tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNight Audit Ch. 01

Night Audit Ch. 01


These are true stories. When I got out of the military I put myself thru college by working as a night auditor at several resort hotels on the California coast. To this day I think I got a better education at work than at school.

As a hotel night auditor my shift ran from 11:00 PM to 08:00 AM. The first couple hours were pretty busy but after that the work slowed down and the nights became quite interesting.

I had been working at the hotel for a few months, getting used to the graveyard shift and lusting over the twenty-two year old night manager, Carolyn. She was a knockout with blond hair, blue eyes and an athletic figure that just wouldn’t quit; the typical California beach girl.

One night I came to work to find Carolyn back in the office I used for the audit. This was unusual as she usually stayed up front to talk with the guests.

“What are you doing back here with us low-life workers?” I asked, teasing her.

“Amy called in sick so It’s just you and me tonight.” Was her reply as she reached into the bottom drawer of the desk to pull out some report forms. This gave me a perfect view of her B cup tits as I looked down the front of her blouse.

I had often fantasized about Carolyn but never figured it would go anywhere. A couple hours later she took off to lock up the restaurant and bars and collect the cashier deposits. An hour later she hadn’t returned and I began to wonder what was up. This was usually a thirty-minute job. Everything was going pretty well so I decided to walk back and find out what was going on.

I knew the public entrances would be closed and locked so I took the employee hallways to get to the bar by the main pool. As I walked into the storage room behind the bar I could hear moans coming from the bar area. Slowing down I carefully peaked around the corner.

Carolyn was bent over face down on the bar with Wally the lead bartender standing behind her shoving his cock into her willing cunt as hard and as fast as he could.

“God I love your cock.” Carolyn moaned as she pushed back to meet each thrust of Wally’s cock. “Fuck me harder. Shove that thing into me, I’m about ready to cum.”

Wally didn’t say a word but picked up the pace of his fucking while reaching forward and grabbing Carolyn’s tits. He used them as “handles” to savagely pull her back into his thrusting cock.

“OOOOHHHH YYEEEESSSS” cried Carolyn. “I’m cumming Wally. Cum with me. I want to feel your cock cum in my hot cunt.”

The fucking continued for about another minute. Then, they both froze as their mutual orgasms washed over them and Wally emptied his balls deep into Carolyn’s hot pussy. I watched them for a minute or so longer and then slipped noiselessly back thru the employee entrance and back up to the front office.

Fifteen minutes later Carolyn came bouncing back into the office. She was all smiles and with the exception of a slightly disheveled look, was all business.

“Took you long enough,” I said as Carolyn sat down at the desk next to mine, “What did you and Wally do back there, hum? I know what I’d like to do to you.” I smiled, as I looked straight into her pretty blue eyes.

It looked like she had been hit with a bat. Her face went white; she sucked in her breath as she looked at me. It was like catching a little kid with their hand in the cookie jar.

“What, what do you mean?” she whispered, “We weren’t doing anything.” Her face was now turning a bright pink as she quickly looked at her blouse and shorts to see if anything was ‘showing’.

I cracked up, I laughed so hard tears were streaming down my cheeks.

“Caught you!” I said as another fit of laughter came over me. The more I laughed the redder Carolyn got and the more she fidgeted in her chair. Finally she couldn’t stand it any longer, quickly getting up she turned on her heel and stomped out of the office without saying another word.

Thinking that was the end of it I continued with my work. It was hard to concentrate as images of Carolyn being fucked by one of our bartenders floated into my mind. Some time later she came back into the office, sat down and began punching away at the computer without saying a word.

“You saw us didn’t you?” Carolyn asked without taking her eyes off the computer screen.

When I didn’t reply she turned her head toward me, but couldn’t return my gaze. “Damn it, you saw Wally and me didn’t you?” she demanded.

“Yeah, I watched you and Wally fucking.” I finally answered.

Carolyn was quite for several minutes. She looked straight ahead, not focusing on anything in particular. Then she squared her shoulders, took a deep breath and turned toward me.

“I like sex and Wally is the only guy around here who isn’t afraid of me. He talks to me and, and. . . . . “ her voice trickled off to nothing.

“Carolyn, what you do is your business. You’re a gorgeous woman. God knows you’ve been in my dreams every other night; but you’re my boss too and I don’t want to loose this job.” As I spoke I covered her hands with mine and gave them a little squeeze.

This seemed to make her feel a little better. At least her smile started to come back as well as a little twinkle in her eye. It took a few minutes but she finally seemed to settle down.

“So - - - - did you like what you saw?” she asked with a devilish little grin.

“Hell yes!! You’re gorgeous, I can hardly wait to get home and take care of myself” was my reply. It was only after I had said it that it dawned on me WHAT I had said.

Now it was Carolyn’s turn to laugh and my turn to turn a bright shade of red. She continued to snicker as I stood up to leave, but quickly stopped as I turned to walk past her and she got a glimpse of my crotch.

“Oh my! You do have a big problem there don’t you Tim.” She said as she stared at my rigid cock thru the Bermuda shorts we all wore.

