tagGroup SexNight Nurse Ch. 04

Night Nurse Ch. 04


Summary: The complications in Anna's life have multiplied, when her sexual activities on the ward are discovered by Hospital Management. After a difficult interview, she was punished severely and forced to accept a move as Night Sister in the Hospital's private wing, where she will have to entertain the male patients.

Meanwhile a party for her husband's business clients, became a very satisfying Gang Bang, for all involved. At the end, she was given an enticing offer to become a rich businessman's mistress.

Anna and James arrived at his parents' house for Sunday lunch and to collect their two children. She had always liked and got on well with Hannah and Bill, her In-Laws. They would not have been so keen if they had any inkling about her star performance last night, when she had managed to exhaust seven men, including James.

Pushing such thoughts aside, they both made a fuss of the kids and kissed Hannah and Bill. Then then settled down to a splendid roast lunch. Anna had to admit that her Mother In Law was a better cook than her, though she seemed to have other talents, blow jobs and anal sex came to mind. After lunch, they made their goodbyes and left for home, to get ready for the working week.

In front of the kids, she and James were civil, even warm towards each other. When they got home, Anna was busy getting school uniforms ready, bathing the kids etc and James did some work in his office. When the kids were in bed, the friendly atmosphere seemed to stay. They sat on the sofa together watching television, happily enough. No more was said about last night, her offer, or was it ultimatum about their marriage. It seemed living in the same house in separate beds, might win out by default.

So the weeks routine started next day, Shopping, school runs, cooking, working night shifts from time to time. Anna hadn't started her "extra work duties" yet. Suzanne, her Nursing Officer had given her time to recover from her injuries. Those duties were the only cloud on her horizon. Anna new both she and James were grateful for a bit of normality intruding into their turbulent lives.

When she had time to herself, Anna tried to put what had happened into some sense of order, how she had felt about the experiences.

Firstly, her seduction, that was the only honest, self aware word for it, of the eighteen year old patient. It had truly ripped her life apart, yet she couldn't regret it, not really. She had loved the sex, so had Tim, what real harm had it done him?

Secondly, the Gang Rape by four young patients, the next night. It had been terrifying, she had really feared for her life. The consequences, discovery by other nurses and James's reaction, had been worse, much worse. She hated and resented it bitterly, the pain and humiliation. Yet she had to admit, the sex had been fantastic, the multiple orgasms, quite shattering. There was also a secret, sordid satisfaction, at being able to exhaust four fit young men.

Finally, the orgy with James's business partners the previous weekend. The sex had been just as good, Anna still savoured the feeling of those orgasms, but there was no fear, guilt, or she had to admit, resentment. James had organised, orchestrated it and it had been the last straw for their marriage, but she couldn't stay angry, it had felt so good. There was the added bonus of making him watch his wife been banged by five men and his humiliation.

There was no getting round it, Anna enjoyed group sex, she seemed to have a new vocation in life. The physical pleasure had been more than she could ever remember and there was a pride in being able to exhaust multiple partners, all on her lonesome.

Finally she plucked up courage to phone Ahmed, the Businessman, in whose house she had entertained. He had offered her regular trips to London to enjoy a meal, the theatre and then each other. He was nearly sixty and not very handsome, but they had got on together so well and sex with him had been so good. She was afraid he had forgotten, or changed his mind. He had also intriguingly suggested, that Anna and possibly another girl, might entertain at parties in future, to help oil the wheels of commerce. Frankly, that was more intriguing, with her new found enthusiasm for group sex.

When she phoned the number he had given her, Anna needn't have worried, he greeted her warmly. They chatted easily for half an hour, then arranged to meet the following week for a meal and the Ballet at Covent Garden. She had been a keen dancer as a teenager and just loved the ballet. He always stayed at the Savoy and they arranged to meet there at 5.30pm. Finally she mentioned about finding another girl for his parties and hoped to have some news when they met.

Whilst she remembered, Anna phoned Suzanne, the Private Wing Matron, who seemed to have the same healthy interest in men and sex. She invited her out for a meal, Anna's treat, saying she had a confidential matter to discuss. When James got home that evening, she said he would have to look after the kids on both evenings and overnight. Ignoring any arguments she made clear he had to take the kids to school next morning as well.

