tagSci-Fi & FantasyNight at the Office - A Futa Frenzy

Night at the Office - A Futa Frenzy


A Night at the Office (A Futa Frenzy)

It was Friday and Melissa was looking forward to the weekend. The past several months have been hectic at work as it was the end of the fiscal year. She was coordinating with her manager, Amanda, tying the remaining loose ends to the projects the team had been working on during 4th quarter.

"Melissa!" Amanda yelled.

Melissa was startled as this was the first time in months that Amanda was physically in the office. She had been traveling practically around to globe to meet with clients and get things moving regarding plans for the coming year.

Melissa left her cubicle and walked into Amanda's office.

Melissa: "Hey Amanda. How's it going?"

Amanda: "Busy, as you know, but we're almost caught up with everything. I want to have the last of it done today so I can leave worry free. Are we on track to get everything done today?"

Melissa: "We should be. We're not waiting on anything anymore, so now it's just pounding out the reports and we'll be good, but I don't know if we'll definitely be able to get it all done today. Where are you leaving to now? I thought all the meetings were over for the year?"

Amanda: "They are. My maternity leave officially starts Monday."

Amanda was at the tail end of her pregnancy. Nearly nine months in, the baby was due in about 2 weeks. Melissa had almost forgotten that Amanda was pregnant since she had not been in the office for so long.

"I am beyond ready to have this child." said Amanda as she stood from her desk.

Her belly was enormous and was only exaggerated by her small frame. Melissa was taken back by just how large Amanda's stomach had become and couldn't help but notice her boobs had grown considerably as well. Amanda was typically along the lines of a full B, maybe a C cup, but now they were significantly larger than Melissa's D cup.

"Oh my god, I almost forgot!" Melissa exclaimed with a hint of embarrassment.

She was unexpectedly attracted to Amanda this way. Something about the pregnancy making it taboo perhaps. She was fighting the arousal growing in her pants.

"So, do you think we can get this all done today then?" asked Amanda.

Melissa, feeling compelled to meet the request considering the circumstances, replied "I'll make sure it all gets done today."

Amanda gave a kind smile of appreciation.

The rest of the day, Melissa was buried in her work trying to get everything done. She knew she would be staying late to accomplish this, but she didn't mind. What was annoying her most was that she was having a difficult time concentrating because she kept thinking about Amanda. There were several times during the day that she had to hide her erection under her desk, which was difficult given how horny the thoughts she was having were making her.

As the day drew to a close, most of her coworkers had left for the weekend, but a few stayed to help finish up. When they finally finished, Melissa thanked everyone and sent them on their way. Melissa was glad that everything worked out, despite staying late. As she walked towards Amanda's office to drop off the reports, she heard noises that peaked her interest. Melissa carefully walked up to Amanda's door and slowly opened it enough to peer inside.

Amanda was sitting at her desk with her shirt open, fondling her breasts. Melissa couldn't believe what she was seeing. She knew she should probably walk away, but she was captivated by Amanda's swollen tits. Melissa's cock began to harden as she watched. Amanda's nipples were enormous as they seemed to be engorged from her pregnancy. Amanda began rubbing her nipples with her finger tips and suddenly shoved her finger inside. Melissa was enthralled at the sight of this. Her cock instantly became solid. She didn't know what to do. She gathered herself and hid her erection in her pants, blocking the bulge with the report binders.

"Amanda." Melissa said as she gently knocked on the office door.

"Just a minute." replied Amanda as she quickly buttoned up her shirt. "Come in."

"Hey, everything alright?" asked Melissa.

"Yes. Just cleaning up and getting ready to head out soon." replied Amanda.

"Ok. Well I have your reports. Everything is finished." said Melissa, trying to think of a Segway into what she had just seen.

"Oh great. Thank you for staying late to get it done Melissa. I really appreciate it." replied Amanda.

"No problem. It was my pleasure. Are you excited for maternity leave?" asked Melissa.

Amanda stared off for a moment in thought... "Well..." she replied. "I'm excited to have the baby, but if I can be candid, I'm not looking forward to everything else."

"What do you mean?" asked Melissa.

"Well, since I've been pregnant, things with my husband have been a little... frustrating." said Amanda.

Melissa inquires "what do you mean, frustrating?" knowing full well what Amanda meant.

Amanda: "I suppose I'll be blunt here. I mean that he hasn't touched me since I found out I was pregnant. He says it grosses him out. Plus, once I have the baby, it's not like we are going to have the time to have sex, even plain old sex. So, on top of no sex for nearly 8 months while being insanely horny from the pregnancy, I won't even know when I can expect to get fucked again!"