This stopped me dead in my tracks. As I stood there with her face no more than a couple feet away from my crotch. My cock got harder, if that was possible, and really began to ache.

I watched in disbelief as Carolyn’s hand slowly reached toward my throbbing manhood. It was like a dream until I felt her fingers lightly touch the tent my cock was making in my shorts.

“You’re much bigger than Wally.” Carolyn said in a hushed tone.

Both of her hands were now working on the button of my trousers then moved quickly to bring down my zipper. Pulling her hands back the Bermuda shorts fell to the floor, leaving me standing there with the head of my cock peaking out over the top of my jockey shorts.

I slowly reached down and pulled my shorts down below my balls and let them fall in a heap around my ankles. Stepping out of the tangle of clothes brought my cock within inches of Carolyn’s face.

“OOOHHH DDDAAAMMNN” was all I could say as Carolyn grabbed my cock and brought her mouth over the crown. At the same time she began massaging my balls with her free hand.

“I love what your mouth is doing to me”, I said as my hands settled into her hair and I began to fuck her mouth with my cock.

I fucked her mouth for about five minutes, until I began to feel my balls tighten. Not wanting the pleasure to end I slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth.

“Nooo, I want to feel you cum in my mouth.” Carolyn moaned as she tried to shove my cock, dripping with her saliva, back into her mouth.

“Not yet, it’s my turn now. I want to suck on your beautiful tits then shove my tongue as deep into your cunt as I can.” I said as I guided Carolyn to a sitting position on the edge of the desk and began pulling her blouse over her head.

Her tits were wonderful, conical and not too large with pink-capped puffy nipples. She began to moan as my mouth covered one of her tits and I began to chew on her hardening nipple. My hand came up to her other nipple and began to twist it as I pulled on her tit.

“Oh yea, that feels sooo good. Bite my nipples, please. Squeeze my tits” Carolyn moaned as her body began to writhe on the desk.

My hand now worked its way down her flat belly and past the top of her Bermuda shorts. I stopped for a second as I realized she wasn’t wearing underwear, and then pushed my hand down until I felt her clit.

“AAAAAAHHHHHH” Carolyn moaned, spreading her legs wider to allow me better access to her hot slit.

I pushed two fingers into her wet hole as my other hand wrestled with the snap of her Bermudas. Not wanting to wait Carolyn reached down and in a single movement unbuttoned her pants and shoved them over her hips, letting them drop to the floor.

“Eat me Tim. Please stick your tongue up my hot cunt. Wally won’t eat me and I do love it when a man eats my hot pussy”

Dropping to my knees I saw her clean shaved pussy for the first time. Leaning in I took her clit between my lips and began to lightly chew on it as I pressed my mouth against her drooling cunt.

“Oh God – that’s it. Suck on my clit. Eat me you son of a bitch. SHOVE YOUR TONGUE INTO ME” Carolyn commanded as I felt her hands grab the back of my head and pull me into her pussy.

I gnawed on her clit for a few minutes and then could stand it no longer. Pulling my face away from her drooling slit I stood up and pushed her back onto the desk Grabbing her legs I pulled her ass to the edge of the desk and in one movement buried my 7” cock in her tight cunt.

“Now I’m going to fuck you until I’m ready to cum. Then I’m going to pull my cock out of your hot pussy and shove it down your throat” “Your fat cock feels so good in me. Fuck me with your big fat cock. Please make me cum as you fuck deep into me.” Carolyn pleaded as she met each of my thrusts with one of her own.

Pleasure had overtaken us both. We fucked harder and faster, not caring as we pushing everything that was on the desk onto the floor. Carolyn ground herself against me as I tried to shove my cock ever deeper into her clasping cunt.

Just as that familiar feeling began to creep up my spine, Carolyn grabbed the edges of the desk and shoved her cunt down onto my cock.

“CCCCCUUUMMMMMMIIINNNNGGG” she screamed. Her legs locked around my back in a vice like hold, not allowing me to move.

We stayed in this position for several minutes. When she finished riding out her orgasm and her legs fell away from my back I pulled my cock almost all the way out of her and then shoved it back into her cunt with as much force as I could muster.

“Now bitch, get ready for my cum. I’m almost ready and I want you to swallow all of my cum.”

I pistoned into her as fast as I could until I couldn’t hold back any longer. Pulling my cock out of her cunt I pulled her forward, dropping her off the desk and onto her knees. My hands grabbed her head as I shoved my cock into Carolyn’s waiting mouth and down her throat.

I froze as I emptied my balls down her throat. After empting myself into her waiting mouth my knees felt weak and I sat down in one of the close by chairs. We were both completely spent. It took fifteen minutes before either of us began to move around, looking for cloths that had been tossed aside.

In the seven months that I worked at that hotel Carolyn and I fucked at least once a week. When I left for a better paying job I called her several times, wanting to continue the relationship. She never returned a call and was “too busy” to come to the desk the one time I stopped by the hotel.

As things turned out, I found there was plenty of things to do at the now place I was working at. But, that’s the next story…

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