tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNight of the Intruder

Night of the Intruder


He opened the door to her room, pushing it so he could peer in the crack. It was dark save for the splash of light from the streetlamps on the wall. Letting his eyes adjust, he could make out the outline of the bed... and the figure upon it.

With another silent push, the door opened wide enough to slide through. In just his boxers he moved into her room, closing the door behind him. It was quiet... the sound of crickets and the occasional passing car floated in through the window, and below that was the sound of her breathing. His own breathing grew more rapid as he realized what he was doing. Sneaking into her room, in the middle of the night, to do... what?

To have her, to take her. The need to feel her silken flesh against his own warm skin, to orgasm between her legs, to take and give in the same instant. He craved it, and stood there shaking with the conviction of his own desire.

His nerves cried out to move, to act, but he continued to stand there. His eyes adjusted to the dusk of the bedroom, now being able to see her more clearly. The covers were half on, half off of her body. They covered her waist down, but he could make out the lace teddy that rose and fell with every breath she made. Half of her lovely breasts peered over the top of the lace, flowing down into the cradle of her neck. Her lips were parted, gently sucking in the crisp night air and blowing it back out.

He felt her heat from here. Was she awake? he mused. If she was, if even in her sleep she could sense him, it excited him. His penis stretched hard against the soft cotton of his boxers, needing to be released. Keeping an eye on her in bed, his hands grasped the waistband and lowered his underwear to the floor. The cool night air rushed up to meet his exposed genitals, throbbing and hot in contrast.

Without thinking, one hand lowered to embrace his cock. Legs braced, he slowly stroked his member as his eyes continued to ravish her slumbering form. He imagined, looking at her, how her smooth legs would feel wrapped around his waist. How her face would look like as she came in a thundering climax. What her sex would feel like under his lips. These thoughts prompted faster stroking, his balls gently slapping against his legs with each motion. His thumb went up to meet the head of his cock, feeling the slippery precum that began to leak out. He rubbed it, with a clockwise motion, into the crown of his bulge. It gave the skin a slick, velvety feel. How would it feel to her, he wondered, as it pressed further into her pussy?

Soon enough, he realized he was about to cum. In that moment, he faced a decision to proceed with this plan... or merely have a quiet orgasm and retire to his room. His hand released, his penis falling back into place. It throbbed violently, robbed of blissed release. With a shadowed grin, he made a mental promise to his organ that release would come soon enough.

Enough delaying. In a few short strides, he crossed the room to her bed. Arriving at the foot of the mattress, he halted in shock. This close, he could see her open eyes, wide and fixed on him. Wide, with either fear or arousal. He could not tell, but those eyes transfixed him. That connection they had, the silent communication that passed between them.

He tore his eyes away from hers and visibly glanced over other small details. Her lips, parted and breathing shallow. From here, her stiff nipples poked against the flimsy fabric of her teddy. Both of her hands were grasping the pillow under her head, as if holding tightly on to a roller coaster bar.

He could take no more. No more voyeurism, no more wishful thinking. Without much conscious thought, he found himself crawling up onto her bed. His hands found the crevice between her legs, pushing the sheets down to the mattress and outlining the curves of her inner thighs. Another movement, and his head looked down at her wonderful bosom. Another... and his face was a mirror of her own. He couldn't talk as they stared at each other. He could feel her anticipation tinged with fear, just as she could sense the overpowering desire that radiated from his own body.

With a low growl, he tore the sheets covering her. Thrusting them aside, he grabbed her legs, his palms grasping and releasing, feeling up and down. He drank in the sensation of her skin, the silk heat that attracted him so. Another hand pulled down the shoulder strap of her teddy, making one of her ample breasts naked. The nipple, hard and dark pink, seemed to be the perfect forbidden fruit. He'd fantasized long about what they would look like, unburdened by bothersome clothing. The sight of her lying there, one of her succulent breasts exposed for all to see, turned him on twice as much.