Melissa: "Ouch. That sucks. Haven't you masturbated and played with yourself at all?"

"No. Not at all. The thought never crossed my mind." replied Amanda with obvious sarcasm. "Of course I played with myself. I've tried a whole bunch of stuff I never would have thought of before. It's kind of hot how nasty and kinky you can get when you're this horny." explained Amanda.

As soon as she finished her sentence, she paused while looking at Melissa, realizing that perhaps she took this conversation too far. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be burdening you with this." said Amanda.

"No! Please do. Maybe I could help you?" Melissa quickly responded.

Amanda, now looking confused, wondered exactly what Melissa meant. Was she hitting on her? No, that would be way to presumptuous she said to herself. Maybe she has some kind of toy or technique that she thinks will be a sufficient replacement for another person..."Yeah, that must be it." she thought.

"Oh, thank you for the thought Melissa, but honestly I've tried a bunch of different toys and ways to masturbate, but it's just not the same as having a partner."

"That's actually what I meant." explained Melissa. "Maybe I could help you." As Melissa pointed to herself.

Amanda was a bit taken back by the offer, but also excited. She had never been with a woman before but the level of arousal she is enduring from this pregnancy is quite the motivator to try new things.

"Close the door." said Amanda after hesitating for a moment.

Melissa smiled and shut the office door. She knew that she was about to satiate the desire she'd been fighting with all day.

"I have to admit that I've never been with a woman before." said Amanda sheepishly.

Melissa smiled. "Well then I have an even bigger surprise for you."

Melissa moved the reports she had been holding in front of her to reveal the bulge in her pants. Amanda looked in disbelief. She was staring at the outline of a massive prick desperately trying to free itself from the confines of Melissa's pants.

"Oh my God. You're a futa!" exclaimed Amanda. Amanda could feel herself getting wet.

Melissa smiled and nodded her head. She could see the excitement in Amanda's eyes, plus her nipples were practically exploding form her shirt, much like Melissa's cock was doing her in pants.

Melissa walked over to Amanda while unbuttoning her pants. Amanda's gaze was locked on Melissa's pelvis, eagerly awaiting the unveiling.

"I have to tell you, I saw you playing with yourself before. I've never seen anyone with nipples like that. It made me quite hard." Melissa explained seductively as she stood in front of Amanda.

"Well it's a genetic quirk actually. I don't know the specifics about it but the doctors were concerned when I was younger so they went through a bunch of tests to make sure there was no hidden issue. Lucky for me nothing was wrong, and I basically have an additional and very unique way to get off." Explained Amanda. All of a sudden, Amanda's face turned serious as she looked at Melissa and said "Now let me see that dick."

Melissa was happy to oblige Amanda's zealous command. She pulled down her pants to reveal her massive cock. It was the length of Amanda's arm and covered in a thick vein structure as it stood at full attention. Amanda couldn't help herself as she instinctively grabbed hold.

"Holy shit. Your veins are insane." Exclaimed Amanda as she ran her hands across Melissa's shaft.

She brought her mouth to the tip to realize that she could just barely get her mouth around it. She pulled her head back and jammed 4 fingers into her own throat. Gagging on her fingers, she pulled them out and spit a giant wad onto Melissa's cock to lube it up for her mouth. Melissa was getting harder watching Amanda's nasty side show itself. Amanda reattempted getting that dick in her mouth, and with the added spit she was successful. She had to stretch her mouth so wide she thought her jaw was going to snap. She began going back and forth on Melissa's cock, engulfing the head with each forward motion, while trying to go just a bit deeper each time.

"Fuck my face." says Amanda as she pulls Melissa's cock from her mouth.

Melissa readily obliges and begins to slowly thrust her cock in and out of Amanda's mouth.

Amanda pulls back and again says to Melissa, "C'mon. Fuck my face. Make me take it!"

Melissa is baffled by Amanda's intensity as she thrusts a bit harder, now clearly feeling the abrasion on the back of Amanda's throat. Amanda, apparently unsatisfied with Melissa's efforts, grabs Melissa's hips and pulls herself into Melissa, forcing every inch of Melissa's dick down her throat.

"Oh my fuckin god!" Melissa exclaimed as she felt Amanda's throat engulf her prick.

This seemed to ignite the intensity in Melissa that Amanda was asking for. Melissa grabbed the back of Amanda's head and continued to slam it against her pelvis, forcing every inch of her cock down Amanda's throat.

"You fuckin like that shit don't you, you nasty cunt!" yelled Melissa.