On the night she met up with Suzanne, Anna had chosen a nice, quiet Italian restaurant, for a girls night out. She felt she had to talk to someone who might just understand her conflicted feelings. She described the weekend Gangbang and the sex afterwards with Ahmed and her simple joy at the pleasure it had given her, Suzanne clearly understood what she meant.

"You mean you're dirt bag of a husband arranged all this, to try and complete a deal, then took part? He sounds like the men I always find, including the current one. Who gets all the nice ones, I want to know? Perhaps there aren't any.

Well all I can say, is I'm glad you've found a new vocation, making lots of men happy and for money, respect girlfriend," Suzanne finished and they clinked glasses. They were on their second bottle of wine already.

"The thing is Suz, I'm looking for a willing volunteer to help me out at parties, at Ahmed's home. What do you think? Paid this time, no more Pro Bono work. I know what that will make us, who cares," Anna finished.

"You do know what two girls working a party will mean, don't you? They'll expect us to get friendly."

"You're kidding, I am still innocent about all this," Anna sounded shocked.

"Oh they just love it to get them warmed up, the little beasts. I'm OK with that, in fact I quite enjoy it," Suzanne raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"Here's me thinking I'm a sex goddess and that never crossed my mind, for goodness sake."

"well get it to cross now lover. We could go to my flat now and let you dip you're toe in the water, or anywhere else you want."

Anna was thrilled at the idea, looked round to check if anyone was looking, then reached across and gave Suzanne a deep French kiss. She refused her offer to split the bill and picked up the remains of the bottle. They left the restaurant arm in arm and in a hurry.

The girls couldn't wait and stopped in a doorway for another long kiss. Anna decided she liked kissing a woman, more delicate, exploratory, less bruised lips. They ran to the flat, still arm in arm, rushed upstairs, opened the door and fell in, grabbing each other. Removing their coats quickly, they started kissing again and Suzanne reached up Anna's short skirt and ran her fingers slowly over her stocking tops, then she reached in Anna's panties, finding her clitoris faster than any man could. Anna through her head back and it hit the door, with a smile then a deep throaty laugh.

They almost tore each others clothes off and Anna pulled her in for another deep kiss, just to enjoy the new sensation of being up close with a naked women. She just loved the feel of Suzanne's breasts, the shape of her waist, the flaring hips and oh, the taste of a woman, so different, sweeter. This was all so much better than she thought, what had she been missing all these years?

Suzanne was happy to let Anna take the lead, loving her enjoyment of all these new sensations. Anna just pushed her into the bedroom, onto the double bed and looked at her, admiring. The long delicate neck, thin shoulders, perfect petite breasts, firm and suck able. Her gaze followed over her flat belly, to her trimmed labia, perfect. Her legs were less muscular than Anna's, but still shapely. Anna knelt down and went for Suzanne's tits, licking them all over, sucking the nipples and nipping them. She buried her head in her cleavage and pushed the breasts around her face, inhaling deeply. Suzanne was starting to respond, her breathing becoming ragged, whimpering softly. She managed to say,

"For a beginner, that's not bad."

"Oh, I'm just getting into my stride," Anna replied.

She fixed her with a stare like a man she was sucking off and shifted down to Suzanne's cunt. Just sticking her nose in first, to sample the wonderful aroma, then moving up to lick and suck her clit. Suzanne gasped and reached down to grab Anna's hair, pushing her in harder. She soon started pouring her juice over Anna's face, gripped her head with her thighs and shook with her first orgasm. She had noisy, full on orgasms, just like Anna.

When she had finally finished, Anna drew back, to gasp for air, laughed and fell on the bed to pull Suzanne into her arms. They just gazed into each others eyes for a while, then kissed deeply again. When they separated, Suzanne said,

"Going down," Then sank her mouth and hands on Anna's tits. She explored them, as if she'd never had her hands on a pair before. Suzanne loved the large brown, pretty nipples particularly, rubbing them over her face and sucking at them. Anna started enjoying herself more now too, her juices starting to flow. The other girl kissed down her chest and abdomen, to her shaven cunt. She lapped and sucked hard, but still not as brutally as a man would. At times it was like being touched by a feather and she could feel her breath.

