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Night Moves


When I get out of the car my legs immediately protest the four hour drive I've subjected them to. My eyes are tired, my legs ache and my stomach is in knots as I slowly walk across the motel parking lot in search of room 117.

"More than a couple of hundred miles for this?" I mumble to myself as I pass room 101 in this Budget/Quality/Econo - whatever this cookie-cutter cut-rate motel is called. They're all the same. A cheap place to sleep, or do something else.

"Something else," I mutter, knowing that's what I came all this way for. Something else.

"What are you doing, Marie?" I ask myself as I pass room 111, and then admonish myself for talking to myself like I have been for most of my journey.

117. I take a deep breath before tapping on the door.

"Just walk right in," Blaine had told me when I spoke to him en route. "I'll be waiting for you."

When my knock produces no result I hesitate before reaching out for the doorknob. What's on the other side? A bunch of kids that have been planning to dupe this old white woman to come down here to rob her? They probably think anybody like that would have money, but that's not really this case here. We had a little but the IRA ain't what it used to be after the slide, and probably never will be.

"Just take my money!" I'm prepared to say, not wanting the alternative to happen as I touch the doorknob.

I turn it and it opens. The room, a basic cheap motel room, is dimly lit but someone is here. The bathroom light is on and someone is in the shower. There's a radio on somewhere - no, it's Blaine, signing. Marvin Gaye - I believe. Blaine wasn't even born when Marvin was murdered.

I like a lot of Marvin Gaye's music, so at least we have something in common, I think to myself. Oh sure, it's like we're twins separated at birth. The voice, it's not Marvin but it's not bad, and the words, "I'm hot like an oven and ready for your lovin'." What is that song? Sexual Healing. Good grief.

"Hello?" I say softly as I close the door behind me and dead bolt it securely, but my voice is like a child's, weak and frightened.

Steam is pouring out of the doorway, because the door isn't closed all the way, and I'm tempted to tear of my clothes and charge into the shower with Blaine. Go ahead, I tell myself. I've been talking a good game, trying to get and keep this young guy's interest. Time to put up or shut up.

I shut up. I set my pocketbook down on the dresser and look at myself in the mirror. Left the house looking fresh and crisp and now I look like I just spent 4 hours in a car. I try to brush the creases out of my pant suit and finally take the jacket off.

The light blue blouse is also showing the effects of being in the car that long, and there are dark patches under the arms because I've begun to sweat profusely. I look horrible - look every bit of my 57 years, and now the shower is turned off.

I clear my throat while trying to peek around the corner to see what's on the other side. Still time to run, and if he isn't what he claimed to be I could justify fleeing, but I only catch a glimpse of him through the fog.

He's black, alright. As black as black, just like I'm as pale as white can get. The skin I saw on his back was glistening and smooth. I clear my throat again and Blaine responds.

"Marie?" he calls out and I respond with a meek, "Yes, Blaine. It's Marie."

"Make yourself comfortable," he suggests, but I'm way too nervous for that so I stand there and wait in the center of the room.

After a minute, the door opens wide and a large form fills the doorway while steam oozes past the young man as he poses nonchalantly wearing nothing but a towel and a smile.

The face is boyish but what's below is anything but. Tall, well over six foot, and while he's not overly muscular, there doesn't seem to be an ounce of fat on him. His skin is shimmering, and he looks like a panther as he shifts his weight to his other foot and all of the muscles and tendons in his body react to the movement.

"I'm sorry," I say when I realize that Blaine had said something that I didn't catch, so mesmerized was I by the sight before me.

"I said that I told you to get comfortable," Blaine said in a voice that was neither cheerful or threatening. "I meant for you to take your clothes off."

"Here?" I ask, and realize that's a stupid question, because I wasn't going to go out to the parking lot and strip.

Blaine nods. The room is way too bright for this. I need really dim lighting these days, because while I'm in good shape for a 57 year old woman, I'm still 57.

My fingers move under Blaine's intense glare, fumbling with a task so simple a child could do it. Just as well, I think to myself as I work down the row of buttons, because I think the back of my blouse is soaking wet. I'm melting down in front of this man, a man who is probably used to women so much younger.

And my bra - I feel so foolish having bought this thing at Victoria's Secret. Seemed like a good idea at the time, because this brassiere made what you have look lush, full and youthful.

It did that, alright. The problem was that when it came off, so would the way I looked with it on. A single clasp in front was all that needed to be undone, yet I was frozen. Petrified by the thought of exposing myself to this young man.

A young man who was only wearing a towel around his flat stomach, and because the towel was one of those skimpy hotel towels that was threadbare, there was an unmistakable bulge that the inadequate cotton could not pretend to hide.

