tagErotic HorrorNight of the Wolf

Night of the Wolf


A raucous cheer went up as Nikki provocatively popped the button on her levis. She gyrated her hips slowly to tantalise her audience, swaying to the undulating beat of the rock music that blared out from her boyfriend's parked car. Beneath her bare feet the grass felt pleasantly cool. She was relieved that it was an unseasonably warm Halloween this year. She remembered the previous year which was just too cold for outdoor fun and games, a huge disappointment, for Nikki loved the added excitement of the themed costumes. It was a little different and it was those differences that added spice to the occasion.

Nikki turned her back on her audience to wiggle her denim clad bottom and was rewarded by wolf whistles and applause from those men who liked a full round curvy ass. To Nikki the audience were unseen, as they stood between the dozen or so cars that formed a large semi-circle in the otherwise deserted field, their headlights flooding her performance area with light.

Nikki warming to her performance began to run her hands through her hair down over her loose t-shirt. She wore no bra allowing her to shape her big breasts in a more malleable way. She faced her husband's car and through the glare of headlights she could just make out his dark shape leaning against the door. She performed as much for him as the other men, knew how he loved to watch her dance and writhe in the multiple blaze of car headlights, listen to men cheer his girl, then see them enter the 'stage spotlight' and fuck her senseless, knowing that later when he had her alone at home she was all his.

Nikki teased the crowd behind a little more before turning to face them -- more wild cheering. 'Get' em off!' someone shouted, and the call was taken up and soon through the blaring music she could hear the call become a chant. Nikki tossed her head back, her thick auburn hair a wild mane. She fondled her breasts provocatively with one hand, the other snaking to her crotch, judging to perfection her next move -- experience having taught her how long to tease her audience -- she was a surfer judging the crest of the wave, letting it reach its fullest height and then . . .

The crowd's chant turned to a roar of delight as Nikki expertly peeled her t-shirt over her head tossing it high to flutter to the ground, as her unfettered big breasts bounced in the bathing warm light. Fuck the X-factor and all those other shows -- this what performing was all about -- no fake bullshit here, Nikki thought as she used her hands to press her breasts together creating a deep cleft in between. This was the real thing. Her audience cheered appreciably. Nikki loved the response, she was soaking wet and had to will herself not to strip too hastily -- enjoy the performance then after enjoy the fucking. Nikki knew they loved her even though compared to a professional strip dancer her moves would doubtless seem clumsy and graceless --but fuck those prick teasers -- making a man spend hard earned money on overpriced drinks and letting him look and not touch, taking the poor bastard's money and then when he'd been fleeced, making him go home and toss off. None of that bull here. Nikki was no professional dancer but what her audience got was one hundred percent genuine. No money charged here and after watching they all got to fuck the dancer and go home satisfied and with their wallets still full, but their balls empty.

Nikki swayed, rolling her shoulders so her breasts heaved and bobbed as she moved. The crowd were chanting again; 'Off, off, off . . .'

Nikki smiling at them, hooking her thumb behind the button on her denims. She popped it open and the top of the jeans opened a little, looking like two dog ears sticking out. From out of the darkness into the pool of light she saw a girl dash out. She was totally nude except for an decorative black ventian style mask, decorated with long blood red plumes of feathers. Nikki recognised her friend Sylvia. She was thirty five, a few years older than Nikki but her body while not quite as fleshy and curvy as Nikki's concealed her age well. Most men would have thought Sylvia in her mid-twenties not mid-thirties.

A huge cheer went up as Sylvia joined the dancing, pressing her body to Nikki's and exploring her big breasts with her small hands.

Sylvia facing Nikki and rubbing her breasts against Nikki's, grinned at her friend. They often performed together at these outings and the regulars loved it. Sylvia slithered down to her knees so her face was parallel with Nikki's crotch. Nikki placed one hand on the top of Sylvia's head and began twerking, simulating that she was face fucking the older woman. The crowd roared, and to each bucking motion they began again to chant 'off, off, off.'

