tagSci-Fi & FantasyNight of Choices

Night of Choices


Tom anxiously rechecked the now well creased card stuffed in his pocket. "I hope I'm not too early for the party," he muttered quietly to himself. The card was stuffed back into the pants pocket and fingers lifted to drum lightly upon the steering wheel. This was to be his first Halloween party as an adult, a college freshman away from his parents and the worries that he would blow it were upon his mind. Granted, those worries were interspersed with hopes that at least he would get the chance to get drunk and if he were lucky, to help a young lady relieve herself of the little clothing she'd worn as a costume.

He'd come a bit early, well a couple of hours early for the party, but it was Thirsty Thursday and so he'd wanted to avoid the downtown crowd getting in the way. Fingers adjusted the tie for the cloak around his throat, wishing he'd put the cloak on after getting out of the car. Eyes flicked to the rear view mirror to check the attempted makeup job. It wasn't a fancy costume by any stretch of the imagination, but more importantly it had been on the clearance rack and thus within the meager college student budget his part time job afforded him. The only thing missing was the cheap set of plastic fangs that came with the costume, those fit so poorly that they'd been left at home.

Out of the car he stepped, readjusting the cape and slipping his keys into the pocket of the worn black jeans he wore. One last duck into the car to grasp the case of Milwaukee's Best and the door was shut, three times to make sure it actually latched shut. "Beater with occasional heater," he chuckled to himself, and strode over towards the front door. Once there he turned over the invite, the twenty dollar cover charge, and the case of beer to the guys at the front and made his way in.

There weren't many people there when he first walked in, but at least a few partygoers had already arrived, much to his relief at having potentially been the first. There was a small snack table on one side with a DJ setting up shop next to it, he supposed that was what the cover charge was for. He could see a couple of guys standing off to one side not in costume, and presumed there were some form of security from the way they seemed to be watching everyone. Odd, he thought, at first but shrugged it off and figured it couldn't hurt nor was he planning to do anything that would involve them.

The party was being thrown by one of the oldest sororities on campus, officially they had been founded shortly after the university started up and the house they had showed it. Over the decades it apparently had been fixed up quite a bit, and while there were still obvious signs of it being a sorority house, overall it was quite impressive and he wondered at what it must feel like to reside in such a place. He, being a freshman, was stuck in the dorms and simply counted himself lucky enough to have gone to a school that let him bring his vehicle. Most schools seemed to have made it a rule not to allow freshman vehicles anymore.

Subtly, hidden by the tablecloth, he adjusted his groin a bit to try and make it less noticeable. His imagination had already run wild thanks to all the stories he'd heard over the past couple of weeks about this particular party and the couple of costumes he'd seen girls wearing outside only made him anxious to see what they dared wear behind closed doors.

As guests filtered in, he took notice that many of the women arrived fully clothed, mostly in full sweats, and often went straight upstairs. About a half hour after the first couple had arrived, they started coming back down the stairs and it was then that Tom realized no matter how much adjusting he made, the bulge would be always be obvious. Not that he lingered on that concern for very long as his eyes wandered between the women as they filtered about the room. Witches seemed to be in this year and his eyes were greeted with every various way to dress like a witch that he could imagine, and some he would not have imagined. One in particular caught his eye, a taller woman wearing a full length black dress, the sides slit all the way up to her waist and the front was simply a pair of straps that came over her full bosom and clipped behind her neck.

He watched as she strolled through the party goers and headed right to the refreshments, ladling herself a cup of punch. She lifted the cup to lavender colored lips and took a long drink, his eyes watching as her throat moved with each swallow of the liquid. Once the cup was drained, she refilled it then turned around and pressed her rear lightly to the table while hazel eyes overlooked the crowd. Quickly Tom looked away when her gaze came his way, feeling a touch of a blush fill out his cheeks.

It wasn't like he was inexperienced, the summer before college began had been filled spending his free time with a coworker who like him, had been eighteen, a virgin, and unwilling to go to college having never had sex. The two of them had scoured the internet for various techniques and positions, making time every week to try something new. She had even let him enter her rear two weeks prior to school starting. Yet, she and the woman before him were on completely different levels and he felt his confidence sap away under this woman's gaze.

