tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNight at the Bar

Night at the Bar


Kyra walked into "Mike's Hideaway" with confidence. She and her friend, Brent, were to meet here at 8. It was only a quarter past 6, but Kyra thought she would be okay until Brent got there. Her first stop was the bar. "Mudslide," she requested when the bartender came over. As she was waiting for her drink, she scanned the bar. There were a few guys playing pool over in the corner and a few others talking by the jukebox. Kyra estimated there were a total of about fifty people in the bar, and only about 5 seemed to be female. When the bartender returned, she paid for her drink, and went over to sit and watch the game of pool.

"Hey, gorgeous!" one of the guys at the table said. The other three turned and scanned her. The sight was one to behold. Her 5'8" frame was perched delicately on the stool. The tiny black mini-skirt she wore left little to the imagination. She had a very tanned complexion, so she wasn't wearing any pantyhose...or panties either for that matter. Her long legs ended in black stiletto heels. She also had on a transparent white top covering a black spaghetti strap top and, as usual, no bra. She wore all of her curly auburn hair down in a cascade that reached almost to her waist. Her bright blue-green eyes shined from under her bangs. She was a gorgeous young lady. She did have a thick frame, but was still slender and very sexy. "Wanna play?" the tall guy asked her. She realized now that she was one of few white people in the bar...the other two whites were also women.

"Sure!" Kyra replied. She started to slide off the stool, then felt two strong hands lift her off the stool and stand her up. She turned to see the most attractive black man she had ever see. "Thanks," she said. She smiled. She knew he had to be almost six and a half feet tall. His eyes and teeth were very bright, and his head was cleanly shaved. He handed her a pool cue and offered to allow her to break. She accepted. The black man introduced himself as Jay. The other two guys were introduced as Mike and Chris.

Kyra noted with a smile that all three men were very attractive and were all sporting rather large bulges in their pants. Kyra teamed with Jay and the four began their game of 8-ball. Kyra and Jay won the first game. Mike and Chris won the second. Kyra looked at her watch...7:30. Jay offered to buy Kyra another mudslide. When he returned with her drink, they began a third game.

Kyra and Jay were in the lead, and it was Kyra's turn. As she bent over to hit the 8 ball into the corner pocket, she felt Jay's hands sliding up her skirt. He then gently forced her over the edge of the table. His hands began to caress her glistening slit. She then felt his big cock head rubbing up and down her slit. Then, all of a sudden, he slid the entire length of his massive cock into her throbbing pussy. Kyra had never felt so full before. He began thrusting very hard. Kyra moaned and groaned with every thrust. Before she knew it, her total body was convulsing with a powerful orgasm.

"I'm glad you like that, slut," Mike said, "cause we all gonna take a turn with ya."

Jay then pulled his cock out of her, and pulled her up. He put both of his hands on her waist and led her to a couch on the far wall. He then sat down and pulled her to him. Mike stood behind her and slid his cock in her pussy to get it wet. He wasn't as large as Jay, but was still large in his own right. After sufficiently wetting his cock, he pulled out, and Jay slid her back onto his huge pole. Then Mike began to tease her asshole with his throbbing mushroom head. With one powerful thrust, Kyra had a cock in her pussy and in her ass. Almost immediately, she came again. The two began fucking her hard until both men came at the same time. Without giving her a chance to rest, two more guys slid into the positions Jay and Mike had just vacated and began to fuck her, too.

As Brent walked into the bar, he realized something exciting was going on in the far corner. He grabbed Bud from the bar and walked over to see what was going on. He saw a beautiful redhead getting fucked by two big black men. Then he heard her moan. "Oh my god," he realized, "That's Kyra."

He then watched as every man in the bar fucked her, some going back for seconds. Kyra didn't seem to mind. She was covered in cum, and was still coming over and over. Finally, Brent got his turn. As he took the position below her, she opened her eyes...

"Bout time you got here," she said with a smile.

"I'm glad to see you found a way to entertain yourself while you waited." They continued to fuck. When all the guys had had their turn, Kyra turned around and asked, "Anyone else??" When no one replied, Kyra stood up, pooled her skirt down, grabbed her purse and walked towards the door. Then all the guys called for her. When she turned around, they all chorused a big "Thanks!"

"Anytime, boys, anytime." With that, she and Brent walked out of the bar.

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