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Night Dreams


“I can’t believe you’re into this bullshit romance crap.” A disgruntled brunette groaned as the romantic scene of the movie they were watching played out.

“Somebody has a bad attitude about love.” The redhead said staring into the TV set.

“Right, Candy. Just because you’re getting married doesn’t give you the right to get all mushy on me. Thank god the movie is over.” The brunette bounced off the bed the two girls were laying on going up to the mirror to fix her ponytail. She sighed, well, I guess I’m not that bad, she thought. Seeing her brown hair and brown eyes, she did have nice cheekbones and an alright body. But not like Candy. Rya sighed smoothing the large gray T-shirt she wore for pajamas.

“Get off it, Rya. This is supposed to be my last sleepover party as a single girl.”

Rya turned back to face her best friend of five years. Candy lounged back on the bed in her white satin nightie which made her red hair stand out she was pretty, much prettier than her, Rya thought with her alabaster skin and blue eyes. Everyone stood at attention when Candy walked into a room but no one went out of their way to look at poor plain Rya. Candy and Rya had gone through college together and knew Candy’s fiancé; a wealthy man a few years her senior.

“Well what else should we do?” Rya turned to look at Candy’s bedside clock. “Shit, it’s midnight.”

“I don’t know.” A teasing light caught in Candy’s eyes making them glitter with mischief. “You can tell me about your love life.”

Rya began to laugh bitterly. Yeah, what love life? At twenty three she was still a virgin what did she know that could possibly entertain Candy, the veritable courtesan? “Well, there is this guy...” That immediately hooked Candy in who stood up on her knees on the mattress looking at Rya expectantly. Rya smiled. “But he’s not a normal guy.”

“What do you mean?” Candy scrunched up her nose.

“He’s a demon, Candy and he’s coming for my soul!” Rya cried out launching herself onto the bed on top of Candy making her squeal.

“Bitch! I was totally buying that shit. Serve you right if a demon does come up for your ass.”

Rya only laughed. “Look that was fun why don’t we tell each other ghost stories like we used to in the dorms.”

“Yeah,” Candy scrambled up. “There’s some ghost books in the library downstairs.” Candy led the way as the two girls made their way downstairs. While Candy was busy planning her wedding she had moved back in with her parents and while not rich they had a large house and with all the kids except Candy gone they had redone the downstairs bedroom as a library for Candy’s father.

Candy clicked on the lightswitch which immediately flooded the large room showing the wall to wall bookshelves. Candy went to one corner of the room where she mumbled something about seeing the perfect book while Rya went to the opposite corner.

Rya ran her fingers along the dusty spines of several old books admiring the titles as she passed. Suddenly one of her fingers got caught in an indentation along the path of the books. Rya stopped and saw that one book in particular had been pushed in farther than the rest. Curious, she pulled out the book. It was small and of black leather with strange looking words printed in gold foil on the front. Candy’s dad must be into some weird shit, Rya thought opening the book.

The pages were crisp and white yet the words on the page were not english but looked like gibberish. Quickly flipping through pages Rya spotted one picture of a man in the shadows. He was really muscled out and tall but his face was somewhat hidden. There was some more gibberish below the picture. “Yo Candy, check this out. Casaremeji ujeare cahirelanu, od zodonace lucifatianu, caresa ta.” Rya laughed.

Candy looked up laughing. “What the hell was that?”

“Some strange shit that I found in one of your Daddy’s books.”

“Well shit, put it back. Daddy’s always been into weird crap. Anyway I found the book.”

Rya replaced the book and followed Candy up the stairs.

“Oh shit,” A singsong voice said. “She’s really done it now.”

The short squat figure ran behind the great black throne whereon sat a brooding man looking into a pool of mist that had moments ago showed the scene of the two girls. “She has just merely fulfilled her fate.” He stretched his arms up above his head arching his muscled back allowing his black claws to extend. He lowered his arms and whispered into the mist. “I think she’s just perfect.”

After an hour of ghost stories that had the two girls squealing and jumping they finally fell asleep curled up in the same bed. A soft slowly undulating mist crept underneath the doorframe easing slowly hypnotically closer to the bed. It stretched up one smoky tendril and touched the redhead on her exposed alabaster thigh yet recoiled at the touch. Flowing soundlessly under the bed the mist tried once again touching the other girl that lay slumbering. The silky glide fell across Rya’s shoulder and the tops of her breasts. She moaned softly.

Rya felt something gently brushing up and down the side of her body. The rhythm was smooth and slow, drugging her with lassitude. Finally with a groan Rya opened her eyes. “Oh my god.” She whispered. She was no longer in Candy’s room. This room or chamber was dark and Rya could only perceive softly muted light coming from the corners of the room. Rya struggled to get up feeling warm air on her exposed skin she gasped in the realization that she was naked. She quickly brought up her hands to cover her breasts when she heard faint metallic clicks not unlike bracelets jangling. She was in a bed, Rya realized, running her hands along the smooth surface of what appeared to be black satin sheets. In the faint light she looked down at her wrist which had sparkled. Raising up her hands Rya gasped in horror as she saw the fine gold bracelets encircling her wrists to which were attached long gold chains. Rya yanked on the chains finding them securely bound somewhere above the bed. She tried to get off the bed but the chains wouldn’t let her it was then she noticed the hulking shadowy presence that lay on the opposite side of the bed.

It was a man. Or at least it was a male figure that greatly resembled a human male.