Still, whenever she looked away from him, Tom took the advantage to take lingering looks. The way the light slid down the shiny black and lavender locks held his gaze till finally his eyes would come to rest upon her rear, occasionally glimpsing it when a slit moved in the perfect way. So engrossed he became in watching her that the beer in his hands became warm. Upon realizing just how long he'd been staring when he sipped the beer, Tom made a note to try to not appear so creepy and attempted to work and mingle into the crowd. His actions and gaze, however, had not gone unnoticed by the bouncers.

As the night went on, the beers took less and less time to empty and while he was having a good time and well into the goal of getting drunk, Tom was having no luck on the goal of getting laid. The costumes had him feeling the growing case of blue balls, and some of the games had left pieces of already skimpy costumes strewn about the party area. The crowd was slowly thinning out as people succumbed to the heavy sexual atmosphere and stumbled their way to various bedrooms, dark corners, and in the case of one couple to just putting on a show on the staircase.

The surroundings not helping his case much, Tom slowly began to make his way towards the patio area. His lungs thanked him as the air began to clear, he hadn't even noticed how smoky the building had gotten. The crack of a new can of beer opening filled the air while he slowly allowed the air in his lungs to exchange for the cleaner night air. "It sure is easier to breathe out here, isn't it?" Came the soft, feminine voice behind him.

Tom whipped around to find the tall woman from before lounging upon a short, stone wall surrounding the courtyard. "Yes, I didn't realize just how many people were smoking in there. Kind of nice to get out of there for a bit." His voice shook just a little bit and despite the alcohol flowing through his system, he could feel his member beginning to harden just from looking at her.

Lavender lips turned to a small smile, "Yes, happens every year that we run the party. Takes a couple of weeks to air the building out, but it's worth it." She lifted a leg up upon the stone, letting the dress fall between taut thighs, "I hope you've been enjoying yourself, both at this party and at drooling over me all night." A flash of pearly white teeth as she made the last part of the comment. "I must say, it's been fun seeing your pants get tight every time you see me."

His face felt warm as the blood rushed to his cheeks, "Well you're very sexy and that dress shows it off well. I think you bewitched me, "a nervous chuckle followed the bad joke. His eyes were having a hard time lifting themselves from where the dress covered over her mound.

Pink tongue caressed over her teeth as she watched him stare at her, fingers reached down and entwined in the slip of material. "If you're going to stare at it so much, why don't you lick it?" She flicked the material over her extended leg, revealing soft, pink lips surrounded by trimmed black hair. Against the stone she laid back, waiting for him to take her up on the invitation.

He blinked for a few moments at her boldness, wondering if his alcohol fogged brain had cooked up this scene. But as he stood there, his second head took over and within seconds he found himself kneeling upon the cold concrete and leaning his head in towards her. First, he took in a deep smell, savoring her scent before letting his tongue run the length of her slit. Gently fingers parted her outer lips to allow his tongue access.

She smiled as he took advantage of the offer, reaching down to stroke his hair. His tongue had some experience and was hitting the major areas, but it was far from being highly skilled. Still his enthusiasm at the task was admirable and it still felt pleasant though at this rate it was going to take her some time till she would have a proper orgasm. With the night only being half over, she was willing to take the time needed and there were many worse ways to while away the time than getting her pussy eaten. A little grin to herself, sometimes life was just that good.

When she finally reached orgasm, her hazel eyes drifted to the young man between her thighs, "Now if you'll so kindly join me on this stone wall I'd love to return the favor." A giggle had to be suppressed at how quickly he jumped up on the wall, and she managed to offer just a smile before reaching over and slowly unzipping his jeans. She reached in and slowly pulled his hard member out into the chilly night air, taking a few moments to look it over. He was a fairly decent length, with average girth, but the head was absolutely massive making her think of a lollipop. Eyes glanced to see the look of anticipation upon his face, giving her a thrill, and without delay she leaned over to wrap her lips around the head.

