tagSci-Fi & FantasyNight Dance Ch. 01

Night Dance Ch. 01


This is my first attempt at writing a story, I hope everyone enjoys! Big thank you to Palindrone for editing this for me.

This chapter was mostly about the characters meeting, but things will get kinkier in following chapters.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Isoba awoke and snuck out of her bed, careful not to wake the sleeping beauty beside her. She bit back a giggle as her legs wobbled upon standing. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and sighed, her dull skin and sunken features reminding her that a weekend long sex marathon with Layla came with a price. Quietly she pulled on her favorite silk robe, a birthday gift from her mother that was the same deep green as her large eyes, and slipped out of her room.

In the kitchen, far enough to keep from waking her roommate, Isoba poured hot water over a bag of tea that her mother had sent from Belize. It was a mix of herbs, spices, and flowers from the garden behind the house where she grew up. It had arrived in the mail the day she met Layla. She closed her eyes and breathed in the heavenly smell of the steam rising from the tea, laughing to herself as she thought about the cryptic message that had been attached. 'Indeed mom, the tea does come in handy often.' she thought to herself. After finishing the sweet elixir she felt much steadier on her feet. Her stomach grumbled as she rose and headed to the refrigerator. She studied the contents and pulled out a bunch of ingredients, then set to work making her favorite breakfast - strawberry chocolate chip pancakes.

Cooking was one of Isoba's favorite hobbies. As she made the batter, her mind drifted back to the fateful day, four years ago, when she met Layla.


Isoba's morning started early, as a biology major she was used to having to turn her brain on before the sun rose. After a full day of classes she got stuck in 3 different club meetings, during which she could hardly focus. Her evening was spent staring at biochemistry homework in the library. Finally, after hours spent becoming increasingly frazzled by not getting anything done, she gave up and packed her things to head home. She chalked her unproductivity up to it being Friday, and decided that she would go home to curl up in the hammock she had hung in her dorm window with a good book, some homemade pasta, and a glass of cheap wine.

As soon as she was outside she began to feel calmer. She looked up at the stars as she walked back to her dorm, staring at the twinkling lights always helped her distress. The moonless night made them seem to shine brighter than usual. She closed her eyes for a moment and took in a deep breath of the sweet air, then had a sudden urge to run. 'What is with the mood swings today?' She wondered as she approached her dorm. On her door was a big "Happy Birthday Izzy!" sign from her RA. She cursed and ran into her room as she realized that the stress of midterms had led her to forget her own 20th birthday. She quickly dialed her mother's number and started pacing around her room.

"Sweetheart, happy birthday! The pack is celebrating by running together tonight, we all wish you could –"

"Seriously mom, you couldn't give me some sort of heads up that it was coming up?"

She heard her mother's tinkling laugh, "Darling, only you could forget your own birthday. Why would I have thought to remind you?"

"Well...because..." She growled in frustration, then sighed and sunk into her hammock, rubbing her temples as she heard her mother laugh again, "It would have been nice to know that my birthday happened to fall on a new moon this year. Now I have to find a spot to shift. I haven't had a chance to research any local parks or forests -"

Her mother interrupted what would have become a full blown rant, "Isoba, you'll be just fine. While I wish you were home for your first shift, you already know everything you need. You read the old books at least a million times before you even hit puberty, and you have a few hours to find a spot. It is nature, baby, just let it happen."

She mewled softly and wiped a tear that was falling down her cheek. "I miss you mom, and the pack. How is everyone?"

"Everyone is great. We are all so proud of how hard you are working, sweetie. Your father always knew you would go far." She heard her mother cough softly, and knew she was holding back tears. Her father, the Alpha of her pack, was shot by a poacher while out leading a run when Isoba was 14. When he passed her mother took on the role of Alpha.

"I love you, mom. Go lead the run, you know everyone is waiting."

"Be careful darling! Oh, did you get my present?"

"Yes, I love the robe, it is so soft! I don't get why you sent healing tea though, I'm fine."

Her mom laughed softly, "Trust me; it might come in handy soon. Have fun tonight, sweetie; I'll talk to you soon!" Before Isoba could question her mother's cryptic comment, she heard a click and realized her mother had hung up. She huffed and got up, heading to her closet to grab clothes, muttering something about how annoying it was to have a psychic mother.

