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Night Club Pick-Up


I've had this fantasy for sometime, my wife with 1 or 2 guys, but my wife is a real straight ace. She's 49 years old and looks like she is 35. She is very well built and has very nice 38 CC's. We have been married for 25 years and for 24 and ½ I've had this Fantasy.

Well one night , after bugging her about this off and on, she agreed to go to a nice bar alone and have a couple of drinks. She was dressed real nice in a black skirt and white low cut top with a jacket. She had heels and hose on but no bra. She very seldom wears one even if I'm not there. She looked wonderful. We agreed that she carry her phone and a small purse around her shoulder.

She wasn't crazy about the drinking alone part but warmed up when I said she needed to here from other men that she was beautiful. She agreed. But she still didn't like the idea, even thought I was going to be very near.

Well we drove over in separate cars and parked next to each other. As she got out two guys were parking next to me were watching her walk in. She looked very nice and the two guys thought so too. I followed them inside and they watched her walk up to the bar and get a drink. She then walked over and set down at a booth by herself. They too got a couple beers and got a table in front of her booth. The club was starting to fill up and people were starting to get cramped. The men were small talking with her and asked if they could join her since it was getting noisy and they were having a hard time talking from one table to another. She said ok and they set down.

They ordered some more drinks, but the two she had to come out and she excused herself and went to the lady's room. The new drinks came and one of the men put something in her drink. It was pink and dissolved very quickly. I walked over and started talking to them and told them I noticed what they did. One got a little pissed and said so what. I told them I was going to tell her, the biggest one showed me the pill box and it was the new female version of Viagra. I said why do you need that? They said why not. I said ok and said I wasn't going to say anything.

As Linda came back to the table she called me and asked if I was comfortable with what was going on. I said sure and was very excited seeing her having a good time. She said ok and went to the table. She drank her drink and then danced a few dances with the guys. As they were returning from the floor a black man asked if she would like to dance with him. She said sure and went out on the floor. He was a good looking man with broad shoulders and about 6'4" tall.

As they got to the floor the music changed to a slow dance and they went ahead and danced. During the dance I noticed how she was dancing very close to him. As the dance ended the black man said something to her and she shook her head in approval. I didn't know what was going on but she didn't go back with the other two men. She thanked them and went over and sit down with her new friend.

In about 10 minutes the two guys from the first came by and were pissed about the out come of their plans. Then another black man, not as dark as the first came in and set down with my wife and the first man. That's when I noticed the first man was rubbing her leg and back. They introduced them selves and were having a good time when the new guy asked her to dance. Well they also danced to a slow song and noticed she was dancing real close with him also. As they were dancing she pushed herself back from him and looked down. She laughed and said something and went back to the table. I noticed the second man had a massive hard on and was following her back to the table. They talked a little and had another drink.

She got her phone and called me. She said she was having a wonderful time and wanted to go back to their place and have a couple more drinks before she came home. She asked if I minded and I said no, but wanted to know what was going on. She said nothing, and laughed.

As they went outside I followed at a casual distance. She got into her car and they got into theirs. We were going down the street when she called me again and said that the two of the had enormous cocks as hard as rocks when they were dancing. She laughed and said they thought they were going to use them on her but she told them she wasn't interested but would have a couple drinks at the second mans house. They agreed and she said they were satisfied with that.

She said she was very horny and didn't know why. I told her about the first two guys and what they did. She laughed and said the joke was on them.

When they arrived they helped her inside the house. The first man, whose name was Calvin, was grabbing her ass and laughing and cutting up. The second man, whose name was Robert, was unlocking the door and talking with her. As they went inside I got out and walked around the house to the back yard. Their wasn't a fence and it made it easy to look inside the house. Their was a large window in the front room and a large patio door and window in the lower bed room.

They made themselves comfortable and were talking about something when the two guys said they wanted her to set there and close her eyes. She said why and they said they had a surprise for her and went into the bedroom.

They stripped down releasing two very large cocks both very hard. As they started to come out they told her to close her eyes and walked in front of her.

When she was told to open her eyes she lightly screamed when she seen them. She then started to laugh, lightly, and said she had already felt them and knew they were big. They started rubbing her shoulders and tits and kissing her all over.

Robert stood in front of her and offered her his cock. She took it in her mouth and started giving him a blow job. She gives wonderful blow jobs that literally leave you wanting more.