Nikki felt her friend's fingers hook the top of her loosened jeans and she slowed her rhythmic hip thrusts to allow Sylvia to pull her jeans down more easily. Sylvia pulled off each leg of the garment then to another raucous cheer tossed the jeans aside. Unencumbered by clothes, the two woman continues the obscene dance resuming the wanton motions, Nikki pressing Sylvia's head into her shaven crotch. She felt Sylvia's tongue connect with the wet folds of her labia, and the simulated face fucking became real. Nikki one hand still on Sylvia's head for balance, opened her legs more fully to allow better access for fellow dancer. Sylvia, on her knees angled her head so she could tongue her younger lover more effectively. The men were cheering and clapping to the music as the song reached the end. With song's end Nikki disengaged with Sylvia who now stood beside her friend and lover. To the crowd's applause they French kissed, hands caressing each other's bodies.

The crowd of men had surged closed and now some stood on the edge of the circle of car light, dark ragged silhouettes.

Nikki and Sylvia broke off the kiss and moved toward their audience, time to discover how much their fans had enjoyed the performance Nikki thought. She loved this moment fondling cocks of all sizes, different shapes, feeling the hardness in her hands knowing she had made them hard. She felt powerful - a goddess among mortal men.

'Aren't you going to fuck her?' a drunken voice jeered from somewhere off to the left of the crowd.

A murmur of disapproval rippled through the crowd. It sounded like some young lad. There were more jeers and catcalls and Nikki inwardly groaned, she suspected some gang of youths had gate crashed the dogging session. They seemed to settle a bit and Nikki continued the ritual long developed over many dogging sessions in this field. She moved closer to two men, both in costume, one dressed as Dracula, his face whitened with make up, a long flowing cloak billowing gently in the evening breeze. The only difference between his appearance and the classic Bella Lugosi image was his large erect cock and heavy balls protruding from the flies of his black trousers. Nikki fondled the big cock teasingly.'You can sink your fangs into me anytime,' she said playfully, moving to the next costumed dogger.

Less effort on costume here, Nikki mused. He wore jeans and a shirt and his face was concealed behind a Jason Friday the 13th hockey mask. Like drac, his erect cock stood proud and exposed. Nikki gave it an affectionate squeeze, feeling some precome smear her wrist. She put her wrist to her mouth and licked the salty effluence. 'Nice chopper big boy,' she grinned moving round. Three more men, wearing no trousers and cheap looking Scream and Frankenstein masks stood waiting her attention and as she passed by each, she groped each of their tools like some master musician testing her instruments before a great performance.

At the edge of the crowd standing a little way from the others she spotted a giant of a man. She sensed immediately he was out of place. He wore no costume, only a ill fitting leather jacket over a white t-shirt. Unlike the other men, he had no aroused genitalia on show and Nikki guessed he was new to the world of dogging. She looked up into his face. He had a heavy lantern jaw, broad squat features, and deep sunken eyes. His hair was lank and untidy. Despite his overbearing size compared to Nikki's diminutive frame, he squirmed nervously under her experienced confident gaze.

Nikki gave him a reassuring smile. 'First time big fella? Don't worry, just watch if you want to, no one does anything they don't want to.'

He gave her a nervous grin and she lifted a hand to give him an affectionate touch on the cheek, but as her hand moved up his broad chest her fingers brushed a silver medallion. She held it in her fingers a moment, straining in the poor light to make it out. It was a three quarters moon on a silver chain.

'Nice necklace big fella,' Nikki smiled and standing on her tip toes gave him a peck on the chin. 'Join in if you want to,' she said moving back to the costumed men who were more ready for action.

The big man mumbled something and over the voices and background music. The words were lost but they sounded to Nikki like; 'I shouldn't be here tonight.'

'Okay boys,' Nikki said, her voice husky. 'You're first.' She took hold of two cocks and using them like leads led the men into the well lit performance area. She glanced over her shoulder at the big giant to see if he was watching her, but he seemed instead to be looking anxiously at the sky. Rain hadn't been forecast had it? she wondered. She looked up at the night sky. It was cloudy, but the clouds were mostly white -- not rainclouds. She noted how their edges were lined by silver moonlight, then her attention was back at the job in hand -- and in hand quite literally. The two stiffened hard cocks in eack of her hands were hot and slippery with precome. She looked into the masked faces of their owners - one of the ones wearing a Scream mask, the other Frankenstein.

'You boys have such big monster cocks' she purred, getting down on her knees.

They gave a chuckle to her quip. 'You gonna be our lady in distress?' Frankenstein's monster said.

