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Night Calls


The night is warm and dank as I lay sweating in my bed. My naked body is plastered to the sheet beneath me while over me lies the lightest of coverlets but this is still too much for this steamy spell of weather that is tormenting me. I gaze at the glowing readout of my bedside clock. Two a.m. and sleep continues to elude me. Turning my pillow in an attempt to find a cool, dry, side, I realise that chemical aid is required. Naked I pad across my bedroom carpet to the dresser and the massed pharmacopoeia assembled there, selecting two of the virulent green capsules I wash them down with a tumbler of, now tepid, water. Trudging back to my bed I try to settle and await the grey oblivion that these narcotics should bring me soon. My head feels hazy and I begin to float into darkness. In the mists of dreams I feel it, yet it seems so real.

A fine boned hand moves over the damp spread, up towards my thigh then across to my groin, the lightest of touches and my cock leaps erect and hardens as the blood engorges it. I savour the excitement and the heat as fingertips tease me through the thin cloth. Then it's gone and I groan with disappointment, but only briefly, under the spread the fingers have burrowed and now clasp my swollen manhood. Delicately they move up to rest just below the tip of my foreskin and their sharp nails, digging home, draws a gasp of pleasure from me. The index finger tucks firmly beneath the underside of my penis while the thumb rests atop it, the slightest tug and my foreskin peels back to free the bulging head. The hand then begins, steadily and without haste, to rouse me to ecstasy. The fires are burning, rising from between my thighs, upward and through the throbbing length of my cock they explode. My head thrashes on the pillow as the white fountain erupts from my erection.

Waking with my head muddy from the sedatives I see that it is barely dawn, although from the dull sky outside, today will be a drab copy of yesterday. I won't sleep again so I may as well get up and brew some tea. I stir myself and my flaccid cock is stuck to my thigh, peeling back the spread I see the sticky stains on my groin as well as the bedding and my dream stirs in my mind. I'm in my forties, I had wet dreams when I was an excitable eleven or twelve year old but now? I thought I was too old for things like this. I ball up my soiled linens and wander into my bathroom to take a hot shower and scrub off the signs of my strange night. The day is relentless, another soggy and dim sky that promises a storm but only distant rumbles of thunder, faint and far off, disturb the heavy stillness. I eat little and try, with no success, to plough through a library book that I had hoped would occupy me. I head for my bed with no more enthusiasm than I have felt for anything in these last months.

Tonight sleep does not evade me for some reason, I slip away into oblivion with gratitude. The bed creaks beside me and a slim, white, shape, is there in the moonlight. Full breasted, wide hipped, narrow waist and slender legs. And her face! High cheekbones, tapered chin, tilted oriental eyes of a deep sea green while her coal black hair frames her head like a halo, a crown of darkness. Her gaze rests on my groin and my cock uncoils from the coppery tangle of my crotch like a cobra rising to the charmer's pipe. I seem more massively endowed than I could ever hope for! Her hands come to rest on my hips as her head hovers above the naked helmet of my cock and she drools hot saliva onto it. For just a moment I think that this is going to make me cum, here and now, but just as tiny, white, bead, oozes from it's slit she stabs a finger at the base of my pulsating knob and my surge holds still. Her mouth enfolds me as she sucks hard, bobbing her head in a wonderful rhythm that has my hips jerking, heaving my crotch up against her mouth and tongue. The pressure is becoming unbearable but as I am about to plead for release she moves that long finger and I spurt like a volcano into her mouth and onto her face. Delightfully drained I fall effortlessly into the night.

I've slept long and deeply for the first time in months but I awake again to find myself and the bed stained with my night time emissions. Fresh sheets again and another shower but I am now sufficiently worried to want an explanation of what's happening to me. My medication! It has to be that. I recall the consultant's face as he explained what the scans had revealed. A brain abnormality, an aneurysm, in a difficult if not impossible place to operate on. Only a handful of surgeons in the world would consider this operable and even then the survival odds would not be good. Pioneering work is ongoing but in the meantime I must try to relax and medicate myself, blood pressure must be stabilised and stress avoided at all costs. As soon as the new surgical techniques are available I'll be at the head of the queue. However my prescriptions are powerful and taken as a cocktail, so what else could be causing my erotic dreams and orgasms? From my bedside extension I ring my doctor's surgery, and, because of my acute condition, I am granted an immediate appointment. I return to my bathroom for the pressure on my bladder has become urgent, as I watch the strong, yellow, stream, splash against the porcelain I stare at my cock. It can't be my imagination, longer and thicker for sure.

