tagGroup SexNight Of Lust For A Small Woman Ch. 04

Night Of Lust For A Small Woman Ch. 04


Craig entered the room cradling Carol in his massive arms, like she was a child. He had deflowered the petite woman's ass in front of her son and fucked her snatch in the bathroom, before showering and drying her: it had been much more than a quick biting and sniffing of the captive housewife's body, like he said to Nick, Tom and John.

Now he was late. His friends were waiting in the kitchen and certainly they were eager to take their turn over the luscious, white woman, especially Tom and Nick: without considering that he had promised them a nice surprise.

But the tender, small and perfumed body of the rich, middle-aged, high-class lady, who had been transformed in a sex toy for an incredible night of lust was a big temptation for his sexual instinct. He was bouncing her like a doll in his sinewy dark arms and his cock, again, was hardening.

The room looked like a typical girl's bedroom.

Lynn was living there and nothing had been removed after her marriage.

Craig knew it, because Mr. Blum had explained everything, when he led him to the safe-box. And when, for curiosity, he had opened the drawers, he had found a lot of dresses belonging to a young girl. Lynn was the same size of her mother, as it clearly appeared from a family picture on the night table: therefore, the clothes she used to put on when she was eight-nineteen years old could be easily worn, now, by her mother.

Immediately the mind of the depraved man lightened: he would make Carol wearing her daughter's dresses, for the joy of his companions, who would have certainly appreciated his idea: a mature, petite lady dressed like a young woman, ready to be fucked by a group of big, tall, sex-starved studs.

There was a large chair in a corner: Craig sat down and put the naked woman on his lap, facing him. His hand leant on her chest, tenderly bouncing, in his palm, one quivering tit.

"What are you doing?" asked Carol.

"Just playing a little with you, baby," he replied.

"Again? . . . Please, man, give me some rest. You guys made me cum so much times, this night."

"Little one, you are mine and I'm not yet finished. Understand?"

His lips closed around one puffy nipple, sucking it hungrily and noisily, like a newborn who is filling his mouth with mother's milk.

Carol was terrified: this hunk of a man was insatiable. His enormous dong was hard like a stone: it was growing and pushing onto the undersides of her tits.

After removing his lips from her sore nipple, Craig circled her waist with both hands and tightened; then he lifted the older woman up, past his shoulders, like she was weightless.

"Open your legs," he ordered.

She obeyed and her spread legs dangled in the air, showing more of her pussy lips.

"Please, sir, please. . . put me down," she begged.

"Right now, child." And the stud lowered Carol, placing her twat over his open mouth; his teeth took the tiny protuberance of her clit and pulled on: the pink bud hardened, while his tongue started flicking and licking it mercilessly.

"Ohhhhhh. . . ohhhhhh. . . no more, please, no more," she pleaded, trying in vain to stop the devastating attack over her sensitive, fully erect member; but Craig continued to titillate the woman, till a wet secretion spilled in his mouth: he had driven Carol again to her climax.

He sucked her female juices, like crazy, making Carol moan and giggle feverishly; then he lowered her a little more, till her vee leaned on the tip of his monster cock, and he started rocking the woman back and forth, caressing her pink labia with his big helmet.

Back and forth, back and forth: Carol's senses were stimulated more and more.

Finally, with a sudden motion of his arms, he pushed her down, impaling the poor lady on the full length of his prick.

"Ohhhhhhhh. . . again . . you are in my womb," Carol yelled.

Her already stretched pussy had given easy access to the long shaft; Craig had inserted all of his prick in her insides, past her cervix: it had invaded the recess of her uterus.

With the woman firmly fixed over his meaty tool, her head nestled in his ample hairy chest and her tiny hands wrapped around his neck, Craig was freely rubbing his black fingers all over Carol's milky white frame, enjoying the softness of her smooth skin and the roundness of her lithe body.

Her big boobs, mainly, fascinated him: he loved palming them in his large hands, before modelling the fleshy mounds in two long cones, capped by two crinkle nipples which seemed to burst out, like bullets, at any time.

"You like my tits, don't you?" Carol giggled, like a schoolgirl. "You played with them so much, sir." She was proud of her boobs and loved to tease her friends and lovers, at the swimming pool, when she was wearing only a scant bikini bottom and her bare, bouncing tits aroused longing gazes from all the men, including her son.

