tagErotic CouplingsNight Audit Ch. 03

Night Audit Ch. 03


These are true stories. When I got out of the military I put myself thru college by working as a night auditor at resort hotels on the California coast. To this day I think I got a better education at work than at school.

As a hotel night auditor my shift ran from 11:00 PM to 08:00 AM. The first couple hours were pretty busy but after that the work slowed down and the nights became quite interesting.

A few months after the rock band incident I was busy with the audit at about two thirty in the morning when Debbie, a real hot brunette who worked as a cocktail waitress in the main bar, walked into the office. This was the first time she had bothered to stop at the desk after the bar closed.

I said hello and after a few minutes of conversation found out why she was there – the battery in her car was dead and she didn’t have a way home. Worse, she didn’t have anybody she could call to come and get her and cab fair from the hotel to her place would be at least $40.

“How about giving me a key to one of the empty rooms and let me spend the night here?” she asked. “I promise I’ll be gone before the day shift people get here.”

This was a definite ‘no-no’, something that would get the both of us fired on the spot.

“No can do Debbie. Sorry, but you know the rules. You can crash on one of the couches in the admin office if you want.” I said and could tell from her expression that this was NOT an option as far as she was concerned.

At first she got mad. Her face became flush as her hands balled into fists, but then I guess she thought better of the idea. She took a deep breath, walked over to the desk I was at and sat down on its corner. This got my attention as the skimpy costume she was wearing gave me a great view of her legs.

“Aah come on Tim, be a friend, you can change the housekeeping report. Nobody will ever know.” she smiled down at me. Looking up into her big brown eyes I almost caved in. Then I saw the smirk in her face and it pissed me off.

“Actually we’re not friends Debbie. You have never once stopped by to talk to me. The only reason you’re being nice now is you figure you can show me a little leg and I’ll do whatever you want.” The more I said the madder I got. “ That may work with the bartenders and the drunk customers, but not with me. You can sleep on the couch or in your car but it will take a lot more than a flash of thigh before I risk my job for you.”

She stared at me for a minute but didn’t move. I guess it had been quite a while since any male had talked to her that way. She seemed to be thinking about what to do – slap my face, cry or get up and leave. Debbie finally appeared to make up her mind and I figured she was going to belt me.

“OK Tim, what will it take for me to get a key to a room?” she asked in a low voice as she moved off of the desk and onto her knees so we were face to face.

Now it was my turn to think hard. I knew I could get fired for this but looking down at the slope of Debbie’s tits as they disappeared into her cocktail uniform and the way she licked her pouting lips as she looked into my eyes my cock began to harden and I figured this was my one shot at this stuck up bitch.

I began to smile as I said, “Take off that outfit. I want to see what I’m getting before I risk my job.”

The smile disappeared from her face and her eyes became stone cold, but she stood up, unzipped the little cocktail outfit and dropped it to the floor. She still had on a black half bra, black panties and black panty hose. She crossed her arms and didn’t say a word.

“The rest of it.” I said in a cold voice. “I’m not sure you’re worth risking my job.”

Her hand came up as if she was going to slap my face and the look on her face was pure hate, but she stopped and very deliberately removed the rest of her cloths. As she did my cock became rock hard. She was a knockout. The black pubic hair around her pussy was neatly trimmed. Her tits were small, about a B cup and her nipples tilted upward. It took every ounce of self-restraint to keep from drooling all over the desk. But I knew if I did she would laugh in my face just to spite me and sleep on the couch in the back office.

I pushed the chair back from the desk. Standing up I unbuttoned my pants and pulled both them and my shorts down to my ankles. I sat back down in the chair, faced Debbie and said two words “Suck it.”

She hesitated for a minute then dropped to her knees and lowered her mouth over the head of my cock. I almost came right on the spot, but held off. She licked and nibbled the head of my cock while her hands played wit my balls. It was heaven, but I wanted more.

My hands went into her hair and held her head steady as I shoved my cock up into her mouth. She wasn’t ready for this and gagged as I buried my 7-inch cock into her throat. As quickly as I had shoved my cock into her mouth I pulled it out.

“I didn’t say lick it. I said SUCK IT.” And shoved my cock back down her throat. Still holding her head between my hands I began to fuck Debbie’s face. Her hands went to my knees to steady herself as I slammed her nose into my pubic hair. This continued until I felt the beginning of my orgasm. Not yet I thought to myself and pulled my cock out of her mouth once more.

Standing up I looked down at Debbie, still on her knees. Her lips now very red and puffy from my fucking her mouth. “Get up and bend over the desk. I want to fuck you.” Was my next command. Not waiting for her to think, I reached down and putting my hands under her arms lifted her into a standing position. I then spun her around and pushed her face first into the desk.

In one motion I grabbed my cock and aimed it at her cunt then shoved it into her with all my strength. I thought I’d have a hard time shoving my cock into her dry hole. Was I ever wrong! She was soaking wet and my cock slid into her until my balls slapped against her clit.

It felt like I had shoved my cock into a lava pit. Her pussy grabbed my cock as I pulled almost out of her and then shoved myself back into her waiting slit. Reaching around I grabbed her tits and found that her nipples were like marbles.

The bitch liked it! I was amazed, surprised and now even more excited. I began to fuck her hard and fast. Pinching her nipples and pulling on her tits caused Debbie to begin to moan.

”You like it rough don’t you Debbie. You like me fucking your mouth and then your hot cunt, don’t you bitch.” I whispered into her ear as I shoved my cock as hard and as fast as I could into her hole.

Turning her head toward me she hissed, “Is that all you’ve got? Your prick is so small I can hardly feel it.”

This really pissed me off. The bitch! I wanted to do something, but what. Finally a thought hit me. I knew how to get even with her. I stood up and moved my hands from her tits to her hips. The next time I pulled my cock back instead of ramming it back into her I pulled it all the way out. Aiming an inch higher I shoved back into Debbie’s asshole.

Debbie let out a scream as my cock rammed into her virgin ass. She tried to move but couldn’t. She reminded me of a bug on the end of a pin.

I held still with my cock buried in her ass long enough to say, “Can you feel my little cock now bitch?” then began to fuck her ass as hard as I was fucking her cunt just seconds before.

Debbie began to cry then began to moan and finally began to shove her ass up to meet my thrusting cock. Within a minute she screamed that she was cumming. This drove me over the edge and I emptied my balls into hoe tight ass.

I collapsed onto her back and lay there while I regained my breath. Finally able to stand I pulled my cock out of her ass. I walked over to the key rack and grabbed a key from the first vacant room I could find. As I walked back over to Debbie she slowly stood up.

Reaching down I picked up her cocktail uniform and used it to wipe off my limp cock. I then tossed her uniform and the key to her.

“You’ve got four hours then you’ve got to get out of the room before the housekeeper comes in to work.” I smiled as Debbie pulled her uniform on, picked up her under cloths and disappeared out the door of the office.

Four hours later I rang the phone in the room where Debbie went to sleep and told her it was time for her to leave. Fifteen minutes later she was back at the desk wearing one of the big robes we put in all of our rooms.

“I’ll be by the pool.” Was all she said as she headed for the stairs that lead to the hotel’s indoor pool area.

For the two months that Debbie worked at the hotel before getting a better job she never again came to the desk when I was working. The few times I ran into her she never said a word. But every time I saw her I gave her a big grin.

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