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Night at the Concert


Author's Note: Night at the Concert is my first submission, so please be gentle...Even so I hope you think it's hot!

Kaitlin and Tom had been planning to attend the Fall Classic Rock Concert series at the Marriott Hotel and Botanical Gardens for several weeks now. It's an outdoor venue on hotel grounds overlooking the ocean and people bring their blankets, beach chairs and picnic baskets. Wine and beer and refreshments are sold at the show.

Two artists play every Saturday night and Kaitlin knew that Tom's favorite band, Halestorm would be headlining. While Kaitlin arranged the chairs and blanket, Tom went to get some beer.

Kaitlin was wearing a short skirt with high-heeled wedge sandals. Since it was getting a little chilly out, she zipped up her velour jacket and covered her body with the large blanket that she had brought for them to share. She giggled the moment the idea struck her; she reached under the blanket and removed her panties, quickly putting them in her purse. Then she really couldn't resist and touched herself a little and inserted one finger. She brought her finger to her mouth, just as she saw Tom in the distance returning with the beers. Blushing, she folded her hands in her lap innocently.

Tom had a big grin when he handed her a beer. The touched their cups together and said, "Cheers" before they drank. He reclined in the beach chair, scooting it closer to Kaitlin and pulling the blanket over himself as well. He touched Kaitlin's hand and leaned over and gave her a kiss, exploring her mouth with his tongue and nuzzling her ears and neck. It was getting dark and the lights illuminating the stage came on to the sounds of applause and cheering.

"I've got a big surprise for you," he said.

"You always have a big surprise for me," she giggled suggestively.

He laughed and said, "This is a different big surprise."

"Tell me, please," she begged, wondering what it could be.

"Nope, you are going to have to wait a little while." he said, giving her another deep kiss, driving his tongue into her mouth.

As the opening band began to play, they both sat sipping their beer and holding hands through the first few songs. The band was covering a number of classic rock songs. Tom's hand made it's way under the blanket to Kaitlin's lap and up her skirt.

Kaitlin smiled and looked at Tom in anticipation, "Wait until he realizes I'm not wearing any panties," she thought mischievously.

Tom smiled as his fingers touched her bare pussy. "No panties, what a bad girl," he whispered in her ear. "Now I'm going to have to fuck you really hard." His words made an electric charge go right through her. He kissed her neck and bit her ear gently.

With one hand, he calmly sipped his beer while his other hand was under the blanket on her. Kaitlin reciprocated by rubbing his now hard cock through his pants.

"Are you sure this is not the big surprise?" she asked with a smile.

He smiled back as he unzipped and opened his pants under the blanket. His cock bounced out into her hand. She stroked his long thick length gently. Meanwhile Tom's other hand was stroking her clit firmly and Kaitlin could feel herself getting very wet. He put one finger inside her and stroked her g-spot. When he removed it, he knowingly put his finger in his mouth and then in her mouth. She sucked his finger and looked into Tom's eyes as she did it.

Another classic rock song was just beginning. She winked at Tom and ducked under the blanket taking his cock into her mouth. She tasted his pre-come droplets and brought her mouth as far down as she could. Tom gently thrust his big cock a little deeper and she pulled back a little to prevent it from hitting the back of her throat. She circled her tongue around him completely and took him back into her mouth going up and down his shaft to the rhythm of the Scorpions song, 'Hurricane', that the opening band was now covering.

She had both hands and her mouth on him now. One of her hands was firmly moving up and down his shaft in sync with her mouth while the other hand was gently cupping his balls and stroking behind them. She gently sucked each ball and licked behind them. Suddenly, she felt his balls tighten and she positioned her mouth so that she could taste and swallow his come just as the powerful spurts started. She kept sucking the head and continued swallowing until there was no more. At that moment the song ended and the cheering and applause resounded in her ears as she came out from under the blanket. She absurdly felt as though she should take a bow!

Tom was grinning broadly at her and it was clear that he was really happy. She gave him a deep kiss and decided she better finish her beer while she could still concentrate and quickly finished the rest while Tom closed and zipped his pants under the blanket.

The beer was giving her a slight buzz and Tom went to get them some more. The air outside was getting chillier and Kaitlin brought the blanket up closer around her. Her hand went to her pussy feeling the wetness and stroking her clit. She stopped herself when she felt like she might come and again folded her hands innocently outside the blanket. When Tom came back, she stood up to stretch. He handed her a beer and gave her kiss driving his tongue into her mouth. "Now it's time for the surprise, follow me, leave the chairs and blanket here, we'll be back," he said.

Kaitlin grabbed her purse. He led her to the hotel building behind the slope facing the stage. "I got us a room with a balcony facing the show!"

