tagGroup SexNight of Changes Ch. 02

Night of Changes Ch. 02


Second Chapter: It would help if you read the first Chapter first, although you don't have to. Please vote, it makes me feel better. Feel free to let me know what you think. Enjoy


With his ear to the door, sweat running down his face and his heart in his throat, he could clearly hear her now. He didn't know if he should be jealous or excited. Well he sure was excited and he just couldn't be jealous, could he? It was his idea after all. Looking back at his short marriage to the best woman and lover, and how it all got started, he became even more aroused than before. The sound of his wife being fucked behind the door didn't help much.

Maya came home on a Thursday evening to find Phillip in a hot tub. The blues was playing softly to the sound of the bubbles coming from the Jacuzzi, the sun was setting and the view from their outdoor deck was just spectacular.

Phillip was resting in the tub, his head backwards on the deck surrounding it, glass of wine in his hand and sunglasses shielding his closed eyes. Maya stood by the door taking it all in. He was so good looking, she loved every minute of their lives together. Not only was he good looking, he care about her, respected her, and adored her and trusted her. She loved the attention he was giving to her every moment he had a chance to, never missing on anything. When something bothered her he knew, he felt it, and did his best to help or just listened, and was really listening not just pretending to be listening. There is a difference between those two, which she thought escaped most of the male population. He was never jealous, or hid it well. Not the he had a reason to be, but there sure were a lot of people out there who had an eye on her.

Ever since the strange marriage proposal on the night they met, Maya was more receptive to her surrounding. She saw the looks of other males and females, checking her out, fucking her with their eyes. She enjoyed it most of the time. It was a great feeling to have such power. She even noticed Cindy looking at her that way, which surprised her, knowing Cindy for so long and never noticing anything like that. Their wedding was three months after they met, and Cindy took it upon herself to help with the arrangements, since she was partly responsible for it in the first place.

Standing there on the deck leaning against the French door, Maya remembered her wedding dress shopping day. Her and Cindy both had a day off and decided to go shopping for the big day, holding hands and walking from store to store, trying to find something perfect. Their final destination of course was the wedding dress store. It was a high end store in downtown, offering just about anything that had something even remotely to do with weddings. They selected couple wedding dresses and some bride maid's dresses for Cindy and started to try them on. Maya couldn't help notice Cindy looking at her behind her back or when she thought Maya wasn't looking. All the mirrors made it pretty easy to see her no matter where you looked. For the first time Maya looked at Cindy as a beautiful woman, not just a friend, and she had to admit that she sure was beautiful, four inches taller than her, great figure, that didn't have anything that didn't belong there, blond hair cut just above her shoulders made her look even taller to her. She could have been a model; she sure had the face and figure for it. But her eyes, her eyes were almost magical.

They both were just in their underwear, just about to try other dresses on. Maya froze, staring at Cindy in the mirror, just taking in her beauty for the first time. Cindy took another dress to try on, not noticing Maya and her stare. She turned around and met with Maya's green eyes in the mirror. They stood there for few minutes just looking at each other, not saying anything. It felt like the time has stopped.

Maya was the first to move, she turned around and slowly walked towards her friend. She looked up at her, and brought her hand to her face. She touched her cheek lightly. It felt incredibly soft. She slowly moved her hand behind Cindy's head and pulled her towards her.

Their lips met. It was so soft so erotic. It was a light kiss, their lips just barely touching. Maya pulled back just a little bit.

"You are beautiful."

Cindy grabbed Maya's head and kissed her passionately. Their tongues met for the first time and Maya almost lost her balance. Her knees almost buckled under her. It was very different from anything she knew. Even the stranger in the park didn't affect her this way. Then she realized the difference. She didn't care for the stranger, she was a part an incredible night, but she didn't know her, she didn't feel for her, she was a toy, pretty, erotic, live, sex toy. But she cared for Cindy, she was there for her, she was the reason why they were shopping for a wedding dress.

Maya broke the kiss.

"I love you." She said breathlessly. Cindy looked in her green eyes.

"I'm glad, I was starting to loose hope."

Loose hope, what did she mean? Maya gave her a surprised look and Cindy continued.