He ran his hand over the top of her thigh now. Nothing would stop him now. He was past the point of no return, and she had yet to make a struggle. Reaching up, his fingertips explored the smooth expanse of her tummy, feeling the dip of her belly button. The thought of taking her teddy off occurred to him, but he rejected the notion. It seemed sexier, dirtier, to take her like this.

His hand lowered to the elastic waistband of her cotton panties. They felt insubstantial under his curled fingers. With a savage motion, he tore at them. With the second jerk, the light panties ripped, then tore completely away from her leg. She gasped now, feeling the brutal need he had for her.

Leaning back, he surveyed his handiwork. The shredded panties lay off to the side of her leg, no longer needed for this night. Her teddy was pulled down off one shoulder and breast, and pulled up around her pelvis. He reveled in the sight of her sex, denied to him until now. A cropped patch of black pubic hair pointed down to her pussy lips, puffed out and undeniably damp. Drunk in the moment, he leaned down and gave her clit a brief flick with the tip of his tongue, looking up to see her reaction.

He wasn't disappointed. She gave another gasp, this time coming suspiciously close to a full moan. Her eyes, still wide, were glued to his every action. He felt her pelvis give a small jump, as if to let him know that more licks like that would be appreciated. There would be more, but not just now.

Another deep-throated growl, and he spread her legs with his hands. Her pussy opened slightly at this, fully exposed to him and eager for his full attention. Without hesitating, he moved up, placed the head of his cock in the center of her opening, and plunged in.

The sensation that followed took them both by surprise. He felt the wet folds envelop his shaft, offering no resistance as his penis felt every new inch on the way in. It was luxurious, like a hot bath that aroused instead of relaxed. But he felt completely accepted inside of her, the throbbing of his own cock measured by her own pulsing muscles. She felt the spearhead descend, unstoppable in its quest to have her completely. She was too surprised to take close note of his cock's penetration; in fact, his entire length was inside of her before she realized that it had happened. She arched up as the sensation of holding his member inside of her hit her. It felt huge, pushing against the walls of her pussy, touching dozens of sensuous spots all at once. She felt... full and open to him. Together, they shared the passing of an electric shock as the mutual attraction was finalized. The two were now one, coupling to the sound of night breezes.

He wasted no time with exploration of the feelings that raged between them. The sheer need to experience that plunge into her, that *taking* consumed him. He pulled out, his pelvis arching over hers, then thrust back in. Her pussy, deprived of his girth, was only starting to mourn its loss when his cock slammed into her. She felt her entire body quake at the barbaric strength that flowed from him to her and back. Over and over, he fucked her with all the pent-up desire in his body. Over and over, she relented, riding the waves of hardcore pleasure that came from that deliciously naughty sensation of being fucked without restraint. Every withdraw was a small death, every penetration a rebirth.

He held her to him, their body caressing the other in turn. Her breasts moved against his chest, nipples dragging across bare skin. They kissed passionately, quick, breathless kisses that left them gasping and wanting more. Hot breath spilled onto necks, unrestrained noises coming more often. The musk of sex filled the room, sweat and pussy and precum. Every wet slap of his cock against her pussy lips brought more excitement to the air.

He felt the release coming, for both of them. Harder and faster, they urged each other on. It came as a rushing tempo, beating as fast as their hearts. Muscles clenched, teeth bared, and suddenly he slid his arms under her back. Lifting her up against him, he gave one final thrust, her pelvis lowering to meet his rising shaft. She made the first sound of orgasm, an "oohhh" that built in volume as her pussy contracted against the male intruder. As she peaked, her head thrown back and guttural noises spilling out of her lips, he felt a small explosion rip at the base of his cock.

A giant surge passed the entire length of his shaft, erupting into the depths of her sweet pussy. She felt hot cum spurt into her, which triggered a second, larger orgasm. Together they held on, her pussy muscles contracting wildly around his cock, which pumped in turn. As their orgasms began to decline, they turned to fiercely kissing each other, delighting in the shared sensation of the deep warmth in their loins. Wild shrieks became soft moans, finally subsiding into gentle laughs and purring noises.

He had wanted her and finally taken her, only to discover that she had done the same to him in her own way. She smiled against his neck, their intertwined sexes resting for the moment.

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