When he released her sensitive breasts, still keeping his cock deep buried in her body, he moved the petite woman, in little circular motions, around his shaft, masturbating his member with her cunt-walls.

Carol was becoming crazy.

"I like it, ohhhhh. . . you make me cum again. . . never, never I have had so many orgasms."

"Who fucked you this way, little one?"

"Nobody. . . nobody; you are superior, ohhhhhhh. . . my god, what a cock; I'm yours, make me your sex slave."

"You are horny, baby; and I'm your master."

"Yes, yes, ohhhhhh. . . god, you are strong, master, your cock is so big; fuck, fuck me, please. . . . don't stop fucking."

His hands, now, were grasping again her big breasts, pulling and squeezing the white flesh, caressing her baby-soft skin.

"Ohhhhhh, you make me crazy, big man, play, play with my tits, ohhhhh. . ."

Carol's mind and body were devastated.

She screamed like a little calf, while the big stud continued to manipulate her mammary and to pound into her womb with such ferocity, as he would try to break her petite body. Her groans were all ecstasy and he lost track of the number of times he made her cumming. Then she passed out.

When he pulled out of her, he hadn't come yet; he wanted to keep his cum for the final orgy he had imagined: all of his companions and himself fucking the small housewife in her daughter's dresses.

The head of his dick made a soft burp when it slipped from her stretched out passage; her cunt juices left a small deposit on his hairy thighs.

Craig went to a cupboard, carrying the woman in his arms, opened a drawer and pulled out a pair of Lynn's white cotton panties, to clean his dick and legs and Carol's pussy. Then he dropped the girl's panties on the floor.

"It was one hottest fuck I got from you, man; you are all sex, you made me feel devoured, you drove me crazy," she told him, when she recovered her senses.

"Child," he had called her like John was doing. "This was just the beginning. Now, little one, you will get dressed like a girl. My friends are waiting for you, baby; there, in the kitchen, they are anxious to carry again, in their strong arms, the older, small lady and to cuddle her, like a child, before fucking the shit out of her. Go on, little one, take your daughter's clothes from the dresser and put them on. It's not difficult, for you, to find out the right things."

Carol didn't believe her ears. This man was mad! It was insane: to be dressed like her young daughter! And why? Just to satisfy their sadistic desire! And what would have they done to her? Four men! She loved sex, she loved big young cocks: but no more than one at a time. She had never experienced threesome: just imagine four eager cocks all together! They would have killed her.

And yet. . and yet, with her own surprise, she discovered to be intrigued, in a certain way, by the thought of what was starting to become an unbelievable, torrid orgy. Without considering that Craig, with his strength and violence, seemed not disposed to give her a chance.

"Go ahead, bitch, don't get me angry. Hurry up," he said, grounding the woman to her feet; and because Carol was still hesitating, Craig went himself to the dresser and opened one drawer.

What he found inside, a lacy black garter belt, gave him a brilliant idea.

He approached the naked woman and wound it around her waist, fastening the clasp in her back. The black elastic garters dangled loosely down her thighs. He picked up one sheer black nylon stocking and began pulling it taut along her thigh; he hitched it to the tiny clasp at the end of one of the garters; he repeated and completed the same operation with the other garters and stockings. Then he made the woman moving and turning around, in front of him and examined her closely: it was absolutely enchanting the way the lacy black belt stretched taut across her flat belly and the garters dug into her pale upturned asscheeks.

"Pretty nice," he murmured. "This should catch the eyes of my horny friends."

He made her dressing a crisp white blouse and a very short navy blue skirt. Fantastic! The blouse was open almost to her navel, a white scarf was tied around her forehead as a headband and her hairs tumbled about her face sexily. No panties, no bra: the way her big boobs rolled around loose would have driven the men crazy: he was sure.

Carol stood in front of the mirror and her feminine vanity replaced definitely the initial fear: she looked so nice! Four turned-on studs were waiting for her, ready to take possession of her childlike body and give her the most wild experience she had never tried: she was proud of the attraction a middle-aged woman like herself was still able to catch from some young well endowed guys.

She applied gobs of dark eye shadow, to give herself a more sluttish look and daubed her lips with a thick coating of bright red gloss. She grinned, to think how the lipstick would be smeared off over four different cocks, before the night was over.