She pulled on some black leggings and a top then braided her thick curly hair. She tugged her favorite black riding boots out from her closet and pulled them on before leaving her dorm. Once outside she closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. Now that she was paying attention the scents of the night were hitting her more strongly than usual. The change was upon her, and feeling her enhanced senses for the first time left her in awe. The cool upstate New York autumn night was full of rich earthy scents. She set off at a jog, following her nose towards the forest behind campus.

Once in the trees, she heard hundreds of living things around her. She ran deeper into the forest and lost herself in the sensations. Her skin began to tingle and laughter bubbled up in her throat as warmth spread through her body. Her nails and teeth lengthened to claws and fangs. Her muscles tensed and she leapt into the air. An unimaginable pleasure coursed through her body, her laughter turning into a moan as the change fully hit her. What she thought would be a horrific breaking and remolding of bones and flesh, turned out to be an exquisite release of part of her soul.

She landed on four paws and instantly set off running through the trees. The crisp night air caressed her fur like a lover, making her purr as she ran. She lost herself; completely embracing this other half of herself she had dreaded meeting her entire life. She came to a small pond of water and stopped at its edge, staring down at her new reflection for the first time. Right as she was about to turn and run back, she heard a twig snap behind her. She froze and crouched, ready to pounce whatever was there. She heard laughter and the footfalls of two people, so she crept to the treeline and hid. She watched as two nude figures crashed through the trees and dove into the water. As the first surfaced, Isoba's eyes widened. The female was stunning, too perfect to put into words. Her body seemed to be chiseled out of pure white marble; her flawless smooth skin sparkled like moonlight on water. Long, coal black hair hung down her back. The girl looked over her shoulder, and her icy blue eyes seemed to meet Isoba's as she smirked. Isoba crouched lower and shook her head a little; she knew she was invisible in the dark night.


Layla turned, laughing softly as she heard the girl in the woods thoughts. Before she knew it Tim surfaced inches from her and splashed her with the freezing water, tearing her attention away from the onlooker. She turned and admired his athletic body. He was a football or basketball player or something, she hadn't paid too much attention as he bragged about his stats. All she had cared about was that he was full of exactly what she needed, his being attractive was icing on the cake. As she turned and slipped into his arms, he leaned in and took her mouth in a hungry kiss.

The poor boy had been smitten with her since the first day of their Human Sexuality lecture, when she floated into class and sat next to him. Right after class he had approached and bravely asked her to lunch. She declined, but gently brushed her fingers along his arm and asked if he would mind being her study partner. He agreed quickly and hid his erection with his notebook before awkwardly exiting. For weeks while they worked together Layla seemed to grow more beautiful as the tension between them grew. Today after their midterm she took him out to celebrate, and they ended up drunkenly wandering behind campus. For some reason she was drawn to the woods that night. Tim mentioned that there was a great swimming hole hidden in there that his friends went to when it was warmer out. Before he knew what was happening, she had slipped out of her clothes and was running stark naked towards the pond. He followed quickly, grinning to himself as he trailed behind her heart shaped ass.

Now they were deep in an embrace. Layla inhaled slowly, feeling so alive with the cold water contrasting his hot skin. She felt the girl still watching them, which only turned her on more. Tim slid his hands down her back to her ass and roughly pulled her closer. She grinned and nipped his bottom lip, pleasantly surprised at his size as his erection pressed up against her. He lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his waist, her body suspended in the water. He looked deep into her eyes before pulling her down roughly onto his cock. She threw her head back and moaned, arching her back as he impaled her. He leaned down as she arched and caught a nipple between his lips, sucking and flicking the hardened tip with his tongue as she rocked to him. She cried out and he lost control, releasing her nipple as he started fucking her wildly. He grunted as he thrust deep into her. Her eyes flew open as she felt him getting close, her body tensing then exploding as she orgasmed. He followed closely after, spilling his seed deep into her. As he did, the color seeped out of his skin and he began to shake. Layla started to glow and her body seemed to vibrate all over, she moaned as she fed off of his Chi, his life source. Right before he fainted, she slid out of his arms and caught him, dragging him effortlessly to shore. She laid him down on the ground and scanned the tree line.


