funneling fire from my belly to my brain. Every second he stayed there, my mind slipped away from me, girlish whimpering escaping my mouth every other moment. But then, right when I thought I could not get more heated, he stopped.

I began to catch my breath, and soon regained enough composure to look at him to try and figure out what he wanted. His face returned my gaze with a curious, quizzical look. I teased the back of his neck with my fingers, trying to get him to start up again, but he refused. Seconds ticked away as we stared each other down again. I thought I should have been getting softer, but instead, the anticipation only served to increase my desire. I wanted him to do something, anything, I even considered pushing myself upon him, to return the experience he had just given me. At such ideas, though, I still hesitated, and so I waited for his lead.

"Well, you're not saying no, but you're still not saying yes," he sighed. I was confused at this. Hadn't all my body had done told him what I wanted? What more could he possibly expect from me?

"You still don't get it, I see... I said you would give yourself to me, that you would beg me to push myself onto you, but you are still acting half-assed and coy about the whole situation. In my experience, there can only be one reason for this. Somehow, someway, you still imagine that, between you and me, you are still the man, and I am the woman. And, in my experience, there is only one way to fix this."

He got off of me, and stood up, back straight, but relaxed, still fully clothed.

"Get up," he said in a calm voice. It was hardly even a command, just a simple statement. I could only get up, hearing such a phrase like that.

"Now, your pants. Take them off." Again, I could not hesitate. My belt buckle flapped as I undid the button and dropped my pants. He did not even need to tell me my undershorts needed to go as well. I saw him chuckle as I performed without being told, and my cock popped out, at full attention, plain for all to see.

He smiled at the sight. "Well, I can see why you're proud of yourself. It is a rather impressive cock." My lips curled up at the compliment, and he continued on, "Yes, it is a nice cock. In fact," he got on his knees before me, "I wouldn't mind sucking on such a thing myself."

My shock at his statement was cut short by the expert flicking of his tongue at the head of my penis, almost bringing me to my knees. A gasp escaped my lips and my head lolled back on my shoulders as he pressed his tongue around my shaft, then taking the whole of me into his mouth and sucking, a long slow vacuum pulling the blood out of my body and concentrating it into the sweet pain building in my penis. I wanted to pump into him, thrust into his throat, but he stayed there, holding the suction longer than any human could. I began to lose track of time as my cock continued to engorge itself, and soon, even without any movements, I felt as though I needed to come just because his mouth wanted to suck it out of me.

Finally, he let go, and I realized my hands were clinging again to the back of his head, this time pressing him towards the base of my cock. I looked down to see if he was still impressed, but instead, I saw him regarding me as though my cock were nothing more than a chew toy for a dog. His casual smirk jerked upwards again as he rose to his feet.

"Well, while it is a nice cock, I'm afraid you have no business being the man of this pairing."

He replied to my look of confusion by removing his shirt, button by button, revealing his sculpted chest and abs. Every button made my cock twitch, but then, when he removed his pants, I saw already why he had said what he had said. Even without taking off his underwear, I could see he was substantially larger than me, to the point that my penis hardly looked like a penis at all. I thought that my cock should immediately shrivel in embarrassment, but instead it continued to harden, as if trying to match the monstrosity that hung before me. As soon as he was fully unclothed, though, I could see that there was no comparison. At that point, my cock hardened, not out of competition, but out of desire.

"Oh my, but your eyes look hungry, my little toy. It should be clear to you where you stand, now, my precious... oh!" His eyes lit up, "In fact, I think you shouldn't be standing at all. What you thought was a penis is really no more than a little clit. Only bitches have little clits like that, and bitches don't deserve to stand on their feet. Now, get down on your knees like a good little slut, and be the bitch that you know you are."

I hesitated, not out of confusion or anger, but at the cold truth thrown in my face at that moment. What he was saying was not just dirty talk from a man wanting to get me horny, but truth. Even from the beginning, I could not bring myself to meet him on my terms; he had to come to me. Our entire encounter, he was the one in charge, giving commands to me as though I were little more than a dog, playing at being a man for his amusement. The shock was enough I did not drop to my knees because he told me to, but because it was where I knew I should have been.

He smiled down at me, his cock taking almost all of my view. He was perfectly shaven, from head to toe, and his balls hovered just above my face, taunting me, practically telling me to suck them. There was no denying myself any longer. Now with his manhood dangling in front of me, all I could do was take it into my mouth. I opened myself, and moved towards him, ready to take it all in.

But instead, he pulled away, frowning in disapproval. "Little bitches do not do anything because they want to... little bitches do things because their master tells them to. I can tell you know you are a little bitch, but you haven't yet been house broken. So, what does my little bitch want to do?"

I stammered a reply, "I... I want to suck your cock..."

"Not good enough!" he replied sharply. He slapped my face with his cock and asked again, "What does my little bitch want to do?"

I replied as forcefully as I could, "I want to suck your cock!"

He slapped my face with his cock again, "Little bitches do not call themselves 'I' and they certainly do not address me as 'you!' Now! What does my little bitch want to do?"

This last exhortation ripped the reply out of me, "This little bitch wants to suck its Master's cock!"

Again he slapped me, and again he shouted "Again!"

"This little bitch wants to suck its Master's cock!" I practically screamed it, this time, but again, and again, time after time until finally tears began to stream down my face, my throat choked with sobs, I fell on all fours. Finally, there, I whimpered an almost silent beg: "Please, Master.... I'll do anything... Just let this little bitch suck on Master's cock.... Please..."