Amanda was relentless on Melissa's dick as intense guttural gagging noises were all that could be heard. All of a sudden Melissa felt a warm sensation come over her cock as she realized Amanda was puking. Just as Melissa was about to pull out of Amanda's throat, Amanda grabbed Melissa's hips and slammed herself back against her pelvis and held herself there. Melissa's cock was completely inside Amanda's throat while Amanda's puke was erupting like a volcano as it escaped the seal of her mouth against the base of Melissa's cock. The sensation was so overwhelming for Melissa that she couldn't hold back as her cum exploded in Amanda's throat. Melissa drained what was perhaps one of her biggest loads, all while Amanda kept that cock deeply rooted in her gullet. Amanda could feel herself bloating with Melissa's cum. As Melissa finished cumming, Amanda slowly pulled back, cum and puke dripping from her face as she gasped for air. Her already bloated pregnant abdomen was even more swollen now that it was full of cum.

Melissa was captivated by Amanda's filth. Before Amanda could catch her breath, Melissa grabbed her and kissed her with unbridled passion. She savored the warm taste of Amanda's mouth covered in cum and vomit, something she would never have thought about before. Amanda reciprocated, their tongues feverishly exploring each other's mouths.

Realizing Melissa's cock was even harder than before and had actually grown, Amanda looks deep into Melissa's eyes and says "Fuck me. I want your dick inside me."

Melissa wasted no time in fulfilling Amanda's request as she practically threw her onto the desk and spread her legs. She began rubbing the tip of her cock, still covered in a layer of cum and puke, up and down Amanda's lips, gently spreading them apart as she teased her.

"Oh fuck." Amanda moaned. "I want that fuckin dick."

Melissa began to enter Amanda, carefully navigating her gigantic throbbing prick inside.

"I don't know if I can fit." said Melissa in disappointment. "It's crazy tight."

Amanda replies, "Make it fit. Shove your fuckin cock in me."

Melissa gets harder just from listening to Amanda as she obediently shoves her cock deep into Amanda's pussy. Amanda lets out horrific screams of both pleasure and pain as Melissa bottoms out her cock.

Mellissa hesitates due to Amanda's screams, but Amanda quickly yells out, "Don't fucking stop. Fuck me, Fuck my pussy."

Melissa, enamored by Amanda's behavior, begins to violently thrust her engorged dick all the way into Amanda's hole. Amanda is beside herself, screaming for more with each thrust.

"C'mon, slam it! Slam it! Fuck me! Destroy my fucking cunt you bitch!" Amanda yells.

Melissa pounds away as hard as she can, trying to match Amanda's intensity.

"Is that what you like you fuckin cunt! Fuck my fucking dick!" yells Melissa.

Amanda can no longer contain herself. She cums all over Melissa as she squirts uncontrollably from the relentless pounding.

Melissa pulls her cock out of Amanda as Amanda sits up and grabs Melissa by the hair, pulling her in for a deep kiss. Amanda, rubbing her hands on Melissa's cock, remarks that it has grown even larger than before. Melissa too notices, exclaiming that she has never been this hard before. Her dick is now the length of Amanda from head to toe.

"I could feel it growing inside me." says Amanda. "I thought it was going to rip me wide open, but it felt so good there was no way I was going to stop. Your cock could have ripped my twat wide open and I would have screamed for you to fuck me even harder."

"You're so fucking nasty. I want you. I want your fuckin tits right now." Melissa said as she ripped open Amanda's shirt and began sucking on her tits.

Amanda complied as Melissa dove into her chest, requiring both hands just to hold one of her massive tits. Melissa could barely fit Amanda's huge swollen nipples in her mouth. She was practically deepthroating them. She could feel them swell as she sucked and her tongue found its way inside Amanda's nipple. Amanda let out a moan of pleasure as Melissa stretched open her nipples with her tongue. Melissa couldn't get enough. She began probing Amanda's nipples with her fingers. One, then two, then four fingers as she continued to stretch them out as wide as she could.

"Oh shit! I've never stretched them out like this before!" said Amanda.

"How does it feel" asked Melissa. "Do you like it? Does it feel as good as me fucking your cunt?"

Amanda just let Melissa have her way wit her tits as it was a completely different sensation that she was eager to explore. By now Melissa nearly had her entire fist inside Amanda's tits. She pulled her hand out and shoved it in Amanda's mouth.

"Taste it! Taste the inside of your nasty tits." yelled Melissa as she drove her hand down the back of Amanda's throat.

