tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNight Of Lust For A Small Woman

Night Of Lust For A Small Woman


It was 9 p.m., in the suburban area of the small town. When the four convicts entered the unguarded property and then, from the rear door, the luxurious house, they met the entire family, Mr. and Mrs. Blum and their son, in the living room.

Fifteen minutes later, pieces of female garments were scattered in all the room. Someone had placed a pair of red stiletto heels on a chair, a pair of stockings were laid on the back of the couch, shreds of nice blouse and skirt were on the floor, a pair of lacy black panties hung from the chandelier, buttons had flown everywhere.

Mr. Blum and his son were sitting on the floor, near the fireplace; three threatening strangers, with knifes in their hands, surrounded them.

John, a white young giant of 22 years, built like a trunk and well over seven feet tall, approached the naked, trembling Mrs. Blum in the center of the room; a black lacy bra, matching with the hanging panties, was tied, as a trophy, around one of his massive arms.

He put his arm under the round butt of the womam, hoisted her to his head level, easily as she was a child and hold her in the crook of his elbow, with a grin of satisfaction on his face.

Mrs. Blum was a very attractive brunette in her early fifties who, although her mature age, looked no more than thirty, thirty five years old and still captured the attention of all the men, old or young, she met. She was for the men a sensual dream and for the women a good reason of envy. This because she always exercised, since teenager, four times a week at gym, to maintain in an excellent shape her small, but gorgeous body and smooth skin: an all natural, perfect beauty. Standing barely 4'10", with a very narrow waist and slender legs, many of her 95 pounds of tender but firm flesh were located in her big rack and tight ass. On her petite frame those incredibly large, snow-white breasts were a miracle of gravity and seemed to burst at any time, squirting gallons of fresh milk. Her husband was crazy for them; and her son, too; and all the other men.

"How old are you, lady?" John asked, his mouth almost touching her pink lips.

"Fiftytwo," she answered meekly.

"Whow!!! what a nice old pussy we got, buddies!! What a good piece of fleshy, cute mommy you are, little one," he shouted, licking her mouth and nose with a darting tongue.

"Put me down, please, young man," said the woman. "I can give you money and jewelry. Please, young man, take all the money you want and then go away. Please, don't hurt us."

"We don't want your money, little woman, we want you, only you; a babe with tits and ass like yours must be played by big men like me and my buddies," said John, pinching one long nipple with his fingers.

"Do you understand, mommy? Your body, your tender, smooth, white body is mine: you are a beautiful bimbo to be played and ravished as long as we want."

Then he cradled the small woman in his arms, like he was holding a weightless pet and walked all around the house, carrying and bouncing her, enjoying to feel the girlish nakedness of her ripe body.

She was begging, with imploring voice: "Put me down, please, I'm a married woman and a mother, my husband and son are here; don't do this to me, please, let me go."

But John didn't care: he was determined to fulfil his wicked lust and to dominate totally the cute lady he had denuded completely and savagely in the living room, in front of her husband and son.

With the tender object of his sadistic fantasy tightly embraced, he started biting, chewing, licking and sucking her appetizing, baby soft, clean, naturally perfumed flesh: neck, tits, nipples, armpits, underarms, thighs, asscheeks and pussylips were a succulent meal for his voracious mouth. She was at his mercy and he loved brutalize an older woman who could be his own mother.

"Little lady, you are the biggest set of tits I have ever seen in a small body like yours. Look, little one, how they are bouncing in my hand, look how hard are these nipples," said the young giant, while clutching the two white mounds. "Hey, buddies, this mommy, here, has the flesh of a little baby: as smooth as velvet. And no hairs on her pussy and armpits: silk soft as a child. Do you like being caressed, licked and bitten, little mommy?"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh my god, nooooooooo, stop, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, it hurts, ohhhhhhh god. Pleeeeease, don't do this, please, stop, don't bite my tits, pleeeeeease."

Effortlessly John lifted Mrs. Blum up by her hips, and made her dancing in mid air, as a ballerina, while her titties were swaying back and forth like water balloons.

"Do you like it, little one? Say yes, mommy, or I'll drop you."

"Yes, yes, yes, don't drop me, please."

"Little pussy, I'm your master!! Call me master, bitch!!"

"Yes, yes, yes master, don't drop me, pleeeeeeeease master."