Nikki recognised his voice -- one of the regulars. 'Uh uh,' Nikki soothed, 'I'm gonna be bride of Frankenstein -- and you know what a good bride does on her wedding night?'

Before Frankenstein could respond Nikki took his erect big cock in the warm pit of her mouth, running her tongue over the bulbous hard head, tasting precome.

'Jesus fucking Christ,' Frankenstein breathed.

With her other hand Nikki took Screams cock in her hand slowly wanking him so he stayed hard. She bobbed her head, taking Frankenstein's cock deeper into her mouth, then almost completely out of her mouth, come dribbled down her cheeks to fall cold on to her naked big breasts that Scream was fondling as she jerked him off. She moved faster, knowing she had many men to satisfy and they wouldn't stay hard all night. Sylvia would be helping but there was alot of horny men to get though. Halloween was always popular in the dogging community.

Frankenstein gave a deep grunt, a noise unlike any Boris Karloff had made in the role, as he came in Nikki's eager mouth. She swallowed down the copious thick warm ejaculate, then turning her face to Scream took his patiently waiting hard cock into her mouth. Maybe if Drew Barrymore had sucked off her assailant instead of screaming annoyingly, she mightn't have got the chop, Nikki thought as she took her second cock of the night deep in her come coated mouth.. God, her belly would be full tonight.

From somewhere in the hubbub of the gathering she heard angry male voices, and groaned inwardly. Christ, those louts that had gate crashed the evening were going to fuck up the night. It sounded like a row was breaking out. She thought she heard someone shout; 'Stop that -- Why don't you lot just piss off?' There were other angry voices -- it sounded like it might get ugly. Nikki hoped it would sort itself out. She kept on sucking off Scream, who seemed not to be aware of the ugly commotion going on, but to fair he was pleasantly distracted.

'Can I join in?' a deep male voice enquired. An older man, one of the regulars no doubt. Her mouth full and not wanting to break her bobbing motion, she slapped her rump, widening her legs, so the man could mount her from behind.

'How did those fucking pricks find out about tonight?' he growled referring to the growing disturbance in the background. Clearly he was impatient to get some action before the night ended prematurely.

Nikki felt him enter her easily from behind. She was still wet, but the growing disturbance was distracting her from any sexual pleasure, if things sounded like they were getting any more out of hand she'd have to break off the action.

It was not however a sound from the direction of the disturbance that finally decided things for Nikki, but voices from the other side of the semi circled gathering. A man's voice clear and full of alarm; 'Jesus, what's wrong with him, he sick or something?'

That's fucking it, Nikki thought. She pushed Scream away freeing her mouth, then turned her head to the man who was humping her from behind.

'That's enough Drac, I can't fuck with this shit going on.'

He pulled out, shrugging in agreement. Just then a cry went up and there came the smack of fist on face. A fight had broken out now.

'For fuck's sake,' Nikki cursed, squinting into the dazzling light at the fracas. Men were milling about, she could see shoving and punching, hear curses and cries. It was getting nasty.

'Call the fucking police,' some cried out. She made out a female scream -- Sylvia? Then a voice from behind; 'Someone call an ambulance for fucks sake, he's having some sort of fit.'

Nikki, stood unsure what to do. It was as if two separate crisis were happening at once. The fight seemed to intensify, and she saw a costumed man clutching a bloodied face and staggering away from the fight. Other men were peeling away too, fleeing the chaos and violence. Cars reversed as owners hurriedly fled the disastrous sex session. Nikki watched in alarm, and screamed after them, realizing that now there were fewer men to fight off the gang of thugs that was causing all the trouble. She saw her boyfriend, Dave's car but couldn't see any sign of him. She moved toward the tangle to struggling cursing fighting men. A woman was crying out, clearly in pain -- it had to be Sylvia.

Nikki pushed past two men kicking and punching each other, to see Sylvia on the ground a man on top of her, trousers pulled down, laughing as he raped her.

'You fucking bastard!' Nikki screamed hurling herself at the man, sharp nails faking his face as he tried to twist his head aside.

'Fucking cunt!' he yelled, rolling off Sylvia.

Nikki grabbed his hair to pull his face back so she could claw at his eyes - then a movement caught her attention - someone else. She saw the fist too late to duck. Her head exploded into blinding light then immediate dark nothingness.


