tagGroup SexNight Nurse Ch. 03

Night Nurse Ch. 03


Summary: Anna's life continues to spiral out of control. An act of kindness to an anxious teenager due surgery, led to a brutal, prolonged assault by 4 young patients during last night's shift at work, she must try to keep the episode quiet. However her work colleagues know both episodes happened and have threatened to go to the Hospital Administration, if she does not resign.

Now she must go home and confess again to her husband.

Anna drove home from work, even more depressed than the previous night. It was Deja Vu all over again, she had to tell her husband what happened last night, about the brutal rape she suffered and why she can't report it to the police. She was totally exhausted, mentally and physically. There was still significant pain, covered in bruises and bite marks, the worst pain was in her anus, where all four boys had sodomised her.

When she got home, Anna found James her husband had got the children up and fed them breakfast. He left almost immediately to go to work, sparing hardly a glance or word with her, still seething from her confession the day before. She rounded the kids up for school and nursery, driving first to school to drop of her six year old, then nursery with the two year old.

On arriving home, Anna could finally try and sort herself out. Stripping her clothes off in the bathroom, she threw away the old pair of patient's pants she had been given last night and put the dress in to wash. Examining herself in the mirror only confirmed what she had seen last night, she was a ravaged mess. There were bite marks on her neck, but particularly her breasts, some had bled a little. Looking over her shoulder, there were more bites on her buttocks and worsening bruises from the beating they had given her.

Anna sank into a hot bath and just soaked, to ease the pain. She made a mental note to call the STD clinic to get a check up, the boys who raped her, hadn't used condoms of course. Lying there, soothing away some of the pain, she wrestled with the question of whether she had, in fact, been raped. She had been held, tied up, stripped and beaten, but the men had been encouraged by her seduction of Tim, the boy in the next room the previous night. Yes, that had been seduction of a teenager under her care, she had to be honest and admit that to herself. However much the rape had been outside her control, she was forced to accept she had enjoyed it, in a twisted sort of way, torn by numberless orgasms. Anna was not the sort of women to enjoy being dominated at all, but, she had been excited by just that.

These thoughts were to much to consider in her exhausted state, so she got out of bed, dried herself and went to bed naked. This time, she did sleep for a few hours. When she woke, her worries came flooding back and she wept quietly again. Anna had much to do though, so she got up and dressed in jeans and a turtle neck sweater, to cover her injuries. Firstly she phoned to arrange the STD clinic appointment on Thursday and then with the Senior Nurse later that same day. Neither interview was going to be pleasant.

Anna wrote a shopping list and left for the supermarket to collect food, prior to collecting the kids. She had not eaten at all that day, but had no appetite anyway. After collecting them, she made their evening meal, they were both always ravenous when they got home and ate before Anna and her husband.

When James got in, the kids ran to him and jumped up as normal. Anna went to kiss him to and he gave her a brief kiss on the cheek. They both went to settle the children in bed and Anna completed their supper. She had grilled steaks with all the trimmings, making a special effort with the meal and tried to make bright chatty conversation during it. James remained distant and hardly spoke to her, until he said,

"Well, what happened then?"

"What do you mean?" Anna replied.

"Don't be dense, you know perfectly well what I mean."

"Let's just clear away and make some coffee shall we," Anna replied quietly.

"It's that bad is it?"

That's what they did though, till finally they sat down in the front room with their coffees. James looked at his wife, with a fixed, angry stare, as Anna started to explain.

"Well the night started normally, just the normal chores, nothing out of the ordinary. Then about 3AM, I got called to those rowdy youths I told you about, next door, to you know, the boy Tim"

"Yes of course I know, I don't expect I'll ever forget," James snapped irritably.

"Well it turned out, they thought they had heard something the night before. No, they had heard something. They started teasing and being cheeky to me, so I tried to defuse the situation, establish my authority.

It didn't work and suddenly I was grabbed from behind and their brute of a ringleader stripped me and tied me up. Oh James, you've no idea, they were so cruel, they beat me raped me, made me, you know, put them in my mouth. Finally they did what I was dreading, all of them, they forced themselves on me, they, god I can't say it, they sodomised me." She finished in an almost inaudible whisper.