"I'm in love with you for a long time now. I didn't know it really, but when I was setting the date for you and Phillip, it hit me. I am in love with Maya Smith. I didn't know what to do, I felt like a little kid again having crush on my teacher. Thank you so much."

"For what?" Maya asked surprised.

"For making the first move. I would have never done anything to compromise our friendship. You made it easier." Cindy smiled.

Maya just reached for her again, and brought her lips to her for another passionate kiss. She touched Cindy's body for the first time. Her hand started to travel from her flat stomach to her breast. She was so soft, not like Phillip, rough and manly with hard muscles, but incredibly soft and smooth. She cupped Cindy's breast and started to squeeze them lightly. A moan from Cindy encouraged her, and she slipped her hand under her bra. She started to understand the fascination the guys had about tits. It was something hidden something only for the most personal touches. And she was touching her best friend now the way only her lover can. She was her lover now.

She didn't even feel bad. She loved Phillip, she loved him beyond anything. This was different kind of love, but love never the less. People say, you either love or don't love. No compromises. But Maya started to realize there were different kinds of love out there. She felt the urge to experience them all.

She felt a shock just then, like an electric surge going through her. Cindy was touching her as well. She squeezed Maya's breast lightly as they continued to kiss.

Knock and voice from behind the door broke their private world just then. It was like someone hit the play button after having it on pause for a while. The world started spinning again.

"You guys need anything?" The sales girl asked from behind the door.

Cindy cleared her throat: "No, we're just about done, thanks."

The song ended and Maya, standing by the French door on her deck, open her eyes and realized her hand had moved to her crotch and was massaging her wet pussy. She took all of her cloths off except for her bra and slowly walked towards Phillip. She looked down at him, sleeping in the hot tub, his head tilted back. She put her feet on either side of his head and slowly lowered herself above his face.

Phillip inhaled the aroma or her shaven pussy and out of instinct stuck his tongue out to lick what was above his mouth. He opened his eyes and saw his wife's pussy above his face. He smiled as she lowered herself on his tongue. He loved the taste of his wife, especially after she came home after long day at work. Her taste wasn't as sweet and tasty as if she was fresh and washed but it was personal, only for him. He started licking her pussy. After few minutes Maya lifted herself from his face and as she entered the hot tub she greeted him.

"Hello my love."

"Hi sweetheart, you know, I love when you kiss me hello like this." Phillip was grinning at his wife.

"I love when you kiss me like that, too. But not just hello, anytime."

"Don't worry about that, I love your taste, you know that. I could eat your pussy for hours." He was hard just thinking about it.

She was so beautiful, her very long hair, now mostly wet and floating in the bubbles, just made his hardness that much more painful.

She moved over to him and kissed him passionately. She felt his hard cock as she straddled his lap for the kiss.

"I couldn't help to notice your wetness when you 'kissed' me. Did I miss anything?" "No, don't worry, just that when I saw you lying in the tub, I remembered the day we met and also I remembered the person that made that happen."

"Oh, Cindy." Mike closed his eyes to recall Cindy's image, or more precisely, the image of Cindy and his wife together.

"Yea Cindy, I thought back to your first time, you know, the wedding dress shopping, and I just could help myself." Her eyes became dreamy.

"I miss her P, I really do."

"Trust me I miss her too. Especially I miss to see her with you."

Cindy remarried. She moved to the other side of the country with a guy that Phillip introduced her to. She deserved to be happy and her child needed a father.

Phillip loved to see his beautiful wife and her best friend making love. Yes, he fucked Cindy in the process, quite a bit actually, but he enjoyed watching the two girls together even more.

Cindy lifted herself just above Phillip's hard cock and slid down on it slowly, looking in his eyes and kissing him softly once she had taken all of him in.

"Do you remember our first time; I mean the three of us?" She asked as she started her way up his cock again.

"How could I forget?" Phillip was in heaven.

He loved to carry on a normal conversation while he fucked his wife. It made it so natural, so real, so personal.

It was their wedding night. After the function and festivities surrounding their big day, Phillip carried his new wife to the suite of the hotel where the party was held. They were laughing and enjoying themselves as they entered the room. As soon as Phillip set his bride on the bed, a knock on the door interrupted them.