Anna, being Anna, was very soon bucking and moaning as she came hard. The pleasure was as intense as she had ever had, with any man. When her orgasm washed away, they held each other and chatted, about any and everything, but mainly, men, sex and orgasms.

"There is plenty more to learn lover, but we've made a good start. We'll need to practice," Suzanne finished.

"Often," Anna whispered.

"Often yes and hard, very hard," Suzanne finished.

They kissed again and soon fell asleep in each others arms, leaving the lights on and the door unlocked. The girls woke early, Suzanne had to work that morning and Anna in the evening and there were the usual chores to do. Before dressing, they showered together, another delightful experience, but they managed to resist going back to bed.

Over a rushed breakfast of toast and tea, Anna said,

"Look Suzanne, if you are serious about joining me as a sex goddess, I can ask Ahmed if you could take part in our tryst and the ballet next week, see what he says.

We've never discussed anything so vulgar as money, but I just no he'll be generous. I would love to show him what I've learnt."

"Oh yes please," Suzanne was enthusiastic.

"You keep you're claws out of Ahmed though, he's mine, unless I'm there as well of course.

Maybe we can find you your own Sugar Daddy."

They parted soon afterwards, with a lingering kiss outside the flat. Anna went back home, the kids and James had gone. He did seem to be making an effort to be helpful, she thought he'd earned one of the sympathy fucks she'd offered him. That reminded her she needed to get a coil fitted and soon. She wasn't pregnant, she'd checked, but it wasn't for want of trying.

Anna was due to work the next two nights and tomorrow was going to be the first night she was to make herself available to the patients. She really wasn't sure how it was going to work in practice, how to make clear, discreetly, what was on offer. Otherwise the next two nights followed the same boring routine, with to little to do. She wore nice minimal underwear, stockings and unbuttoned her top uniform button. When alone with a patient, she bent down more than was strictly necessary, to show her cleavage, or the other way, with her Ass in convenient reach. There were a few nibbles at the bait, roaming hands under her skirt, she didn't discourage, but no bites. That suited her anyway and no one could say she wasn't trying.

Anna had spoken to Ahmed, who was enthusiastic about Suzanne joining their first meeting. The girls met at four in the afternoon, on Thursday, to catch the London train. They were both a little worried about arriving at the Savoy, one of London's best hotels, with overnight bags and no room to stay in. Would they be thrown out on their ears, as "Working Girls", though to be honest, that's what they were.

Suzanne and Anna walked in brazenly and found Ahmed sitting in reception, waiting for them. He gave them each a chaste kiss on the cheek and summoned a Porter to take their bags to his room. Not a raised eyebrow anywhere, the Hotel had class. He told Anna in future, just to speak to the Concierge, if he wasn't there and the bag would be taken up.

The three of them went through for supper straight away and the girls shared a nice bottle of Chablis with the delicious fish they had chosen. Ahmed didn't drink of course. When they finished, the three of them walked, arm in arm down towards the Aldwych and up the road to Covent Garden. Neither of the girls had been there before. The production was les Sylphides and it was danced just perfectly. They all walked back slowly to the Hotel. Ahmed asked them if they wanted a nightcap and told reception to send two large brandies to his room, then They went up together. The girls were a bit nervous, but no one seemed at all interested in them.

When they got to the suite and that's what it was, a large reception room, bedroom and bathroom, the girls explored, fascinated by the luxury. Ahmed went off for a quick shower and the girls set to repairing the damage of the day, touching up make up and their hair. When he came back, wrapped in a bath towel, Anna asked,

"Would you like me to show you what I've learnt?" Silly question.

They all went through into the bedroom and Ahmed laid on the bed. The girls just got down to it, pulling each other into a warm embrace and kissing passionately. Suzanne started pulling Anna's zip down first, Anna followed her, managing to step out of their dresses without stopping the kiss. They had deliberately chosen similar working wear, Half cup bras, thong and stockings with suspenders. Ahmed had plenty of time to appreciate, like a connoisseur, to delight in their different figures, both wonderful in their own way. Anna was more to his taste, heavier with large firm breasts, a slightly larger stomach, curving down to her groin, in a way he loved. Suzanne's stomach was flat and the skin rose up over her pubic bone, but she was still sensational. Life is good, he thought, his interest definitely starting to show.