“Come closer.” A silky sibilant whisper caressed her ears. Unwilling though strangely compelled Rya stepped back onto the bed. “Closer. Come to me.”

Rya found herself moving closer until she was face to face with the figure beside her. She let out a choked gasp her eyes widening as she saw him.

He lay on his side with his head cupped in his hand. His strange glittering green eyes unnerved her as they bore deeply into hers. His eyes were like hers but yet not for his pupils were like a cat’s and she had never such a shade of intense green before. He was very large with massive muscles. From the hips down he was covered by one of the satin sheets the black satin contrasting with the dark tan color of his skin. He had long black hair, not as long as Rya’s but incredibly thick and shiny. It begged to be touched, his lips curved up as though he had read her thoughts.

Rya stayed still for a moment but the longer she looked at this male the more uneasy she felt. Quickly she tried to dart back over the bed but one of his hands reached out and caught her wrist. Rya stared shocked at her wrist. His hands were large and hard but it was the black nails that scared her speechless for several moments.

“Do you know who I am?” He whispered pulling her so that she was against his hot skin.

He literally burned her with his body heat but she perused him carefully. “I don’t know. You’re just a dream.”

He laughed then displaying a horrifying set of pearly white teeth with long canines on both the top and bottom sets of teeth. Rya gasped and began to try to twist out of his grip. He pulled on her again harder this time forcing her to lay back against the soft pillows of the bed with his massive body on top of hers. “Of course you know me, Rya.” He kissed her cheek softly nuzzling her neck with his nose his lips tickled her ear as he whispered. “I’ve made you wait for me.”

Rya went stiff as he came back up over her. He had to be a dream, he was one of those sinfully sexy men some women have the luck to dream about but in Rya’s case it seemed her dream man had merged with her nightmares to become this demon-like man.

She caught her breath as he slid his hands up over her stomach and her small breasts, over her arms to grasp her wrists pinning them to the bed. “Please no.”

He dipped his dark head down placing kisses along her neck down to her breast where he licked her nipple causing her to gasp and arch up underneath him. His hot mouth came down then sucking the rigid bead of flesh. Rya could only make small mewling noises as he shifted his attention to her other breast. He released her wrists to let his hands trail down the smooth expanse of her abdomen. Rya tried to move her hands but it was as if he still held them down. She was pinned down helpless and at his mercy.

He bit her ribcage causing her to jump in shock. “Stop. Let me go.” She breathed.

“This is meant to be. You called me forth and I have come for you.” He kissed lower to the shaved mound of her cunt. He parted the dewy folds of her flesh and licked at the sweetness.

“No, no.”

He found the tiny bud of her clit and began to lick and suck it. Rya tried to control the sensations coursing throughout her body. She tried to remember that she was scared shitless and that this was a demon of some sort. But she couldn’t stop the sexy moans that tore from her throat speaking to the demon in a language he well knew. His hot breath fanned her inner thigh as he pulled himself away from her enticing cunt. Rya screamed in pleasure as she felt him bite her inner thigh softly.

“I’ve kept them all away from you.” He whispered kissing her lips as he moved up her body. “Spread your legs for me.” His hot breath fell on her lips. Mindlessly she did as she was bidden and was rewarded with a steamy kiss. His tongue demanded entry and Rya let her tongue touch his tasting herself on his lips. Her tongue stroked his sharp canines.

He looked deep into the luminous brown pools of her eyes as he began to slowly enter her. He was hot and hard teasing her cunt with the first velvet stroke from the blunt head of his cock. He inched forward seating himself slowly into her depths. He was large and he hurt but she didn’t want him to stop. With a smooth thrust he entered her slick, wet virgin cunt. He looked down at her his strange pupils dilated in passion he had bitten his lower lip in the demand to hold back from ripping into her and there was blood welling up. Rya arched up and kissed his lips tasting the spice of his blood as she licked his lips.

“You’re mine now.” He began to pound within her. Rya thrust her head back giving all of herself up to her dream lover as he soothed the hurt deep in her cunt with his hard strokes. She could feel the bed shake as he rode her and she screamed in passion as the first waves of orgasm crashed over her.

“Rya! Rya!”

The next thing Rya knew she was being shaken and she opened her eyes expecting to see the demon’s face but instead saw the worried eyes of Candy looking down at her. “Candy?”

“Are you ok? You were screaming.” Candy let her shoulders go as she sat back on her heels.

“It was just a dream.” Rya paused for a moment closing her eyes. The most realistic dream she had ever had before not to mention the most steamy. “When she opened her eyes again she asked “What time is it?”

“Four in the morning.”

“Crap, I’m sorry, Candy, to wake you up.”

“It’s not your fault. Do you want to talk about it?”

Rya shook her head. “Let’s just get some sleep.”

Candy settled back down in the bed and Rya eased off heading toward the bathroom. For some reason it hurt to walk. When Rya stood in front of the mirror she looked at herself. “Man,” She groaned then she turned on the faucet splashing cold water onto her face. That was one hell of a dream. Rya reached up for a towel when a sharp pain in her side made her clutch at her ribcage. Turning to the mirror Rya lifted up her T-shirt and almost screamed as she saw the red bleeding welt on her waist. “It wasn’t real.” She whispered tears in her eyes. But she forced herself to look at her inner thighs. “No,” There marring the smooth skin was another matching bleeding welt.

“You didn’t really think it was just a dream, did you?” Came the soft velvet whisper from all around Rya. But there was no one there.

“What have I done?” She breathed staring into the mirror at the bleeding wound in her side.

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