Isoba went from turned on, to horrified in a heartbeat as she saw the female start to glow. She gasped as the boy fainted, then watched as the female pulled him onto shore like nothing had happened, then looked right at her. She blinked then set off running through the woods. She heard someone following her. She growled as she realized the female was catching up to her. How was this possible? What was she?


Layla cursed and ran off after the blur, chasing her through the woods. She caught up quickly, thanks to her recent feeding. As she spotted the onlooker, she realized it wasn't a girl at all, but a beautiful black panther. The girl must be a shifter. She jumped and tackled the big cat, pinning her just before the tree line. The panther growled and tried to fight her way free.

Layla whispered softly, "Relax and let me explain." The cat kept fighting her, so she had no choice. She ran her fingers through the panther's plush fur. Her fingers glowed as some calming Chi was transferred. The big cat relaxed and began to purr. Layla couldn't resist giggling as the beautiful creature rolled onto her back and waited for more petting. She whispered a soft "I'm sorry" before resting a hand over the cat's heart and pulling out Chi. She shivered at the power from the life source she was taking, it wasn't like anything she had felt from feeding on a human. The sensation was so intense that she closed her eyes and enjoyed as she drew out more. She moaned, completely lost in pleasure. Right as she was on the brink of draining the girl, she heard a soft whimper and opened her eyes to see a beautiful girl where the panther had been moments before. She cursed and pulled her hand away, staring at the way it was glowing brightly. The girl's big green eyes looked up at her, terrified for a moment before she passed out. Layla ran out to find her clothes feeling more amazing than she had in her entire life. She dressed quickly and ran back into the trees, lifting the girl and cradling her in her arms as she headed back to her apartment.


Isoba was dreaming of the goddess from the woods. She was on her back, purring as the girl ran her fingers slowly through her fur. She was staring up at the face of an angel, which suddenly distorted into a demon's grotesque mask. She startled awake and tried to scream as she saw the angelic face from her dreams right in front of her. No sound emerged and she realized there was a gag in her mouth. 'Where am I? Who the fuck is this chick, forget that...what is she?' She thought as she tried to get up. She struggled for a moment, which was futile because she was handcuffed to a bed. 'What the hell! Are those cuffs pink and furry?'

Layla raised an eyebrow, smirking a bit. "Yup, sorry I usually tie victims up for pleasure, not necessity."

Isoba's eyes grew wide. 'You can read my mind?'

Layla nodded, frowning as she sat on the bed next to Isoba. "I didn't want to do this, but I need to explain what you saw before you run and tell someone. As a supernatural yourself, hopefully you'll understand. I am a succubus. I was feeding last night. Tim didn't die, he only passed out. He'll wake up and think he drank too much and passed out. He won't remember anything or be injured at all. Well, he'll be tired and cold as hell, but nothing too bad."

Isoba's eyes closed as she wracked her brain, trying to recall everything she had read about succubi in the old books. 'A succubus is a demon who seduces their victims and feeds off their Chi. The more they fed the stronger they became. They are flawless creatures, and use their beauty to lure in their prey.'

Layla scoffed, "Uhm, rude. I can hear you! I am no demon, just a supernatural like you, little panther."

Isoba scrunched up her nose, 'Apparently they can also read minds. For your information, I'm a black jaguar. Black panthers can be almost any big cat.'

Layla laughed softly and untied the gag. "I'm sorry little jaguar. If I uncuff you, will you promise not to freak out?"

Isoba nodded.

"Good." Layla leaned over her, reaching for her wrists to uncuff her. As she did her cleavage was thrust right into Isoba's face, causing the girl to blush a deep red. Layla chuckled as she leaned back and watched the red-faced girl rub her wrists. "So, kitten, tell me about yourself."

Isoba looked at the door for a moment, before deciding that she was safe. She looked down and blushed even more as she realized she was wearing clothes that were not her own. She had shifted back against her will and hadn't manifested clothes. This succubus had carried her nude through the campus and into her home. She bit her cheek as tears of embarrassment threatened to fall.