Maybe that was why I stood there like a statue while Blaine remained in the doorway. I had to will my fingers to move, and as the bra clasp came undone I swore that if he laughed or made a comment, I was going to grab my clothes and run out the door, covering myself as best I could and go home.

The bra came open, and as my aging breasts eased out of their support and down to their rightful positions, my eyes were almost closed but I was squinting, waiting for the reaction I was sure was coming.

"That wasn't so bad now, was it Marie?" came the silky smooth voice from the hulking figure. "They look soft and supple. Are they, Marie?"

I nod, because they are. Too damn soft and supple these days, and I long for Blaine to be seeing me when I was his age, when my breasts stuck out proudly and firm, before time and children wore them down.

Blaine tells me to take my breasts in my hands, and I do he asks. I knead the plaint globes, gently at first, and after Blaine reminds me that I like the played with rougher, I start pulling on them as if I was alone.

But I'm not alone. Blaine is there, and as I take my nipples between my fingers and pull on them hard, stretching the tit flesh straight out, I see that Blaine has slipped his hand into the opening of the towel and has his cock in hand, pulling on himself under the cotton shield.

I want to see it - want to see his cock so badly, but now he wants me to finish undressing. I'm no longer fiddling, and drop my slacks and panties as fast as possible. My legs and butt are okay, but I suspect that he doesn't like my bush.

I trimmed it before I left home, but I'm so self-conscious about the size of my labia that the little hair I do have around my pussy helps to hide me somewhat.

"Need to cum," Blaine says abruptly, and as he moves out of the doorway the hand that had been stroking his cock slid up and undid the knot that was holding the towel somewhat together.

For a second, my legs turned to jelly as I watched the white towel drop to the floor as Blaine started walking toward me. The picture - the way he described himself - I had assumed that it was all part of the game. Just playful exaggeration and hyperbole, or so I thought.

I found myself looking up into Blaine's eyes as he came up to me, even thought I felt his huge manhood poking me in the stomach, and while I tried not to let him think that I was in any way in awe of what I was standing in front of, he knew different.

How many other women had he seduced like he had me? How many had found themselves captivated by the forbidden fruit that he offered do freely? How many others had felt the gentle yet insistent pressure on their shoulders and had given in to those big black hands bringing them to their knees, like I was finding myself heading?

The size of Blaine's penis was stunning from a distance, but up close like this, the monstrous ebony hose swaying at half mast was terrifying. Oh, I had seen the pictures and had been amused at the many times he would refer to the size of his cock, but I had chalked that up to youthful bravado and creative camera angles.

Did Blaine enjoy this? The 57 year old mother of two grown children being reduced to this? My hands were visibly trembling as I reached up to take the shaft of his manhood? Did he get off on this? I was unable to look up, but judging by the way I could feel the blood surging through the veins I didn't need to look.

He's just a man. I kept telling myself that as my hands wrapped themselves around the thick warm shaft of his cock and guided the bulbous head of this behemoth to my lips. He tasted fresh, and as I stretched my mouth out and let my lips slide over the now-taut skin of his glans, I heard Blaine's soothing tone.

"That's it Marie," Blaine sighed, his hands running through my blonde hair, and now he was hard in my fists.

I let my hands slide up and down the richly vein and muscled shaft of his cock, and then I heard Blaine say something so I took him out of my mouth to ask what he had said. As I did, I felt his first ejaculation splatter all over my chin .

I took his cock in my mouth as fast as I could manage, just in time to catch the next of what seemed to be an endless number of spurts, as his enormous cock spat out seed in a volume that was nearly gagging me.

As I struggled to keep from choking on the waves of semen that flowed down my throat, I felt let down. All of this driving and anticipation, and Blaine wasn't in my mouth a minute before he was cumming.

I struggled to catch my breath after Blaine pulled his cock out of my mouth, feeling him rub his dick all over the cum on my face, and then he was putting it back into my mouth once again.

"Nice," Blaine purred. "That took the edge off. Now let's see what kind of a cocksucker you are, Marie."

I felt him start to get a bit soft, but then his cock began to surge once more and I could feel him length and thicken in my mouth and hands once more. The powers of youth, I marvelled as my lips took in as much of the gigantic cock as I could, and also I felt a shiver go down my spine when I realized that I was exciting him, for whatever reason. This only made me more eager to please.

I pulled my lips off of him and played with the opening of his cock with my tongue, prying open the pee-hole of the fat head and dabbing it with the tip of my probe. Blaine chuckled and took his cock away from me, and offered his balls to me.

There they were, two big eggs in an over-sized wrinkled pouch. The left one was an extra large, but the right one was a medium, just the right size for me to suckle one.