Calvin was taking off her top and rubbing her tits with his cock, when he finally pulled her skirt off. She had on a garter and hose, this must have made Calvin really turned on. He started licking her and playing with her clit. It didn't take much playing with her clit to make her cum. As she was cumming Robert got off in her mouth. He must have cum a cup full because cum was running everywhere down her face. He pulled out of her mouth and shot more on her tits.

She was really wanting to get fucked and begged Calvin to stop eating her and fuck her now. He made her say how much she wanted his black cock in her white pussy. She was actually begging him. Calvin was huge, at least 11 inches and 5 inches around. Robert was about 10 and maybe 4 inches or so at the head but was every bit 6 inches at the hilt. They both had very large balls and were both hard as could be.

Calvin raised her legs and rubbed his cock up down her pussy. She was really wanting it bad and was begging Robert to fuck her when Calvin shoved his in about 6 inches. She screamed out and threw her hands back. Robert grabbed her hands and watched as Calvin drove his cock deeper and deeper into her. She screamed in delight with every thrust. He fucked her for at least 10 minutes and then blew a load into her that she must have felt. She came again and again, with the best one when he blew into her hole. She whimpered when he pulled it out, and asked Robert to hurry up and get on. He blasted her pussy with his cock for at least 15 minutes. Each stroke all the way in. Calvin was squeezing her tits and laying his cock on her face.

With all this going on I didn't notice two more men coming in to the house through the side door. When Calvin seen them he said for them to come over and have some good pussy. Linda started to complain when she had another climax with Robert blowing a load inside her.

The other two guys had already stripped and were beating their meat, waiting for an opening. When Robert got done the first man picked her up and turned her over. He fucked her from behind for 5 minutes and he too blew his load in her pussy. The second man was beating his cock and was ready to blow when he jumped behind her and fucked her with his very large cock. His had to be 12 inches or more, and the veins stuck out like the size of pencils. He fucked her, screaming, for a couple minutes and blew load after load into her.

As he finished he rolled her over, still inside her and started fucking her real slow, asking her what she wanted? Do you want this large cock real fast or real slow honey. She cried out that he was to big and wanted it slow for a little while. He laughed and said to bad bitch and started banging her without remorse. She was being held down, with her legs pulled back by her head. She was literally covered in cum and was being fucked like she had never been fucked before.

I was getting ready to knock on the patio door when I felt something cold against my back. The man behind me was Calvin. He had dressed in shorts and had come outside and snuck up on me. He told me that she had told them about me at the club. So they knew I was there all the time.

He took me inside and told me that they were going to use her at a party they were having for some friends. It was going to be a couple of days and they wanted to use her some more themselves. I protested and one of them hit me on the head.

I woke with a hell of a head ache, naked, tied up hands and feet. My hands were run through a hook and I was pulled up right.

Linda was laying on a bed, they had shaved her pussy and pulled her hair back into a pony tail. She was moaning and I could tell she was doped up. I asked her if she was ok and she only looked at me.

Shortly later two men came in and told her to clean up and dress in a sheer white robe. She complied. They left and she came over to me. She said she was sore and felt real drowsy. She also said she couldn't get enough, she was so honey she couldn't stand it. She sucked my cock and squeezed my balls making me cum harder than I had in years. With that, she got up and smiled, saying she would see me later.

About 1 hour later the door opened and three men came in with Linda following them. They already had her robe off and stripped down to nothing. They all had large cocks and were ready for some fucking. She sucked one as another fucked her from behind. The third played with her tits and jacked off. As he came on her side the other two came also. The first filling her mouth and the second filling her pussy.

This went on for several hours, she came more than I dreamed possible. Her pussy was flowing cum down her legs. My cock was going to explode. I was worried about our position but was so excited about it I couldn't think straight.

Robert came in the room and let me loose, telling me he really enjoyed using my wife. And how much he loved fucking her. I was pissed about the drugs and the tying me up stuff. He said he wanted me to see and wanted her to get all she wanted. Calvin came in and gave her 1000 dollars saying each man gave her money with the intention of a repeat some other time.

Linda set up and said she was very sore but wanted to fuck them one more time before we left. They complied and so did I. We left later and went home. She slept for two days off and on and douched many times.

She said she enjoyed herself and never felt so fulfilled. About 3 days later Calvin called and asked if she wanted to do a party for them in two weeks. She can't wait, and neither can I.

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