It must be a joke, Phillip thought, but voice from the hallway changed his mind.

"Room service"

"It must be some kind of a hotel tradition." Maya said, as Phillip got up and walked to answer the door unsuccessfully trying to hide his erection.

When he opened the door, he froze. Cindy was standing there in nothing but sexy lingerie that didn't hide much of anything.

"Oh, happy to see me, are we? Can I come in?" Cindy asked glancing at the visible outline of his cock, and without an invitation she just slipped by frozen Phillip into the room.

When she was well into the suite, Phillip came to his senses.

"Sure come on in."

He closed the door and returned to his wife and the guest.

"I'm your guys wedding present from one Cindy Hamilton." She smiled as she delivered the message.

Phillip knew about the shopping trip his now wife and her friend shared. He had few hot dreams about it, too. But now he didn't know what to think. He was aware of the relationship Maya and Cindy shared, and he was fine with it. Somehow sharing his lover with another woman didn't bother him. He could not stand sharing with another man but woman, especially Cindy, that was just fine. But he didn't expect this.

As he stood there dumbfounded, Cindy moved to Maya and kissed her softly on her lips. Then she walked over to Phillip and did the same, standing on her toes, just barely reaching his mouth.

Maya broke the silence.

"I thought it unfair to you, I had a lover and you didn't. Besides I think this will make our relationship continue in its original direction, don't you think?"

Phillip briefly recalled the night when he proposed to Maya. Did she plan to continue that night throughout their marriage? Well if she was, who was he to complain? He had his wife and her best friend on his wedding night, willing to do pretty much anything he wanted.

"Who am I to complain?" He said as he sat in the chair opposite of the bed.

"Why don't you guys start?"

Maya and Cindy smiled at each other and Cindy moved over to still fully clothed Maya. She came over slowly and leaned over Maya for a kiss, placing her hand on her shoulders. But instead of kissing Maya, Cindy pushed her flat to the bed. She moved to her feet and started to push her wedding dress up her legs. As she was inching her way up, Cindy began to kiss Maya's legs. The more she pushed the dress up the closer her kisses got to her pussy.

As the dress was pushed past Maya's crotch, Cindy found herself staring at a beautiful shaved pussy she dreamed about for the past few weeks. No underwear. It got her so hot that she moved straight for her private parts and started to push her tongue into her lover's tunnel.

On the first taste she moved her head back and looked up at Maya.

"We just couldn't help ourselves." Maya said. "We had to sneak into the bathroom before the ceremony for a quick one. He came in me just as you were calling me, that it was time. You should try it. It's great to have your husband's-to-be cum running down your legs as you say 'I DO'."

Cindy looked back at Phillip, who just smiled at her, holding his dick in his hand slowly stroking it to the action before him.


Maya was sliding slowly up and down Phillip's cock as they both talked about the first time with Cindy. Phillip had his finger in Maya's ass as he remembered doing the same thing to Cindy that night.


As Cindy resumed her licking of her friend's pussy, Phillip stood up and walked towards the bed where his wife was licked by a beautiful woman.

He pulled her panties to the side and pushed a finger into her pussy effortlessly, she was dripping wet from all the action that was unfolding. Cindy never had a threesome before and she was surprised how good it felt. She was giving pleasure to one of her lovers while the other one was pleasuring her.

Phillip licked his index finger on his free hand, and started to push it into Cindy's ass. He thought about fucking her as she ate his wife's pussy but he felt that somehow, tonight the first one to be fucked should be his bride.

Soon the room was filled with moans and sounds of pleasure as Cindy ate Maya's pussy while Phillip was fingering Cindy's pussy and ass with his fingers.

Cindy moved to the side and looked over her shoulder at Phillip.

"She is ready P, fuck your wife for the first time." Cindy didn't like the emptiness when Phillip pulled his fingers from her, but somehow she knew, there was more to come later, much more.

Phillip positioned himself at Maya's pussy. He leaned over his lover and kissed her as he started to enter her for the first time as husband and wife.