I take a bus to visit my doctor's premises, seated opposite me is a schoolgirl who seems to be unable to take her eyes away from my groin, she blushes and licks her lips so I glance down to ensure my zipper is drawn. Nothing is wrong but when I look up she's moved up front and well away from me. The surgery's in what used to be a "nice" part of town but it's been sliding downhill for some time so I stay alert as I thread my way through the motley crew. Hoodies dealing crack or pot at a low level, hookers and rent boys, as unsavoury a bunch as you'll see anywhere. As I'm ushered through the system and into the consulting room I can't help noticing that, Connie, the chief receptionist, looks hot eyed and flushed. I've never known her so tactile, patting and tapping me as she steers me through the door for my interview. Shit! My appointment has turned out to be with Dr Lloyd, youngest partner and someone whom I've hardly ever seen before, also he'll have little knowledge of my case notes. My time with him is wasted, he tells me he's never encountered such symptoms from these drugs but admits that, in combination, unusual things can happen. He promises to Email St Paul's hospital and enquire from higher authority about this matter. Acutely embarrassed then, I raise the question of the enlargement of my penis. He squirms in his seat, licks his lips, then jokes nervously that, If true, I should be happy about it. What's the matter with everyone today they all look like they've got ants in their pants?

Outside I'm walking back to catch my bus when one of the rent boys pushes away from the wall he's been propped against. I know what's coming. The "do you want a good time" spiel is common enough round here but then he surprises me. Come into the park with him, no charge, he really wants me. I'm about to tell him "thanks but no thanks" when my mind stops working and my body, or to be truthful, my cock takes command. My erection swells as I slip my arm around his slender waist and steer him through the park gates and deep into the thickest bushes. He can't wait to drop his slacks as I kneel before him, and then, without a moments hesitation, give him the blow job he desperately seems to need. It must only take seconds before he shoots into my mouth as he leans back against the bole of a small tree, his eyes screwed shut and teeth gritted to smother his moans of delight. I rise and spin him around while freeing my own erection from my jeans. I drive deep between his taut buttocks and hammer in and out, until I loose myself in an enormous orgasm that squirts so hard that the beads of my cum pop out around the swollen barrel of my cock still locked tight inside him.

Later, back home, I try desperately to analyse what came over me, sure I've done that before but I was twelve, thirteen, fourteen tops? I've never touched a boy since those days. Strangely, perhaps, I feel neither regret nor embarrassment from my lust and my main puzzle is why a pretty, young, rent boy, would want to have free sex with me of all people. I can do no more now, other than wait to see if my doctors can explain these changes by scientific reasoning. For the first time in months I am looking forward to bedtime, I'm loose, relaxed and drowsy, as I settle my head on the pillows and sink instantly, it seems, into a deep slumber. Again she's here in my dreams, naked, her tight sex is dewed with a faint patina of arousal, she seizes my cock in both slender hands, so massively swollen she seems scarcely able to span it. Squatting over me she lowers herself until she is impaled upon me. I can't conceive how my new found length and girth can slide so easily into her hot wetness. My foreskin has peeled far back and I can feel the strength of her vagina as she grips me and thrusts up and down, lips drawn back from small, perfect, teeth, eyes closed and her head thrown back to show the fine column of her white neck. I try to hold back to give her as much pleasure as I am receiving and the telltale signs are there, her belly's rippling and she claws at those lush, hard nippled breasts as we approach climax together. I explode scalding sperm into her like a hose whilst her own cum sends sea scented juices oozing down my cock. I should be spent but she pulls free of me and, turning, points her round, white, rump, at me. I'm still hugely tumescent and rock hard, as impossible as it seems, so I lunge for her and thrust myself hard up her arse. She's tighter here than her pussy but I force myself deep inside her as she howls with delight, like a she wolf, while I pump violently towards another orgasm. As I drench her innards she thrusts her long fingers between her thighs and writhes.

Finally it seems I must rest, sprawling across the stained and rumpled sheets. She leans forward, her lips so close to my ear I can feel her warm breath and speaks for the first time in my fantasy dreams.

"Incubus, Succubus, we are one and the same."