"They did what, WHAT and you let them, you just let them?" James was getting very angry again.

"James, for goodness sake, I didn't let them do anything, they tied me up and raped me, haven't you been listening to what I said?" Anna replied, trying to control her own anger.

"So why didn't you contact the police immediately? Oh yes, the tiny matter of you seducing an 18 year old school leaver in the room next door. So you can't report it can you? In fact you can't really do anything at all, can you?"

"No," was all she could say.

James was bright red in the face and as angry as she had ever seen him. In fact he was flushed with anger and lust, taking guilty pleasure at the thought of Anna being raped. He was as confused as her, horrified at enjoying imagining his wife's rape.

His baser instincts one out though, as he rose from the chair.

"Take your clothes off, all of them, now, I want to see what they did to you."

"James you mustn't do this, we are on the edge here," Anna pleaded.

"I said take everything off now, or do I take them off?"

Anna said nothing, but went to the curtains to close them.

"leave them open," James said.

"But the neighbours, they might see."

"let them, let them see the sort of tart I married."

"No, I'm your wife, you are not treating me like this. I've made a terrible mistake, I know, but I'm still your wife. I know you are angry, you have a right to be, but I am getting very pissed off too, at you're attitude."

James ignored or didn't hear what she said.

"Leave the curtains and take your clothes off now," James started towards her, clenched fists by his side.

He had never hit Anna and never would, they both new that would be the end of their marriage. She thought quickly, there was a small risk he might just do just that, so she started stripping off her clothes, reluctantly. She finally stood there, in her bra and pants and looked at him, angry and silent.

"I said everything," James said quietly. His voice had calmed a little, seeming to realise the high stakes involved.

Anna removed the last garments and stood silently, her hands by her side. James took in the obvious injuries, but didn't seem placated or sympathetic at all.

"Turn round, bend down and spread your cheeks," James said.

He gazed impassively at her bruised and still slightly gaping anus.

"You bitch, you only let me do that as a special treat, as if I was a child."

"That's because it really HURTS and I didn't let them. They raped me, how many times must I say it you fool," Anna was getting really angry now.

"Stay there in front of that window, don't you dare move."

With that he left the room and went upstairs. Anna looked out anxiously at the darkening evening. She saw one man passing, thank goodness he didn't seem to look in.

After a while, James came back with a tube of gel.

"Oh no you can't, you are not doing that, you're not," Anna spat the words out.

James didn't answer, just dropped his trousers and underwear and pushed her down on her knees.

"Open your mouth bitch."

Anna did as she was told and James forced his semi erect penis in her mouth, holding her head with one hand as she licked and sucked him to erection. She was horrified, in frozen disbelief at this wordless abuse. He was just using her like a piece of meat.

James pulled her up by one arm and pushed her over the arm of an easy chair.

"Spread your Ass cheeks," James ordered.

"Jamey no, you can't, it is so sore, you've no idea. I think they might of really damaged me there," Anna pleaded.

He said nothing and waited silently. Anna was afraid he might slap her. That would be it, the end of their marriage, so she did as she was told. James applied the cold gel around her anus and on his cock and pushed in without any warning, hard.

Anna couldn't help crying out in pain, she was so sore there. It made no difference, James set a steady pace, grunting with effort at times. She was still quite open from last night, but that made it no less painful. Anna started weeping and groaning in pain. Luckily James didn't take to long, neither of them took any enjoyment at all.

When James finished, he withdrew and dressed again silently, then went upstairs leaving Anna alone. She slipped down off the arm of the chair, rolling into a ball of misery on the floor. She covered her anus, otherwise she just lay there, staring sightlessly into the chair, for she didn't know how long. It was completely dark when her attention returned to her surroundings. She crawled across the carpet, so as not to be seen and closed the curtains, then turned all the lights off and went upstairs to run another quick bath.

Finally Anna went to bed, alone, her husband was in the spare room. She was so spent, she did sleep through the night this time.

The next couple of days, seemed strangely normal. Anna and James were hardly talking, both were angry and deeply disappointed with each other, but routines were largely the same, meals, getting the children to and from school, shopping and cooking. Things were not the same of course, their lives were dislocated, their marriage, teetering on the edge of collapse. If it wasn't for the kids, it would have started a break up already.