Melissa jumped to her feet and shoved her prick in Amanda's mouth and down the back of her throat. Amanda quickly began to gag as Melissa wasted no time shoving the entire length of her cock down Amanda's throat. Amanda began to puke.

"That's it. Puke on my fuckin cock. Lube it up with your puke!" yelled Melissa.

She quickly pulled her cock out of Amanda's throat, grabbed her nipple and spread it with both hands, then jammed the head of her cock inside.

Amanda screamed out in pain "It's too big! It's too big! It's not going to fit!"

Melissa couldn't control herself as she ignored Amanda's plea and shoved her engorged dick into Amanda's tit. Amanda was screaming as Melissa drove her cock in as far as she could. You could see her cock moving through Amanda's body as it bulged against her skin, forcing its way through.

"I've never felt anything like this before." Melissa said as Amanda's tit swallowed her cock.

Amanda screamed with enraged lust as Melissa's cock was practically tearing her tit open, "C'mon bitch! That's what you wanted right? Your big fuckin prick inside my tit? Fuckin ripping it open? Fuck it then! C'mon fuck it! Rip my fuckin tit wide open you fuckin cunt!"

Amanda's words sent Melissa into a violent frenzy of thrusts until she couldn't hold back any longer. Melissa spewed her load into Amanda's tit, watching as it swelled from the massive amount of fluid being pumped inside.

Amanda pulled her tit off Melissa's still rock hard cock, holding her nipple tightly with one hand and grabbing Melissa by the hair with the other.

"Open your fucking mouth you piece of shit!" yelled Amanda.

Melissa did as she was told as Amanda stood over her and drained the cum from her tit into Melissa's mouth.

"Swallow every last drop bitch." said Amanda as she squeezed her tit, milking it for all the cum inside.

Amanda then shoved her hand down Melissa's throat, making her gag.

"C'mon bitch. Is that all you can take?" said Amanda.

She shoved her hand further until Melissa began to choke and puke.

"There you go. Puke on my fuckin hand. I've got something for you." exclaimed Amanda.

Amanda pulls her puke covered hand from Melissa's mouth and grabs the head of her gigantic dick. Without warning she shoves four fingers into Melissa's cock hole. Melissa let out a shriek as Amanda shoved her other fingers in as well, stretching Melissa's urethra. After a little work, Amanda was finally able to squeeze her fist inside and continued to shove her entire arm in up to her shoulder.

"Oh my god!" yells Melissa as Amanda is jamming her arm in and out of her dick hole.

"I know you can take more than that you nasty bitch." says Amanda as she stretches open Melissa's cock hole and jams her other hand in as well.

Amanda punches away at the inside of Melissa's throbbing cock and to her disbelief, watches it continue to grow right in front her.

"You are fucking driving me crazy!" yelled Melissa. "Keep stuffing my prick. Fill me up."

Amanda pulled her arms out of Melissa dick and without hesitation, rammed her entire leg inside.

"Oh fuck! My cock feels like it's going to rip!" screamed Melissa.

Amanda paid no attention as she continued to ram her leg into Melissa's cock.

"How does that feel? Do you like it? Do you like my fucking leg stuffed inside your fucking cock? Is it big enough?" Asked Amanda rhetorically.

Amanda could see Melissa was at the breaking point as she screamed out with every stroke of Amanda's leg. Amanda pulled her leg out of Melissa's cock, revealing the huge gape she had made. She grabbed the head and held the gape open wide as she stood over it. Melissa was recovering while watching in anticipation.

"Time for me to fill you up." said Amanda as she began to piss inside Melissa's gaping cock hole.

Melissa moaned at the sensation of Amanda's warm piss filling her dick. Amanda emptied her bladder then took a big slurp from Melissa's piss filled cock. She grabbed Melissa's mouth, spread it open, and spit her piss inside.

Melissa grabbed Amanda's hair and spat it back in her face. She threw Amanda against the desk, bent her over, and jammed her cock inside. Her cock was now even longer than before, practically dwarfing Amanda. Nevertheless, she continued to shove it deeper and deeper inside Amanda.

"Oh my God! I can't fucking take it! It's too big! It's too..." Amanda began to scream before her words faded to a guttural groan.

"What's the matter? My cock leaving you speechless?" Asked Melissa as she bottomed out against Amanda from behind.

Amanda's screams were muffled as Melissa began to thrust her cock harder and harder into Amanda's cunt. Melissa felt a new sensation at the end of each thrust, and as she looked up at Amanda she realized why. Her cock had forced its way all the way through Amanda's body and out of her mouth!

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