Kaitlin smiled and hugged Tom and they kissed again. The elevator took them to the top floor and they sipped their beer on the way. Tom produced the card key to the room. The view of the stage from the room was fantastic. Kaitlin kicked off her shoes and sat on the bed. "Tom, come here, you can even see the stage from here!" He pushed her back onto the bed and covered her with his body. He thrust two fingers into her and said, "You are so wet, have you been touching yourself?"

Kaitlin blushed and said coyly, "maybe!"

He shook his head, "tsk, tsk, bad girl again!"

"Who me?"

"Yes, you!" Tom pulled off Kaitlin's jacket and t-shirt and kissed and sucked at her breasts removing her bra. Now she was only wearing her skirt with no panties. She pulled off his clothes too. He squeezed and sucked on her nipples. Her breasts felt so tight and her nipples were standing out. Out at the concert, they could hear the band begin to cover 'Magic Carpet Ride' by Steppenwolf.

"What perfect timing," Kaitlin thought as Tom was kissing his way down to her pussy. She was sure Tom was about to give her a magic ride with his mouth, and tongue! He started by licking up her slit several times and nibbling, kissing, sucking everywhere. She could hardly hold still and her whole body was trembling. He was thrusting his tongue inside as she heard this phrase of the song:

"Fantasy will set you free, Close your eyes girl, Look inside girl, Let the sound take you away..."

As she began to come, she felt as though she was blushing all over and she lost control coming on his mouth and tongue.

He grinned and looked into her eyes, "How do you feel, sugar lamb?"

She answered by kissing him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, licking his mustache, his chin and tasting herself as she did. Tom's cock was hard again but soon they realized that the headliner, Halestorm was going to be coming on soon. She gave his cock a quick kiss before he put it away.

Then they hurried down to their blanket and chairs at the concert. Kaitlin had already had enough beer, but Tom wanted another one. So this time she went and got him a beer. After all, he certainly deserves it she thought to herself euphorically! She could hardly believe that he was hard and ready to go again right now. She giggled wondering how many songs they would make it through before they were back upstairs in the hotel room.

The lights on the stage changed and to massive cheering and applause, the band took the stage and after a short preamble began their first set. The female vocalist had a strong sexy look and a raspy voice. As the band moved through their repertoire, Tom and Kaitlin kissed and cuddled and touched each other under the blanket. Tom was teasing her breasts again and Kaitlin was tracing his cock gently through his pants. She was still panty less and he touched her wetness. He whispered in her ear, "You need to get fucked now, don't you?"

"Are you going to fuck me really hard?" She couldn't help giggling in delight.

He smiled, laughed and stood up and pulled her to her feet and they kissed each other and walked hurriedly to the elevator. He pushed her up against the wall of the elevator as he kissed her neck and squeezed her breasts, biting her nipples gently through her clothes. The elevator doors opened and they went to the room. The sliding glass doors were still open letting in the sights and sounds of the concert below.

Kaitlin got her top and bra off and started helping Tom out of his clothes too. They lay kissing each other on the bed and she could feel his cock pressing against her. He moved over her and she guided his cock into her. He looked into her eyes as he slowly slid into her wet pussy. He groaned as she clenched her pussy and quivered against him. He pulled back and then slammed into her. He brought a breast to his mouth and sucked hard. He let go of her nipple with his mouth at the same time that he thrust into her again. He did the same thing on the other breast. She began to move and clench him with each thrust. He thrust faster and deeper now, driving into her hard, filling her so completely that she cried out in ecstasy. At the concert below, the song 'I get off' started to play:

"I get off on you; getting off on me..."

She wrapped her legs around him, jerking up to meet his thrusts. His cock was ramming into her forcefully now to the beat of the song.

He suddenly pulled out of her and said, "I want to take you from behind now."

"Let's not miss the show." She stood up and pulled him to the balcony. She gave him a deep kiss. Then she moved down to his hard cock and tasted her creamy juices on him. His cock was rock hard. She straightened up and turned around rubbing her ass against his cock. Then she bent over the balcony wall. No words were needed. He slid his cock into her wetness. They were both facing the concert. He was pinching her nipples as he drove his cock deeply into her.

At the moment when he felt that she was close to orgasm, a wave of pleasure spread through his entire body. "Fuck me harder," she cried.

When he heard those words and felt her coming, he gave her a few more hard strokes and he groaned as his cock exploded inside her. He stayed inside her, until their breathing returned to normal. Once the quivering of her pussy subsided, he slowly withdrew and led her back to the bed. They kissed and she draped one leg over his leg as they rested intertwined with her head on his chest.

They watched several more songs of the concert from bed before they went back down to their chairs for the end and the encores, feeling thoroughly satisfied.

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