At first all he could think about was how damned lucky he was to watch her engulf his cock within her mouth but shortly that thought turned to how damned good she was at sucking cock. The amount of suction she could place upon it was incredible and her tongue seemed to know every single spot that would bring a moan to his throat. She worked her hand well in tandem with her mouth, and gently rolled his cum filled balls about within her other hand. For the first time in his life, he was glad that alcohol had dulled his senses a bit as he was able to enjoy the blowjob for at least a little bit.

As she expected it didn't take long until she felt his shaft being to harden just a hair more and feel the cum move through his cock up into her waiting mouth. Slowly she swallowed each drop, then let go of his member just in time to watch his body slump over to the side. Her tongue slipped out to clean off her lips and hand went up to wave over a pair of the bouncers, "Take this one to the basement. You know what to do with him from there."

Slowly Tom awoke, feeling groggier than a normal hangover, and when he tried to pull his hand over to rub the sleep from his eyes, he felt resistance and the cold touch of a metal bracelet. His eyes cracked open to look around and he found himself laying nude in a small room, shackled at hands and feet to a bed. The woman from earlier was seated at a desk and gave him a little smile when he awoke.

"Finally," she uttered, getting off of the chair to stroll over to the bed and settle down on the edge. "I'm sure you have a million things going through your head right now, but for now you're just getting the short explanation of it and a proposition, m'kay?"

He nodded slowly, and while he hated to admit to it, his eyes were focused more on her plump lips that had felt so lovely upon his member. Damned horny bastard he was, and it seemed it had finally cost him dearly.

"So here's the deal, vampires are real," She grinned for a moment to show off the well-known elongated fangs and gave him a moment to let that sink in. "Yes, some of us suck blood, but that's only part of it. The short story is that we exist by taking life force from humans, some get it through blood and some of us get it through sexual pleasure. I tend to prefer to give my donors sexual pleasure such as the blowjob from earlier this evening. So, that being the case I throw a party every year in order to help replenish my ranks as is sometimes needed. This brings us to the proposition."

He swallowed a little, there wasn't much information there but then again his mind was still stuck on vampire and thinking how that explained about her being able to suck so well and so hard. The memory triggering a little stirring in his groin and apparently getting a small smile from her.

"You have three choices, and believe me there is always someone who takes the ones you don't expect. The first choice is the one I hope you take, and that is to allow me to use you as a life force donor. In return for allowing me to take a little bit of life from you, which does replenish itself as long as you're healthy, you will be well taken care of and of course, get to have daily sex with me and several of my coven members." She slowly traced over his cock with a lavender painted nail, watching him.

"Of course you could always choose to rebel against me and make us have to harvest cum from you. If that's the case, well, take a look at the screen and you'll see how we accomplish that."

As he turned towards the television, he could see another college aged male strapped to a table. Underneath his cock was a collection bowl and he was in the midst of having his ass raped by a grinning vampiress with an insanely huge strapon.

"Sadly it seems no matter what we do, they don't live very long being milked like that. Such is there choice though and in my opinion better than the waste of the third choice. That one is reserved only for the worst of cases, where there is no working with them in the least bit, and so we simply cut the throat and drink the blood while it's still warm. It's such a waste but...sometimes we're forced to do it."

She wrapped her fingers around his slowly hardening cock and gently stroked it, "So what will it be? Become a sex slave and get to blow your wad within several willing vampires craving your cock or would you rather be turned over to a nasty little lady with a penchant for causing as much pain as she can?"

As if she really had to ask that question, there was no way that he even though options two and three were even viable, "So uh, do I call you mistress then?" A small part of him inside cringed when he saw the smile creep across her face.

Several weeks later and for the second time that day he was crammed inside the janitor's closet, back pressed up against several broom handles as a lovely blonde fellated him. Daisy was one of the more insatiable women and took full advantage of the situation, making sure to drain him at least three to four times a day for the three days in a row she was allotted. Sure, it was a helluva drain on his body and usually he needed a couple of days to rest after her but who was he to complain about getting laid on a regular basis. Never mind that the girls fed him well, their sorority house was warmer and the beds more comfortable than his dorm room, and hey even his new beater with a heater had been made in the last four years. Life was good, so long as he could keep up with these nymphos.

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