"Okay, baby, you are ready. Follow me." And Craig led her to the kitchen.

It was the first time, after the invasion of her house, that Carol was walking on her own feet and not arm-carried by one of those strangers; and it was the first time they had let her covering her naked body.

When they entered the kitchen, a loud exclamation of admiration and surprise resounded in the room.

"Finally you are back, buddy. We were afraid the little lady had been devoured by you," someone shouted.

"Who is this girl, pal?" another one sarcastically asked.

"Craig, you are the best! I was yearning for my baby and you returned her to me, dressed this way," said John. And he continued, to Carol: "Welcome back, child. Your daddy missed you."

Now the four men eyed her, as she came through the door, like hungry lions watching a fresh lamb being led into their cage. All the men were naked.

"Here she is, boys. This is the sweet little Carol. All for us," Craig announced proudly.

"Are you sure this little thing is old enough for our party, Craig?" Tom mocked, caressing Carol's neck.

"Of course, Tom, don't worry; she's small, but not under age: everything is legal. And she can handle all of us. Be sure, buddy, I have already checked the little cunt," Craig replied, roughly smiling.

And then he said to the woman: "What the boys, here, are interested in first, baby, is a little cock sucking. I think you are beginning with that, for the joy of your little mouth."

"Do you want me to strip?" she queried.

"No, little pussy, not for the moment. Start sucking first, as an appetizer. Then you can strip for us and show your delicious body."

Carol dropped to her knees, in front of Tom and Nick. The two young men stood alongside one another, letting her wriggle the tiny hands around their shafts.

"These cocks are huge. I'm not sure I'll be able to mouth them," she protested glancing up nervously to John.

"You can handle them, little one, don't worry. Mine is too much for you; and Craig's too. But these guys are your size. You can gulp all of them in your throat and let us enjoy your nice face nestled in their crotches. Go on, child," and his words were followed by a light slap on her round butt.

Carol still stared at the soft cocks doubtfully. Tom's was maybe nine inches long and hung loosely down, like some gross snake. Its head shone at her lewdly. Nick's was ten and a half long and thicker: she loved it.

"You want me to suck both of them?" she pouted, stalling for time.

"Both of them, child," John said.

She kissed each of the cocks in turn and quickly her shiny lipstick smeared off onto the thick shafts of the pricks. Then she took Nick's dick and stuffed the head between her lips. She began to suck the cock-head and several inches of the shaft eagerly; quickly it inflated in the hot sucking mouth.

Now the full attention of the four men was drawn to the gorgeous small Carol, who was engulfing the cock with increasing fervour; they stared down the front of her dress as well, watching her big, lush, bra-less tits shifting and rolling heavily; they catched a glimpse of her puffy areolas and stubby nipples.

Carol was sucking as fast as she could. The more she sucked on that big prick, the hornier she got. And the longer the horny boy saw the kneeling woman in front of him with the hard tool in her mouth, the hotter he got too. He was stroking her hairs, to encourage her, but she didn't need encouragement: the cock-hungry Carol loved a big fat cock in her mouth and she was not ashamed of it.

Nick was talking to the woman like she was a little girl.

"Okay, honey, get the stiff cock here, it's all for free," he murmured. "Oh, yeah, suck that prick, little bitch, take it all in your fucking mouth. It tastes good, baby, doesn't it? All I can hear is your sucking and slurping, but I bet you want to say that it tastes really good, don't you, little one?"

The woman couldn't answer, because she was moving her mouth up and down the prick and pumping the base of the cock in her tiny fists. The shaft was growing alarmingly and soon it was just under a foot long. It looked like a baseball bat in her hands; her lips could hardly curl themselves around the thick shaft. Then, after various attempts, with a final thrust of her face, she fully sucked the meaty member in her oral cavity.

"Ohhhhh, boys, look the baby!" exclaimed Craig. "What I told you? She can take it all. All in her mouth, down her throat. Good girl! Nice, small, good girl!"

Carol's mouth firmly stuck on Nick's hairy crotch, her hands wrapped around his arse, her diminutive body kneeling under the big, towering stud: everybody was fascinated by this sight.

When she made herself slid out of the long shaft, she rested for a while, leaning her head against Nick's muscular thighs.

Then she approached Tom. With him it was easier: his cock was a little shorter and smaller than the other one, and her mouth, now, was more accustomed to the sucking job. In less than one minute the second cock fully disappeared in her throat.