Cindy was mesmerizes by the sight. Phillip's dick was big and it looked even bigger against her friend's petite frame. Maya wasn't surprised. She got used to fucking his cock over the past few moths. They fucked every day, most of the times more than once, sometimes at home, other times everywhere else. It was great to fuck in the bathroom of a classy restaurant, or in the park, or even on a shoulder of a busy freeway, pretending to have a flat tire.

Phillip started to push in and out of Maya slowly, while Cindy moved up to her friend to share a passionate kiss. Maya moved her hand to her friend's pussy, moved her lace panties to the side and inserted two fingers into her. Cindy gasped and intensified her kiss. Phillip pulled out of his wife of few hours, and told Cindy:

"Come closer. Taste your friend off of my dick."

Cindy smiled and moved her head over to where he was standing. She took his cock in her mouth. She licked his length first, just to taste Maya's pussy. She really enjoyed the flavor. Phillip was watching her as she took him into her mouth and then looked up at his wife. All he could see was a huge smile on her face, while her fingers were busy flying in and out of Cindy's pussy.

He pulled out of her mouth, reinserted his dick into Maya's pussy for a few strokes and then gave it back to Cindy with a fresh taste of his wife on it. She eagerly sucked him back into her mouth while Maya moved her friend's pussy over her own face. Phillip put his hands behind Cindy's head and started fucking her mouth, trying to get as deep as possible. Cindy started to gag, but he didn't release his grip. She tried to move back and fought his grip, but he held it right at the entrance to her throat. Just then Maya bit her friend's clitoris lightly, to which she responded with a gasp and tried to inhale little more air. Instead she inhaled Phillip's dick all the way into her throat. He held it there while his wife sucked on her clit and fucked her with her fingers.

Phillip pulled out of her throat a little bit just to slam it back in, hitting her chin with his balls. After repeating it few times, he pulled all the way out leaving Cindy gasping for air, with few tears running down her face and saliva hanging from her mouth. He pushed into his wife, and positioned Cindy's face on her cheek just above the pussy he was fucking. Pretty soon he got into a rhythm where he would push once into Maya's pussy and once all the way in into Cindy's mouth.

All the time Maya was eating and finger fucking the cunt above her face. Cindy was so excited. On one end she was roughly assaulted by Phillip, on the other end she was being pleasured to a max. She enjoyed this strange combination, all the way to her shuddering climax.

When Phillip entered his wife again, Cindy moved over to Maya's mouth and kissed her hard on the lips.

Phillip was in heaven. Not only did he have his beautiful wife and her beautiful friend to fuck, but feeling of power over Cindy, when he fucked her mouth was just amazing. He'd never done anything like that. Maya did deep throat him, but she took her time. She wanted to do it and he didn't force her at all. It took her couple of days to figure it out. She wanted to prove herself, that she can do it. He was happy with her blow jobs but going deep like that was a great bonus.

Maya broke the kiss and looked up at her husband, who was still slowly fucking her, enjoying the show, wanting to last as long as possible. She smiled at him.

"Sweet heart, I think I'm ready. Take my cherry now." She smiled at him.

Phillip had confused look on his face. His cock was buried to its hilt. What was she talking about?

Seeing his confusion, Maya lifted herself up on her elbows and looked him in the eyes while Cindy stroked her friend's breasts and pinched her nipples.

"Well it is our wedding night, and I want to give you something special. Well and the only place no one's ever been before, is my butt. So, I would like to give it to you as a compensation for my real virginity."

He couldn't believe his ears. There she was all 100 lbs of her, giving him her ass virginity. Now he knew he was dreaming. He tried anal sex with some of his ex-girlfriends, but neither one of them liked it the first time so he never really did it properly. He wanted to make this one perfect, so Maya wouldn't hate it and never let him do it again.

Quick question entered his mind. Why do guys want to fuck a girl in the ass? There is perfectly fine pussy right below that (or above, depends) so what's the deal here? It must be the same thing, as seeing breasts for the first time. It's something hidden, something not normal, something unusual, something wrong. There you have it. If you tell a guy that it is wrong, well first thing he will do is to try it. Hey, don't smoke, it's bad for you. Yea, right!!!

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