The brandies arrived, just as the girls were removing each other's bras and started to explore their tits, with their mouths. The male porter tried not to notice, but his hand was shaking when he put the drinks down and he stooped forward as he left, to hide his erection.

Both girls went for each others panties, pushed them off and gently opened each others vagina, rubbing and exploring inside. They were beginning to feel the pressure now, groaning and whimpering, their legs weakening. They slowly sank to the carpet and got into a 69 position, Suzanne on top, then attacked each other's cunts enthusiastically. Both the girls had a short fuse and were ready to explode, coming together in shuddering climaxes. Suzanne collapsed down on Anna and switched herself round, so they could kiss again, tasting their own juices.

The girls turned to Ahmed, with the same feline predatory grin and crawled over to the bed, still in stockings and suspenders, but nothing else. Their expressions would have reduced most men to fearful wrecks, but Ahmed loved it. They got on the bed and moved up towards him, undid his towel and attacked his erection. Suzanne sucked in each ball in turn, whilst Anna licked up his shaft, then they both licked together and kissed at the top. Suzanne swung her legs round, over Ahmed's chest and presented her dripping cunt, not missing a beat with her tongue. Ahmed gripped her thighs and pulled her down and forced his tongue in her, pressing hard. Suzanne had to stop for a while, to try and compose herself. Anna took her chance and sucked the cock right in to his balls, licking and sucking hard. When she withdrew, Suzanne kissed her and tried the same. She couldn't manage to take him all in, but did her best.

Ahmed signalled he was about to explode and they stopped. The girls reached for and took large gulps of brandy, then kissed each other to share the drink. He pulled Suzanne over his cock and she pushed. The length wasn't the problem, but his thickness was. Anna had the advantage, she was bigger anyway and had born two children. Suzanne wasn't going to give up, she rocked and rotated her pelvis, till she took in most of him, then stopped for a well earned breather. Anna swung over Ahmed's chest, he pulled her to his mouth and gave her clitoris and cunt the same vigorous treatment. Suzanne started a steady rhythm and took in a little more of his length as she plunged down each time, till she had taken him all in. Then she reached round Anna's back and started mauling her tits. Anna came first, pulling her cunt away from the assault a little, as she shook and groaned, falling forward over the man under her. Suzanne followed soon afterwards, forcing her pelvis down as hard as she could, sweating and gasping for air. She new Ahmed hadn't come, so when she had recovered a little, set up a furious pace, bouncing around on the man under her, as Anna crawled off him and fell on the bed, completely spent. Soon Ahmed gripped Suzanne's hips holding her down hard as he groaned and pumped his come in her, then she slumped down on the bed to. They were an exhausted sweaty tangle of limbs, as their breathing recovered, Suzanne asked,

"How do you manage Ahmed, no disrespect, but you aren't twenty any more?"

"I'm inspired, you girls are Viagra in human form. I confess though, I do use the tablets too."

"Well I'm impressed, very impressed," Suzanne said, as her hand moved down to his growing cock.

"Back to work girlfriend, we have to earn our keep," Suzanne finished and moved down to suck in his cock, soon to be joined by Anna, It didn't take long and Ahmed placed each hand on their heads to stop them.

As in his first encounter with Anna, he placed both girls on the edge of the bed, with their Asses in the air. He just admired the delicious sight for the moment, was ever a man so blessed. Then he moved to Suzanne first and entered her willing cunt, setting a slow but deep penetrating rhythm. She was smaller than Anna and more than filled, with his cock touching her cervix, well short of full penetration. Suzanne started showing her appreciation, with deep, satisfied groans, amplified as he reached under her, for her tits. He wasn't gentle, squeezing the breast and pinching the nipples. She didn't mind, she liked being handled vigorously by a man.

Before she had finished, Ahmed withdrew and entered Anna the same way. There was a small mew of disappointment from Suzanne. If anything he thrust harder into Anna and groped her tits vigorously. Anna was able to come before he switched back, thanks to her well known, lighting trigger. He gave Suzanne a slightly harder time and she did come, shaking and shrieking loud enough for any neighbours to hear. She slumped forward onto the bed, but Ahmed wasn't letting her off, so lightly. He pulled her Ass back up again and reached for some gel, starting to smear it round her anus.

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