Anna went to the STD clinic. It was as unpleasant as she foresaw, examinations, swabs and worst of all, fending off questions about her injuries. Clearly they thought she had been raped and encouraged her to call the police, she simply ignored their questions, suggestions.

In the early afternoon, she went to the meeting with the Nursing Officer, having arranged for friends to collect her children. Anna had dressed conservatively, with a long sleeved white blouse and deep pink, above knee skirt. She was called in to the office and her hopes fell when she saw two others present for the interview, sitting on either side of Mrs Grant, the head Nurse. The first she knew, Dr Phillips the senior Paediatrician. She had known for many years and with whom, she had always had a warm relationship. He happened to be the current head of the Consultants Committee. The other man whom she didn't know, was the Chief Executive of the hospital, Mr Grainger. This high powered group must mean that the weekends "difficulties" were already public property. Anna was in despair, but tried a confident smile.

"can I forestall things Anna, we know what happened at the weekend, in some distressing detail," Mrs Grant began.

"None of us can remember anything like it in our long careers, nothing at all and from a senior, respected member of our nursing staff," She continued.

"You can imagine our anger and disappointment. Well have you anything to say for yourself?"

"I had hoped to keep it secret, for my sake and the hospitals. What happened on Saturday night was my fault of course, a moment of insanity, I regret more than anything. Sunday was a brutal gang rape, you must understand that" Anna replied firmly, trying to keep up her courage.

"That's as maybe, but as far as I'm concerned, you bought it all on yourself, so don't expect any sympathy here. The issue is, what happens now," Mr Grainger interjected.

"I will resign of course, there seems nothing else I can do."

"No, I think not, despite everything, you are a good experienced nurse and we are always short of them," Mrs Grant said firmly.

"I am afraid I must resign, I have bought the letter with me," Anna replied, handing her the letter.

"You don't seem to understand, you have no choice and will continue being employed in the Hospital.

I have drafted a letter to the General Nursing Council about you and I think you may find, a copy gets to one of the nastier tabloid papers. They would love this story, believe me.

"Senior Nurse works her way through young patients in nightly orgies."

That sort of thing, do you understand your position now Anna." Mr Grainger finished.

Anna read the draft letter, with a growing sense of cold fear. She new they were right, the Nursing Council would strike her off the Register and much worse, she and her family, would be degraded and humiliated in the National Press.

"But you wouldn't, this would reflect badly on the Hospital to," Anna said, some hope returning.

"True, but we took up references and you were supervised properly. How were we supposed to know you were a whore," Mr Grainger replied.

Anna could only admit defeat,

"Alright, what do you want me to do?"

"That's better, you're seeing reason. There is a vacancy for Night Sister in the Hospital's Private Wing. We don't think you can do much damage there and your obvious talents can be channelled in a productive direction. I am sure many of the Male patients there would enjoy you, discreetly, seeing to their needs. There would be a bit extra on their bill, you could earn quite a bit each month." Mr Grainger explained.

"You are suggesting I prostitute myself to the Private Patients, so the Doctors can earn even bigger private fees. Well I won't do it," Anna responded emphatically.

"We understand each other perfectly and yes we do expect you to prostitute yourself, that's what you are, aren't you? As you said, you really have no choice, do you?" Mr Grainger finished.

Anna sat silently, defeated, she looked at Dr Procter, her long time colleague, for support. He just sat staring at her, without apparent emotion.

"This is awful, unfair, immoral, but as you say, I have no choice. What happens now, do I report to the Private Wing?" she whispered.

"Thank you for being sensible Anna and yes, Matron on the private Wing is expecting you now for an induction," Mrs grant said, in a kindly tone, to soften the blow.

She got up without another word and headed for the door, totally dejected.

"Not quite so fast Anna, do you think we would let this atrocious behaviour pass without an admonition?

"Matron, do you wish to leave Dr Procter and I now?" Mr Grainger asked.

"I'll stay thank you," Matron replied.

"Anna, do you see that paper parcel over on the bookcase? Bring me what it contains please." Mr Grainger said.

