tagNonHumanNight Dreams Ch. 02

Night Dreams Ch. 02



There is blood everywhere. It trails down my ribs, down my inner thigh. Blood seeps from my newly deflowered cunt.

I don’t understand what happened to me.

I don’t think I want to know.

All I really know is that I liked it.

Rya went back into Candy’s bedroom and began to pack up her things she slipped out of the house unnoticed. When Rya went into her own bedroom she took a moment to survey her things as if not really believing that what she was seeing was real. There against the wall below a window lay her daybed with its light blue coverlet, to the side was her vanity. Rya went up to the mirror seeing her face.

God, I look haggard, she thought. She touched her cheek which looked unusually pale, her lips were swollen and red. She turned away from the mirror and went into her bathroom. She started the shower and as she stripped she surveyed her wounds. They were not deep but they carried the distinct impression of teeth, they had stopped bleeding and ached only a little. As she let the hot water pound her skin she felt tiny ripples of pleasure course through her body. Rya bent her head back to fully soak her hair delighting in the feel of the water streaming over her erect nipples. Her hands traced the contours of her body reliving the dream or nightmare. Rya no longer felt second best to Candy. Rya was now a woman well fucked.

Too well. Rya winced cupping her sore cunt. He had been so deep inside her, Rya moaned at the flood of memories. On one level Rya was deeply disturbed and scared by what had happened but on another level, the demon man had given her such pleasure.

Rya’s fingers drifted down further to her swollen clit rubbing it softly. She bit her lip to hold back her moans. After a moment of that she placed a finger into her sore cunt crying out at the feel of hot, tight, wet flesh and the sizzle of pain tinged with pleasure. When she withdrew her finger there were traces of blood on her hand.

For several nights Rya was unable to fall asleep until exhaustion overwhelmed her. But she never dreamed like that again. Rya tried to rationalize the dream and the wounds thinking that maybe she had just been dreaming and cut herself with her own nails. Never mind that her fingernails were always kept short. After one week without a return of the passionate dreams Rya was able to fall asleep naturally. She visited Candy during that week and helped her with her wedding plans.

Then returning home at midnight Rya collapsed onto her bed bone tired. She and Candy had gone to six different bridal boutiques to find a wedding dress for Candy but Candy was never pleased with what she found.

Christ, I never want to get married at this rate, was Rya’s last conscious thought.

A warm breeze flowed over her naked back caressing her softly, hot breath was on the back of her neck followed by the warmth of a kiss. Rya sighed slowly opening her eyes. It was dark, Rya lifted her head from her pillows finding herself on her stomach naked her arms by her sides. The warm breeze flowed over her again Rya luxuriating in the hot touch closed her eyes flipping over onto her back stretching sensuously arching her back and neck. Warm strong hands caressed her ribcage. Rya opened her eyes her hands shooting out at the same time to cover those alien hands. A familiar tinkling was heard.

“No.” Rya whispered looking up into the face of her demon lover. His strange green eyes glowed hotly his hands running down her body. Rya found her wrists once again encircled by the ornate gold bracelets attached to the gold chains.

He was naked poised with his thighs straddling hers. She could see his large hard cock fully erect, his cat pupils dilated in passion.

“Please no,” Rya whispered.

He dipped his head down the silk of his black hair falling against her neck sending shivers down her spine. His lips touched her neck up to her ear. “I’ve been waiting for you, Rya.” His sibilant voice echoing in the dark room lit only by hidden candles that flickered ominously.

His hands caressed her skin moving over her waist and the flare of her hips he bent to kiss the protruding bone of her pelvis.

God, she knew she should be afraid that the dream had returned. She should fear this demon and be screaming in mortal terror but her screams came out as gasps as his dark head went lower. Lower to suck the ripe dewy petals of her flesh to torture the bud of her clit Rya cried out straining against the chains to touch him, to stroke his fiery skin.

She tasted like sweetness and purity. All the things denied him in this dark realm.

“Kiss me, please kiss me.” Rya begged unashamedly as he rose up from between her thighs, Rya had been aching for his kiss. His lips were demanding hot and firm against hers, he nibbled her lower lip torturing her before he opened her mouth tasting her depths. Rya inexperienced tentatively answered his delicious strokes with her own touching the hard sharp points of his eyeteeth. It was heaven, a dark mysterious heaven.

Rya was so wet she could feel her own wetness coursing between her thighs. She rocked her hips up trying to touch his hard flesh.

“Do you want me?” He whispered trailing his long black nails down her ribs.

Rya couldn’t speak crying out as his hard cock parted her folds just tasting her wetness.

“Silence won’t get you what you want.” He bit her shoulder Rya cried out.

“Yes, yes I want you.” She gathered enough wits to say her desire.

He plunged into her not slowly like the first time but masterfully as if he owned her and was taking what was his. He burrowed deep into her cunt feeling her tightness hug and caress him as the head of his cock hit her womb. “God you feel so good.” Rya whispered feeling the emptiness deep within her filled. He kissed the hollow of her throat as he began to move slowly in and out driving Rya mad with lust until she was gripping his shoulders, running her fingers over his hot skin. She pulled her knees up locking her ankles at the small of his back her hands on his hips urging him to go faster, harder, deeper.