Blaine had put his cock on the top of my head and was surrounding it with my hair, ruining the styling I had done early that morning with him in mind, but it was worth it because I could tell he liked the way my hair felt on his dick.

My knees were starting to feel the effect of the position I found myself in all this time, but Blaine wanted my mouth once again so he brought it back to my lips. My jaws were sore as I opened my mouth like I was at the dentist, but the instrument that was going in was unlike anything you would find in that office.

Now Blaine was in command, feeding me as much of his manhood as he wanted, and then he began to test my capacity. How I wanted to take all of his magnificent appendage - let all of his cock feel my lips and make sure he would never forget me, but he was simply too thick and too long.

Once Blaine figured out how much I could handle, he was careful to not force any more of him into my throat. Now his fist replaced mine, and he began pumping the shaft faster while I worked on the rest.

Blaine's other hand grabbed me by the back of my hair, and as he pulled his cock out of my mouth he pulled my head backwards just as he started to cum. Ropes of Blaine's cum sprayed all over my face, and although I kept my mouth open in hopes of capturing as much of his luscious seed as I could, most of it landed all over my face, burning my eyes in the process.

"Don't move, Marie," Blaine said, and I stayed where I was, feeling his cum drool down my face while I knelt there like his slut.

I felt Blaine's hands under my arms, lifting me up to my feet as he tried to show me something, but I couldn't see. After he gave me a towel to wife my eyes with, he let me look again at what he had. A picture of me with Blaine's semen all over my face on his phone.

"I'll send it to you," Blaine offered before walking away for a moment, his flaccid cock swaying in front of him as he walked, and I cringed when I imagined someone I knew seeing me in that picture like that.

"Get on the bed," Blaine directed as he approached me with a bag in his hands. "On your back. Spread those skinny legs of yours for me."

I did as Blaine wanted, even going so far as to grab the backs of my thighs so that my legs were spread even wider than they would be for my gynecologist. I felt so exposed, yet when I saw that dangling cock of Blaine's I wanted it. I wanted to make him hard again and experience what it would be like to have a man that large.

Blaine, on the other hand, had something else in mind. He extracted a large plastic shell, and inside the casing was this gigantic black dildo. Blaine snapped it open and wiggled it around for me to see, even resting it next to his limp cock to compare their sizes. The package claimed that this toy was a foot long, and from the looks of it, the dildo was almost an exact match for the real thing of the man that was holding it.

"Now whenever you're thinking about me, you'll be able to use this," Blaine said as he slathered lubricant all over the big fake dick before he brought it to my pussy.

"Thought you were going to trim this bush for me," Blaine said as he ran his hand through the triangle of hair.

"I did," I said.

"Wish you got rid of it all," Blaine said. "No reason to be ashamed of your labia. I like them big like yours. Sweet looking meat curtains."

"Please," I whimpered as Blaine inserted the dildo inside me a little after spreading my "meat curtains" to accommodate it.

"What's the matter, Marie? Too big for you?"

"No," I winced as he pushed more of the enormous toy into me. "Want it - want the real thing?"

"You could never handle it."

"Yes, I can," I insist. "Please don't make me beg."

"We'll see. Got to get me hard first," Blaine said. "Don't usually do pussy. Let's see if you can handle this first. Maybe if you put on a good enough show for me I'll put it in a little ways."

I cried out as Blaine spun the huge dildo inside of me, but I was determined. I had given birth twice. Surely I could handle a man's cock, even one the size of Blaine's.

"Hm-mm," I heard Blaine purr as he moved more of that cock in me, and when I looked down I saw him stroking his cock, the lubrication on his grotesquely swollen organ making it even more imposing.

"I want it," I insisted. "I want it."

"Marie! Marie!"

I was startled when I saw my husband's face, and confused when he reached over and turned off the alarm clock, which had been going off for two minutes apparently.

"Oh," I said as my husband climbed over me on his way to the shower.

"What did you want?" he asked before entering the bathroom, and when I looked confused he explained. "You kept saying you wanted something."

"I dunno," I said, and after I woke up I followed my husband into the bathroom and threw off my nightie.

"I just remembered what it was I wanted," I told my startled spouse as I climbed in the shower and pulled the curtain behind me, giggling like a schoolgirl.

"I wanted the man I love," I said as I went to my knees - knees that weren't aching at all but were ready to worship the only cock I ever had, and as the shower spray soothed our bodies I drained my lover as only I could.


A fantasy. That's all. Written by a woman who is monogamous but has an active imagination, an imagination that had been dormant until I discovered literotica last month.

I hope you all enjoyed my little fantasy. You too, Blaine.

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