Nikki came round feeling immense pain as though the top of her head was on fire, then as the murk of unconsciousness lifted she realised she was being dragged along the ground by her hair. She tried to use her arms to propel her movement and lessen the agonizing pressure on her scalp, but it was impossible.

With a savage grunt her assailant dumped her onto the ground. Nikki's tongue felt bloated and big, she could taste blood in her mouth. Her captor leered down at her. Christ, Nikki thought, just a kid, he can't be a day over twenty one. The revelation didn't lessen the fear for she saw he had a knife.

'Awake are we, you fucking cunt!' he spat.

Nikki blinked trying to shake the fogginess and pain from her head trying to organise her thoughts. She looked round trying gauge her surroundings. There were only a few cars left in the field, presumably the gang's. Then her heart sank as she saw Dave's car had gone. He'd fucked off and left her, the cowardly bastard.

The yob guessed her thoughts. 'Aw your fucking boyfriend run off has he? Didn't fucking hang around long when I showed him this,' he brandished his knife.

The ringing in Nikki's head eased and she could hear other sounds, Slyvia, she was crying, in pain. Jesus, they were still raping her.

She looked up the sneering youth, her mouth dry with fear.

'That's right, your little friend's giving it nice to my mates, she's a bit old for my tastes. But you, even though you're a bit past it yourself love, you got nice tits.'

Nikki licked her lips struggling to find her voice. She was shivering in terror. 'Why? This is a dogging party, you could have fucked us anyway, why this?'

'You stupid cunt, you think I want to stick my cock in you after you've had all them dirty old wankers, you think I'm a pervert like them lot?'

Nikki stared back, at a loss for words, but desperately trying to think of way to escape from this nightmare.

'Talking's over, bitch,' the yob cocked his head, holding his blade up. 'Now spread your legs like a good little whore.' He got down on his knees. Using his knife to encourage Nikki to move her legs apart more quickly.

'Just don't hurt me,' Nikki whimpered. In the background she could hear her friend's ordeal continue. Sylvia's whimpering was weaker now and Nikki wondered how badly they had beaten her.

Nikki's rapist lowered himself on top of her, the touch of him making her feel pyhsically sick. He fumbled with his jeans with one hand and then a moment later she felt him enter her. She let out an involuntary cry and he grinned down at her, his face inches from hers.

'Like that bitch? Now I'm going to fuck you real well, then I'm going to pay you back for trying to claw my eyes out when I was fucking your mate.' He held up his blade so it was touching her face, the blade gleamed in the moonlight like some wicked living thing. 'I'm gonna cut you up so fucking bad you're gonna have to wear a mask when you fuck someone,' he hissed.

'Please don't,' Nikki whispered.

'Too late you fucking bit . . .'

Nikki blinked in shock because she heard a vast roar right beside her, then her attacker's features instantly vanished leaving only moonlit sky where his face had been. The weight of his body was still on her, his cock still in her. There was a dull thump of something hitting the ground nearby, but Nikki barely registered it as her senses struggled to take in the sight of the bloody neck she now could see into.

Instinct rather than thought made her push the headless corpse from her. She saw some vast doglike creature bolt towards the three youths who were taking in turns to rape Sylvia.

Nikki watched her mouth agape as it slammed into one of the youths. He screamed then it seemed to reach into his stomach and rip out his guts in an explosion of blood. Simultaneously it reached with a long muscular arm, grabbing another youth lifting him up as if he were a rag doll. The snap of his neck was audible despite the screams of the mauled dying youth and the horrified cries of his friends.

The sound broke Nikki's reverie and she turned and ran. There was no thought about her friend, only fear and the overwhelming instinct of self preservation.

Nikki ran.

Her feet barely registering the uneven ground she stumbled over, she headed towards the edge of the field a mass of darkness, trees and tangled hedges and only when she reached the relative shelter of the tree line did she pause for breath. She looked back, gasping for breath. She could make out the distant lights of the few cars that remained in the centre of the vast field but she couldn't make out any figures.

The air felt chill now and she folded her arms over her breasts to try and keep warm. She was thinking what to do next when she heard the sound. A low guttural growl, like dog, no something bigger, more like a lion.

The terrible realisation occurred that the beast -- whatever it was that had attacked - had followed her. Had somehow over taken her and was now with her here in the woods.

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