"Have you ever been so high, little mommy? Who is the stronger man you met? who is playing with these big melons? Tell your husband and son how strong is your master, tell them who is squeezing your milkers."

"Yes, yes, yes, I never met a man strong like you, master; your hands play with my tits, oooooohhhhhhhhh, don't hurt me, pleeeeeeeeeeeease, put me down, please, master."

But John did not care; he moved the tiny woman to another position and, putting his palms under her back, he lifted and lowered her in turns, bouncing her body up and down, as a puppet, at open hands. His strength was amazing: he was able to push her up to the ceiling and spin her around, like a top, by using only one hand.

"Oooooohhhhhh, my god, stop, stop, stooooooop, put me down, pleeeeeeease, sir, pleeeeeeeeeeease master, I have to go to the bathroom, I need toilet, pleeeeeeeease, sir."

The long savage manipulation and the strength of her captor had frightened the woman, whose bladder was now stimulated till the non return point.

"What? Tell me again what you need, baby. Shitting?"

"Ohhhhhh nooooo, I have to pee. Please sir, let me go to the bathroom. Please, master, put me down. I can't hold."

"Okay, mom, relax. Daddy will take care of you."

A big smile followed these words; then, abruptly, he ordered: "Piss, bitch; piss here; let your husband and son and everybody of us see the beautiful shameless mom and wife spraying her sweet piss like a newborn, while sitting in the arms of her daddy."

Now John's big hands were holding the woman by her thighs, with her legs well spread and her back leant against his chest.

"Noooooooooo, I can't, don't do this to me, please sir, not here, not in front of all these men, not in front of my son."

"Mommy, if you don't obey, I'll bite your tender nipples with my teeth, right now. Okay, little lady? Piss, momma, piss."

And the scared momma obeyed; easily supported by John, she released her bladder: a flush of golden shower came out and a liquid pool formed on the floor.

An approving ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!! from John and the other captors accompanied the dirty performance of Mrs. Blum.

When the woman finished urinating, the young giant turned her around and eagerly licked her wet, shaved pussy, getting soft moanings out of the debased woman: then, holding firmly the naked lady by her smooth armpits, he paraded her in the room, like a hunting trophy.

"Noooooooo, stoooop, please master, let me go, I'm tired, master, please, I did what you wanted, but now put me down, please sir, I beg you."

The older woman was begging him like she was a schoolgirl: this gave new energy to the libidinous guy.

John was definitely in full power: he could move the woman effortlessly like she was a plaything in his hands; he could satisfy his lechery; nobody and nothing could stop him.

He envelopped again the little woman in his solid arms and walked her to the terrified husband and son, showing them his strength; he had conquered the woman: a woman who was their wife and mother.

"Watch, guys, how easily daddy is cradling this small beautiful baby," he told them, kissing and licking a delicious little brown mole over her left breast.

"She is no more your wife and mom: she is a child in the hands of her daddy, she is mine, totally mine; these buns and these honey dew melons belong to me, to be played any way and any time by her daddy. This hot little number must be served by an all man like me and not by some faggots as you. Do you understand, little whore? Remember, little one, I am your master and you are my obedient slave."

His words were followed by another kiss, on her belly button: the trembling Mrs. Blum struggled and squealed defencelessly, like a little girl, kicking her legs in the air.

The small woman was no match for the big stud: he manhandled her like she was a midget, toying with her soft, naked body; red traces of hungry love bites marked her white unblemished skin.

John was a tit-lover and her large, tender, white mounds, decorated by two erect, pink buds, were his target: using teeth, lips and tongue, he flicked, bit and pulled her nipples, till they protruded almost one inch and a half from her chest.

"Dinner is ready. Watch carefully, kid. I'll show you how mom's big breasts can be worked; and then I'm sure you would like trying the same," John said to her son.

Then he opened his mouth: it was wide like an oven and when he attached his lips to one round orb and sucked hungrily, her fleshy cone, little by little, disappeared and was entirely engulfed, filling his jaws and gullet.

"Oooooohhhhhh nooooooo, don't do this, not here, my son is watching. Please, sir, ooooohhhhhh my god, what are you doing to my tit! Please, not your mouth, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!."

The woman couldn't stop high pitched squeals escaping her throat, but John was insatiable: her swollen globe was chewed, tasted, slobbered and viciously devoured like a sweet cake, topped by an incredibly long strawberry, hard as a bullet.