When she was finished, she backed off and smiled up warmly at the two men. Their monster cocks loomed threateningly over her achingly pretty face.

"Do you want your balls licked, boys?" Craig asked. "Do you want this babe, here, licking and sucking your big aching balls?"

And so Carol began working again on each of the two young men, in turn, kissing and licking the huge bloated ball-sacs, curling her tongue on the swollen nuts. She took each ball into her mouth and sucked on it hard, till they were moaning with pleasure.

"Where the bimbo learned to do this stuff, John?" Tom asked. "Shit, I have never been all-sucked by a small thing like this one. Let me cradle you a little, sweetie."

And with that Tom bent down and hoisted the older woman up to his head, holding her easily with one arm under her butt and sliding the free hand under her blouse, to cup and caress one bouncy tit. The long stiff nipple was hardening in his palm.

"You are right, John, she's light like a child. I could carry her all night. What a nice little pussy we can fuck! And what a big melon!"

"Put her down, Tom," said John. "Let all of us playing with the bimbo."

Tom lowered Carol to her feet, not before placing a wet and deep-tonguing kiss on her lips and inside her mouth.

When she went down, she couldn't stop her horniness: around her it was full of gross, swollen cocks.

"It's time you strip for us, child," ordered John. "Undress and show the boys what you have got."

Carol said nothing; she stepped back and began to undress, watching the men's face and studying their reaction.

The men stood around, their cocks jutting out like dark poles. They watched the little woman's moves and their eyes widened, as scarf, blouse and skirt fell down and her big thirty-six double D breasts swung freely and lustfully in the air, with their puffy areolas and long, stiff, pink nipples.

"She's all for you, boys; this little thing is our fucking babe," exclaimed Craig.

The woman smiled teasingly and displayed herself for the men, wearing nothing but her black garter belt and stockings. She was showing them the bald skin of her pink pussy.

"Look what the little whore is wearing! A garter belt and stockings. Was this your idea, Craig, wasn't it?" asked Nick.

But Craig didn't reply. His huge cock cranked higher at the sight of this petite woman, who had rid herself of any reluctance and whose willingness, now, was just to turn on, up to the ultimate step of their longing, four huge eager men who were less than half her age.

"Like what you see, boys," Carol grinned wickedly. "Am I worth your hard-on?"

Tom and Nick moved forward quickly and began feeling her up. They squeezed her tits, pulled her nipples, fingered her areolas, caressed her arms and armpits, licked her little mole and navel, ran their hands over her twat, opened her pussy lips pinching her clit, mauled her buns, put their fingers in the crack of her asscheeks, lightly probing her shit hole, caressed her inner thighs.

She let them do what they liked.

Then John went on and dug his middle finger deep inside her cunt and began circling it around and around: she spread her legs wide for him. She was happy that her outfit had created such a stir.

She reached about and took hold of her "daddy's" big member, as he was fingering her and cupping one of her beautiful boobs in his large hand. Tom and Nick were still taking turn on her body.

She primed the shaft slowly, keeping it good and hard for when he would fuck her. She was a little nervous at the thought of being screwed, again, by such huge monstrous cock, which had been already inserted in her unexplored insides, making her a woman, like her master declared proudly. But her eagerness was stronger than her fear: after the long and repeated fucking she had got during that unforgettable night, she was just hungry, now, of big cocks.

John retreated and sat on a chair, from where he watched the two big, young, black, muscular men fondling the delicate creamy-white body of the older, petite Carol. He was jerking off slowly, keeping his own cock well primed for later. There was an odd light in his eyes, like he was watching some fascinating porno movie.

"We are going to do everything to you, every dirty thing; all the dirty, filthy sex acts four big horny young guys can do to a beautiful, big-titted, white body of a small mommy like you, baby," said Craig.

Carol moaned, squirming slightly on top of one poking finger inside her snatch.

"Have you ever taken four big men before?" continued Craig. "Four big throbbing hard-on?"

"No," Carol murmured shyly. "I haven't even taken two at the same time, before this."

"Well, you are in for a treat. Let me tell you what we are going to do to you, little one."

Nick's finger felt so good up her cunt and when a second finger stuck up her ass she started oozing pussy juices like crazy; she wouldn't be at all surprised if she would cum again.

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