My vision is blurring as though dusty cobwebs are trailing across my eyes but my hearing is still clear. She presses on.

"This is not a dream you are dying."

I realise the truth in her words, somewhere within my brain an artery has punctured, neurones are misfiring and my strange dreams and behaviour are explained. Insanity, death, or both may be near. I hang on her words.

"You need not die, the choice is yours, I can heal you and strengthen your spirit but the final decision is up to you. Will you die or will you change and live?"

I should be clutching at her words like a drowning man at a straw, begging to survive, instead I find myself pondering my life. No close family, a few good friends who will miss me, then I stare into her eyes, through the fogs, and something stirs within me. Do I wish to surrender or is the world and it's possible futures worth living to explore? My lips don't move but a voice inside my head calls "Life"! She bends forward and kisses me full on the lips, strange we've coupled like animals but not kissed before. It's filled with passion, but more besides, fire seems to burn from her mouth and into mine, and, deep in the crevices of my brain, a dark spot of corruption is cauterised and healed.

"You are changed now, you are my kind. You will be all things to me, brother, sister, son, daughter, wife and lover."

Reading the incomprehension in my eyes she continues.

"As long as man has walked this planet our kind has walked along side them. Incubus, Succubus, new words, but we have born such names since the dawn of time. Our kind has been slandered by our enemies, they say we drain the life from our lovers and leave them dead or an empty shell. Lies! True we feed on sexual passion but would a farmer slaughter his cows when he can milk them? Would he kill his sheep when he can shear them year after year? We harm no man or woman, but neither do we bear children, and only rarely do one of our kind see the light that burns in a mortal that tells us that he or she can transform to join us. Such as you are rare and I was near."

"I am not to die then? How long will I live?"

"Our kind do not age or wither, disease cannot touch us and we are very hard to hurt though our foes will try."

My gaze on her is doubtful.

"Are we some kind of angel then?"

At last I see her smile, a smile that lights up her chiselled features.

"Neither angel or demon but we do serve a purpose, much talent is lost to this world when a man or woman's desires go unfulfilled, we can bring them release and let their talents grow. Tonight we will visit a woman on the verge of great things but the needs of her body hold her back. Until your powers grow watch through my mind."

She lays her palm on my forehead and it's as though a window has opened before my eyes. A tall woman, dark haired, long legged, her shoulders are wide like a swimmer while her breasts are small and almost flat. she paces in a studio/bedroom before a half completed canvas which blazes with life and colour. I can hear her unspoken thoughts.

"She said she would return tonight, I slept late this morning but look what I have created since she comes to my bed. She told me my talent's real, I can see that now, my work lives and tonight she says her sister may join us."

I ask a question of this being that has changed me forever and through my changed eyes I can see the shadow of wings spread wide behind her, dark and metallic pinioned.

"Who would want to destroy us, who would want that woman's art to be lost?"

"There are powers that wish this world to be dark, uniform, lifeless and loveless. They hate pleasure and label it perversion, they despise beauty in any form. Tonight we will meet that artist and what we give her will fan her talent. She desires our bodies and tonight her fantasies will be fulfilled."

Her hands cradle my skull and I feel my body transform. So this is what a woman's body feels like from within. I register the feel of heavy breasts and the absence of a cock. My hands drift low and touch the tight labia that has replaced it then move to further explore this new shape.

"Come sister,"

She takes my hand and I spread my wings, red gold tinged, as together we soar up and through the house's wall like smoke and out into the night sky. Hours have passed and three lay together on a tangled bed. A tall, wide shouldered woman, rests her head on my hard nippled breast. Sleepily she nuzzles it like a child wanting to suckle, her body is sated from that which I and my sister, lover, or perhaps so strangely, my mother, have granted her. I look deep into her mind and see her canvas as it will soon be, complete and perfect. I am convinced now, my new family do no harm. If what we did tonight can bring such beauty to the world then we have earned our sustenance and harmed nobody while the world benefits. A slim fingered hand takes mine and we shimmer and soar out into the first hint of dawn. A scene in my head, a young man sits before a computer keyboard, words are tangled in his head and a fine novel has ground to a stand still. He longs for, ah yes, the twins have rejected him, brother and sister both, and he desires them madly. Soon he will be granted his wishes and his book will flourish. Hand in hand we beat towards the dawn to seek out our author. I have a future again, a new life, a new form, a new purpose. I am content.

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