When the tit slid out and was again free on her chest, John licked his lips and asked her son: "Did you see how a tit can be deep throated, kid? Did you imagine that mom's boob could be fully sucked and mouthed? I'll show you again."

And, without mercy for the small woman, he repeated his assault to the second tit, swallowing it like it was a piece of meat, without caring the moans and squeaks of the poor trapped housewife.

Finally satiated by the mammary food, the cruel giant bent his victim at her waist, holding her with one arm; then slapped hardly and resoundingly her dangling huge titties.

"Tell me, little one, does your husband play with your beautiful melons like me? Does he palm, lift, lick and slap these heavy round "bazookas" of yours that way? Tell me, mommy!!"

"No, sir, never I had my tits played so much. Nobody fondled my tits like you, master. But now stop, please!"

"Did you like it, mommy?"

No answer.

And John again: "Whore, I'm waiting your answer! Don't make me angry!!"

"Yes, yes, sir, I like it, I like when you play with my breasts. But now, please, let me go, sir. You got everything from me, you made me piss, you sucked all of my tits, but now put me down, master, I beg you."

"Everything, you say? Bitch, I have just started with you. There are still so many things to do with this small, white, soft body of a bimbo like you. And don't forget my friends here: they are eager to taste your tender flesh. And may be your son, too. Am I right, kid? Don't you like to taste a piece of your little mom?"

John was right. The sight of the long and brutal handling of his mother had petrified the boy, who was silent, but his eyes showed clearly how much sexually affected he was by the devastating treatment the giant was giving to her abused mother.

In the last months the eighteen years old son was getting the hots for his mother.

When his parents invited their friends, he could check how much his mother was able to tease the male guests. Sometimes she was sunbathing topless and the men who played with her in the pool were taking liberties on her small frame: someone would pick her up like a feather and would carry her inside and outside the water, just to feel her naked titflesh.

She had been elected the good-luck mother of the school football team and now it was a tradition, for the boys, to hug, kiss and sweep her off the ground, after a winning match.

Her shapely body and the sexual approaches she openly accepted from her flatterers turned on the boy.

She was well aware of it and not at all indifferent: her husband was too old for her still lively sensuality and she loved arousing passion in younger people, no matter if it involved her own son. She had not yet allowed him to fuck her, but many times mother and son let themselves going to forbidden games.

Now she was completely submitted to this beast of a convict, who enjoyed cradling her small body to show his supremacy. And again his son was watching, with manifest arousal.

Nobody was speaking in the room; everybody was just looking at the unending ordeal of the devastated mature wife and mother.

The young giant went to the couch and gently sat the now semi-conscious woman sideways on his knees, kissing her lips and tonguing her inner mouth; then hold her wrists in the firm grip of one hand and raised her arms, hungrily sucking the salty perspiration of her shaved armpits and inhaling her delicate aroma.

The woman didn't try to stop him, when he placed again his big hands over her ample knockers: two magnificent 36DD jugs, firm and round, with just a little sag, due to their weight, that John gently caressed, moved over her chest and bounced in his large hands.

"These babies look like they are made of jelly," he shouted.

"Ooooooohhhhhhh my god, not again my tits, please! don't crush them again with your strong hands, don't hurt them, please!" she moaned.

She was proud of her tits: they were so big that no man, including her lovers, husband and family friends, could cup each full breast entirely in a single hand, during their sexual games.

Also her son had checked them. Many times, when he was alone with mom at home, he grabbed her and took off her shirt and bra, baring and touching her large breasts; and when she was swimming in the pool and nobody was watching, he couldn't wait for long, before joining her; in few minutes, without caring her feeble attempts to stop him, he stripped her half naked, scooping her up in his arms.

She was claded only in a skimp G-string bikini bottom and her son was walking her all around the pool, placing hungry kisses over her sweet armpits and jugs.

"Holy shit, mom, what a smooth skin and huge pair of soft, juicy tits!" he was saying.

"Each of them needs two hands to be fully covered. Only a giant of a man could cradle you, baby, like I'm doing now, cupping one of these boobs entirely in one hand. You are gorgeous, mommy and I'm getting horny and jealous, when I see all those men and my friends freely playing with you."