He answered her need with powerful harsh strokes that tore cries from Rya’s throat until she was hoarse but still she urged him on begging in whispers for him to never stop. No matter what he was, no one had ever made her feel this way before.

No one had ever felt this right before.

Rya came three times feeling drained and limp in his arms when he came deeply in her. They lay for a time breaths mingled, hearts beating wildly before Rya spoke. “Who are you?” Her voice soft not wanting to break the spell of the moment, not wanting to lose the feel of his heavy weight pressed to her skin. He did pull away though and Rya tried to hold him still but her arms were brought up short by the chains.

He sat on the edge of the bed with his back to her. Rya saw the heavy roped muscles of his shoulders and back. “I am Dagon.”

“Are you a demon?” Rya held her breath.

Dagon turned to her his green eyes filled with lust a half smile twisted a corner of his mouth exposing one sharp canine. “What do you think?”

“So this is obviously real.”

“Yes, but you already knew that.”

“Tell me how I got here.” Her voice was shaky. Dagon stood wrapping one of the black satin sheets about his lean hips as he began to pace before the bed seemingly agitated. He wanted her to believe but in the believing came the risk of madness or the possibility of losing her.

“You were mine the day I demanded your father give you to me.”


Dagon stopped his pacing to come up beside her as Rya sat up in the bed in total disbelief. “Your father was caught up in the intricacies of this world. He made a mistake and I said I would help him...for a price.”

Rya’s dark eyes grew large. She had never known her father he had died before she was born.

Dagon caressed her face. “Yes, you were the price. I saw that you would be his child and I wanted you. I chose you. You see that, don’t you?”

“Chose me?” Rya’s heart beat hard and fast against her chest.

Dagon grasped her shoulders pulling Rya closer until she lay against his hot skin looking up into his glittering eyes. “Down here we see the future. I saw you and knew who your father would be. It was so easy to trip him up and then I offered to save him and he offered you.”

“You did it on purpose?” Rya was horrified that her father would play around with demons but to know now that Dagon had caused him to do it was scaring her.

“Of course. I wanted you.” It was all so very simple in his mind. He wanted her and he got her.

“Is my father in hell?” Rya took a deep breath and whispered. “Is this hell?”

Dagon threw back his head and laughed. When he looked down at her he caressed her face using one long black nail to trace the arch of her black brow. “This isn’t hell and your father for all his faults is not in hell.”

Rya slowly exhaled, relieved to a degree. “What am I doing here? When I said those words, did I conjure you up or something?”

Dagon’s green eyes bored into hers his pupils no more than black slits. “You merely set in motion what was already supposed to happen. The words meant nothing. You’re mine, my wife, mate, soul whatever you want to call it.” He caught her chin. “Mine.” He whispered.

He was so imposing standing before her clad in only the satin sheet Rya slid her palms up the rippled surface of his stomach. She closed her eyes feeling the trembling of her body, the fire that burned low in her stomach. He was so beautiful, so sensual he was wrapped in an aura of sexuality that drew her willingly or not. Rya opened her eyes seeing desire burning in Dagon’s gaze. “I’m so scared, and yet,” Her hands moved to drag her nails down his steel back she felt tremors course through Dagon’s frame. “You make me want you. I don’t care really what this place is as long as you are here with me.”

“Stay with me, Rya. Stay with me here.” His voice impassioned. “I kept them all from you knowing one day you would be mine. I know you think this is impossible. But I love you and want you with me.”

Rya held up her wrists showing Dagon the gold chains. “As your prisoner?”

Dagon waved his hand and the chains fell away from the bracelets leaving Rya free to leave the bed. He watched as she rose in fluid grace from the bed to walk on the warm stone floor of the chamber. Rya was conscious of Dagon’s eyes following her every move. She turned then to face her dream lover, her demon mate. “I always dreamed of something more. That when I fell in love it would be beyond love, beyond obsession. I thought I was crazy to want that. Dagon,”

Dagon turned away from her gripping one of the bedposts his nails gouging the wood. “I’ll send you back. It really was preposterous of me to want a human. To think that you would just give everything up to be here with me.”


He cut her off making a slicing motion in the air with one of his hands. “You don’t understand my world and I was a fool to bring you into it. In my defense, I was taken with lust and love I thought...”

“Don’t send me away.”

Silence hung in the room for a long while Rya saw the muscles in Dagon’s back tense at her words.

“Please,” Rya said unable to bear the silence.

Still he did not move.

“I do love you. I do know you in some strange way and I know that we are meant to be together that I could never be happy with anyone else.” Rya stepped close to Dagon her arms wrapping about his hard body her head on the back of his shoulder blade. “Don’t send me away from you.”

Dagon turned to face Rya still trapped in her arms. He looked at her for a long moment his eyes inscrutable. “You’d be giving everything up.”

“Nothing matters without you.”

“They’ll think you died.” He warned.

“Do what must be done.” The conviction rang in Rya’s voice convincing Dagon that for once in his long, long life he was about to be given something beyond measure. He leaned forward to kiss his mate dragging her back to their bed.

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