She went over and looked in the bag.

"Don't be ridiculous, do you think this is some Victorian Public School?" Anna had to laugh.

"I wouldn't take that tone if I were you. I said bring me the contents," He replied.

Anna stood and looked for some time, starting to cry again at the thought of further pain and humiliation. Reluctantly, she pulled out the vicious looking cane and looked at it. It had a curved handle and knots at intervals down it's length. She moved across the room and handed it to Mr Grainger and went to sit down.

"Don't sit down, just remove your skirt and bend over the table please," He said.

Anna stared at him silently, but understood she had no real choice. Unzipping the skirt she stepped out of it and folded it over the chair. Both men were obviously impressed by her high heels, stockinged legs and a glimpse of her pants. They silently stared at her, flushing slightly. As she moved to rest her elbows on the table, both men got up, removed their jackets and moved towards her. With growing despair, Anna noticed their obvious erections.

Mr Grainger picked up the cane first as Anna looked at Mrs Grant and prepared herself for the pain. The older women gave her a sympathetic squeeze on the arm and held her. Anna heard the swish of the cane and felt searing pain, much worse than she expected. She squealed,jumped up and reached for her bruised Ass.

"Bend down and stay down, I won't tell you again," Mr Grainger said with an unpleasant tone in his voice. He was obviously very turned on by what he was doing and how she looked.

Anna did as she was told and Mr Grainger continued with two more strokes, each more painful than the last, though Anna new what to expect and stayed bent over. Then he handed the cane to Dr Procter, who continued for three more strokes at long intervals. They were even harder and more painful, Dr Procter was a big man and seemed to be showing his anger and disappointment with each heavy stroke.

By the end, Anna was in real distress, she stood up and gently held her agonised buttocks, still weeping.

"Turn round, push down your pants and show us," Dr Procter said coldly.

Anna did so, without any complaint, apparently defeated. She pushed her panties below her buttocks and all three of them examined their handiwork, silently. She pulled up her pants and reached for her skirt.

"Not quite so fast Sister."

Dr Procter then turned to Mrs Grant,

"Are you sure you don't want to leave at this point matron?"

She remained seated silently, as the two men sat on the edge of the table, undid their trousers and pushed them down, looking at her without expression.

"Oh please, I have agreed to all you asked, please," Anna pleaded with them.

Both men stayed where they were, silent. After waiting, hopefully, Anna moved towards them and squatted down. This was worse even than the beating. Anna was a proud women and this was more humiliation than she could bear, except she had to bear it. She pulled down Mr Grainger's underpants and took the semi erect penis into her mouth, he stiffened quickly. Despite the awful situation, she used all her skill to get it over quickly. She took his small penis in completely, without effort, sucking strongly, gently biting and then taking him out and licking down the length of his cock. Next she moved to Dr Procter, whom she counted as a friend, almost a Father figure, over several years. He was bigger and held her head as he actively pumped his cock into her mouth and enjoyed her licking sucking and gentle biting.

Anna went back and forth between them, quietly despairing. First Dr Proctor held her head with his cock down her throat, grunted and released a few jets of sperm, which she swallowed, without her normal enthusiasm. Next Mr Grainger came, except he continued pumping his cock into her mouth as he did so. Both men pulled up their trousers and without another word, Anna stood up, put on her skirt and unsteadily, left the room.

She went to a nearby toilet and dropped her skirt and pants to check the damage. Her Ass was already a battleground, with the bruising and bite marks from the previous weekend. Now there were six livid streaks across both cheeks, each with knot marks in them. Anna just sighed and redressed. Next she looked carefully in the mirror, her eyes were red and she looked visibly older. She had always looked young for her age, now her face was drawn and haggard, with a hunted, fearful look. There was no remedy of course, her path was being fixed by others, she was powerless and all from one impulsive mistake. There was no point in self pity though, none at all.

Anna left the main hospital and entered the new Private Wing for the first time. It was certainly luxurious, with a reception staffed by two attractive, smart girls, a small coffee shop and comfortable chairs. She asked for Matron's office, saying she was expected. Up two flights in the lift, she knocked on the door and entered.

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