Layla felt the shift in the girl and sighed softly, pulling Isoba onto her lap to comfort her. As soon as she did the girl whimpered softly and started crying. "Last night was my first shift and I ended up unconscious and nude with some stranger. It's so embarrassing. Gah, and now listen to me whining like a baby!"

Layla frowned and ran her fingers through the girl's hair, which was just as soft as her fur. "Hun, you were just unlucky to have run into me. I got a little distracted and took more of your Chi than I should have, so you're probably very drained." She slowly seeped some calming Chi into the girl, feeling guilty for having ruined her first shift. Isoba looked up at her; those brilliant green eyes looking so sad and lost made Layla's heart skip a beat. Without hesitation she leaned down and feathered soft little kisses across Isoba's lips. Isoba mewled and tilted her head up, deepening the kiss.

Layla pulled back and looked deep into the girl's eyes. "Are you sure you want this, kitten?"

Isoba reached up and ran her fingers lightly along Layla's cheek and back into her hair, smiling as she pulled her back down into the kiss, speaking mentally. 'I think I was very lucky to have found you, and yes I want this.'

Layla let out a soft moan as she tugged at the flimsy tank top that she had dressed Isoba in. She couldn't wait to uncover the body that she had admired last night. The girl exuded an innocent beauty that Layla had never been close to before, all soft curves contrasting her own sharp angles. As her hands worked their way under the material and worked it up the girl's body, she flowed some warming Chi from her fingertips, grinning as Isoba responded by purring and arching to her.

Isoba caught her grinning and laughed softly "Dirty trick, not fair at -" She stopped mid-sentence and moaned as the warm tingling sensation from Layla's fingers reached her breasts. She shivered and raised her arms, whimpering for Layla to pull the shirt off.

"Thought so..." Layla smirked and tossed the tank top to the floor. "Now be a good girl and let me explore a little." She leaned down and nibbled along Isoba's shoulder, moaning softly at the scent of orchids coming from her skin. Layla was an admittedly selfish lover most of the time, but all she wanted to do was worship this girl's intoxicating body.

She began kissing down to Isoba's chest leisurely, looking up to see the pleasure painted on her beautiful face. She licked between her breasts, running her hands up to cup them. Her nipples were a dusky rose color, and puckered as her chest rose and fell quickly with her breath. Layla lapped at one. Isoba responded by hissing in a breath and grinding up against her. As the succubus began to suckle at the hardened peak, Isoba whimpered and squirmed, begging for more. Layla grinned wickedly and nipped at the tip, tugging before letting go and catching the other nipple between her lips. As her tongue flicked and swirled, her fingers inched down the girl's sides to the boxers she had dressed her in last night. She teased her fingers along the edge of the band, giggling as Isoba's hips began to rock up to her own.

Isoba's mind was racing, her body was on fire. She began panting, begging for Layla to finish undressing her. Her wish was granted as the succubus leaned back, grinning as she tugged the boxers off. Isoba lifted her hips to help, and as she did Layla leaned down and quickly nipped her hip, causing Isoba to cry out.

After nipping the sensitive skin, Layla leaned in and nuzzled between Isoba's thighs. The smell of Orchids was even stronger now. She tilted her head and kissed the flesh along her inner thigh. Layla's fingers splayed out across Isoba's soft skin, gently rubbing over her mound. Isoba's breath hitched as the succubus found her clit and rubbed just alongside it. She whimpered and bucked her hips with need. Layla grinned and lightly tapped over it. Isoba cried out and arched to her hand. "Kitten, stay still or I'll drag this out...and have fun doing it." Isoba bit her lip and tried to relax her body. As soon as she relaxed back onto the bed, Layla leaned in and slowly licked along the girl's clit, moaning softly at the sweet taste. Isoba moaned and reached to slide a hand into her hair, holding her mouth right over her clit. Layla grinned at the bold move and kissed the sensitive bud, then started softly suckling at it. She slid a finger down into Isoba's slit, speaking right against her clit. "mmm, so wet. Are you enjoying this, darling?"

Isoba cried out, "Yes, please -" She moaned and shuddered as Layla slid in a second finger and curled them up, right against her g-spot. Her body arched and shuddered uncontrollably as she came. Layla held her hips down and lapped at the flowing nectar, close to cumming herself as she watched the sheer pleasure on Isoba's face.

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