I felt his body move towards my prostrate form. I looked up and saw him smiling down at me. "Now that's a good little slut. You may kiss my balls."

I did as I was told, almost joyously kissing one ball and then the other, and when I pulled away, and asked me, "And who are you?"

My reply was instantaneous, "This little bitch is my Master's slut!"

"And what will my little slut do for my cock?"

"Anything, Master! Anything!"

"Very good, bitch. But your training isn't done yet. Right now, you only want my cock. When we are done tonight, though... You will need it."

At that moment, he thrust himself into my mouth, and I almost gagged at the size of him forcing into me. His thrusts were not harsh, but they were solid, each one reinforcing what he had told me, what I had been learning this whole night: I was a bitch, his slut, and his word was my command, not because I was a bitch, not because I was a slut, but because I would do anything to taste the salty sweetness of his cock, oozing pre-cum into my mouth, hammering my desire into my cheek, into my throat.

His thrusts began to become more powerful, more desperate. The tip of his cock swelled, and I could tell his come was building in his cock, the pressure increasing until he was ready to burst. My cock had barely been touched this whole time, and I was ready to come, so I was hardly surprised that he was on the brink. I began to pump my head, wanting, needing, to push him over the edge.

Suddenly, everything became a blur, and there was only the sensation of my submission as he came jets into my mouth. My tongue and throat was coated with a sticky sweetness, gushing into me, spilling out of the corners of my lips as I choked on all the semen he was pumping into my face. I continued pumping furiously until I felt the last spurts of his cock calm, then finally gasped for breath once he had finished, come streaming out of my mouth down the side of my chin.

While I sucked breath into my screaming lungs, he slapped my face a few times with his cock tracing my cheek with cum. It was at that moment I realized he was not spent. His cock was noticeably softer, but still full, ready for another go. My eyes leapt up to his, and I saw his casual smirk, almost condescending, keeping me in place, on all fours. Not that he needed to tell me to stay there.

"That was a good first try, my bitch. But you are still not completely housebroken yet. I see you dripping on my carpet without permission... a little excited pup that doesn't know what to do with itself... Still, a little thing like that can be forgiven, so long as I know you understand..."

He didn't need to continue. I knew my Master needed to come again, but more than that, I knew what I needed. I needed him, his cock, all of him pressing into me. Where ever he wanted to push into was his, so long as I could feel again the joy of knowing his wonderful cock.

I cut him off, "Please, Master, this little bitch is yours! Please, this little bitch needs its Master's cock!"

Smiling, he strode behind me, spreading the cheeks of my ass, stretching my hole for his approval or disapproval. "Yes," he said, "This little bitch will do nicely."

He reached around and smeared the semen off my face and onto his hands. Then he wiped my asshole, lubricating me for his entrance. Instinctively, my face pressed to the floor and I lifted my hips as far as they could into the air. My asshole lusted for him inside of it, needed to be filled with his cock. I jerked as he spanked my left cheek in approval, and then pressed the tip of his cock against my anus. Again, I instinctively relaxed.

Right at that point, he pressed into me, a long, slow thrust, giving me time to stretch around him, to feel the fullness of his girth. While I was surprised that my ass could stretch to take him, I soon felt that my mind was also full to bursting... and he wasn't even fully inside of me yet. Centimeter after centimeter he pushed in, pausing to let my ass stretch for him, then pushing, pausing and pushing. Every centimeter, my mind slipped again. As my ass filled, my lust increased, pushing all conscious thought out of my mind. And then, his cock slid against my prostate.

I lost it. I knew he wasn't done pushing into me, but I couldn't wait. My hips acted on their own, thrusting backwards until my ass cheeks pressed against his groin. He smacked my ass again, "Little sluts will learn to wait their turn!" he shouted.

But I could tell he had also been pushed past a point of no return. His hips started thrusting, a slow hypnotic motion, sliding rhythmically against my prostate, filling the inside of my belly then emptying it again, thrust after thrust. My face buried itself into the carpet, moaning again and again, "Please, this little bitch needs your cock," as his hips slapped against my cheeks, and our balls crashed into each other beat after beat. His chest curled against my back, and finally he himself slid out of control, and he cried out as his pace quickened.

I felt his hand wrap around my cock, pumping furiously to the beat of his hips. My ears were filled with the sound of his moaning, calling me bitch, slut, whore, even calling himself my Daddy, but even to that, I could only respond "Faster, harder... please, please, yes, faster, yes yes!" until finally I came, after all the teasing, my come burst out of me. Even on all fours, I buckled at the force of it, but still he wasn't done. I cam until there seemed nothing left to come, but his furious pounding kept up and I hardened and came again, then again once more, until, at last, he jerked forward, convulsing into a primal cry of joy as his come emptied out into my ass, a spurt that seemed to last almost a minute, then he collapsed on top of me.

We lay there, exhausted, for I don't know how long. As he rolled off of me, I felt his tool slide out, still slick from the jets of come he sprayed into me. I got up on all fours again, then looked over to his quiet face, his body glistening with sweat, his cock covered with spunk. And even then, no longer drunk, no longer horny, I gazed at his cock, hearing the voice inside of me crying "Yes, Master, this little bitch needs its Master's cock!" And my body responded as it knew it should.

I crawled over, nuzzled his groin, then began to lick his cock clean. Then, once it was cleaned and slick with my spit, I heard him say, "That's a good little bitch.."

And when I looked back, I saw his cock growing again. And I felt my little clit surge at the sight.

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