"Honey," she replied smiling "you know how much your pretty petite mom loves you and likes being carried and having her breasts lovingly fondled by her handsome boy. And don't worry about my tits: all the men who checked them in the nude said that they are big like cantaloupes. No hand can dwarf them: I'm betting on it."

And now, on the contrary, she was loosing her bet.

The diminutive woman loved being kindly rocked by her men, mainly the younger ones, like her son; but this monster, this giant, this savage convict who had captured her, ripped off her blouse, skirt and udergarments, battered her naked body, rubbed his callous hands all over her delicate flesh and made her piss in the living room like a baby, in front of everybody, was a kind of brute: he could lick her like an ice-cream and eat her alive; he could demolish her totally.

John encircled her pillowy orbs with his meaty fingers and tightened; the two hills of flesh disappeared totally: one breast inside his right hand, the second breast inside the left one. He moved her boobs like dough, up and down, back and forth, caressing and fingering her white skin and enjoying, on his palms, the tickling of her hard nipples: a pair of fleshy cylinders, widely surrounded by rosy areolae. He loved pinching, rolling and twisting them between forefinger and thumb; he was trying to elongate them more and more, while girlish moans escaped the throat of the lady.

The older petite woman was a private cow of a younger giant who was milking her, like her swollen protuberances were full of sweet, drinkable juices, ready to spurt from her sore nipples.

The tit mauling continued for twenty long minutes, then John stopped. Still cradling Mrs. Blum in his arms, he laid the exausted housewife on her stomach and called her son, telling him to sit on the couch and have a good look of the next treatment his beautiful sexy mom was on the point of getting from her owner.

The boy sat quietly beside John, who told him: "Watch, kid, this bad little mom made dirty things: she pissed shamelessly and showed her naked tits and ass to everybody; she must be punished by her daddy."

Suddenly, his huge hand landed on her soft butt and made her cheeks jiggling delightfully. Another slap followed, then a third one and so on. John was spanking the captive mom again and again, till her ass turned red.

But the last degrading torment had still to come; after spitting on her rear hole to give it some lubrication, the dominating guy inserted slowly, one by one, two of his long and thick fingers, all the way, inside her ass channel, till the second knuckle, pushing without mercy with one hand and molesting her buns with the free hand.

When he pulled out his shit smeared fingers with an audible plop, Mrs. Blum groaned and John let go of the woman, who fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes, thus hitting the ground, for the first time in more than two hours.

The invasion of her ass had been like an enema, for the poor housewife; she lifted herself up in a squat position, with her hands wrapped around her knees, her toes flat on the floor and her butt exposed to everybody to see. Then her bowels gave up: some loud farts escaped her shit hole and were followed by some large brown turds, settling on the floor with squishing sounds. She was openly shitting, without inhibition, like a little baby, in the living room.

What a show, for the crowd of people who surrounded her, including her husband and her aroused son!

John had reached his target: he had totally humiliated the older woman.

When she finished, the young giant, finally satisfied, bent over and tenderly gathered up her trembling body.

She was cradled again in his strong arms.

"Come to daddy, little one; daddy will give you a warm bath," John said; and these words were followed by a long kiss on her mouth.

"Daddy will put his baby in the tub to wash her tiny body. Then, little pussy, you will be ready for the most lustful night of sex you will never forget. Daddy has a big gift in store for you, honey. You will cum so much and so much times that your sweet nectar will flow from all your holes. Do you understand, little one?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"Say again, pet. Tell me who is your owner, big titted little mom."

And again her right breast was captured easily by the open mouth of the hungry boy.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhh, no more, please!!"

The giant released his bite.

"Tell me, little whore: who is your master? who is your daddy? who made you piss and shit, like a little baby? who is going to fuck the shit out of you?"

She raised her fleshy, white, soft arms around his bull-like neck and gave him a light kiss on his lips.

"You, sir. You. You are my daddy. I belong to you, now, because you are much bigger, much stronger than me and I can't fight you. You are my boss, my big daddy. Cradle me in your arms like a child, daddy, if you like it. I'm your baby, your child. Do what you want to your child, strong man; fuck me, fuck my little pussy, fuck me all the night, make me cum. My big tits are dwarfed by your huge hands, daddy; play with my breasts, suck and lick them, because they are yours, big boy, totally yours. Slap my ass with your powerful hands. You are the biggest boy for a little mom. But don't hurt me, please, big boy."

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